by Diana R. Chambers

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A romantic spy thriller with a twist. When a secret shipment of Stinger missiles goes missing near the Khyber Pass, CIA officer Nick Daley becomes entangled in an unusual triangle with a San Francisco journalist and her former lover, now an elusive Afghan leader with a price on his head. They lead us into a realm of intrigue and betrayal, where hidden agendas provide their own kind of veil until the truth is revealed in a shocking climax. 

"Forget 'armchair adventure'--this is an edge-of-your-seat action thriller." -- Charles Benoit, Relative Danger, You

"A superbly crafted and highly recommended political thriller, Stinger... is a ripping good novel of page-turning suspense and plot-twisting intrigue." -- James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"A captivating and thrilling excursion... When I put (it) down at the end, I had to say 'Wow'. Then I went in search of the next book." -- Randall Masteller,

"Thick with realistic suspense and political intrigue, Stinger will soon have readers forgetting that it is a fictional tale. Anyone who enjoys strong female characters, romance and stories laced with CIA agents will enjoy Diana Chambers' novel. Journalist Robin Reeves is hot on the trail of a great story, and she has a solid contact to approach--the leader of an Afghan group whom the governments would love to get their hands on is her former college lover... Her tenacity in pursuit of the story impresses handsome CIA agent Nick Daley as she advances closer to finding her ex-lover. Soon, though, she finds that her stroke of luck is far from a coincidence. Chambers keeps readers on their toes with twists that will leave them guessing what is going to happen next, and the ending has a great surprise in store.  --

"Chambers has created a world of breathtaking suspense and action-packed political intrigue... Her characters burst unforgettably from the pages." -- Harold Livingston, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

"Chambers has done it again with her new spy thriller, Stinger. Twisted tales of deception and wickedly woven webs lure the reader to question not only where the story is going, but their own knowledge of the events unfolding in our world... A great read for men and women alike."  -- Robby Schumacher, Novel Dialogue

"Looking for a good read, pick up Stinger by Diana Chambers. With today's headlines in Afghanistan and Pakistan, this is the book of the day... fascinating. A great adventure for men and women. It begs for more." -- Sam Van Zandt, South Bay Sunday, KBAY-FM, San Jose

"The story spirals into a web of danger in a shadowy world of spies, hidden agendas, veiled identities and finally a shattering conclusion...Throughout the twists and turns, her writing preserves its sharp sense of place and immediacy." -- Stacy Trevenon, Half Moon Bay Review

"Having (covered) the Afghan war against the Soviets, I certainly appreciated the accuracy of Diana's scene setting, in and around Peshawar and inside Afghanistan itself. Many of the scenes in the book took me right back to the sights, sounds and smells of the place." -- Journalist Brock N. Meek

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BN ID: 2940014948159
Publisher: ECP Ink
Publication date: 08/03/2012
Series: Nick Daley Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 222
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About the Author

Diana Chambers was born with a book in one hand and passport in the other. Travel has opened many doors. An Asian importing business led to a Hollywood design career, and later scriptwriting led to novels. She is still smitten with the road not taken, still searching for the perfect suitcase. Her nose is always in a book.

Her romantic spy novel, Stinger, begins near the Khyber Pass as CIA officer Daley becomes entangled in an unusual triangle. In The Company She Keeps, Nick returns to Washington where he recruits a new agent and sends her into a world of danger. Diana is working on a California-Southeast Asia thriller and a true-life historical intrigue set in 1947 Hollywood and India.

Her work has been praised for its riveting plots, unusual characters, and deep sense of place. A member of Writers Guild of America, Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, Diana lives in a small Northern California town with her fellow-traveler husband, arty daughter, brilliant mutt, and feral kitty, Marco Polo. For more on her books and adventures, follow her at, and

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Stinger 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
mpf101 More than 1 year ago
Stinger easily passes the first test for a thriller: it grips you from the beginning and doesn't let go until the end. A dizzying array of interests groups - Russians, Chinese, Americans, Pakistanis, and Afghans - ruthlessly pursue their own agendas when a shipment of Stinger missiles goes missing near the Khyber Pass, just when the Russian invasion has encountered serious opposition. Profiteering and national honor collide. Alliances form and dissolve and shape-shift. Allies shake hands one moment and betray the next. The only certainty is the need to keep a close eye on each of your companions. I couldn't put the book down. But what really sets Ms Chambers' book apart is her attention to the details of location. Western Pakistan and Afghanistan are challenging environments for Westerners to understand, but the author does a remarkable job of placing the reader right there, in the sensory confusion of sights, sounds, smells, languages, and cultures. Reading this book was like a flashback to the chaos, excitement, and terror of when I visited Peshawar 20 years ago.
spyguysandgals More than 1 year ago
I found the first book of the Nick Daley series to be a captivating and thrilling excursion and it takes you to its conclusion via two separate routes. Taking place in the mid 80's when the Soviet Union was fighting in Afghanistan, that plot revolves around the pursuit of a notorious mujahadeen leader. Daley wants to find him to provide weapons on behalf of the CIA. A beautiful American female reporter who was once that leader's lover and friend at Berkeley seeks an interview with him. The book follows both parties as their paths meet, diverge, and meet again. One thing that keeps you glued to the pages is that both threads are extremely interesting. Daley must play politics with the Pakistanis and his own bosses while playing cloak and dagger with everyone else. The reporter must deal with the fact that she is an independently minded woman in a land that does not appreciate such a thing and usually refuses to acknowledge it. When you throw in a KGB agent ordered to eliminate the warrior and all who support him, you have that great ride I mentioned. When I put the book down at the end, I had to say "Wow". Then I went in search of the next book. Well done, Ms. Chambers. You have a fan in me and a promise to buy all the Nick Daley's you decide to write.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After reading author Diana R. Chambers' first spy thriller, The Company She Keeps, I could hardly wait for the next installment. The next 'installment' turns out to be a prequel, which revolves around CIA operative Nick, a female journalist and a mysterious Afghan guerrilla leader. This plot eases you in with a twisting, turning sequence of possibilities. I say possibilities because if you are trying to figure out the end of this story or even the end of the chapter, you'll undoubtedly veer in the wrong direction. There are surprises with the turn of every page. Surprises that begin with the sudden disappearance of a shipment of American-made Stingers. The term Stinger refers to anti-aircraft, shoulder-fired missiles. And everybody wants them--the Soviet invaders, Afghan mujahideen, Pakistani power brokers and Chinese weapons dealers. Along with the spy-versus-spy story, you learn much about a secret chapter of U.S. history in 1986 West Asia, the political wranglings of the era, Afghan life and the Islamic religion. You will feel the danger in this place that seemed like 'the wild west with turbans instead of cowboy hats....' You will smell the rice and smoke fires and hear the sarod. As you can imagine, a love triangle develops between the three main characters. And, you will be shocked to discover who gets the gal in the final chapter. This novel is more than an absorbing tale about drugs, arms, and politics. Stinger is a mix of history, culture, adventure and romance, its characters locked in multiple roles, intertwining. The mystery is who is manipulating whom, and who will get away with it. A fascinating read.