Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know

by Maurene Goo


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A Cosmopolitan Best Young Adult Book of 2019

Sparks fly between a K pop starlet and a tabloid reporter in this heartwarming rom-com from Maurene Goo.

10:00 p.m.: Lucky is the biggest K-pop star on the scene, and she’s just performed her hit song “Heartbeat” in Hong Kong to thousands of adoring fans. She’s about to debut on The Tonight Show in America, hopefully a breakout performance for her career. But right now? She’s in her fancy hotel, trying to fall asleep but dying for a hamburger.

11:00 p.m.: Jack is sneaking into a fancy hotel, on assignment for his tabloid job that he keeps secret from his parents. On his way out of the hotel, he runs into a girl wearing slippers, a girl who is single-mindedly determined to find a hamburger. She looks kind of familiar. She’s very cute. He’s maybe curious.

12:00 a.m.: Nothing will ever be the same.

With her trademark humor and voice, Maurene Goo delivers a sparkling story of taking a chance on love—and finding yourself along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9780374310578
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 48,705
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Maurene Goo studied communication at UC San Diego and then later received a Masters in publishing, writing, and literature at Emerson College. She is the author of Since You Asked, I Believe in a Thing Called Love, and The Way You Make Me Feel. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats.

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Somewhere Only We Know 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
JillJemmett 2 days ago
This was a fun story about a K-pop star getting to live a day without her fame. It was a very fast-paced story. Most of the story takes place in 24 hours. This could be challenging, because it could make the story repetitive or boring if the same two characters are spending the whole book together. However, Lucky and Jack do so many different things in Hong Kong, so it wasn’t repetitive. Lucky is an outgoing girl. She was making me nervous at times, because of the risks she would take. She snuck out of her hotel without her money or a phone, when she could be recognized and mobbed at any moment. She left her family to become a pop star in Korea when she was a preteen. This made her admirable, because she was brave enough to take these risks. I loved this book! I highly recommend it for a fun, summer read!
Shelley Murray 3 days ago
This is written in the first person past tense, with chapters that switch off between Lucky and Jack's POV. I have a history of shying away from books writing in the first person because it seems like a style that is more difficult to do, and when it's done poorly it REALLY shows. Thankfully, Maurene Goo is a master and the first person past tense really works here. I love getting to see inside Lucky's head and experience her thoughts, feelings, and motivations. I love that we get to see Jack how she sees him, and then the next chapter we get to see everything from Jack's POV. While I'm not super into K-pop, I do love Korean dramas (which often star and/or are about K-pop stars), so I was really excited when I saw Maurene Goo's newest book would have a K-pop star as one of the MC's. And oh, my gosh, I fell so in love with Lucky! I also didn't even know that Hong Kong was a place I wanted to go until I read this book. (Like Lucky, I love trying new foods, and this book made me add SO MANY THINGS to my list of things I want to try!) The way the relationship between Lucky and Jack builds is so wonderfully done, and more than finding each other Lucky and Jack find themselves throughout the course of this book. I think that's the hallmark of a really great romance novel, especially a YA/NA romance. I want to see this as a rom-com, maybe made by Netflix, and I think Jack and Lucky's adventurous day in Hong Kong would make a BREATHTAKING film.
The-Broke-Book-Bank 18 days ago
She's so lucky she's a staaaaaar. *insert lucky by britney spears gif* "This feeling right now? The tingles and light-headedness? It was the anticipation of something extraordinary." -ARC Quote What a magical day. What a fantastic ending. I flew through this book. Full of d'awwwwws and ohhhhhhhhs and nonononononononos. I didn't think I'd be won over so quickly & so hard, but as with The Sun Is Also A Star, I'm apparently a big old softy. Well, they're both also by marginalized authors who write circles around the YA white standard. *cough cough* I loved every bit of this. I can't even really describe it. Just a perfect fun, flirty, contemporary romance where a single day changes everything and nothing. "Osmosis by way of ferocious adoration." - ARC quote. The best friend. The manager. The bookstore! The first kiss! The families! The disguises and running around and FOOD. I knew the betrayal & reveal were coming. It still made me antsy & crushed rather than bored & expected. Love the conversations around talent and effort and practice and passion. Did I mention the great supportive families and adults and friends? "The one thing I'd learned from four years in K-pop was that hard work trumped talent on any given day."- ARC quote. Learned a lot about the Korean pop scene for girls (for someone who knew nothing). It's not that different than USian TBH. Just not as exposed or seen as "weird" here. And I can't believe I'm going to reference them, but South Parks disturbing episode about Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus make a good point in that respect. We love the manufactured Disney stars and watching them crash & burn. There's no way those kids aren't as groomed & coached & altered as their Korean counter parts. So attend your own house before unleashing your white outrage, m'kay? "I admired her so much in that moment that it almost hurt."- ARC quote.
magicalreads7 27 days ago
