Skystone Canyon

Skystone Canyon

by Diane J. Reed

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He's the toughest cowboy on patrol fighting darkness--until a rare woman reminds him of the light in his heart...
Barrett Iron Feather hardly has time for romance between busting drug rings as a veteran police officer and maintaining his roping winning streak at rodeos. Then his world turns upside down when the police chief goes behind his back and makes Barrett head of security for a Hollywood movie set. Skystone Canyon is a historical western being filmed in the picturesque mountain town of Bandits Hollow, and Barrett's furious he's been relegated to supervising "pampered city slickers". Yet he never dreamed duty would force him to run smack-dab into his first boyhood crush, former child star Lainey Neil. All grown up now, Lainey's no longer the chubby tween driven by her abusive father to attend "fat camp" at a Colorado horse ranch. She's a beautiful film star, and she's shocked to come face to face with Barrett, that unforgettable cowboy who taught her the grit she needed to survive her hellish childhood. Can a second chance at first love possibly blossom into forever love? Only destiny knows if Hollywood-style happy endings can turn out to be real... 
Skystone Canyon is Book 2 in the Iron Feather Brothers contemporary romance series.

Iron Feather Brothers Series: Meet the Iron Feather Brothers--they're tough, they're dangerous, and family means everything to them. Whether it's living up to their ancestor's outlaw reputation or brandishing their own style of justice, these men have each other's backs. And it takes very special women to get under their skin and untangle their barbed-wire hearts in order to find love in this contemporary western romance series set in the Rocky Mountains.

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BN ID: 2940158723827
Publisher: Bandits Ranch Books LLC
Publication date: 04/14/2018
Series: Iron Feather Brothers Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 523,599
File size: 1 MB

