by Roger Morgan

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George Soros, the Drug Lord, is America's number one enemy. By using the billions that flow from him and through him to proliferate the use of narcotics like "medical" marijuana, he reins more death, destruction, pain, suffering and economic cost on our society than all other forms of terror combined.

By his own admission on 60 minutes, ".... he is only in it for the money. He is not and cannot be concerned about the social consequences of his actions." If you understand his influence on our government and society, that should give you cause for concern.

Jim O'Neill of the Canada Free Press said it best. "If he isn't the world's preeminent malignant messianic narcissist, he'll do until the real one comes along." He quotes Rev Jess Lee Paterson in saying Soros is "anti-God, anti-family, anti-America, and anti-good."

Soros is a Hungarian Jew by birth, placed with a gentile family before the Nazi's invaded, and thereafter collaborated with the Nazi's to identify other Jews who were sent to concentration camps and their death while he and the Nazi's stole their possessions. Then the man who wants to be the conscience of the world told Steve Kroft on 60 minutes, "1944 was the best year of my life."

Soros has stated that "...the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States." Maybe none of this would be important if he didn't essentially control the administration, profess to own the Democratic Party, control the media in America, and have potentially hundreds of billions to destroy America as we have known it. He says the American ship has already sailed.

As recently exposed by Glenn Beck, his mission is to create a New World Order, with himself at the top. He sees himself as "the conscience of the world," God forbid.

Glenn Beck accurately portrayed his methodical approach once he targets a country for regime change, all done with subversive techniques. First he establishes a Shadow Party that he can control, ready to move into government once he has control. Then he controls the airwaves and media. Those of us in drug prevention have blamed the liberal media for many of our woes, but the reality is, they aren't only liberal, what they can and cannot say is largely controlled by Soros.

Soros functions as the spearhead for the illicit drug trade world wide, operating through the Drug Policy Alliance and other pro-drug organizations. Money flowing from Soros and his pals, like billionaires Peter Lewis (founder of Progressive Insurance) and John Sperling (founder of Phoenix University)have financed the "medical" marijuana efforts in the 15 states that have embraced the hoax, and all efforts in other states that have wisely rejected them.

Ethan Nadlemann, Executive Director of Soros' Drug Policy Alliance, stated in 1989 that the Political Institutions are no longer tied to the public, and once the media gets on board, the public would be so demoralized that legalization of marijuana would happen. Now Soros essentially owns the media, the public is demoralized and America is in a steep decline.

We have 5% of the world's population and consume 66% of the world's illicit drugs. We are 24th in the world academically, with over a 30% high school drop out rate. 3,200 Americans die monthly just from drug overdose, and while they don't die marijuana overdose, almost all started their drug journey with pot.

Baby boomers with fond memories of the mellow Woodstock days have little realization that the THC content of pot in those days was 1/2 of 1%. Today the "medicine" averages 10 to 21% and ranges as high as 30% .... 20 to 60 times stronger.

Marijuana, being fat soluble, stays in the body for weeks and even months, and adversely affects every cell and organ in the body. The 3 lb brain, which is one third fat, isn't fully developed until age 25, and until it is, marijuana can cause irreversible damage, including schizophrenia and paranoia (as in Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter). Unfortunately, the two age groups with the greatest consumption of marijuana are 18 to 25 and 12 to 17 ... both below the threshold.

Incapacitating young people serves our enemies, like Soros. They ostensibly make money selling drugs while rendering a significant number of people helpless, dependent on an ever enlarging government for health care, maintenance of mental illness, welfare, and child/family support while they create more crime and traffic accidents and death. Soros, of course, says he doesn't launder money for the cartels and illicit drug trade. Maybe its time he open the books of his off shore Quantum fund and prove it?

Most Americans know very little about this monster. His tentacles run deep in our society. It is easy to shape policy and buy support with money, and God knows he has plenty, aside from his own $9 billion net worth. But Americans need to learn

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About the Author

ROGER MORGAN Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California has been an entrepreneur and businessman in California for 30 years. Formerly, he was Vice President of Volvo of America and CEO of Volvo Penta of America; and previously engaged in sales, marketing and dealer administration with Caterpillar Tractor Company and Caterpillar Overseas. He is a graduate of Colorado College (1963) and The Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management (1964). He was Founding Chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation, a non-profit dealing with drug prevention; prior Board Member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition; member of the National Coalition for Student Drug Testing; Co-Founder of Californians for Drug-Free Schools and Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado.

His passion for drug prevention stems from two step-children who became drug addicted at age 12 and 14 roughly 30 years ago, and two nephews who died from drug related causes. As ventured further, it became apparent that substance abuse is the root cause of almost all of societies social and economic problems.

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