Stand Back: The Anthology

Stand Back: The Anthology

by The Allman Brothers Band
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Stand Back: The Anthology

In Stand Back's subtitle, the word "The" is no mistake, nor is it a grammatical convenience. This sprawling two-disc set is the only cross-licensed retrospective to dig into the all of the band's studio recordings from its debut in 1969 to 2003's Hittin' the Note and to offer not only representative cuts but the shining examples of the band's studio and live prowess, its transitions from incarnation to reincarnation to mutation, and its seminal At Fillmore East live set. Disc one is comprised of five cuts from The Allman Brothers Band, three from Idlewild South, two from At Fillmore East (the 13-plus minute "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed " and "Statesboro Blues"), and a whopping six cuts from Eat a Peach. Disc two begins with a handful from Brothers and Sisters, a pair each from Win, Lose or Draw and Enlightened Rogues, and Dickey Betts' brilliant "Hell & High Water" from Reach for the Sky, issued in 1980. It goes on to include tracks from Brothers of the Road, Seven Turns, Shades of Two Worlds, and Where It All Begins, and ends with an edited version of Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes' fine "High Cost of Low Living." There are 32 tracks in all, and the sound and package are excellent. Certainly it serves as a great introduction for the newcomer, but perhaps more importantly, it is the only place to get all the band's best cuts from albums that are sometimes spotty. Producer Bill Levenson has, with input from the band, assembled a truly awesome, even unbeatable collection.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/08/2004
Label: Hip-O Records
UPC: 0731458676225
catalogNumber: 586762
Rank: 20211

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Allman Brothers Band   Primary Artist
Gregg Allman   Organ,Piano,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Dickey Betts   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Slide Guitar,Group Member
Bonnie Bramlett   Background Vocals
Dudek   Acoustic Guitar,Group Member
Jimmy Hall   Saxophone
Warren Haynes   Acoustic Guitar,Slide Guitar
Duane Allman   Acoustic Guitar,Slide Guitar
Oteil Burbridge   Bass
Johnny Cobb   Piano,Background Vocals
Jim Essery   Harmonica
David Goldflies   Bass
Mike Lawler   Synthesizer,Piano,Electric Piano
Chuck Leavell   Piano,Background Vocals,Group Member
Berry Oakley   Bass,Group Member
Marc Quiñones   Percussion,Conga
Dan Toler   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Butch Trucks   Percussion,Drums,Group Member
Derek Trucks   Guitar,Slide Guitar
Lamar Williams   Bass,Group Member
Allen Woody   Bass,Background Vocals
Thomas Caine   Background Vocals
David "Frankie" Toler   Drums
Jai Johanny Johanson   Percussion,Drums,Timpani,Group Member

Technical Credits

Willie Dixon   Composer
Blind Willie McTell   Composer
Gregg Allman   Composer
Allman Brothers Band   Producer
Dickey Betts   Composer
Steve Alaimo   Composer
Eddie Hardin   Composer
Warren Haynes   Composer,Producer
Duane Allman   Composer
Adrian Barber   Audio Production
Michael Barbiero   Producer,Audio Production
Johnny Cobb   Producer
Tom Dowd   Producer,Audio Production
Elmore James   Composer
Mike Lawler   Producer
Muddy Waters   Composer
Berry Oakley   Composer
Robert Payne   Composer
John Ryan   Producer
Johnny Sandlin   Producer,Audio Production
Marshall Sehorn   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson [II]   Composer
Allen Woody   Composer
Johnny Neel   Composer
Vartan   Art Direction
Spencer Davis   Composer
John Jaworowicz   Composer
Robin Schwartz   Licensing
Stephen Paley   Inlay Photography
Scott Schinder   Liner Notes
John Prestia   Composer

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Stand Back: The Anthology 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is definitely the place to start if you don’t own many of their previous albums. Spanning their entire career and pulling at least one song from each studio album they released gives you a wide range of their work over the years. The booklet that comes with it is also a very nice addition. The first disc is definitely what makes this CD. With tracks from “Live at Fillmore East” and “Eat a Peach” combined with their other early work make for make for an amazing collection of songs. The second is also very good it simply doesn’t have the masterpieces contained on the first disc. Overall this is must have, regardless of whether or not you are a diehard fan or someone discovering them only recently.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I’ve been a fan of The Allman Brothers Band since their debut album in ’69, and I’m relieved to see that the boys are continuing to release new albums. I just picked up Stand Back, and it perfectly incorporates all of my favorite songs from their 35 year career. I still enjoy listening to their individual albums, however, these compilation CDs really demonstrate the changes that have been made in the band and its sound/genre over the years. It’s also a major bonus to have so many classic hits (over 30!) chronologically next to each other. It still surprises me when I’m able to hear one favorite after another! I’ve been trying to bring myself to put a different CD in my disk player, but there really is no need. Much like their career, this album is timeless and I can’t imagine a day without listening to at least a few songs. If you’re already an Allman Brothers fan, or if you’re interested in hearing their innovational sound, this album is definitely worth checking out. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of great music!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just recently became an Allman Brother’s Band fan. I’ve never been to any of their shows, but believe me that’s about to change. This new anthology that’s out is awesome. All of my favorite songs I’ve heard by them are on this anthology. By titling it “Stand Back”, already it gives a hint of how intense it is, because “STAND BACK! The allman brother’s are back in action and still rockn!” This two disc compilation comes with some great features. Besides holding songs like “Trouble no more”, “Midnight Rider”, “One Way out”, “Mellissa”, “Come and go blues”, Crazy Love”, “Hell and High Water”, “End of the line”, and “No one to run with”, this CD has an awesome jacket inside the case. This 24 page booklet holds an amazing essay compiled by Scott Schinder which details the Allman’s musical career. I had known that there musical path was a rough one because the constent member switch, but this explained all that in detail. For Example, did you know that the replacement of Duane Allman was because he was killed in a motorcyle accident in 1971? This loss inspired the allman bros to finish the album “Eat a peach” in loving memory of their great leader. These are the great things I learned from the jacket, and then listening to the discs…it just backs that history up with great power. This CD proves that the Allman Brothers are fighters and winners…a great reminder of what classic rock is all about.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a really good album. I haven’t bought any of their recent compilations b/c I already had three of them, but after my friend let me borrow his, I went on the internet and bought one right away. It simply has better sound and quality than the previous ones. It has the best song selection…there’re 32 in all. You have to get “Eat a Peach” too!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD really impressed me. This is the first compilation which they were able to pull songs from their entire career. It’s really nice to be able to their songs in chronological order. The few tracks from the early days with Duane Allman are amazing. In fact the entire first CD gives you your money’s worth just in the one CD. However, although not as phenomenal, the second disc has greats such as Jessica and Ramblin Man and is still a very solid collection of songs. If you’re new to the Allman Brothers Band this would be the perfect way to catch up with what you’ve been missing all these years. Diehard fans will definitely need to pick up this anthology as well. What I’m getting at is that everyone should go out an buy this CD it’s awesome!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like this anthology a lot. My wife used to listen to the Allman Brothers all the time…and that meant I did too…but until recently, I haven’t been listening to their music as much as I did in the past. I bought these 2 cds because a friend told me it was worth buying. I think its more than worth buying. It is a perfect recap of their music over the years. It has songs from the beginning of their career up until today. As I listen to it I can identify each song to the album it was on…This is the way I like to listen to music…a mix of the best songs all put onto 2 cds.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was my first Allman Brothers Band CD. I think that I got a good overview of how amazing the band is. Because the album includes music from their entire career, you get to hear music from each band member (original or new). The music is a mixture of southern and classic rock, country, and some “twang” bluegrass. The compilation is a smart addition to any CD collection; new Allman fans or old.