Such a Dance

Such a Dance

by Kate McMurray

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When a vaudeville dancer meets a sexy mobster in a speakeasy for men, the sparks fly, the gin flows, the jazz sizzles—and the heat is on…
New York City, 1927.

Eddie Cotton is a talented song-and-dance man with a sassy sidekick, a crowd-pleasing act, and a promising future on Broadway. What he doesn’t have is someone to love. Being gay in an era of prohibition and police raids, Eddie doesn’t have many opportunities to meet men like himself—until he discovers a hot new jazz club for gentlemen of a certain bent...and sets eyes on the most seductive, and dangerous, man he’s ever seen.
Lane Carillo is a handsome young Sicilian who looks like Valentino—and works for the Mob. He’s never hidden his sexuality from his boss, which is why he was chosen to run a private night club for men. When Lane spots Eddie at the bar, it’s lust at first sight. Soon, the unlikely pair are falling hard and fast—in love. But when their whirlwind romance starts raising eyebrows all across town, Lane and Eddie have to decide if their relationship is doomed…or something special worth fighting for.

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ISBN-13: 9781616507992
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/27/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 190,808
File size: 341 KB

About the Author

Current President of the Rainbow Romance Writers Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, Kate McMurray has published several best-selling male/male novels including Rainbow Award-winner Show and Tell and Across the East River Bridge. She has been writing stories since she could hold a pen. She started writing gay romance after reading a book and thinking there should be more love stories with gay characters. Her first published novel, In Hot Pursuit, came out in February 2010, and she’s been writing feverishly ever since. 
When she’s not writing, Kate works as a nonfiction editor. She also reads a lot, plays the violin, knits and crochets, and drools over expensive handbags. She’s a tiny bit obsessed with baseball and lives in Brooklyn, NY, with a pesky cat.

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Such a Dance 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
MaraJ73 More than 1 year ago
The Roaring 20s and Prohibition is a particular favorite era of my love of history so to find a romance that stayed true to the times in the M/M genre really hit all my buttons. I really enjoy the connection between the big tough Mob guy Lane and the song-and-dance Eddie. Lane may be a bit of a romantic at heart looking for that one special guy but he is certainly no pushover. Eddie on the other hand may want fun but he's not looking for love. The passion between these two definitely burn up the pages(or short-circuit your ereader) but it's not easy and you might be surprised just where or who the potholes in their journey come from. For me, what really cemented the era was the secondary characters, from Eddie's partner to Lane's boss, the good and the bad, they all help the story and the main characters evolve without overshadowing the love story. Such a Dance is simply put, an all around. completely satisifying read and great addition to my historical shelf.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
  Such a Dance,  Kate McMurray   Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA  I really enjoyed this read. Its not a breathless faced paced, dramatic romance, but a slow, meandering read that takes us on a journey. I adored Eddie. How hard though to have a career in the public eye where people are looking out for you even when you’re not on stage, and have the leanings he does. Its a time when its tough to be gay, when its not only spurned upon but actually a criminal offence, and pursued avidly by some policemen. Sadly that’s the case still in many countries : ( Eddie is part of a comedy dance duo, and though his co star has an idea of his sexuality its not something either of them mention, and they play a husband and wife on stage and off for’s a lonely life for Eddie though, and he gives in occasionally to some paid company. Julian, a secondary character is one of those and woven into the story perfectly.  It’s Lane though that captures Eddie’s heart. Lane has his own troubled past, but unlike Eddie he believes in love. Eddie think men can’t love other men, that its sex only, so of course it shocks him when he feels more for Lane. Throw in the fact that Lane is Mafia, runs a prohibited nightclub for men, with alcohol there too,  and its in the cards that at some point its all going to fall down. For the moment though everything is perfect – until it isn't. Then Lane, Eddie, Julian and others are all facing disaster. Eddie and Lane have some tough decisions to make. Its a fun read, a gentle story with some incredibly moving events and pathos. It brings back the dangers of the era to people that don’t conform to what Society feels is correct. As I said its a danger faced still for far too many people . Its a great escape read though, with me wondering how on earth Kate is going to find a safe solution for them, and desperate for a happy ending. I felt as if I was living there alongside them. Stars: Four and a half, a wonderful, gentle read. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers