Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel

Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel

by Tracy Wolff

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ISBN-13: 9780553395167
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/29/2015
Series: Extreme Risk , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 217
Sales rank: 137,711
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tracy Wolff wrote her first short story—something with a rainbow and a prince—in second grade, around the same time she forayed into the wonderful world of girls lit with her first Judy Blume novel. By ten she’d read everything in the young adult and classics sections of her local bookstore, so in desperation her mom started her on romance novels. And from the first page of the first book, Tracy knew she’d found her life-long love. A one-time English professor with over fifty novels to her name, she now devotes most of her time to writing romance and dreaming up heroes. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.

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I don’t like being ignored. Or, more specifically, I don’t like being ignored by Luc.

The guy who’s been my best friend since I was four years old.

The guy who taught me how to ride my very first snowboard.

The guy who knows everything about me—and who I know everything about.

Or at least I did. Now, as he sits across from me talking and joking around with anyone and everyone but me, I’m not sure I know anything about him anymore. He sure as hell doesn’t want to know anything about me. He won’t even look at me. And if he puts any more distance between us, he’s going to end up falling off the back of the damn boat the first time we hit a rough wave.

Which at the moment, I might actually pay good money to see. Especially when he glances up from his super intense conversation with Ash, and our eyes meet for the first time in way too long. I start to smile, but he yanks his gaze away before he sees it. And I’m left feeling like a total idiot.

And the worst part is, it’s all my fault. The weirdness, the awkwardness, Luc’s inability to even look at me—I’m responsible for all of it. I’m the one who got drunk a few months ago when Z first got together with Ophelia. I’m the one who threw myself at Luc when he was equally drunk, who kept pushing and pushing until he took me back to his place. And I’m the one who freaked out so completely when I woke up in bed with him the next morning. He’d tried to be cool, to be nice—and I had lost it completely.

Nothing has been the same since.

I’ve spent the last few months trying to clean up the mess I made—doing anything and everything I could think of to get us back on even ground—but it isn’t working. We used to practically live in each other’s pockets, and now we only hang out when the others are around. When he can use Z and Ash and Tansy and Ophelia as a buffer between us. And only when he doesn’t have to say more than one or two sentences to me at any given time.
It’s driving me absolutely, totally, completely, batshit crazy.

Part of me wants to apologize—again—for freaking out on him instead of just going the whole one-time friends-with-benefits route, especially since I’m the one who initiated everything. But there’s another part of me that wants to slap the hell out of him. I mean, yes, I handled the morning after badly. But, really, one mistake and sixteen years of friendship are suddenly null and void?

Just the thought makes me mad. I’d never shut him out like this—I wouldn’t even know how. The fact that he’s doing it so easily hurts me more than I want to admit, even to myself.

“So, who’s up first?” Ash calls from where he’s lounging against the side of the boat, his girlfriend, Tansy, balanced on his lap.

“I am,” I tell him, reaching for my wakeboard.

“That’s my girl!” Z whoops as he starts to slow the speedboat down. “Get out there early, show ’em how it’s done!”

“Oh, I plan to.”

Z’s girlfriend, Ophelia, laughs even as she holds her hand up for a high five. “Ten bucks says Cam can stay up longer than any of the guys.”

“No bet there,” Ash tells her. “Cam rules on a wakeboard.”

I shoot him a look. “Almost as much as I rule on a snowboard.”

“Hey now, it’s a little early for trash talking, isn’t it?” Z asks.

“It’s not trash talking if it’s true,” Ash’s younger brother, Logan, says. He flashes me a huge smile and I can’t resist giving him a quick, one-armed hug. I love this fourteen-year-old kid so much it’s ridiculous, and the fact that he can still smile, still be so upbeat even with everything he’s had to handle in the last year, blows my mind completely. Not only did he lose his parents in a horrific car wreck, he also lost the use of his legs in that same wreck. And yet, here he is, laughing and joking around like the total badass that he is.

“At least Logan knows the truth,” I tell him with a wink. “And that’s all that matters.”

“Can you teach me?” Tansy asks as Z brings the boat to a stop.

“Sure. I—”

“Hey, I’ll teach you, babe,” Ash tells her.

“But you just said that Cam’s better than you,” she tells him, eyes wide and innocent. “And I want to learn from the best.”

I crack up. I can’t help it—the way Ash’s mouth drops open is absolutely priceless, and for a second, I wish my phone were out so I could get a picture of it. I glance at Luc, wanting to share the joke, but he’s looking out over the water. Deliberately not looking at me. Deliberately not joining in the conversation about me.

I freaking hate it.

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Slashed: An Extreme Risk Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written, great characters & steamy plot- Thank you! !!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book! So wondetful!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lab228 More than 1 year ago
I have read a number of books by this author. This is the third novel in the Extreme risk series. While you do not necessarily need to read the first two it helps. All three are a little different. The first dealt with the awesome athleticism of Zac. The second one dealt more with emotions. And this one deals more with miscommunication. I like how this author pulls in the characters from the other two books. While this one was good, it was not quite as good as the others. This book focuses on Luc and Cam. Luc has always been a little in love with Cam but after a drunken night where they slept together, she ran out on him. This of course causes their friendships suffer. This book starts a few months after she ran out on him. At first it was a little awkward between them and they tended to avoid and/or not talk to each other. However over time, you see a real relationship bloom. Luc knows he is not the best snowboard of the group, so at times he has to hide his feelings and play off like nothing is wrong. Because he holds everything in, his communication with Cam suffers. This is the most frustrating in books. Always having miscommunications between the H/h, him not telling her how he feels, her not telling him how she feels. However Cam turns to Luc when her mother returns after being gone for years. As he comforts her, their relationship grows. While you do have your HEA, the ending seems a little rushed. I would have liked to see more into the future and see how things are going with them. Maybe there will be more in the next book and I can’t wait until it comes out.
Bookeroo More than 1 year ago
Cam and Luc have been friends for most of their lives. They really love pro snowboarding and hanging out together, but after that one drunken night their friendship has been on the rocks. They just want to get back to the way things were. Will they be able to make that happen when Cam has always had a crush on Z and Luc has always been her best friend? Luc has wanted more for a long time, but can’t stand to see how Cam smiles at Z. Will Luc be able to be strictly friends with Cam when he thinks she only wants Z? Will Cam ever be able to convince not only herself, but Luc too, that she only wants him? Slashed was heartbreaking, emotional and erotic, entwined in a tortured love story that will keep your emotions on the edge and your heart thumping in a double time rhythm. I dare you not to love this group of engaging characters! Ms. Wolff has a knack for tugging on your heartstrings, but still keeping your own libido charged to the max. She tells an informed story, with well researched subject matter. The plot was not only unique, but interesting, and meshed perfectly with the hero and heroine’s character and all of their fun-loving interaction. I loved Luc and in my head I was urging him to just come out and tell Cam the way he feels. Hey, it was really easy to get completely involved in this story! That’s my defense and I’m sticking to it (lol)! Slashed was the perfect love story for me and I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Wolff! If ever there was a MUST READ, Slashed is it! And once you do read it, you’ll know it’s a KEEPER too! 5 Stars!
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
Cam Bradley and Luc Jennings have been best friends forever. They have an amazing circle of friends that has been together since they were small. Though no one is as close as Luc and Cam. Luc, has also been in love with Cam for many years. He has hoped and prayed for just a chance to be with her. Then one night.... he gets his wish and his heart broken all at once. Cam, has been worrying about how to save her friendship with this amazing man. Wondering how to fix the shreds that are left. They don't even look at one another and they are in the same room. What is a woman to do? Luc and Cam solve everything by kissing and making up the old fashioned way. Is it really that easy? They both come into this with angst and pain and even tormented pasts. There are so many surprises - beware readers! You will laugh, you will cry and yes, even root for this couple! I have not been so pleasantly surprised by an author and book in some time. I always recommend reading a series in order - and I had not done that with this story. I hope to own the other books in the Extreme Risk series before this review goes public. This was one book I could not even blink while reading! So good I am not sure how to put it in words! ***This ARC was given by and its publisher in return for an honest review only.