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Soulmates Dissipate

Soulmates Dissipate

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by Mary B. Morrison

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A soulful, sexy tale of true love tested, this bestselling debut novel began an exciting series that continues to explore life's most intense relationships. . .

Fashion photographer Jada Diamond Tanner may have her pick of fine men, but no one has captured her heart like gorgeous financial advisor Wellington Jones. From their first embrace, Jada knows he is the


A soulful, sexy tale of true love tested, this bestselling debut novel began an exciting series that continues to explore life's most intense relationships. . .

Fashion photographer Jada Diamond Tanner may have her pick of fine men, but no one has captured her heart like gorgeous financial advisor Wellington Jones. From their first embrace, Jada knows he is the soulmate she has waited for.

But while the love she shares with Wellington is exhilarating, Jada faces challenges she never imagined—from a beautiful rival, hungry for love, and from Wellington's overbearing socialite mother, who believes Jada will never fit into her circle. Forced to make difficult choices, Jada learns painful lessons about trust and commitment. . .and discovers the courage to celebrate each day, with or without the man she loves.

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Chapter One

  The eternal bond of your Soul Mate gels the existence of your life.

She vividly remembered their first kiss. Wellington Jones gently placed his strong caramel-colored hand at the nape of her dark chocolate neck and whispered, "Diamond, I've wanted to kiss you all night. May I?"

Jada Diamond Tanner struggled to maintain her composure, but Wellington was making it increasingly difficult. How was she to respond without seeming anxious to kiss this tall, sexy man she'd known for all of sixty minutes, give or take ten?

She paused, gazed directly into his eyes, and replied, "Only if I choose where you kiss me." The nearby crowd in the noisy garage became silent. Valet attendants dressed in red jackets and black pants hurried to deliver cars. Although the concert was over, I've wanted to kiss you all night was music to her ears.

Wellington seductively shrugged his left shoulder, nodded, and winked his left eye. He looked like a pro but not at all like a player. The outline of his black Armani suit highlighted all his muscles. The scent of his cologne traveled in the cool fall night breeze, wrapped around all her senses, and danced in her hair. The full moon glowed. His bald head glistened. His thick black eyebrows complimented his dreamy midnight eyes.

Ladylike, she extended her left hand, because it was more sensuous and sensitive to touch than her right. Plus, she wanted to see how creative this man was, and whether he possessed qualitative skills that would interest her in taking the relationship to a hotter level. She was cool, calm, and collected, onthe outside.

Slowly, he removed his right hand from underneath her dark silky hair, which flowed down to the center of her back. Beep.Beep. "Would someone please move this car!" shouted the man in the black Lexus. She focused, as if they were the only two in the garage. Wellington never missed a beat. He placed Jada's left hand into his right. A long steady flow of air quietly entered her nostrils. Their souls gelled. Her spirit danced. Smooth man. Better proceed with caution. Although she wasn't convinced, he was definitely standing in front of the pitcher's mound prepared to bat.

Like watching a video in slow motion, he drew her French-manicured hand closer. He licked his lips and positioned his tongue between her index and ring fingers. His tongue penetrated her crevice while his full caramel lips—with a trace of natural cocoa—warmly encircled her adjoining knuckles. She closed her eyes. Moisture seeped between her fingers and thighs. This man had knocked more than the ball out of the park!

Unexpectedly, her twenty-six-inch waist moved forward. Her shoulders and thirty-six-inch hips jerked backward, in unison. It was Monday morning. Jada sat at her bedroom vanity and gazed out the window. She daydreamed about that kiss. One by one the treetops came into focus. Lots of tall evergreen trees stood behind her penthouse. They swayed back and forth. Fresh air. Serenity. She loved California. So far, Oakland was the only place she'd lived.

Jada looked at the digital clock on her cherrywood nightstand. It was six o'clock. Time to begin her daily transformation from looking like Sleeping Beauty to becoming irresistibly drop-dead gorgeous. Time to get ready for work.

Photo shooting the finest male models from coast to coast was a tough job. She'd had a passion for photography since she was six years old and an infatuation with great-looking men as long as she could remember.

Unable to move, she sat, thinking about her father. Although he'd passed away three years, seven months, and ten days ago, he'd never left her. She could still hear his deep, Southern drawl. "Diamond." He'd always call her by her middle name. "There's nothing like time off from work with a job, with pay. If you don't have no job, honey, you don't need no time off." Daddy was right; he was always right. Jada smiled. Today was definitely designed with Diamond in mind.

Mr. Terrance Murphy was the new owner of Sensations Communications, purchased the company a year ago when the previous owners liquidated their assets.

The phone rang six times without an answer. Jada's finger curved toward the off button. Then faintly she heard:

"Sensations Communications."

"Hi. Karen. I'm glad you answered. I was just about to hang up."

Karen was Jada's loyal assistant, so she thought.

"Oh, Jada girl. You know I'm here every morning at six-thirty on the dot."

"Yeah, I know. Listen.I won't be in today, so call Marvin Jackson and reschedule him for Thursday at the same time. Reschedule my Thursday trip to Los Angeles to early Saturday morning. I must arrive no later than seven. And Karen, be sure to call my L.A. client, Terrell Morgan. Tell him he's rescheduled for eight o'clock."

"Consider it done. Will you be in tomorrow?" asked Karen.

"I'll see you bright and early. Goodbye."


Jada pressed nine on the speed dial. Before the phone rang, she hit the off button. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. She decided to surprise her fiancé. He had recently moved his financial advisory business, Wellington Jones and Associates, into his home.

Jada cherished surprises. All of them had been good, so far. Her parents bought her first camera when she was seven. It wasn't her birthday. She traveled with her best friend on a cruise to Mexico when she was eighteen. In college, she received four marriage proposals. "No. No. No. No," she replied each time. She crossed her t's and dotted her i's. She refused to be any man's showpiece. Confidence was a major component of her Lady Leo characteristic.

Perfect. Jada loved most things hot and steamy. She stepped into the shower and lathered her purple scrunchie with strawberries and peaches shower cream. Leisurely she stroked each part of her five-foot nine-inch temple. The water pulsated against her breasts. Her chocolate nipples hardened. Unable to resist, she licked each one. She turned up the water just a notch, parted her legs, spread her lips, and rotated her clit to the perfect beat. Her eyes closed. Knees bent. Quickly she suppressed her flow.

The mist suspended in air. Jada stepped onto the purple, green, and gold rug. It was a gift from Wellington while they were at the Mardi Gras in Nawlins. She wrapped the matching towel around her waist and brushed her pearly white teeth. The combined results of Daddy's money, and the three years she'd worn braces.

Jada's hazel-colored almond-shaped eyes reflected from the bathroom mirror. Her slender fingers caressed her radiant skin with chocolate-flavored cocoa butter lite. She glanced at her ben-wa balls and smiled, knowing she would use the real thing today. Jada loved being a woman. She'd do coochie crunches all day long and the men didn't have a clue. If he was boring, she'd nonchalantly squeezed her gold balls. "Okay, that's ten sets, ten reps." On the other hand, if he was interesting, she'd gripped so hard she could hear the metal balls grind. She'd mask. And enjoy multiple orgasms.

She looked at the clock. It was 8:00 A.M. Keys. Purse. Sunglasses. The scent of Zahra and Eunice lingered. The white cotton ankle-length dress with thigh-high splits gently clung. Her diamond anklet—Daddy bought for Valentines' Day before he died—sparkled. She grabbed her FUBU travel bag with lingerie gear intact. Body and Soul was her favorite store. They catered to women of contour.

The front and back splits bared her chocolate thighs to the sun while she cruised in her red convertible. Through her dark designer sunglasses, traffic on the Bay Bridge flowed. Traffic along the Peninsula was a breeze. Her ponytail dangled in the air. The projected high was one hundred degrees. Thoughts of making love on Wellington's patio by the pool increased her body heat. Let's get it on. Oh, baby, let's get it on, echoed on KBLX-FM 102.9. Jada loved to sing ahead of her favorite songs. She adored Marvin Gaye.

She shifted to a lower gear. The engine roared three quarters of a mile, until she reached the last house up the hill. An unfamiliar car with D.C. plates sat in the circular driveway between Wellington's indigo Mercedes and black Expedition. Oh well, he had thousands of clients. Probably one of his out of state's checking on their portfolio.

