Spirit Realm: Angels, Demons, Spirits and the Sovereignty of God (Foreword by Jordan Maxwell)

Spirit Realm: Angels, Demons, Spirits and the Sovereignty of God (Foreword by Jordan Maxwell)


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Unlock the Secrets of the Spirit Realm

A Comprehensive Reference to All Things Supernatural

Spirit Realm: Angels, Demons, Spirits and the Sovereignty of God is an easy to read all inclusive guide to the spirit realm. There is a world beyond this plane of existence in which we live. A dimension that is more real than we can understand. A realm that is eternal and flourishing with life and there are things that you can do on this side of the field that have significant reactions in the spirit realm. Exploring the existence of life beyond the mundane realities, this book will help you understand that there are doors or pathways which can be opened unknowingly.

This book will help you to understand the diversity and workings of angels, demons, spirits and their interactions in our lives. The ecosystem of Heaven consists of many different realms with energies and beings that reside on their specific plane of existence. This ecosystem exists in and around all living organisms. The beings are loosed by the will of God to carry out acts upon the earth to bring about the sovereign will of God. In this book you will learn to access all of the gifts, guidance and favor that await you while protecting yourself from harmful entities, spirits and behaviors.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Angels, Demons, Spirits, Ghosts, Seraphim
  • Elementals, Shades, Familiars
  • The Hierarchy of Heaven and Angelic Orders
  • Growing in Your Knowledge of the Spirit Realm and How it Operates
  • The UFO / Alien Connection To The Bible
  • Walking In Spiritual Freedom
  • Flowing Effectively In Your Spiritual Gifts
  • How God Uses All Things for Your Good

There is a spiritual pecking order going up into the heavens and this book captures it beautifully. I am well aware of the world of the spiritual and the occult and hidden world of the spirits that TruthSeekah is writing about in this book, and believe me, there is this spirit world and all of mankind has always understood that. This is a great book that needed to be written and you should pay close attention while reading the contents of this work and think about what you're going to read in this book. | Jordan Maxwell

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578594057
Publisher: Truthseekah
Publication date: 10/16/2019
Pages: 238
Sales rank: 483,076
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Copyright 4

Table of Contents 8

Foreword by Jordan Maxwell 16

Introduction 23

Part 1 The Sovereignty of God 27

Trials, Tribulations and Testing 32

Simon the Sorcerer and the Anointing 34

Part 2 Angels, Spirits and Demons 37

A Spirit Passed Before My Face 37

The Witching Hour 41

Evil Spirits Sent From God 42

The Angel of The Lord 44

Spirits Don't Die 44

Fallen Angels 49

Spirituality and Hair 51

Sleep Paralysis and Shadow People 53

Part 3 Familiar Spirits and Channeling 57

Ventriloquist / Channeling 57

Reincarnation 63

Communing With The Dead 65

Scapegoat 67

Part 4 Beings of Light 73

Satan: An Angel of Light? 76

Angelic Contact 78

Novena 86

Part 5 Aliens, Angels and UFOs 89

Chariots of Fire 90

The CE5 Contact Initiative Summoning Angels / UFOs 92

By The Stars of Orion 95

Over My House 97

The Divine In Art 99

Part 6 Plant Medicine 103

Manifestation 108

The Golden Teachers 112

Part 7 Entering The Trance State 117

The Bible and The Trance State 117

Opening The Third Eye 121

Chanting 122

Meditation 123

Music 123

Burning Incense 124

Synchronicity 124

Part 8 Elemental Spirits 127

Fairy Encounter 130

Elemental Spirits and Golems 131

Attacked by an Elemental Shade 133

Part 9 Symbols, Signs & Sigils 139

The Teraphim 143

Cursed Objects 144

Blessed Objects 144

Crystals 146

Ephod 147

Magical Staffs 148

Part 10 Divination 151

Jonah 154

Joseph and Matthias 154

Urim and Thummin 157

Intention 157

Part 11 Who Is Lucifer? 159

Part 12 Fasting To Rid One's Self of Spirits 163

Parasites and Dragons 166

Teratoma Tumors 170

Part 13 Overcoming Evil Spirits (James 4:7) 173

Part 14 Jesus 179

The Light of Christ 182

Part 15 Spiritual Giftings and Psychic Abilities 185

The Woman at the Well 189

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) 192

Clairscent (Clear Smelling) 194

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) 195

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing) 197

Clairsentience (Clear Feeling) 200

Part 16 List of Spirits Mentioned and Their Functions 205

Spirit of Adoption 205

Spirit of fear; Power, Love, Sound Mind 206

Fear 206

Power 206

Love 207

A Sound Mind 208

Deaf, Dumb & Foul Spirit 209

Foul Spirit 210

Spirit of Heaviness 211

Spirit of Whoredom 212

Haughty Spirit 212

Spirit of Antichrist 213

Spirit of Divination or Python 213

Unclean Spirit 214

Spirit of Slumber 214

Spirit of Error 215

Spirit of Jezebel 216

Familiar Spirit 216

Spirit of Infirmity 217

References and Citations 220

Notes and Journaling 222

About The Author 234

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