Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves

by Marie Harte

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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He may be all brawn
But when it really counts... His heart is all gold

Former Marine Cash Griffith is a brawny beacon for trouble, always finishing a fight that someone else starts. Working at his family's moving company, he does his best to keep a low profile, but he can't help but tangle with the newest employee, Jordan Fleming.

When Jordan joins Vets on the Go! she has her hands full with her new job and her rebellious teenage brother, not to mention going toe to toe with the obnoxious, arrogant, incredibly hot Marine at work. Soon their battles turn to camaraderie, and one kiss leads to a connection neither of them expected. But when dark secrets come to light, will their bond break...or strengthen into a happily-ever-after they desperately desire?

Veteran Movers series:
The Whole Package (Book 1)
Smooth Moves (Book 2)
Handle with Care (Book 3)

Praise for Marie Harte:
"A blazing hot, emotionally intense love story." —Kirkus Reviews for A Sure Thing
"This is truly a must-read!" —Night Owl Reviews Top Pick for Roadside Assistance
"Sexy, sweet, and thoroughly satisfying."—LAUREN LAYNE, New York Times bestselling author for The Whole Package

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ISBN-13: 9781492670476
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Series: Veteran Movers Series , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 107,990
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestseller Marie Harte is a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. Whether biking around town, hiking, or hanging at the local tea shop, she's constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. Visit and fall in love.