Jada looked in the rearview mirror. Hair. Makeup. Flawless. Her peripheral vision detected movement on the balcony above. She glimpsed over the windshield. A beautiful woman disappeared inside Wellington's bedroom. Jada's heart raced faster than the hum of the engine.

She tried to shake it off. She rang the bell. Wellington opened the door. His black silk pajama pants—imported from Italy—hung below his waistline. Thoughts of the mysterious woman in her man's bedroom scrolled Jada's mind like it was Judgment Day. His bare caramel-candied chest looked like he'd hired a professional sculptor. Silky-smooth hairs separated and defined his eight-pack.

"Hi, baby." Wellington kissed Jada's coffee-colored lips. A glossy golden-brown imprint remained. "Why didn't you call first?"

Jada slid her sunglasses to the tip of her nose. She felt the hairs on the back of neck rise. Who was this woman? Where was this woman? And why in the hell was she in Wellington's bedroom? She politely said. "I didn't know I needed to call first."

"It's not that you need to. It's just considerate. You know, like I do."

In one swoop, Jada braced her Ray Bans on top of her head and released her ponytail. "Let's skip the preliminaries. Who's your houseguest?" She was cool. But she really felt like acting a damn fool.

"Oh, that's Melanie, from D.C. She had a break from the studio, so Mom invited her to visit and insisted she stay with me. You know how my mother likes showing me off to her friends. Remember, I told you Mom and Dad are in D.C. They'll be back Friday." Wellington flexed the right side of his chest and smiled. "Just in time to host the Jones family's thirty-fifth annual barbecue Saturday." Jada tasted the scent of his Wintergreen Altoids. She inhaled. Wellington's breath was always fresh.

"Yes, Wellington, you've told me how your parents' annual barbecues started on your first birthday. Now it's not only a family tradition but also a societal affair where prestigious folk gather to let down their hair. And let the good times role." Jada spoke so fast, she could hardly hear the words coming out of her mouth. Wellington clamped his hands behind his back.

"I clearly remember you saying no matter how successful we become, we still know how to throw a great barbecue. I've heard the story time and time again. And you didn't invite me last year because we'd just met and you didn't know what I'd think of your parents' tremendous sociopolitical involvement with numerous affluent organizations. Now, let's get back to Melanie." By the time Jada got to her point, she had to take a deep breath to regain her composure.

Wellington never shifted his dreamy eyes away from Jada's. She stood in the foyer. Peeped over his shoulder. He lovingly stroked the left side of her face. Wellington's six-feet four-inch, two hundred and twenty-pound frame obscured her view. Jada's temperature must have been well over the today's projected high but for all the wrong reasons.

"Look, sweetheart. I know this is the first time I've had a female houseguest since we've been together. But you have to trust me. She's just a friend. She's leaving next Sunday. Mom invited her to the barbecue and Melanie volunteered to help prepare the food. She's an excellent cook. Get to know her. You'll like her."

Damn! Jada wondered how well Wellington knew Melanie. He hadn't budged since he opened the door. Maybe he was stalling while she freshened up.

"Melanie and my mom have a lot in common. They're affiliated with most of the same prestigious organizations. You know how important that is to my mom. It's been a long standing tradition in Melanie's family. That's why my mother respects her so much. You really should join at least one."

Well, don't we just know her whole life history? Isn't that cute. "Wellington, we've had this discussion before and you know I refuse to join any of those organizations. Getting back to the subject at hand. If she's just a friend, why was she on your balcony and not the guest balcony?"

"Look, Diamond, I don't have to prove myself. It's too hot and too early for ninety-nine questions. You show up unannounced and now you want to interrogate me. Baby, please come in. Have a seat in the living room. I'll prepare breakfast for both of you."

Wellington's foyer was larger than most. Consuming approximately two hundred square feet, the floor was made of crystal clear marble. His favorite color black was swirled in an abstract pattern. Jada had never seen this type of marble anyplace. London. Paris. Italy. China. Two black pillars ringed with twenty-four karat gold accents around the top and bottom—stood twenty-four feet high, twelve feet apart. The custom-designed silk African drapes, spiraled each pillar from ceiling to floor.

