Space Anomalies

Space Anomalies

by Steve Preston


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The Earth was not seeded by a foreign group of humans from a starship nor did the earth populations start by having piles of sugar on stumps bond precisely in a string of DNA at the same time hundreds of other piles did the same thing so there would be a viable colonies to initiate life. That being said along the "development stages" of human life there has been external control by our Creator God and by subsequent creations of that God on Earth. Some tell you, life on Earth is a chain of evolutionary mutations and sequential development from Cavemen to the atomic age. By forcing this insanity, thousands and thousands of details and artifacts had to be place on the sacrificial alter of anomaly never to be used to understand the truth. This book will describe some of these forbidden facts and how twisted the details of these facts have become. This is not a physics book concerning the development and existence of our universe. Instead, it uncovers and explains anomalies associated with our closest relatives in this solar system; Lunar, Venus, and Mars as these neighbors hold evidence needed for us to understand the truth. The problem is that the insanity of coverup and the complex reasonings needed to assure support for a favored theory and comfortable definition has gone on so long, no one will fight for our children to allow them to get a truer understanding of our nearest neighbors and how we have been associated with them in the past. It is criminal how quasi-scientific textbooks describe things as Physical Laws or Truths, when many of their observations are no more than a conjecture that should have been thrown away long ago. It is so bad, even the sightings of these UFOs are thrown into the "Twilight Zone" area and when evidence of life on our neighboring planets is seen, the objects are quickly debunked by some crazy notion. Hopefully, this book will bring out some of the important points that will allow you to see a more truthful past and future.

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