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Smooth Moves 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
C_Beddow 6 months ago
I really enjoyed this book. A moving company run by Vets employing Vets. The main character in this book was Cash who had trouble fitting in but did fine with th moving business. He was one of the owners, but preferred to be one of the workers. He joked with them and groused with them. He did have a penchant for getting hurt helping people get out of trouble (like defending someone getting picked on o hurt) The story had some interesting side stories about the two main families. Both were disfunctional to an extent. I have read this author before and will look for more of her work. Good story
Lorizen 7 months ago
In this book we get up close and personal with Cash and Jordan. Cash is part owner in the moving company that he and his friends own, he prefers the task of physical labor opposed to being cooped up in an office or dealing with people. His preference is not dealing with people because he's got a bit of a short fuse and a whole heap of baggage. Rightfully so. The moving business employs Vets who may otherwise may not be integrated well enough back into the workplace, much like Cash. I loved that about the story. There's a great group of people and lots of fun banter and teasing that goes on. Jordan has her own story, ex military police she can definitely handle herself and the men she works with. Except maybe Cash. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and it was just so in your face, the spark between the two. A heap of angst and a lot of backstory in this book and was well written. Great dialogue and some good twists. I would have liked this more were it a little shorter, I felt like some of the repeated dialogue with Cash could have been snipped a little. Nonetheless still a great read and Marie knows how to weave a great story. *arc from NetGalley and publisher for an honest review*
carvanz 7 months ago
This was a fun read that had everything I enjoy in a book and then some. Jordan and Cash were so friggin’ cute together. They are both snarky and on point when it comes to their banter, something that I love not only in my books, but in real life. I enjoy mature humor and this had it in abundance while allowing the romance, drama and conflict to still reign. I loved how organic the relationship between Jordan and Cash developed. They didn’t play games and they were both up front about being with each other. I loved that so much of this story is them as a couple, even proclaiming themselves as a couple. They were just so darn adorable! Everything from her poking him in the chest to him thinking she was perfect, as she wrestled and contained someone to the ground, made me love them more. Cash is the type of hero I love. He’s a big, burly, bear of a man who tends to end up in fights but inside he’s a soft marshmallow. With a wounded soul from a childhood of being told he was bad as well as being neglected, to a relationship that only solidified his belief in his childhood teachings, he finds it impossible to believe anyone could love anything about him. I gotta say, my heart broke for him several times throughout this story. ”Somehow, someway, he had to fool her into thinking he was more than he seemed. Because, selfish as it was, he wanted Jordan in his life. And maybe, just maybe, if he worked hard at it, he could be the guy she needed.” Jordan was an exceptional heroine! Ex-army, she was one tough lady that could totally hold her own among a group of other ex-military guys. While she could totally kick tail, she was also soft and vulnerable which made for a wonderful combination. And holy heck, when she let it rip with Cash, she was fierce and I loved watching her set him straight. ”Her toned belly had a gentle curve, her a—firm and rounded, the perfect woman. Not afraid to be strong or feminine. He wanted to tell her that. That he saw the power inside her and respected the f--- out of her for it.” This has a host of amusing moments that had me grinning, then laughing throughout its entirety. There are so many fun characters that add to the story rather than act as filler. The rapport between these individuals was as much fun to watch as the romance taking place within their midst and left me wanting more from all of them. I rarely do rereads but this is one I’ll definitely be hitting again!
DawnMarieBurke 7 months ago
We were introduced to Cash in The Whole Package when he stepped in and stopped a robbery. Due to that the moving company that he and his brothers created to help veterans adjust to civilian life is an overnight success. Cash comes across as obnoxious and arrogant but as a former Marine he hides how much he wants to be loved and just how big his heart really is. Jordan is a strong brave fierce warrior retired from the Army trying to keep her younger brother on the straight and narrow. Cash and Jordan are two of the best characters ever! You really need to read their story and go on this journey with two hardheaded but INCREDIBLY lovable vets. I CAN'T WAIT to read the next book in this AMAZING series! I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.
FaeScot 7 months ago
Ex-marine Gunnery Sergeant Cash Griffith is a protector who's always the first in line to offer help. He also is impulsive, brash and full of bluster hiding his wounded heart. Cash is co-owner with his brother Reid of a moving company to help former military so they could get lives together. Cash's father hated him from his 7th birthday and no one knew why. Cash finally left home joining the marines after being abused by his dad. Ex-army MP Jordan Heming is a female Dudley-Do-Right starting over and trying to help her teen brother Raphael, Rafi, from landing in a heap of trouble. She is one of the crew of the moving company. Jordan has a younger full sister, Leanne, and Rafi is her 15 year old half-brother. Rafi is having trouble in school and his parents are using tough love to try to get him to straighten up and do better in school. Jordan has taken him in at her apartment during summer school to see if she can help him. Otherwise in the fall their parents will ship him off to military school all the way across the country. She strikes a deal with Cash, he'll talk to Rafi and she'll help him pack up his mom's house full of bad memories. As they spend together they begin to fight the chemistry between them since technically he's her boss at work. I love Marie's stories. She takes everyday situations, fills them with wonderful complicated people with real problems. Her stories take us on a journey to healing and love. I've been able to see behind the curtain of so many people to see what drives them, makes them tick. I've experienced so many other "peoples" personalities and come to understand the why of some behaviors. Some of the things she deals with in this story are rejection, abuse, neglect, depression, hidden secrets and dyslexia. We find with her stories that seeking to help each other and deal with issues is the path to acceptance of self worth and love for others. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
SherriBabb 7 months ago
This was the second book in this series. This book starts off where the first one left off. Although this one can be read as a standalone I think reading the first book helps you have a better understanding of what is going on. This book is Cash and Jordan’s book. For me Cash and Jordan were the perfect fit. Not only did they have lots of chemistry they just fit together perfectly. This book was hot, steamy, drama filled but most of all it was funny. I am really excited for the next book in this series. Thanks Net Galley. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 7 months ago
SMOOTH MOVES is the second instalment in Marie Harte’s contemporary, adult VETERAN MOVERS erotic, romance series focusing on the men and women who work for Vets on the Go!-a moving company established to help former servicemen. This is thirty-six year old, ex-Marine and co-owner of Vets on the Go, Cash Griffith, and thirty year old ex-Army MP Jordan Fleming’s story line. SMOOTH MOVES can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. There is a slight cross-over with the author’s THE DONNIGANS series. NOTE: The Veteran Movers series was original title MOVIN’ ON. Told from several third person perspectives including Jordan and Cash SMOOTH MOVES follows thirty-six year old, ex-Marine and co-owner of Vets on the Go, Cash Griffith, and thirty year old ex-Army MP Jordan Fleming. Jordan Fleming works for Vets on the Go, and as such Cash believes she is off-limits. Technically her boss, Cash struggles with his attraction to an employee, an employee who pushes all of his buttons. Jordan Fleming is helping to raise her fifteen-year old brother whose attitude leaves something to be desired. Hoping to set Rafi on the straight and narrow Jordan asks Cash to speak to her brother thusly bringing Cash into their lives. What ensue is the building relationship between Cash and Jordan, and the potential fall-out as Cash runs interference for Jordan’s brother, interference that results in issues of trust between our leading couple. Meanwhile, Cash has inherited his mother’s home, a home that does not illicit fond memories of a time long ago. Believing himself the black sheep of the family, Cash has to wonder why was he the target of his father’s wrath, and his mother’s lack of love and support. Hoping to move forward, Cash begins clearing out the memories and the ghosts, only to discover the family secret his mother did not want anyone to know. The relationship between Jordan and Cash is a friends/employee to lovers romance that finds Cash playing big brother to Jordan’s younger sibling. Both Jordan and Cash battle the usual dysfunctional family dynamics but for Jordan her parents struggle to understand their troubled teen. The sexual attraction and chemistry between our couple is palpable. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Cash’s brother Reid and his girlfriend Naomi ( The Whole Package #1); business partner and cousin Evan; gym trainer Gavin Donnigan; Jordan’s brother Raphael (Rafi), their sister Leanne and her fiancé Troy , as well as their parents Maria and Carl Younger. We also welcome the return of the Vets on the Go employees: Hector, Lafayette, Funny Rob and Smith Ramsay, as well as woman’s empowerment instructor Miriam. SMOOTH MOVES is a story of family, struggle, acceptance and love. The premise is inviting and captivating; the romance is passionate and spicy; the characters are animated and spirited. SMOOTH MOVES is a realistic and engaging story of family, friends and love.
Bette313 7 months ago
Smooth Moves is the second book in the Veteran Movers series and while it can be read standalone I think you will enjoy this book much more if you really get to know Cash and Jordan in the first book, The Whole Package. Cash and Jordan are quite the pair. Between them is a ton of sass, snark, and sizzling chemistry that seems to throw Cash off his game. This is the story of how their relationship moves from enemies to friends to lovers and it's one wild and sexy ride that was so much fun to read. I'd definitely recommend this book to everyone.
MBurton 7 months ago
This was such a fun book for me. I know that Cash is a hero that not everyone is going to love because he can come off as obnoxious, but I never felt that way about him when we got to know him in book 1. To me Cash is this big teddy bear that likes to poke other bears to get them riled up. I actually had fun with his character... maybe because I'm kind of like him. I enjoy that friendly fire and camaraderie you can have with someone who truly knows your not being mean, just playful. Cash was also a very protective guy. He always jumped into helping someone in a bad situation even if it was dangerous. The poor guy got beat on the regular. I also can not deny how hot he was whenever we got to see him lusting after Jordan. He could get growly and very jealous. I loved it. Jordan is another character that some may think is too aggressive at times. What I saw was a woman who wanted to be strong and independent an yet still be seen as a woman. I liked that she could kick some serious butt and take names. Jordan and Cash were perfectly compatible and I got such a kick out of their story. I do think most readers could read this as a standalone even though we meet these two in book 1. Of course you may be more invested in them if you got to see them from the beginning. I'm really looking forward to more in this series. There are so many good side characters that really add to the enjoyment of this series. I can't decide if I want Evan or Smith's story next. Either way, I'll be happy!
ytcruz 7 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed book 1, The Whole Package, that introduced the Veteran Movers. A group of men and women, all former veterans, that after serving their country were at a loss on how to return to civilian life. Thanks to former Marine Reid Griffin, who started the company to help his brother Cash, they are now employed and thriving. This time the story belongs to former Marine Cash Griffin and Jordan Fleming, former Army MP. Cash always seems to be getting into trouble or looking for a fight. He suffered a great deal as a child and later was hurt by a woman . He feels not worthy of love or good enough for someone like Jordan. Jordan , is still unsure what her future holds, and in the meantime , has taken in her troubled teenage brother . This story was at times funny, at others heartbreaking . A reminder that the experiences as a child and how the adults that were suppose to love one failed to do so, will affect the individual when he becomes an adult. But as heartbreaking as the story was at times, it was also heartwarming. Jordan was perfect for Cash. The plot was engaging, and the complex characters likable. The secondary characters were also well developed. Though not necessary, I would highly recommend reading book 1 in the series to get the most enjoyment of the story. I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Lashea677 7 months ago
There are moments within a Marie Harte novel where it becomes hard to tell who the alpha is. Smooth Moves has a number of those moments. Cash and Jordan butt heads at every turn. It's an uphill battle to romance, but the climb is full of seductive foreplay. There's always a new twist to their story, but the culmination is as explosive as their courtship is tempting.