Sleeping Dogs 3 Book Set

Sleeping Dogs 3 Book Set

by John Falbey

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In Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, Brendan Whelan, Irish-born, USA-raised, is the leader of the Sleeping Dogs, the deadliest of black ops hunter-killer teams. They must stop an attempt to assassinate a president he and much of the nation despise. He and his colleagues, unforgettable antiheroes, must navigate a dangerous series of plot twists and betrayals involving a remarkable cast of characters--crooked politicians, Russian agents, Ukrainian gangsters, a billionaire international arbitrageur, a secret society of patriots in the military and intelligence communities, the CIA, and one doggedly determined FBI agent. The body count begins to soar from the first chapter, as Whelan and the other Dogs pursue a deadly game of cat and mouse with the would-be assassins and their handlers. As they do, they begin to uncover, layer by layer, a plot to bring America to her knees and impose a one-world government on the planet. The enemy is powerful, with access to unlimited funds and the ability to manipulate the rogue nations of the world. If it succeeds, the world will descend into chaos and anarchy; and time is running out. But the one thing the enemy doesn't have is the Sleeping Dogs.
In Endangered Species, the world is descending into chaos. America is like a rudderless ship--its elected government gridlocked and ineffective. Rogue governments spit on Old Glory and defy a weakening America to stop them. Religious fanatics are dedicated to butchering all the world's citizens who don't convert to their primitive, seventh-century dogma. And the worst is yet to come. From Russian aggression to worldwide jihadism, from China's designs on Southeast Asia and beyond to a morally and financially bankrupt European Union, from violent and expanding drug cartels to Iranian nuclear ambitions, the members of the Alliance for Global Unity--AGU are close to achieving their goal: the anarchy and chaos that will usher in a single world government with them ruling it.
But appearances can be deceiving. The key to stopping them is the world's deadliest hunter-killer black ops unit--the Sleeping Dogs. But keeping the six Sleeping Dogs alive is challenging. An outstanding Presidential Decision Directive ordered these men to be terminated with extreme prejudice. A vengeful FBI agent, believing his wife had an affair with the unit's leader, Brendan Whelan, is pursuing him with homicide on his mind. A rogue Russian agent seeks revenge because his mission to assassinate the president of the United States was thwarted by the Dogs. And, most chillingly, a huge and mysterious brute named Maksym is systematically hunting the Dogs down individually. The fate of the free world hangs in the balance.
In Year of the Dog, China is on the offensive, solidifying its dominion throughout Asia and setting its sights on the rest of the planet. The Russian president intensifies his threat against the free peoples of Europe and beyond. Islamic terrorists continue to fan the flames of hatred and discord across the globe. The world's baddest actors are ramping up their malevolent ambitions. And some of America's most dangerous enemies are inside the Beltway.
Meanwhile, America's government, like a modern Nero, fiddles away the country's treasure, seemingly too oblivious or incompetent to recognize the threat. The patriotic shadow government known as The Society of Adam Smith doesn't have the benefit of unlimited human and financial resources. And time is running out. But it does have the one resource that no one else has--the world's deadliest team of hunter-killers. The problem is to get them back together. Three of the six are in various prisons. One is focused relentlessly on avenging the deaths of his wife and sons. A fifth is struggling with a mid-life crisis at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. That leaves Brendan Whelan with one of the most difficult tasks he's ever faced--reuniting the unwilling Sleeping Dogs and stopping the Free World's enemies from destroying it.

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Publisher: The Falbey Group, LLC
Publication date: 06/21/2017
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About the Author

John Wayne Falbey writes techno-political spy thrillers and action/adventure novels. His debut novel, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, has become an international best-seller on, and was endorsed by Compulsory Reads. He followed it with Endangered Species, Year of the Dog, and Dogs of War. All are thrillers in the Sleeping Dogs series. He’s also the author of The Quixotics, a tale of gunrunning, guerrilla warfare, and suspense in the Caribbean. A native Floridian and former transactional attorney, when he’s not writing, he’s a real estate investor and developer in Southwest Florida. Please visit him at where you can sign up for his short, infrequent newsletter announcing publication dates, appearances, and other matters relating to the Sleeping Dogs thrillers and his other novels.
His wife likes to say, “Wayne has more degrees than a thermometer,” (four) including a doctorate in business. He actually spent five years in the “enemy camp”—creating and chairing a Master of Science program in real estate development at a graduate school of business in Florida. He invites you to connect with him at, where you can sign up for his newsletter announcing publication dates, signings and appearances, and other matters relating to the Sleeping Dogs thrillers and other novels by the author.

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