Convinced he wouldn't tell her the real deal, Jada entered Wellington's spacious sunk-in living room like Inspector Clouseau. The furniture was strategically situated near the sliding glass door leading to his main patio. Step by step. Thump. Thump. Thump. The pulse in her throat kept pace. The tailored winter-white drapes were drawn to prevent glare on the seventy-inch television.

Ah ha! Melanie appeared right at home. The world news was on the big screen. An X-rated film featuring Vanessa on the other. Melanie's French pedicure blended with the off-white chaise longue. Jada's heart and feet sank into the tan carpet's thickness. She noticed how Melanie's bright teeth shined through the cherry-red lip gloss. So this was what high-society women did on vacation.

"Oh hi, I'm Melanie." Melanie resumed watching TV. "Wellington has told me so much about you."

Before today, he'd never mentioned Melanie. Jada had the inside scoop on D.C. women. They didn't have a problem sharing a man. In California, if women shared, it was strictly for the moment. Do not get attached. For the moment, Jada ignored the video and lay on the couch parallel to the chaise longue.

"Hi, Melanie, I'm Diamond, Wellington's fiancée."

Eyebrows arched. French manicure. Perfect size ten. Small waist. Bigger breasts. Smaller butt. Shoulder-length hair, brown. Teasing tan. Gorgeous. Five-nine. Five-ten. One forty. One forty-five. High cheekbones. Piercing light-brown eyes. Thick lips. Soft shoulders. Lustrous skin. Melanie was too sexy for comfort.

"So, Melanie, what brings you all the way to California, in your car?"

Melanie's light-brown eyes were fixed on the video.

"I needed a break from the studio. I'm a photographer for Vibrations Magazine."

Jada's body went from horizontal to vertical in three seconds. "Excuse me for a moment. I'll be right back." Wellington had gone upstairs to his bedroom. The Road Runner couldn't have gotten to him quicker.

He stood naked. She stood still. He flexed in front his wall-length mirror. Needless to say, Ms. Melanie could prepare breakfast her damn self.

She entered his suite-size bedroom. "Hi, baby."

Her tongue traveled three hundred sixty degrees around her lips. Jada lusted for Wellington's six-foot-four, two hundred and twenty pounds of succulent, caramel flesh. She felt her heart beat against her thong.

"Hi, precious, you have perfect timing." Wellington did three quick dick curls. "I was just about to shower. Join me."

"You said you were going to prepare breakfast?"

"What's the rush? I'll do it later."

Jada realized she'd just gotten out of the shower, but what's a woman to do! White cotton cloth circled her feet.

Wellington never could resist her tasty chocolate mounds with nipples that tasted like Hershey's Kisses. It was her favorite flavored cocoa butter lite. He did an erotic strip-tease move. Spun around. Glided close behind.

"You know I love the way you smell, baby, but I can never figure out exactly what you're wearing."

The wetness of his tongue invoked a trail of coolness up her spine. His smooth masculine hands caressed her voluptuous thirty-six Ds. The view in the mirror turned Jada on. The flow she suppressed earlier welled up inside her pulsating walls. Gently, he turned her around and palmed her firm ass.

Wellington's winter-fresh tongue invaded Jada's mouth. She greeted it like it was opening day at Disney World. A video scene flashed across Jada's mind. Vanessa blew softly and feathered this handsome young guy. Absent her touch, his body trembled. He climaxed. Jada had acquired most of her sexual skills from reading. But one day soon, she'd have to try that on Wellington.

They stepped into his 150 square-foot custom-made shower. It was large enough to accommodate six people standing, or one person lying on the shower bed. The walls were pallid with beautiful African-American art originals strategically displayed on every accessible wall. Wellington's fetish for fine art ran deep. Art was exhibited on easels and hung on walls in every single room, including the thirteen person Jacuzzi room. Wellington's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones, worked extremely smart to achieve their wealth. They taught Wellington how to track his mutual fund at five years old. Now he maintained his lifestyle on interest from his investments and fees from his clients.

"Baby, I've got an idea. Set up the shower bed."

"Precious, this is why I love you so much. Because you're a freak girl, but only for me, and I love it! You know every man wants a little trash in his woman but no man wants a trashy woman."

"Wellington, set up the shower bed." Jada whispered. "Now."

