Something Borrowed (New Castle, #3)

Something Borrowed (New Castle, #3)

by Lydia Michaels

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Something Borrowed (New Castle, #3) by Lydia Michaels

Every survivor is first a victim, but from the depths of weakness comes an awakening of strength that is empty and fearless. After escaping her abusive husband Dr. Chloe Wolfe’s luck runs out and Trenton Cole steps in. Chloe reluctantly agrees to let this tall, dark, and devastatingly hot stranger help her find her children. What she doesn’t know is that Trent is the bounty hunter hired by her husband to catch her. Playing it safe, Chloe escapes his presence without a trace, but no secrets remain hidden forever. When worlds collide six years later, neither Chloe nor Trent have forgotten each other, but when her hero’s betrayal is exposed Chloe finds herself in love with another enemy. An unforgettable love story of a woman who sacrifices everything to protect the ones she loves, and loses her self along the way. A heart wrenching tale of survival, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

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BN ID: 2940155059028
Publisher: Lydia Michaels
Publication date: 04/24/2018
Series: New Castle , #3
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 171,469
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Something Borrowed (New Castle, #3) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
perriknows More than 1 year ago
Wow…that’s all I can begin with… Chloe is an abused wife. Physically and mentally. She is hoarding money to be able to get away from her husband. She knows if she doesn’t make it, she will die. What would happen to her children then? She runs and gets to a safe place with the help of a man, that unbeknownst to her, has been hired by her husband to find her. Trent meets her and realizes she is not the person her husband said she was. He chooses to let her remain ‘lost’ and misdirects her husband, to help her but doesn’t let her know his real reason to seek her out. Chloe and Trent cross paths a few years later at a party held by mutual friends. They remember each other, but both have secrets that they need to hide. They acknowledge their mutual attraction, and with the help of their friends, become closer. Romance that neither of them could anticipate soon took over their lives, but secrets still remain between them. When those secrets are brought to light, it looks like it could be the end of their relationship. Unfortunately Chloe is unmasked by a person she never thought would have led her husband to her. Trent knows Chloe wouldn’t go of her own volition, but will the rescue he is mounting reach her in time? Unless you’ve been in a Domestic Violence situation, you can’t understand how someone can make you so fragile, always questioning yourself, even to the point of insanity. This book makes you think. This book makes you feel. This is a book you’ll remember for a long time.
sferguson105 More than 1 year ago
As someone who grew up in a household where domestic violence was almost an every day part of life, this book pulled at my heartstrings! Seeing the challenges Chloe went through, and the pain and agony she faced, were heartbreaking. It didn’t make her a weak heroine. It made her one of the strongest heroines we will read about in romance. When she got knocked down, she pulled herself together, and made a life for herself. Even when she thought she couldn’t go any further, with the tiniest bit of help, she overcame her fears, and went for her true love and found her happiness. Trenton. Where do I start with him. He’s kick butt, alpha, and a total hottie, who is putty when it comes to Chloe. From the very start we knew things would be different between them, and what a ride it was. He knew exactly what to say/do, and when it need to be done. He showed her that while she may have thought of herself as weak, she’s strong and independent, and that she can overcome anything. The road these two took wasn’t an easy one, and I enjoyed how much the secondary characters played such a vital role in this book! An eyeopening, heart wrenching story of tragedy, strength, healing, and love that I would definitely recommend!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Something Borrowed tackles a very important serious issue. Domestic abuse is felt by all,the rich,the poor,the highly educated and the dropouts. It doesn’t differentiate between color or religion. This book was very emotional for me. It was gut wrenching and heartbreaking. Especially because children were involved. Even if children are not physically abused doesn’t mean they don’t suffer emotional abuse. They absolutely do! Being witnesses to a parents beating is abuse. I loved Chloe! She was physically abused,mentally abused and her body broken. But not enough to never lose hope and faith in herself that eventually,no matter how long it takes,she would take her children and escape. She is such a strong willed woman with an unbreakable spirit. She embodies heroism,courage and bravery. Even knowing the outcome of any and all failed attempts at rescuing herself and children. She is someone I not only admire but someone I would emulate. She is someone I’d encourage my daughters to be like. Trenton was one fantastic man. No matter his financial situation,no matter his gains,he is a noble righteous man. Who knows right from wrong,even knowing if he chose the wrong his circumstances would change his life for the better. He is a real man who knows that his happiness and convenience doesn’t trump others physical well being. Ms. Michaels wrote one very profound intense book that had me thinking so much about the story and characters long after I finished the book. When a story leaves a lasting impression that’s a book that has impacted me greatly and that’s what talented authors and excellent books should do! While this book is about violence it’s also about not giving up or giving in. It’s about not letting anyone totally break you. It’s about finding your inner spirit and knowing I don’t deserve this. It’s about finding hope,strength and trust in others. Even when the one person in the world that you put your trust in,broke it and deceived you. What I love about Something Borrowed and the rest of the books I’ve read by this very gifted author is that her stories are real life. Not only are they beautiful heartwarming romances and love stories. But they are relatable,believable and happened everyday. They are real issues and real consequences that someone in your life or someone you know has faced and dealt with. Something Borrowed is a beautiful book even though it deals with a very ugly topic. It’s a powerful book,it’s impactful and truly unforgettable!
Timitra More than 1 year ago
Domestic violence isn't the easiest subject matter to tackle but I think the author did a pretty good job of it in Something Borrowed. She not only portrayed what the heroine, Chloe suffered but also the strength and courage it took for her to not give into despair but fight back in her own way, be her own hero. I loved that aspect of it. This book may be hard for some to read but it is worth it. It's worth the emotional punch. I enjoyed it and definitely recommend it. ARC provided by author in exchange for a honest review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was reached out to me in more ways than one!! This book teaches you about of survival of domestic abusive and how to overcome such trauma of putdowns, degrading, physical abuse and much more. It also teaches you how to love again and how pure love is and how someone is really supposed to treat you. I loved this book I couldn't put it down beautiful book.
AJbookremarks More than 1 year ago
** spoiler alert ** WARNING: GRAPHIC SCENES OF VIOLENCE Something Borrowed is a story about domestic violence although fictional it reads as a true life event and may cause some discomfort by the graphic details. You will fall in love with Trenton Cole and know what it means to find that one true person in your life to stand with you thru thick and thin. What a journey and all the feeling that goes along with it for the ride! AJM