Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

by Edward Eggleston


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Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston

America's heroes come to life for children, thanks to this 1895 classic by Edward Eggleston

Edward Eggleston captures America's heritage in the best way possible for children: with imaginative stories about great Americans. Stories written at a time when Americans wanted their children to be proud of their country. Stories that bring the people and the times to life. Stories designed to give hours of reading pleasure.

52 charming sketches from the original book, first published back in 1895, perfectly complement the text. The 52 chapters here include stories about war heroes, statesmen, explorers, inventors, writers, artists, scientists, and just plain ordinary people who made a difference. The lives of these men and women wonderfully illustrate the virtues children need to learn. Virtues like courage, unselfishness, honesty, patience, ingenuity, kindness, independence, and perseverance.

You get stories about great American men and women like...

Daniel Boone, Francis Scott Key, George Washington, Eliza Lucas, Marquette, Benjamin West, George Rogers Clark, Daniel Webster, William Penn, Louisa May Alcott, Charles Goodyear, Kit Carson, Thomas Jefferson, Benezet, Robert Fulton, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Thomas Smith, Horace Greeley, Lewis and Clark, General Marion, Benjamen Franklin, plus over a dozen more!

For children, and even for adults, Edward Eggleston's writing nourishes a love and appreciation of America and the people who made it great.

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ISBN-13: 9781974423507
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/11/2017
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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The First Steamboat
The first steam-boat was built in New York. She was built by Robert Fulton. Her name was "Clermont." When the people saw her, they laughed. They said that such a boat would never go. For thousands of years boat-men had made their boats go by using sails and oars. People had never seen any such boat as this. It seemed foolish to believe that a boat could be pushed along by steam.

The time came for Fulton to start his boat. A crowd of people were standing on the shore. The black smoke was coming out of the smoke-stack. The people were laughing at the boat. They were sure that it would not go.

At last the boat's wheels began to turn round. Then the boat began to move. There were no oars. There were no sails. But still the boat kept moving. Faster and faster she went. All the people now saw that she could go by steam. They did not laugh any more. They began to cheer.

The little steam-boat ran up to Al-ba-ny. The people who lived on the river did not know what to make of it. They had never heard of a steam-boat. They could not see what made the boat go.

There were many sailing vessels on the river. Fulton's boat passed some of these in the night. The sailors were afraid when they saw the fire and smoke. The sound of the steam seemed dreadful to them. Some of them went down-stairs in their ships for fear. Some of them went ashore. Perhaps they thought it was a living animal that would eat them up.

But soon there were steam-boats on all the large rivers.

Table of Contents

1 The First Governor in Boston
2 Marquette in Iowa
3 Indian Pictures
4 William Penn and the Indians
5 One Little Bag of Rice
6 The Story of a Wise Woman
7 Franklin his own Teacher
8 How Franklin found out Things
9 Franklin asks the Sunshine Something
10 Franklin and the Kite
11 Franklin's Whistle
12 Too much for the Whistle
13 John Stark and the Indians
14 A Great Good Man
15 Putnam and the Wolf
16 Washington and his Hatchet
17 How Benny West learned to be a Painter
18 Washington's Christmas Gift
19 How Washington got out of a Trap
20 Washington's Last Battle
21 Marion's Tower
22 Clark and his Men
23 Daniel Boone and his Grapevine Swing
24 Daniel Boone's Daughter and her Friends
25 Decatur and the Pirates
26 Stories About Jefferson
27 A Long Journey
28 Captain Clark's Burning Glass
29 Quicksilver Bob
30 The First Steamboat
31 Washington Irving as a Boy
32 Don't give up the Ship
33 Grandfather's Rhyme
34 The Star-Spangled Banner
35 How Audubon came to know about Birds
36 Audubon in the Wild Woods
37 Hunting A Panther
38 Some Boys who became Authors
39 Daniel Webster and his Brother
40 Webster and the Poor Woman
41 The India-rubber Man
42 Doctor Kane in the Frozen Sea
43 A Dinner on the Ice
44 Doctor Kane gets out of the Frozen Sea
45 Longfellow as a Boy
46 Kit Carson and the Bears
47 Horace Greeley as a Boy
48 Horace Greeley learning to Print
49 A Wonderful Woman
50 The Author of "Little Women"
51 My Kingdom
52 A Song from the Suds

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