Inconspicuously built into the wall for convenience and safety, it unfolded horizontally. "Lie down. Relax. And allow me to give you the most exotic and erotic massage of your life. Today you'll experience Cosmic Ecstasy. "The four by eight-foot bed was crafted with genuine Italian waterproof leather and tailored to suit Wellington. Traditionally he gave Jada full body massages. Not today. She inserted the attachable pillow. Jada wanted him to watch. Then she positioned the six showerheads. One each above his chest, abs, feet, thighs, one over his throbbing nine-inch penis, and the last underneath his firm ass. A structurally designed opening exposed Wellington's ass.

"Now relax and observe Mama at work."

Jada lathered up his black scrunchie. Wellington was so clean he almost squeaked. She believed cleanliness was next to Godliness. If it wasn't clean, Jada refused to get close. The warm water flowed over Wellington's body. She rubbed Karma Sutra oil all over his body. Teased his harden nipples. Massaged his chest and abs. And stroked his circumcised penis. He moaned in a deep passionate voice. Jada's vagina snapped. Released. Contracted. Her hot watery tongue raced up and down Wellington's shaft.

His muscle slapped her right cheek several times. She kissed, licked, and then sucked him hard so hard she felt the walls of her mouth cave in and tighten around The Ruler. With each deep suck, her nose and lips pressed against his pubic hairs. She'd never disclosed how she learned to deep throat.

"Ow, girl."

"You taste so good, baby." Jada drooled. Her lips explored his inner thighs. Voyaged to his jewels and slowly continued to his knees, his feet. She embraced his toes with her lips.

He shivered and muttered, "Come back up."

"In a minute." Jada slid her slippery breasts against Wellington's smooth feet and fondled them. He wiggled his toes as if to say "Fuck the feet!" The thought of blue balls convinced her to switch. She started performing her special lemon twist. With oily hands she twisted his dick.

Left and right. Up and down. The palm of her hand occasionally covered his head to prolong his ejaculation. Wellington watched Mama work.

"Whose is it?" She slipped his hardness into her hungry mouth.

"Da-Da-Diamond ru-rules The Ruler."

Each time his head touched the back of her throat, her juices flowed. This time she held her lips and nose against his pubic so hard she could hardly breathe. She didn't care. She had to reach her other G-spot. She knew Wellington's excitement heighten whenever she did this. Jada intentionally limited her oxygen supply to intensify her orgasm. Jada slid her hand under the table and gently penetrated Wellington. Her oily index finger glided in and out of his rectum. His toes curled.

"Damn, girl.You sure know how to make me feel good. Don't stop. Please! Don't stop."

She loved it when he begged. Jada's finger test was pass or fail. If a man became paranoid and rejected the gesture, he was too damn conservative. An experienced man who was secure with his manhood understood that dual sexual stimulation was cosmic. Steadily, she increased the pace. Not too fast. She wanted her man to enjoy every second. Wellington could no longer hold back his powerful explosion. He released the loudest and deepest groan she had ever heard. As he reached his orgasmic peak, he shivered, epileptic-like. She wasn't finished just yet. Her mouth welcomed the thick creamy fluids that flowed like lava oozing over the top of an erupting volcano. Little by little his sweetness flowed from her mouth while she kissed, licked, and sucked him. Wellington could barely move. He stumbled to his king-size bed, dripping wet. He fell backward on the brown silk comforter.

His arms spread east and west. "Damn, girl."

"Mission accomplished," Jada whispered as she kissed Wellington's forehead. She slipped into her dress and went downstairs.

Melanie was preparing a vegetarian omelet. She held the blue plastic ladle in her hand and asked, "Would you like to have breakfast again?"

"That depends on what you're serving."

"Omelet. What else?"

Melanie's cherry-red lips curved. The flawless arch in her eyebrows extended upward.

"Sure. Why not?"

Jada sat at the breakfast nook near the window and admired the architectural design of the kitchen. Wellington's kitchen was designed as if he were a chef. Pots and pans hung from the ceiling. Most of them had never been used. His double stove with eight burners and customized grill rested in the center like a huge island. Melanie cracked three eggs. She moved about the kitchen like she was right at home.

She knew exactly where everything was located. Melanie held the bowl of diced ham and said, "I'm having a vegetarian omelet. Would you like me to add meat to yours, or have you had your fill today?" Her sarcasm had grown old. Jada crossed her arms and pivoted in her seat.