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Over the past couple of years I have begun listening to more and more classic rock and have slowly become familiar with more and more artists. I had yet to hear much of the Allman Brothers and figured that their new greatest hits would be a great place to start. Well, after just the first CD I could easily put them in my top five bands of all time. Simply amazing is the only way to describe it. The second CD is also quite good but the first is definitely what makes this compilation. They are definitely the primer southern rock/blues band in my opinion. I would recommend this anthology to everyone who is a classic rock fan, blues fan, or just a music fan.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I bought this compilation I have to say I was a little skeptical about it being one of those cds I buy and only listen to a few songs. However, now that I’ve listened to it all the way through, I realize that it is definitely worth owning. It’s the kind of cd that you can listen to the whole thing through without jumping over songs. This is the first album of the Allman Brothers that I’ve ever bought…only due to the fact that I’ve only recently discovered how amazing they are. From what I hear it has at least one song from each of their hit albums…so I feel like I’ve bought a perfect “Summary” of their career. Enjoy it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Allman Brother’s Band never cease to amaze me. I’ve been listening to these guys for years now, and this anthology is like a major sum up of all those crazy years. That’s why this anthology is so awesome…it covers all their albums. My favorite Allman brothers album was Eat a Peach, but I think I’m gonna have to change that to this “Stand Back” anthology, because all my favorites are on it. It has great tracks like “Midnight Rider”, “Don’t want you no more”, “Moochie Coochie Man”, “Can’t lose what you never had”, “good clean fun”, “End of the line”, and “High cost of low living”. It also comes with a 24 page booklet with great pics inside. This Anthology is great for alltime fans, for it truly covers EVERYTHING. Stand Back! The Allman Bros Are here!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just l picked up the Allman Brothers Band’s anthology, Stand Back, and I can’t stop listening to it. They finally put all of their best songs on to a 2 disc album with at least one song from each of their studio albums. They put each song in chronological order so it’s pretty cool how your able to hear the progressions that they went through during their 35 years as a band. It’s got all their greatest songs including “rambling man” and my personal favorite, “midnight rider.” It’s quickly turning into one of my favorite cd’s that I own.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a newcomer to the Allman Brothers Band music and this compilation is my first Allman CD. Overall, I really enjoyed this CD and it made me appreciate the band and their music. There’s an interesting combination of blues, country, and classic rock in their music that makes the anthology fun to listen to. My favorites on disc one were “Trouble No More,” “Revival,” and “Statesboro Blues” sang live. I thought “Ramblin’ Man,” “Can’t Lose What You Never Had,” and “End of the Line” were the highlights of disc 2. I thought this is well worth the listening time and cost. It’s a really good summation of the Allman Brothers Band music history.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I’ve been listening to classic rock consistently for about 4 years now. The Allman Brothers are one of my favorites. I already have a couple cd’s of theirs, but when I heard this anthology was coming out I got pretty excited. Ramblin Man is definitely my favorite song on the compilation. After buying and listening to it I felt very satisfied…Each of the 32 songs are digitally remastered, and there is at least one song from each of their 13 studio albums…So, it’s good to have it if you want a compilation with the best songs of the Bros, or if you’re a die hard fan and want to have it because it’s the Allman Bro’s first collection to feature tracks spanning their entire 35 years (1969-2003).
Guest More than 1 year ago
Along with still doing outrageous performances...The Allman Brothers Band is still putting out great records. This new compilation is my favorite one of the 7 AB comps that I own. It celebrates 35 years of AB’s music and a ten year anniversary since their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 94’. It’s the first compilation to include songs spanning over their whole career. I love the song has songs like ‘Ramblin Man’, ‘Moochie Coochie Man’, and ‘High Cost of Low Living’ -- Personally, I bought the cd and was more than satisfied...enjoy all of the 32 digitally remastered songs!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ya know when I lived out in North Carolina all my friends would rave about the Allman Brothers Band, go on “tours” which at the time I thought they werein a band or something lol. But I guess they used to follow all these bands around like Allman Brothers, The Dead, etc.A total hippy gathering. Sounded like a lot of fun, I’m really bummed I missed out on all that, but now I feel a little better since I have been able to really experience there musical career. I picked up this cd not knowing anything of the Allman Brothers, and I can see why my friends followed them all over the country now. They are amazing! I highly recommend this cd to everyone who wants to really experience a musical revolution. It has all their songs from the past 35 years, good stuff y’all!