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4 star If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first Shredded (Extreme Risk, #1) Shattered (Extreme Risk, #2) This is Cam and Luc’s story. Cam and Luc were friends but after one night together they are not even really that. Hurt and confusing feelings on both sides have made them awkward around each other. There other friends have noticed the changes. Four month after that night Cam’s life comes crumbling down. She flees to hide out at Luc. Can they be friends again? What is they both end up wanting more will the friendship survive another chance? With the real fear of rejection and failure should they even try? With the past issues of Cam being in love with someone else will she want what Luc wants in the end? Can they make it work for the long haul? I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I recommend this book.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Following in the shadow of the world champion is difficult especially when your three best friends are those champions. Luc Jennings feels like he was living on the coat tails of his friends fame. An outstanding snowboarder in his own right, Luc just thought his ability was subpar to Z, Ash and Cam...especially Cam the girl he wants. Cam has always been one of the guys, shredding down the mountain with the best of the best. Z found his heart in another woman which broke Cam's heart. Cam turns to her friend Luc to help her deal only to discovers there was so much more than friendship between them. Wonderfully fun, Slashed brings two wounded hearts together with some awesome boarding to boot. Great characters, fabulous snowboarding and a heartfelt love story between friends. I received this ARC copy of Slashed from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept in exchange for a honest review.
Jillyann13 More than 1 year ago
Can best friends become something more? Luc has always loved Cam and she is his best friend, but he wants more. This friends to lovers story is definitely worth the read, but be prepared to not be able to put it down. This book is the third in a series and while you could read it as stand alone you will enjoy it so much more if you have read Shredded and Shattered first.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Luc has always had a big crush on his best friend Cameron. Even though she had feelings for other members of their mutual group of friends. Cam, has always seen Luc as a friend, and doesn’t react well when Luc tells her about his feelings. She avoids him for a few months, but eventually things start to return to normal. Both Luc and Cam are competitive snowboarders, and their group of friends are famous for their skills. The book opens during the summer and after a fun outing at the lake, Cam returns home to find her mother returned after an absence of 17 years. She walks in on her parents making out, and immediately decides to move out. She crashes at Luc’s condo and they end up sleeping together. Luc is happy to support his friend, but is unsure of his place in her life. They continue to sleep together, but don’t tell each other their feelings. Luc doesn’t have a lot of confidence, because he feels his friends are better than he is. They fight and don’t see each other for 3 months. Then Cam turns up pregnant. Will they be able to work out their differences? This was an great book, that featured real conflict between friends/lovers. The story alternated between Cam and Luc and I liked how I empathized with each character. I wish the story had been a little longer because the ending felt a little fast. I was given a free copy from
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
    Slashed, An Extreme Risk Novel,  Tracy Wolff Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance,  We’re on to book three, and its a series I’m really loving. Its got all the elements a good NA series needs,a solid story, plenty of  drama, lots of emotion and of course a romance between two characters that seem to have everything preventing them from getting together but who you love so much you’re just rooting for them to finally find their way through the barriers. The four friends, Z, Luc, Ash and Cam have known each other for many years and are all top rated snowboarders. When I began this series I was worried that knowing nothing – absolutely nothing – about boarding would hamper my enjoyment but it doesn’t, somehow I’m pulled into the excitement and dangers along with the characters. I feel I’m there with them, and for me that’s the best kind of story, where I feel like I’m part of it. I love the way the action and scenes are described. There’s one part where Luc is out in the streets just as dawn is breaking,  and it’s  the first snow of the season, and that reminded me so much of nights when Ii have issues sleeping and like to get up and watch the dawn rise. When its snowing – and that's not often here in UK – its just magical seeing the purity of the landscape, feeling like you’re the only one around, that what you see is somehow special to you. Luc’s words encompassed all that, and its why Tracy's novels are so vivid to me – the characters feel real, say and see things as I would. Cam – right from book one we’ve seen how she longs for Z to love her, she’s craved him from afar for so long. Luc has strong feelings for her but against Z he feels he doesn’t stand a chance, even though Z is now happily in a relationship with Ophelia. Luc just cements his place in the group as the happy guy, the one that keeps things on an even keel and keeps his feelings hidden. We don’t really know that much of him til this book, where we see just why he feels so second class. His parents seem to have focussed all their energy on his twin sister, a world class musician, and even though he’s one of the top boarders in the world it never seems to be quite enough for them. He’s been alone now for several years as they moved for the benefit of his twin’s