Spells for the Solitary Witch

Spells for the Solitary Witch

by Eileen Holland


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Spells for the Solitary Witch by Eileen Holland

Clear and easy to follow, Spells for the Solitary Witch explains how to prepare and cast spells 87 spells in all together with the materials needed for each spell and the incantations to say that will ensure the best results. Tailored to the needs of solitary witches, Holland suggests alternatives to hardtofind ingredients, as well as directions about where to find specific ingredients crucial to a spells success.

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ISBN-13: 9781578632947
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 04/01/2004
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 505,187
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Eileen Holland, a solitary, eclectic witch, Wiccan High Priestess, poet, and webmaster of OpenSesame, is the author A Witch's Book of Answers and Spells for a Solitary Witch. Eileen has been a practicing Pagan and witch for twenty years. Visit her online at www. OpenSesame.com.

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Spells for the Solitary Witch

By Eileen Holland

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2004 Eileen Holland
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-574-9


Inner Work

Inner work empowers us. It helps us to understand ourselves, streamline our lives, and progress along our individual paths. By teaching us to awaken, recognize, and appreciate our abilities, inner work stills our doubts in ourselves. This helps us to work magick.

It is through inner work that we achieve our full potential, and spells in this chapter can help you with that.

Open Sesame Third Eye Spell

This is a joyful spell, so if you feel moved to dance, chant, whirl, or sing while casting it, by all means please do so. If you are new to magick or to psychic work, or find that your psychic abilities aren't as sharp as they once were, this is a good spell for you.

Your third eye is the center of your psychic self. Your sixth chakra, it rules every aspect of your sixth sense: intuition, insight, clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, and all other psychic abilities. Your third eye helps you to see the unseen, and to perceive more than is possible with your ordinary senses.

Opening your third eye (or activating your sixth chakra, if you prefer that term) is an important prelude to psychic work. This includes everything from meditation, divination, visualization, scrying, crystallomancy, and fire-gazing to distance healing, past-life work, dream work, remote viewing, astral projection, and so on.

This spell may be cast at any time, but it is best cast on a moonlit night. You will need:

* sandalwood incense

* a purple candle

* sesame oil (You can find edible sesame oil where Asian food products are sold, and scented sesame oil is sold with skin care products.)

* Tiger Balm (This is a liniment that is used for headaches and muscle pain. Packaged in tiny jars, it can be found in health food shops, at some pharmacies, and in stores that sell Asian products. Tiger Balm contains ingredients that make the skin tingle, such as menthol. Its use in this spell is to make you more aware of your third eye, so you could substitute anything that will make your skin tingle, such as another commercial liniment, essential oil of peppermint, or whatever your ingenuity devises. Use anything you like, but be sure it's something that seems magickal to you and to which your skin is not allergic.)

* Optional: music, ritual garb, or whatever helps you to get into a magickal mood. (You could use any music that appeals to you, but if you are fortunate enough to own a recording of the late great Egyptian diva Om Kalsoum singing "Alfy Layla wa Layla" [A Thousand and One Nights], that would make an especially powerful accompaniment.)


Some traditions consider the third eye to be located between the eyebrows, while others consider it located in the middle of the forehead. We are all different, so only you can determine the location of your third eye. If you aren't sure, get a small crystal and place it between your eyebrows. Does it tingle, in a psychic way? If not, place the crystal in the center of your forehead. How does that feel? It may take repeated tries if you are new to all of this, but you will eventually find a spot on your forehead that responds to the presence of the crystal. When you do, that is the location of your third eye.

Dress the candle with the sesame oil, by using the forefinger of your projective hand to rub the candle with it. Wash your hands.

The Spell

Open the jar of Tiger Balm, and put it on your altar or other working surface with the candle and the incense. Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space. Darken the room. Light the candle, then light the incense from the candle. Anoint your third eye with the Tiger Balm, again using the forefinger of your projective hand. Raise power.

