Soul Friends: What Every Woman Needs to Grow in Her Faith

Soul Friends: What Every Woman Needs to Grow in Her Faith

by Leslie Parrott


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ISBN-13: 9780310273301
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 2.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Dr. Leslie Parrott is a marriage and family therapist and co-director with her husband, Dr. Les Parrott, of the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University. She is the author of First Drop of Rain and God Made You Nose to Toes, and co-author with her husband of several bestselling books, including the Gold Medallion Award-winner Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. Leslie is a columnist for Today's Christian Woman and has been featured on Oprah, CBS This Morning, CNN, and The View, and in USA Today and the New York Times. Leslie lives in Seattle with her husband and their two sons.

Table of Contents

acknowledgments 7

invitation 9

Part 1 quest

1 adventure club 21

2 coffee clouds 26

3 flying wishes 30

4 semicolon society 34

5 parkour and poetry 37

6 salon saints 44

7 grace and grit 50

8 wedged bear 54

Part 2 calling

9 coming clean 63

10 walking trees 68

11 real change 72

12 kingdom math 81

13 spilling hope 86

14 three churches 92

15 apron prayers 98

16 stirred to action 101

Part 3 crisis

17 windsdays 109

18 whirling dance 115

19 open doors 119

20 glassybaby 126

21 magic and miracles 130

22 shorebreak 135

23 growth spurts 141

24 bright abyss 148

25 angel food cake 157

Part 4 communion

26 jars of oil 165

27 north of expected 170

28 imperfect places 178

29 angels unaware 187

30 lost and found 192

31 seawater and sun 197

32 blaze 202

33 empty pockets 207

34 soul windows 212

benediction 216

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Soul Friends: What Every Woman Needs to Grow in Her Faith 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
michelemorin More than 1 year ago
We live the questions, holding one another’s feet to the fire. We raise our kids and pray for each other on those “I’m a Rotten Mom” Days. They know us at our worst, and they love us anyway! They are our Soul Friends: What Every Woman Needs to Grow in Her Faith. Dr. Leslie Parrot writes that these deep-spirited relationships are the essential element to the formation of her faith, but Soul Friends is no formulaic manual for finding or being a better friend. Dr. Parrott invites her readers to turn the pages and feel the warmth of a spiritual journey, lived alongside sisters-in-faith who believingly follow Jesus. Sharing the faith journey “where you are right now” is a process of living, obeying, loving and believing “right there,” in the context and with the people God has provided. This spiritual journey in company with one’s soul friends is marked by four major landmarks: 1. Quest: This is a recognition of one’s own adventure and involves finding the treasure of God’s will and, in the process, becoming a treasure for those we know and love. 2. Calling: God’s action plan for the traveler requires humility, for we are ever in the process of being stretched as we depend on God and the sustenance of our soul friends along the way. 3. Crisis: We travel an unknown road and find grace to meet the challenges. Dr. Parrott’s account reads like excerpts from a spiritual journal as she walks beside those who battle cancer, mourn the loss of a child, absorb the news of unexpected pregnancy, or manage the decline of a beloved parent. 4. Communion: The command to love one another is the essence and the destination of our spiritual journey. Travelling with soul friends, the expedition transcends the ordinary, yielding “fruit that remains,” (John 15). Rich in supporting Scripture and following a framework of wise quotations ranging from Winnie the Pooh to Henri Nouwen; Harriet Beecher Stowe and Leslie’s own lyrical poetry, Soul Friends is realistic: “No matter how deep the synchronicity of souls, there will always be gaps. True love wakes up every morning and recognizes the need to stretch stiff muscles that may even be sore from the work of loving the day before.” It is inspirational: ” . . . a simple life freely given in love can transcend the boundaries of place and time, stretching across oceans and extending beyond continents and decades.” Questions for consideration at the end of each vignette probe and push on the point asking, “How would this aspect of godliness look in your real life?” Each essay serves as a picture in Leslie’s album, compelling her readers to look around and ask, “Whom can I invite to share this adventure?” We benefit from Leslie’s travels (South Africa, Maui, Italy!), her role models (missionary Gladys Aylward, Jean-Pierre de Cassade, Amy Carmichael), and her mile stones (a family move to downtown Seattle; mentoring a band of delightfully flawed females). Her quirky perspective and lively faith invite us all into “the ministry of presence,” which makes the presence of God visible in this world. This book was provided by Zondervan through the Book Look Bloggers program in exchange for my honest review.
SalinaG More than 1 year ago
In my latest book review for Harper Collins, I chose the book Soul Friends. I’m always interested in books on friendship, and this one proved to be a great choice.  “…genuine intimacy. The deepest desire of every human heart…Because we have emptied ourselves of our need to change the other person, they now feel free in our presence to offer their very best self to us” pg 40 Reflecting on the book: In Soul Friends, Dr. Leslie Parrott discusses how our closest friendships are able to deepen and expand our faith. Pulling from her own friendships and life stories, she leads us through four stages, Quest, Calling, Crisis, and Communion in order to recognize the way God works in and through our lives. “Who doesn’t want to be someone’s whole sky? The rarest and best gift we have to give others is the extravagant focus of our full attention. The kind of attention that is takes not just to glance another’s way but to stop and stay long enough to identify the  constellations that are visible in the darkness of our souls” pg 78 Verdict: I found this book to be a very refreshing reminder of how important our friendships are to us. They’re not just someone we rely on for companionship, but they also give us a glimpse of Christ’s love for us, and how much that love enriches our lives. Dr. Parrott does a great job going through the landmarks she describes as our spiritual journey. Divided into the sections Quest, Calling, Crisis, and Communion, this book reads as though you are sitting with a close friend talking over the things of the heart. I highly enjoyed it and look forward to passing it on to my best friend.