career leaving him with his friends when he was just a teen. Knowing that makes it easy to understand why despite being so good he feels its not enough, that his friends “carry” him, and yet he’s incredibly talented at certain types of boarding. Cam’s mum left her and her dad and six brothers seventeen years ago and had no contact since – now out of the blue she’s back, and its like the return of the prodigal mum as far as the rest of her family are concerned. She’s feeling on edge anyway because of something between her and Luc a few months back that’s made their friendship  awkward, and she just can’t accept her mum back as the others do. Poor Cam, I felt for her, and understood her confusion but her actions after just bring her even more dramas...she’s there staying with Luc, sleeping with him in some kind of frenzied lust and they seem to go backward and forward over their friendship and what this new development means. Each is too afraid to actually ask the other how they really feel. Cam’s developing feelings for Luc but convinced he sees her as a friend, he’s too overshadowed by what he thinks she feels for Z to tell her how he feels, and convinced she’s just doing some kind of frie
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
Slashed is the third book in Tracy Wolff's Extreme Risk series and is Luc and Cam's story. Luc and Cam, along with their friends Z and Ash are world class snowboarders. Luc has always felt a bit inferior to Cam, Ash, and Z, but really he's not. Not only can this bunch snowboard, they can wakeboard like nobody's business as well. Luc and Cam have always been best friends, and while Luc has always been secretly crazy about Cam, she has never admitted feeling the same way. Things get out of hand and cause a rift between them and they don't speak to each other for quite some time. When Cam's mom shows back up on the scene after being gone for years, the first person she finds herself going to is Luc. They soon find their attraction goes much further than friendship and the chemistry between them is smoking hot. Both are unsure about the relationship,however, as well as one another. Things escalate to epic proportions and feelings and misunderstanding are taken to a whole new level for Luc and Cam, forcing them to choose what is really important in their life. I loved reading Luc and Cam's story. They had a lot to overcome, but their romance was definitely hot. I was especially happy to see Luc shine in this novel both in sports and in love. I enjoyed where Tracy Wolff took the relationship between these two characters, as well as integrating characters from the previous novels as well. Check it out.
ravenwolf_EPTX More than 1 year ago
Friends-to-Lovers *New Adult * Xtreme Sports ** Provided by Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest Review ** -- MY THOUGHTS > Judging a Book by it's Cover: Colors, pose and expression lend to a moody, broody atmosphere. There's a strange highlighted section on his abs that distracts in a not-so pleasant way. The synopsis is a little confusing, so I'm hoping the story will read cleaner than the blurb. Looking Deeper: As noted in book details, this is the third book in the series. This is obvious and evident by the history the characters already have together, but it tries to highlight past events in a way so you don't feel lost. Unfortunately, you still feel that there was much more to those important events than what was barely glanced over. The book is written in an alternating, first-person POV between Cam and Luc. Luc's been in love with Cam since they were teenagers. Cam was in lust with Z, until Ophelia came along and she saw how happy O made Z. Cam and Luc are best friends, but the friendship is strained and tested over a drunken one-nighter together months ago. They try to rekindle or repair their relationship, but communication is terrible between them. Neither ever tells the other what they are feeling or thinking, causing miscommunications and way more conflicts than necessary. The plot is filled with friendship and plenty of drama that comes along with it. While the writing style is excellent and the sex scenes are hot, the overall inability of the main characters to maturely handle conflicts throughout the story became a bit annoying and tiresome. Predictability was average, no fun surprises. The conclusion is abrupt, leaving the reader wondering what happened after June. I believe it could have greatly benefited from an epilogue. Overall, it is a pretty quick read with a promising plot. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I'd read the other two books first and got to know them from the beginning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heat Level: 4 [R] ~ Score: 3.7 ~ Stars: 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
3 - "What are we doing?" Stars. I have to say that the third novel in the Extreme Risk, series was a bit of a disappointment for me. Tracy Wolff in the previous two books managed to offer up some really good tropes, in a different way and with a decent cast of characters to back everything up, and seeing as the whole Cam and Luc situation has been hinted at throughout those books I was hoping that their story would be as stellar as its predecessors. It started well, one thing Tracy excels at is sexy-times, and they come thick and fast in the first half of the book, but it became pretty obvious really quickly that this story was going to mainly be based around the H/h assuming everything and then not communicating with each other, this was kind of the beginning of the downhill run for me, and although I can understand the reason for using the last and pretty predictable trope, it kind of lost its impact with the unnecessary and pretty unexplained familial drama on Cam's side, and lack of real depth or development in relation to Luc's feelings of inadequacy, and their immature behavior towards each other in the last 25% of the book. Enjoyable enough, but the author set the half-pipe high with the first two books in this series, and Slashed fell a little short in comparison. Axed is the next book in the series, and according to Goodreads it isn't due for release until early 2017... I hope that is incorrect as it would be a shame to wait that long for what I am hoping will be a book as good as the first couple of this series. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