Look, I already knew I was going to love this book just because I love all of Maurene's books (well, I still have to read her debut, but still), but I didn't know just how much I would adore this one! I couldn't put it down. Somewhere Only We Know is a soft, heartwarming romance that shows us that we don't have to do what's expected of us. The tone of this book is so introspective and had such a nice, calm, quiet feeling to it. You know that feeling of complete peace at night, even in the midst of complete chaos, like standing on the streets of a major city late at night? That's exactly the vibe this book captures. Quite literally, because part of this book takes place in Hong Kong at night, and the city life there is quite hectic. Besides that, we get to follow two points of view, Lucky, an up and coming K-pop star, and Jack, a tabloid journalist who senses the story that will make his career. Lucky is grateful for her fame and success, but she's starting to feel stifled by the rigidity of the expectations that K-pop has. Jack wants to be a photographer, but his parents want him to follow after his father's footsteps into the family business as a CEO. Both of them are at tipping points; do they pursue what their dreams or do they do what's expected of them? This is such an age-old struggle, one that so many first/second-generation children of immigrants face, which is probably why I related to them so much. Both characters are Korean-American, living abroad in Asia, incidentally. I always love books that deal with famous people dealing with being famous, which is a very specific taste, I know, but I guess I like feeling that anyone, no matter how successful, can struggle (within reason, of course; I have no patience for entitlement). It's particularly interesting in Somewhere Only We Know because we delve into the world of K-pop, which I'm not much familiar with. The benefit of this being an #ownvoices novel is that Goo explains K-pop and all its differences from the western music industry without fetishizing it or making it seem faultless. The romance was so cute and heartwarming; it really swept me off my feet. Lucky and Jack, having met under such weird circumstances, could be weird and open and weirdly open with each other without being too self-conscious. That gave their interactions such an honest, raw feeling. Although Jack is lying to Lucky . . . but we'll get past that for now, okay. I thought the ending was super realistic too, and I'm glad that they got to pursue their desires despite the consequences. Somewhere Only We Know is the rom-com we deserve; featuring Korean-American protagonists and set in Hong Kong, it brings some new perspectives to this genre in YA. It's possibly now my favorite of Maurene Goo's books, and I absolutely adored her novel I Believe in a Thing Called Love. If you like K-pop, or you want a cute, soft romance, I wholeheartedly recommend Somewhere Only We Know!
Anonymous 5 months ago
I loved the diversity of the characters and the fact that this takes place in Hong Kong, but unfortunately this one wasn't for me. I don't think this is by any means a bad book and I wanted to like this so badly. Also, based on my vague memory of the movie, Roman Holiday, this basically follows the same plot. Instead of a princess wanting a "normal" day, we follow a K-POP star. There are some parts of this that are funny, but it feels very ~insta lovey~. I am one of those people who can get behind a one day romance, Just One Day & The Sun is Also a Star are some of my favorites. But, despite having a few cute moments, I was not shipping the main characters and did not care about their journeys. Honestly, I feel like all they do is eat (which makes me want to go to HK and eat) and talk. I think this book has a target audience, but sadly that was not me. *Thanks to NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review*
bjneary 6 months ago
Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group and Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) for the advance reader copy of Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo in exchange for an honest review. What a great romance! I fell in love immediately with Korean American character, K-Pop Star, Lucky, and Jack’s story, spanning one day of unrestricted commitments (Lucky decides to take a chance on being freed of her overwhelming K-Pop persona and obligations) with Jack (rescuer and nice guy) providing a whirlwind tour of Hong Kong via sites, music, and food, as they really get to know and like each other. As they roam the city, Jack and Lucky continue their deceptions, even as they parse out each other’s insecurities. I loved Lucky’s pluck, while also being tremendously guarded and conversely she also trusts and feels free as Jack accepts her as just a girl he is showing around the city. Even though Jack’s deceit is worse, I saw him through Lucky’s eyes as kind, caring, and oh so handsome. What I love about Goo’s stories are how her main characters, even though flawed, and drama-filled, they each begin to feel interest, caring, and love spread, and it makes the characters oh so swoon worthy. Teens will enjoy the intense relationship Lucky and Jack generate as their whirlwind tour of Hong Kong becomes a dream come true. Lucky and Jack are vivid, sympathetic characters whose fate matters and will keep teens turning the pages. One of my favorite new romances!
book_junkee 6 months ago
I had really enjoyed Maurene’s previous book and after reading this synopsis, I was eager to get into it. I liked Lucky and Jack well enough. They’re both good people struggling with what they want to do and in a random occurrence, find a spark. The banter between them was cute and there were definitely some sweet moments. There are a few other characters, but they were all shadows as the real story is Lucky and Jack. Plot wise, it was okay. It’s fast moving, the setting changes often, and the food descriptions made me hungry. The scenery felt cardboard-y and didn’t help to conjure anything while I was reading. And while I enjoyed the way the day unfolded, I never quite saw the fall into love aspect. Overall, I’m not sure how I’m feeling about this story. I loved the ending and wanted more from it, but I could have easily set the book down and not finished. **Huge thanks to Farrar, Straus, and Giroux for providing the arc free of charge**