Speed Reading with the Right Brain: Learn to Read Ideas Instead of Just Words

Speed Reading with the Right Brain: Learn to Read Ideas Instead of Just Words

by David Butler


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Not the old speed reading tricks about "saccades", "eye-span widening", or "finger waving patterns." Discover how to comprehend faster, so instead of simply seeing words faster, you'll READ FASTER!

Forget about using your finger as a pacer, or trying to suppress sub-vocalization.
Boost focus and concentration by engaging the power of your right brain visualizing skills.

Reading happens in your brain, not your eyes. That's why reading speed only increases when you comprehend faster. This book will show you how, by focusing your attention on ideas instead of words.

  • Improve reading speed and comprehension

  • Learn to read ideas, instead of just the words

  • Practice with 20 phrase-highlighted exercises

  • Develop visual and conceptual thinking skills

The first realistic approach to speed-reading: "speed-comprehension"

A totally unique system of specially-formatted speed reading exercises make it easy for you to read complete phrases at a time, which allows you to concentrate on larger ideas instead of just words, which in turn, allows you to apply the special visual and conceptual talents of the right-brain to your reading.

  • Phrase-highlighting helps you read in whole phrases.

  • Visualizing focuses attention on the ideas of phrases.

  • Looking for ideas to visualize helps you find phrases.

Once you master this right-brain approach to speed reading, you will not only get through written material faster than you ever thought possible, but you will also assimilate ideas more deeply and enjoy better reading retention.

Are you ready to grab the attention of your imagination with visual and conceptual images?

Now is the time to improve reading skills, improve reading speed, and improve reading comprehension. In this information age, the more you know; the more freedoms, interests, and opportunities you'll have.

The more books you open; the more doors you open to your future. The sooner you get started with this book; the sooner you will be on your way to changing your reading experience forever.

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Praise for Speed Reading with the Right Brain:

"When I read the reviews for this book, I thought they're probably from the friends of the author. I was naturally skeptical after having read many books on speed reading. It's funny that now I'm one of the people giving it a 5-star rating, and will probably add to the skepticism."
~ Amazon book reviewer

"I'm a college student pursuing a career in neuroscience. Using these techniques, I was able to go from 230 wpm to 450 wpm just after reading the book alone. I actually comprehend far more than before and remember all I read, even in complicated textbooks. Truly a book worth any price. I believe the techniques Dave uses are the future of not only reading but all aspects of memory and the mind."
~ Amazon book reviewer

"The author is really being very truthful in every chapter! Thank you very much DAVID BUTLER for this WONDERFUL, DIFFERENT and a MUST READ BOOK!"
~ Amazon book reviewer

"This is not the Evelyn Wood method repackaged. It is an entirely different method."
~ Amazon book reviewer

"A year ago, I struggled through 1-2 book per month. Today I'm reading 1-3 books a week."
~ Amazon book reviewer

What Are You Waiting For? Open Your Mind to the World of Speed Reading and Buy Your Copy Today!

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