"Look, Melanie. I really don't know you. But the way you're making little snide remarks leads me to believe you're lacking sexual gratification in your socioeconomic and politically correct environment."

She delicately folded the omelet. "No, Diamond."

"Stop right there. Only my father—may he rest in peace—and Wellington use my middle name. Please, call me Jada."

Melanie sighed. She quietly placed the ladle in the sink. "I'll call you whatever you prefer. But you shouldn't introduce yourself as Diamond if you don't want anyone other than your men calling you that. No, Jada—as you prefer—to answer your question, I'm not lacking at all. I was simply trying to break the ice. So let's try this a different way." Melanie sat perpendicular to Jada, crossed her legs, leaned forward, and said,

"My name is Melanie Marie Thompson. I graduated from Howard University in 1987. I'm thirty-two years old. Never married. No kids. My grandmother is a Greek. My mother's a Greek. And I'm a Greek. Are you a Greek, Jada?" Melanie returned to the stove and flipped the omelet with ease.

Jada unfolded her arms. "No, my mother never believed in affiliations and I feel the same."

"Oh, so I see. Well, my family has a long-standing history with many affluent organizations. Just like Mrs. Jones."

The omelet was almost ready. The aroma made Jada hungry.

"Would you like me to add any spices to your omelet?" asked Melanie.

"No, thanks. I've had enough spice this morning." Jada tossed her wet hair over her shoulders.

"See, now you're the one bringing it up so I'll just ignore that statement. Here's your omelet."

"Thanks. Let's sit outside by the pool," suggested Jada.


Wellington's Olympic-sized pool resembled the number zero on a football jersey. The elevated oval-shaped hot tub—with four diving boards—could accommodate eight people. It was close to eleven o'clock and closer to one hundred degrees. Jada swooped up her damp hair, wrapped it in a ball, and tucked the ends for security. She looked directly into Melanie's piercing eyes.

"So what's the real reason you're here?"

Melanie proceeded to say grace and picked up her fork.

"That depends."

Jada almost choked. "On?"

"Are you insecure?" Melanie stayed unruffled. "Don't answer that I'm just kidding. Loosen up. With a man as fine as Wellington, I do understand. Mrs. Jones is my godmother. We hadn't seen one another in several years. She invited. I accepted."

Melanie must have graduated head of her class in charm school. After three bites of her omelet, her cherry-red lipstick hadn't smudged. For Jada, Friday could not come soon enough. Insecure? No. Concerned? Definitely. Jada's mama taught her how to love and treat a man but she never taught her how to find a good man. Jada searched all her life for a man like Wellington. He was hers—only time would tell—forever.

"So, when's the wedding?" Melanie dabbed the corner of her mouth with the white cloth napkin.

"Valentine's Day next year. Since it falls on a Saturday, and Wellington is my soul mate, timing couldn't be better."

"One day I want to get married and have two children, maybe three, but living in D.C. makes it a challenge."


"Because most D.C. men want to unwrap the package, use it, and then return it for an exchange. They move from woman to woman, like it's open season year round. You open. They season. You can get Classic seasoning, Charley seasoning, and if you really want some old spice, you can get yourself some Channel seasoning."

Jada laughed so hard it hurt. Her hands held her stomach. A cute laugh bellowed from Melanie as she stared directly into Jada's mouth.

"Anyway, girl," Melanie continued. You've got a good man, and when you guys get married, I want to be in your wedding."

"Really, girl!" Maybe Wellington was right. If she got to know Melanie, maybe she would like her.

"Yes! Really. My mother's friend plans weddings for the rich and famous from DC to LA. So I'll be happy to assist you any way I can."

"Thanks." Jada paused. Looked into Melanie's eyes.

"Why do you keep staring at my mouth?"

"Because the way you speak reminds me of this woman I went to college with. We were partying late one night in my apartment, when" Melanie swiftly responded.

Jada thought she would sunburn before the story ended. "I'd love to stay and chat but I've got errands." She carried her plate inside. Melanie followed. Jada turned and noticed Melanie staring at her ass. Melanie shifted her eyes.

"I'm going to get dressed and go over to my godmommy's house. I promised to water the plants and feed the tropical fish. Maybe we can get together before I leave. I want to shop and party 'til I drop."