Focus on the way that your third eye is responding to the Tiger Balm and to the warmth of the candle. Concentrate on opening your third eye. Do this by visualizing it unfolding as a flower does when it blooms. Gaze at the candle until you feel ready, then say:

Alfy layla wa layla,
Alfy layla wa layla ...
By the Moon, on Arabian nights,
By the silence of ancient sites,
By the secrets of arcane rites,
By the flicker of candle lights ...
Ifta, ya simsim!
Open sesame!
Open my third eye, open my mind's eye,
Release my sixth sense.
Help me to see the unseen.
Let me Be as I have never been,

Let me See as I have never seen.
Open my third eye, open my mind's eye,
Open my Self to understanding.
alfy layla wa layla
alfy layla wa layla ...
By the power of moonlight,
By the power of clear sight,
Ifta, ya simsim!
Open sesame!

Concentrate on your third eye, now wide open. Envision stars pouring from the chakra, or light pouring into it, or whatever image feels right to you. If you have been blocked for a long time, or if you raised a lot of power for this spell, a tremendous amount of energy may be released. Don't be frightened if this causes a physical manifestation, such as the candle flame suddenly leaping up. Don't be concerned if your body begins to vibrate or if the energy affects you in some other physical way. Dance, if this happens and you feel that you need to work the energy off.

Gaze into the flame of the candle. Concentrate on how you feel and on the possibilities that the spell has released. Do this until you feel your body adjust itself to the now open chakra, then begin to ground the power that you raised. Monitor the candle until it has burned down entirely. You should feel calm, grounded, and centered by then. Ground any residual power, and clean up. Have something to eat and drink if you have trouble returning to ordinary consciousness.


You will be changed after you cast this spell. It will affect different people differently. You may find that you are more imaginative, that your perception is keener, your meditations deeper, or your insight sharper. You might find visualization easier or begin to get more accurate answers from your runes, pendulum, tarot cards, or whatever divination tool you regularly use.

Opening your third eye can also affect your body. You may find yourself sleeping better, feeling less anxious, less confused, or less fearful. You might begin to experience fewer or less severe headaches. You could also feel less tension in your neck, or have eye, hormone, or skin problems finally clear up.

However this spell affects you, it will be a positive change. Some will cast it once and have their third eye forever opened. Others will find it helpful to cast the spell periodically in order to keep their third eye open.

Spirit of Acceptance Spell

We human beings have a remarkable talent for sabotaging ourselves. We excel at creating our own problems, at erecting roadblocks and detours along our paths, and at stubbornly refusing to act in our own best interests. Sometimes these issues relate to our failure or refusal to accept things, such as the truth about ourselves, the truth about people and situations, changes that need to be made, the reality of our circumstances, or the blessings that the Universe offers us.

Use this spell if you think that you are having problems with acceptance. It can be cast at any time but is best cast while the Moon is waxing (the period between New Moon and Full Moon—use a calendar to time it). You will need:

* a mojo bag

* enough mustard seeds to fill one-third of the bag (Get these where spices are sold.)

* a small crystal

* a piece of good paper

* a pen (Don't use a pencil because you want the spell to last.)

* two sticks of incense, in any scent you like

* Optional: a sprig of fresh clover

* Optional: music, candles, ritual garb, or whatever helps you to alter your consciousness


Get into a magickal mood. Assemble all of the spell ingredients on your altar or other working surface. Light a stick of incense, and create sacred space around the area where you will be working. Put the mustard seeds and the crystal into the mojo bag. Smudge the bag by holding it in the incense smoke and turning it until the entire bag has been touched by the smoke.

The Spell

Tear the paper into thin strips. On the first one write, "I accept myself." Fold or roll it tightly, and put it into the bag. On the next two strips write, "I accept responsibility for myself and my actions" and "I accept responsibility for my life." On a fourth strip write, "I accept that I deserve the blessings of this Universe." Fold or roll the paper strips and put them into the mojo bag.

Using as many more strips of paper as necessary, write down all of the other things that you want or need to accept. Depending on your issues, this might include things such as, "I accept reality"; "I accept change"; "I accept my body"; "I accept my illness"; "I accept compromise"; "I accept my family"; "I accept healing"; "I accept my past"; "I accept recovery"; "I accept my success"; "I accept my losses"; "I accept adulthood"; "I accept love into my life"; "I accept that death is a necessary part of the spiral of life"; "I accept that I need to make positive changes in my life"; "I accept transformation"; or whatever the case may be. If you worry that you might have overlooked something, write "I accept everything that I need to accept."

Take your time, and give this careful thought. It's your life, so you are probably the only one who really knows what you need. Be honest, be thorough, and fold or roll the strips of paper tightly so that they will all fit into the mojo bag. If it seems as though you will run out of room, write on both sides of the strips.

If you have a sprig of clover, add it to the bag after the final strip of paper. Light the second stick of incense. Pull the drawstrings to close the mojo bag, and knot them over the top. Tie three knots, if possible. Raise power, and hold the bag in the smoke as you say:

Crafted so it does no harm,
With magick I enchant this charm.
Winds of change, blow through me.
Spirit of acceptance, flow to me.
This I command, so mote it be!

Hold the bag in the smoke until the incense burns completely down, repeating the spell as many times as you feel is needed. Ground power once the incense is spent, and clean up the work space. Discard the candle, the remains of the incense, and any unused spell ingredients.

Keep the mojo bag with you until the spell has fully manifested. Place it near your bed or under your pillow while you sleep, and wear or carry it during the day. This spell will provide gradual results that will snowball once they get going. It will help you to begin to feel better about yourself and about your life. Remember that transformation is a process rather than a quick change, even if a sudden event sparked the transformation.


You can renew this spell at any time by holding the mojo bag in incense smoke and repeating the words of the spell.

When the issues that brought you to needing this spell are no longer issues, you can consider the spell's work complete. The mojo bag can then be buried, burned, thrown out, put away in a safe place, or disposed of in whatever way seems best to you. The crystal may be cleared (see "stones" under "Spell Ingredients" on page xviii for instructions on how to do this) and retained for future use, if you like.

Release Spells

Are you carrying a torch, holding a grudge, or nursing an emotional wound? Do you harbor negative emotions such as anger, bitterness, regret, resentment, or recrimination? Do you ache with fear, sorrow, tension, or anxiety? Do you labor under false illusions, repeat negative patterns, or have unhealthy attachments? Do you accept abuse, enable restrictions, or ignore truth while you buy into falsehoods? If so, these spells can help you.

We all have baggage of one sort or another, negative people, habits, thoughts, or patterns that we accumulate as we travel down the roads of our lives. It is helpful to periodically let go of the things that weigh us down and prevent us from getting on with life.

Look deep within yourself. Look into your mind, your heart, your memory, your personality, your life, and your spirit. What are your issues? Be honest with yourself. Meditation is a tool that can help us to identify what we would be better off without. Once you have defined your issues, you are ready for these spells.

Bursting Bubbles Spell

This spell can be cast at any time. Use caution, as always, when working with fire. You will need:

* a pen (Use one with with green or purple ink, if possible.)

* a piece of white paper

* a green or purple candle

* a fireproof container

* a stick of incense (If possible, use cedar, copal, dragon's blood, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, or sandalwood.)

* a sheet of bubble wrap (Bubble wrap can be found in office supply stores and where packing and shipping supplies are sold. You could even use a sheet that came wrapped around something you purchased.)

* a vessel of water for fire safety


Identify all the personal issues that you need to release, and write them down. Take your time with this, in order to be thorough. It's fine if you take days, or even weeks, to accomplish this part of the spell. As you write, phrase your issues in this manner: my bitterness, my envy, my anger, my pessimism, my unrealistic optimism, my feelings of guilt, my tendency to blame others, my tendency to blame myself for things that are not my fault, or whatever may apply in your case.

When your list is complete, count the number of items on it. You will need one bubble for each item, so be sure that you have enough bubble wrap for this. Trim the sheet until it has exactly the required number of bubbles. If you have more items than bubbles on the sheet, use a second sheet and trim that one as needed.

The Spell

Gather the spell materials. Put the fireproof container on your altar or other working surface on something that will not scorch if its bottom gets hot. Put the water near it, and open a window.

Light the candle, then light the incense from the candle. Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space around the area where you will be working. Read your list (aloud or in your mind), focusing on each item for a few moments. Imagine each issue as a dark bubble in your spirit. Picture the dark bubbles swirling chaotically inside you, and concentrate on your desire to be rid of them.

Raise power. Visualize the bubbles quieting down and lining up for departure. Pick up the bubble wrap. Work your way through the list, saying for each item:

I release _____________. Go forth.

Do no harm, and never return to me.

As you say this, pop one bubble on the wrap. Visualize that dark bubble leaving you to burst harmlessly in the air over the incense or the candle. Picture the bubble's energy being carried away with the smoke. Continue this way until you have finished your list. You should feel relieved, feel lightened, and be energized by this process.

As you did in childhood, fold the paper into a fan. Use it to waft the smoke toward the open window. Visualize every-thing that you have released floating out of the window and away from you. When you feel that this has been done, touch the paper to the candle flame and drop it, blazing, into the fireproof container.

Remain there until everything has finished burning, then ground power and clean up.

"Get Over It" Spell

Whether your burden is a failed relationship, a difficult child-hood, a financial loss, a crime, an unrealized dream, or something else, you can use this spell to help yourself finally get over it. The god Saturn has dominion over endings that lead to new beginnings, so this spell is best cast on a Saturday (Saturn's day). You will need:

* a stick of incense (Any kind will do, but use fumitory if you are fortunate enough to find it.)

* a sheet of paper

* a black pen

* a piece of black thread or ribbon

* a trowel or small shovel


Identify your problem, and use the black pen to write it on the paper. Write it as succinctly as possible, in a word or short phrase such as: my marriage, the fire, my childhood, the robbery, the accident, the affair, the war, a person's name, or what-ever your personal issue is. If you have more than one matter to get over, write them all down.

The Spell

Get into a magickal mood, and create sacred space around the area where you will be working. Light the incense, and raise power. Spend a few minutes looking at what you have written on the paper. Focus on the fact that these words, and the events or people they represent, are no longer a part of you. Roll the paper into a cylinder, and waft it through the incense smoke. As you do this, say aloud:

Smoke curl, paper furl,
By the power of fumitory,
I expel you from my thoughts.
You have no power over me.

Repeat this as many times as feel necessary to you, and believe it when you say it.

Next, crumple the paper into a ball. Place it in a doorway, so that it will be caught between the door and its frame when the door closes. Slam the door on the paper, and say aloud,

Door jamb, door slam,
By the power of Janus,
I shut the door on ________.
This chapter of my life is closed!

Use the words that you wrote on your paper to fill in the blank at the end of that sentence. If slamming the door repeatedly on the paper would help you to release pent-up emotions, go ahead and do it.

Remove the ball of paper from the doorway. Tear it into long strips (or run it through a paper shredder). Gather the strips into a bundle, and tie it with the black thread or ribbon. Fold the strips as many times as possible, tying them with the thread each time. The incense should have finished burning by then, and you should have a small package of paper and thread that represents the issue(s) you intend to get over.

Excerpted from Spells for the Solitary Witch by Eileen Holland. Copyright © 2004 Eileen Holland. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Before You Begin          

Chapter One: Inner Work          

Chapter Two: Goals, Hopes, Wishes          

Chapter Three: Love          

Chapter Four: Life Enhancement          

Chapter Five: Problem Solving          

Chapter Six: Magickal Candle Gardens          

Chapter Seven: Tea Potions          

Glossary of Deity Names          

Index of Spells          

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