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Skystone Canyon 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
A feisty cop, an actress and and a reunion of their childhood first love! With the second book in the Iron Feather Brothers series, we get Barrett's story. It wasn't quite as compelling as Dillon's story in the first book of the series, but still really good. The characters were well developed and the plot was action packed! Police officer Barrett Iron Feather is fit to be tied when he finds out the police chief has volunteered him to keep peace and order on the set of a movie being filmed in town. He has much better things to be doing than babysitting a bunch of self-righteous city slickers! Former child star Lainey Nieil has a special affinity to Bandits Holllow and is thrilled to be there filming the movie she hopes will carry her into a whole new realm of acting jobs. Skystone Canyon is a historical western with a heroine full of sass and grit who proves how strong a woman can be no matter what adversity she's faced with. Exactly the type of jobs she's wanting to play! It turns out Lainey went to camp in Bandits Hollow years ago and Barrett befriended her, so when they see each other again, it's something special! Neither ever forgot the other, and the things they experienced with each other in their youth led each of them to be the person they are today. Will spending time together again lead to something more?
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
When Barrett Iron Feather signed on to be a cop he never thought his job would take him to a movie set to provide security, his job is to protect and serve the citizens of Bandit Hollow, not protect pampered movie stars from Hollywood. Spending day in, and day out surrounded by stars doesn't sound the least bit entertaining... that is until a certain beautiful star catches his eye. The moment he spots Lainey Neil he has to admit he's a little smitten, then with some light conversation he realizes they share a past. One that stirs up some butterflies in his belly that have been in hibernation since he was fourteen years old... Lainey Neil has fond memories of her summer in Colorado, it was the one time in her young life where her weight wasn't really an issue, yes she was at "fat camp", but that camp gave her a chance to get away from her overbearing father and his hurtful comments and poor treatment. There she learned to ride horses, find some grit, and she found her first love too. Then as quickly as she found it, she had to let some of it go, when Hollywood called and she had to return to her work in front of the camera. But now she is once again back in Bandit Hollow, this time her work brought her here, and this time she hopes to not only conquer the roll of a lifetime, but also find her cowboy from long ago! In this newest addition to the Iron Feathers Brothers series you will meet Barrett and the beautiful actress who stole his heart when he was all of fourteen years old. From the day they first met they formed a special bond, one that came with understanding, inspiration, and of course genuine love...which means this reunion of their's promises to be one loaded with the feels! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this pair, their wonderfully crafted story took me on a heartfelt literary journey that was not only good for my heart, but also good for the soul. I highly recommend you pick this one up, it's an engaging tale that comes loaded with heart, inspiration, emotion, and even a little suspenseful nature too! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
A sweet second chance romance between two teenage friends, who haven't seen each other in a decade. This is the second book about the Iron Feather brothers, it is Barrett's story, the police officer who struggles with his anger management. Even with the wounds that Barrett carries in his soul, from the abusive time in children's home in his teens, and the issues that have developed from the wounds, he has always known what he wants to do with his life. To serve and protect with all his heart, mind, and body, and mainly protect those who can not do that themselves. He might be quick to anger, but he is a good man, with the best of intentions. Lainey Neil has come a long way in the past ten years. She is finally finding her own platform, she is getting on own feet. The abuse from her father long behind her, and with the support of those who have always been there for her, she is ready to build a new life, a new direction to her career. But not everything is what it seems, and as the accident on the movie set starts to escalate, it seems even her life might be in danger. I liked the connection between Lainey and Barrett. From the before, where Barrett saved her from her father, and now, as they are getting to know each other again. I thought the chemistry between them had the warm and fuzzy feelings, it was a delightful mix of the innocence of a childhood and the passion and adoration of the adult minds. The storyline was intriguing, and I like the idea behind the book and the series. The three bothers who lost their parents and had to survive the abuse of the system as 'half-blood', who are seeking the connection with their mother's culture while trying to live in modern times. I really enjoyed the first book in the series, the book of Dillon and Tessa. I loved the world the author had built, the magic of the Native Americans that was integrated into the tale, and the bond between the brothers that was tight and true. Even though Dillon is mentioned in the story a couple of times, I missed the person I got to know in the first book, and Tessa, of course, who was not mentioned at all. The great ambiance of the small town wasn't used that much as the main focus was on the movie set. Skytone Canyon is definitely a standalone novel since it does not have an obvious connection to the story of the first book at all. I wish it did have or was more in line with the first book. The whole amazing connection to the bears Lainey was seeing wasn't even explained at all, to her or the readers, a point in a first book that really impressed me. The movie set and its events itself was lively and entertaining. Yes, there were used artistic liberties to create a movie-set-world by the author, but that didn't bother me any. It was the rather stiff dialog through the story that surprised me since I didn't experience this in the first book. Especially with the hero and heroine, as they used the 'Ms' and 'Mr' and 'Deputy Iron Feather' while approaching each other. I guess it was supposed to be humorous, but it was bristly and uncomfortable most of the time. I swear I expected Lainey to say "I do declare..." at any moment like she was from the Gone With the Wind. Was she stuck in her character from the movies, I do not know, but the story was missing the natural flow with the at times had awkward dialogue. (Or maybe it was the eARC that I received, maybe (hopefully) there were edits done after that since the book did have a considerate amount of obvious m
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Skystone Canyon is book two in the Iron Feather Brothers series by Diane J. Reed. In this book we are meeting the second brother of the three Iron Feather brothers, Barrett Iron Feather. Even though the three brothers are wealthy, Barrett was inspired at an early age to protect people. He loves his job as a police officer in Bandits Hollow. The whole town is excited about the movie that is going to be filmed in their little town. But Barrett is less than thrilled when he is assigned as head of security for the duration of the filming. He wants to catch bad guys, protect his town, not a bunch of movie stars. On the first day of filming, though, Barrett comes face to face with his first love, the girl he fell in love with at horse camp when they were fourteen years old. Lainey Neil was a teenage star. Now, at twenty four years old, she wants grown up roles. She doesn’t want to be thought of as a child actress anymore. She loves this role on this new western movie, Skystone Canyon. The female character is a strong woman who has persevered through so much difficulty. Just like she has. It was a teenage boy who taught her to stand up for herself, taught her about horses, and who she fell in love with when she was fourteen years old. But, she hasn’t seen or heard from him in ten years. Now here he is, after all this time. What Barrett thought would be a boring assignment turns out to be anything but as accidents begin to happen on set. Plus, there is the strong attraction he still feels to Lainey. After all these years, he can’t believe he has the chance again to be with her, to see if what they once felt is still there. Neither Barrett nor Lainey ever forgot each other and they use the time to get reacquainted. “For tonight, let’s fill the silence with our hearts. And just be.” This was a sweet story of second chances, both in life for Lainey, and in love. I have to admit, though, that I struggled a bit with this one. I did enjoy the first book. Dillon made a couple of appearances in this one but there was no mention of Tessa. I would have enjoyed an update on them. Even though I liked both Lainey and Barrett, I just didn’t feel their connection I guess. I didn’t feel the warm and fuzzies. So for me, even though I did enjoy the book, it was just okay.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Barrett has seem some dark places. His job brought him face with the ugliness in the world. Danger is his playground. So when he finds himself on a set in tinsel town working a new assignment, he's less than thrilled. Until a face from his not so distant past shows him a glimpse into his future. Lainey Neil is a scrapper. She's survived a life that has not always been kind and become a stronger woman for it. When the boy that gave her hope in her darkest moments reenters her sphere, can she let go the boy she remembers and accept the man he's become? Skystone Canyon is as treachous as any rock formation, yet the depth of the connection between Reed and her characters makes for an inspiringly haunting tale.