mary8808 More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review. This Extreme Risk series has become one of my favorites since the beginning. With each story about one of the four best friends and their extreme snowboarding skills. Cam Bradley is the only female in this group and Luc Jennings is her best friend since second grade. They talk about everything and anything. Then one night they drink too much and cross the line between friendship and more. Cam freaks out and runs and Luc can't believe he let it happen. So now months later and they are still avoiding each other. Can they work things out? It would be hard for them to go back to being just friends. And how will Luc handle Cam's secret? Will the other friends and their girlfriends be there for them? I love this series and Tracy Wolf, she has a great writing style that seems to pull you into the story. And I can't wait for more. **Wicked Reads Review Team**
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
Luc and Cam. Talented athletes, lifelong friends. Lovers. Well, they tried to be lovers. Cam's morning after meltdown turned their relationship upside down. Luc's attempt to soothe her and tell her it's okay didn't help. The awkwardness that ensued was larger than the Grand Canyon, a fact that Ms. Wolff wrote out very well. Getting past the tension between them took a lot of work and a lot of words. While this story is about both of them, the heart of it centered more around Luc for me. Cam's family drama was a nice side-story. Her mom reappearing after way too many years away, trying to assimilate back into the family, trying to build a relationship with Cam. It was good, especially when, at the end, Cam came around and leaned on her for support after receiving some life-altering news. But Luc is the one my heart went out to. It was hard to believe that such a gifted athlete could struggle with doubt and trust like he did. He wasn't just a so-so athlete. He was a great athlete. That was obvious from Chapter One! Yet he doubted himself constantly. It was like he was afraid to step out there and be a little different than his friends, like he didn't want to make a big deal over what he practiced without them. It was like he didn't trust them to have his back, to understand that he wanted to snowboard with a little more street style than traditional. His inability to fully trust his friends with his talent bled into his relationship with Cam. He loved her but wouldn't say it, as if he wasn't good enough for her when he was actually perfect for her. I wondered what it would take for him to see that he needed to trust her like she did him, that she wasn't going to sleep with him while go out with someone else, that she wouldn't ever see him as less than but as her equal. I didn't read the first story of this series. If you haven't either, don't worry. This story reads wonderfully as a standalone. The characters are wonderful compliments to each other, different yet alike in so many ways outside of sports. And Luc and Cam's story isn't just about snowboarding or sex or angst. It's about a strong friendship that was the foundation for a love that grew throughout the years. It's about following their hearts, learning to silence the doubt that tried to speak up. It's about finding the courage to lay one's heart on the table and trusting that instinct is right when offering it to the only person who's ever held it in their hands. (Received from NetGalley via Tasty Book Tours for an honest review)
KimP65 More than 1 year ago
This series just gets better and better. I was completely hooked with the first two books in this series and the third was just as good. This book really struck a chord with the best friends to lovers story line. Throw in some family drama and life long friends and you have a heartwarming, funny, thoughtful and provocative book that takes you through the gambit of emotions. Out of all of the characters I was really drawn to these two, both for their individual personalities and for the potential they brought together. You don't have to be an extreme sports fan to really get dragged into this story. Although we get to see some of that world what we really get to see is a world full of love, friendship and hope. The Luc and Cam come from different world but neither is perfect or really happy. In Cam's case we get to see the family dynamics of loving brothers and a father that did the best that he could. With Luc, we get to see a cold and lonely world for someone to grow up in. They both have to work hard to overcome the obstacles in their personal lives but they have their friendships and also each other to help them grow and deal with the lives they are given. I can't say strongly enough how much I'm hooked on this series and can't wait for more!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
: 3.75 stars---SLASHED is the third installment in Tracy Wolff’s contemporary, new adult Extreme Risk romance series focusing on a tight knit group of extreme snow boarders. This is Luc Jennings and Cam Bradley’s storyline. SLASHED can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Told from dual first person points of view (Luc and Cam) SLASHED follows the rebuilding of a friendship between Luc and Cam. Four months earlier Cam and Luc crossed the line between friends and lovers; Cam walked away distraught and embarrassed fearing reprisals and loss from her friendship with Luc. Fast forward to present day where Cam and Luc’s friendship is icy, still barely speaking to one another and making life miserable for everyone concerned. When Cam’s home life implodes, she finds herself on Luc’s doorstep, hoping for a place to stay and support when she needs it the most. The relationship between Cam and Luc is one of friends to lovers to frenemies and back to lovers. Cam and Luc have always been attracted to one another but both of our leading characters have some major issues of self esteem, insecurity and lack the ability to communicate with one another. Cam sees herself as the ugly duckling whose mother abandoned the family when Cam was five years old; Luc’s success on the snow hills has been less than spectacular and he constantly compares himself to the success of the others. Both Cam and Luc’s mindset is tentative; they fear rejection and failure; and with it comes the inability to move forward or let go of the past. The $ex scenes are intimate and provocative. All of the previous storyline couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles including Z and Ophelia (Shredded #1), Tansy and Ash (Shattered #2) as well as Ash’s brother Logan. I am looking forward to Logan’s story but the series would have to advance several years before we see a romance for our struggling, young hero. The world building has deviated from the snow boarding competitions and the main focus is on the couple in question. The summer months finds the friends wake-boarding and considering the upcoming snow boarding schedule while the tentative friendship between Luc and Cam hits a major change in direction-their lack of communication and too many presumptions are the major causes of most of their issues and problems. Luc’s jealousy of Cam’s friendship with another snow boarder as well as Cam’s one time unrequited love for Z is a major stumbling block on their road to reconciliation-Luc’s issues are fueled by his own preconceived inadequacies. SLASHED has moments of heartbreak and sorrow; anxiety and tension; letting go and moving forward. Luc and Cam’s storyline was at times frustrating watching two people whose love for one another was hampered by low self esteem and demons from the past. I shed a few tears-I am not sure if the tears were due to my own particular mind set at the time but the shear pain of Luc and Cam’s insecurities is all too familiar and relatable-believing you will never be enough or the best. Cam and Luc’s story continues; the final chapters reveal a surprise twist in their relationship but with it came an abrupt ending that leaves the reader waiting and wondering about hope for the future. The premise is intimate and dramatic; the characters are engaging, animated and heartbreaking; the romance is impassioned and emotional. In the new adult storylines there are always issues from the past that control the future where an al
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved!! It!! I can't get enough of these crazy snowboarding characters. Cam and Luc finally together, hell yeah! They have great chemistry and are two of my favorite characters in this series. Luc can't remember a time when he didn't love Cam. Sadly, she couldn't see him due to the lust in her eyes for Z. Now that Z is out of the game, it's time for Luc to step up! When her long gone mother returns and Cam needs a place to escape to, Luc is more than happy to help her out. Cam is at the top of her game and ready to cash in, unfortunately life might have other plans for her! This is a fantastic story that takes us through the relationship between Luc and Cam as they struggle through life's bumps and fumbles. I highly recommend this one!!
BookishThings More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting on Cam and Luc’s story since the first book. It was all there brewing under the surface. I was so not disappointed. I loved the tension between these two. Yes, things would have been solved faster if they just communicated, but we wouldn’t have gotten all the turmoil Luc and Cam are feeling. Most of the time they are together they end up in a fight. They both have problems with insecurity. And it’s totally understandable with both characters. When you’re one of the guys for so long, it’s hard to think you are attractive. And Luc knows he isn’t as strong in competition with his friends but he doesn’t realize he’s a pretty badass boarder. I also loved seeing them with their friends so much, and how close Cam and Ophelia have become. There are some shocking moments, and moments when you want to shake the characters and call them a dumbass for giving up. But I loved every minute of it. Also, both Cam and Luc’s moms suck. They aren’t very present in their lives, and I know that shouldn’t matter much when these characters are in their twenties, but it does. It’s nice to have support. Slashed can be read as a stand alone, but I’d really recommend reading the first two books so you get a feel of Luc and Cam leading up to this one.