"Sure, let's do that girl. Before you leave."

Jada strolled out the front door.

Melanie walked into the kitchen and restored it to its original state of cleanliness. Thoughts of Wellington crept through her mind. Melanie went upstairs to Wellington's bedroom, but she was not prepared for what she saw. Wellington was sound asleep on his back naked. His erection was fully extended.

Melanie boldly walked into Wellington's bedroom and stood over him. She zoomed in closer. Wellington snored. Melanie took his penis into her hand and began to fantasize. Damn, he looked so good she could devour him in one gulp. Melanie wanted to experience Wellington for herself. Melanie concluded she would give Jada all the help she wanted but none of what she needed. Wellington was the man for her. Melanie decided there was no need to make a return visit to San Francisco. She simply wouldn't leave.

Excerpted from Soul Mates Dissipate by Mary B. Morrison. Copyright © 2001 by Mary B. Morrison. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Soulmates Dissipate 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 158 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The beginning started off a little slow for me, but once i go through the first couple of chapters I couldnt put it down. I just finished the book and I am already planning on reading the rest of the books that are part of the sequel. Never again once more....here I come ='
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Morrison is an amazing writer. Her characters are real and have depth. Mrs. Morrison does not try to hide feeling or write what may be 'appropriate', she writes with truth and feeling. This generation is identical to that of her characters. Every scene is so detailed that I feel as though I were Jada or watching their life (Jada, Wellington, Melanie) as a fourth person. This book is great and I can't wait for the sequel 'Never Again Once More'. I just hope she continues to write more books possibly a trilogy to the novel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best books EVER! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat and it keeps you wondering what's going to happen next! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couple unimportant spelling errors. But this is magical, as your writing tends to be.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love it! BUT I HATE DEM CLIFFHANGERS! Please write more soon!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pleaaase!!! Pretty please?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Keep it up!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
[ Thank, Stan! And I appreciate the comments!! &hearts you all! ] <p> &nbsp Daedri&#228<_>r sighed loudly, slumping against the balcony outside her windows, the thick scent of jasmine wreathing around her face, the curling dark green vine climbing up the moonlight-washed stone building. <p> &nbsp Her azure eyes drifted to the sparkling stars, gleaming coldly above her in heavwnly bliss, taunting her. Always. <p> &nbsp Her honey blond hair slide gently across her slender shoulder blades as she turned to watch a delicate moth slip around a flower, searching for precious nectar. Its feathery wings fluttered, speckles dappling them. <p> &nbsp She drew away from the balconey, snapping the gilded glass doors closed, keeping the night out. <p> &nbsp She plopped down on her four-poster bed, the plush sheets crinkling aa she ran her fingers over the patterns. <p> &nbsp Her ears attuned themselves to the low sounds coming from the room over. Slow murmuring. <p> &nbsp Her younger sister, just recently eleven, had found her soulmate the previous morning. <p> &nbsp Daedi&#228<_>r's heart was swamped with longing and jealousy. /She/ hadn't found the one. Every other of her five sister had. Feire, Killiope, Vidda, Jaquela. . . Now Wendria! <p> &nbsp Her parents had almost given up hope, too. They stopped sending legions of cute guys through. Her eyes had searched for a matching Mark. None-/NONE/-of them had hers. <p> &nbsp She rested her head on her cotton pillow, nails running over her left cheek. They fingered the tattoo embedded in her creamy skin. The digits traced the bird-like shape, pinkie finger visiting the large swoosh beneath it. <p> Daedi&#228<_>r felt her eyes slip shut, her breath softening. She was close to drifting to sleep when a high, piercing yowl eminated from Wendria's room, echoing around the manor. <p> [ Hope ye like! ~ NRM ]
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rwilliams09 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this book. I will be reading each book one by one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dlghtnr More than 1 year ago
This was a really good storyline & kick-off to the series. I couldn't wait to read the next book to keep following the characters.
datscorpiochik1989 More than 1 year ago
I loved the plot of the book it was a real page turner.. but I kinda felt that the book was rushed through... Would have liked to see more drama as far as the other characters are concerned.. To me this book reminded me of &rdquo;ties that bind&rdquo; by brenda jackson. This one just seemed like I shorter version of it but slightly different.. otherwise still a good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago