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Summer House Party by Regina Scott, Sarah M. Eden, Donna Hatch

A ENGAGEMENT OF CONVENIENCE by Regina Scott: Kitty Chapworth is nearly a spinster, and an orphan living on the charity of her uncle, with nothing to recommend her for the marriage mart. Her primary purpose is relegated to acting chaperone for her cousins until she can see them successfully married. Kitty remains focused on her duty even though she knows her future is bleak. When Quentin Adair returns from a long ten years working in Jamaica and proposes a wild charade to Kitty, she agrees, although the plan might reawaken her old feelings for Quentin. Can a reformed rake convince the perfect chaperone to overlook propriety for love?

A PERFECT MATCH by Donna Hatch: Genevieve attends a summer house party hosted by her best friend who can't wait to introduce her to a gentleman she wants to marry, Christian Amesbury. After meeting him, Genevieve determines Christian is perfect . . . for her. Torn between loyalty to her best friend and the yearnings of her heart, Genevieve must first escape the attention of a powerful lord who's obsessed with her and who tries to rob her of any hope for a happily ever after.

THE PAUPERS' HOUSE PARTY by Sarah M. Eden: It's a rare event that Edward Downy and his brother are invited to a house party by a member of the ton. But when they arrive, Edward quickly realizes this house party is different than any other. All invited guests are quite destitute, fallen members of Society barely hanging onto their homes. The hosts of the house party, the Warricks, then make a stunning announcement--they intend to gift all their properties to one fortunate guest. As the guests race to impress the Warricks, Edward finds a fast friend in Agatha Holmwood, who shares his same aversion to the horrible expectations. But their growing fondness for each other only makes the game more painful.

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BN ID: 2940158162763
Publisher: Mirror Press, LLC
Publication date: 06/07/2016
Series: Timeless Regency Collection Series , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Summer House Party 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked the first "Seasons" volume, not the second, loved the third and think that this one might marginally be the best... Though my judgement may be swayed by the incredibly engaging last story by Sarah Eden! It has certainly overshadowed the rest of this volume in my mind! I always enjoy Eden's work, and this has to be one of my top favorite!! Perfect blend of novelty, interesting characters, mild suspense and speculation, etc - with loads of charm and impeccable writing. The first two stories are reasonably plausible, though I felt they were a bit melodramatic and immature, which certainly could just be a matter of taste. I found them pleasant - on par with those in Autumn Masquerade. I probably would have continued on with the full version of the second story had it not sounded so distressing. I don't mind harsh realities in fiction - indeed, I feel they should be recognized - but I've little taste for angsty, gothic sensationalism. Though the sequel certainly has the potential scope necessary to accomodate cold realities; it's just hard to watch someone endure the misreable consequences of his/her own poor and faithless choices. Anywho, I'm giving Sarah Eden's unique and refreshing novella five stars and the other two three to four. Upon reflection, the Spring collection is of an overall higher quality, but I really loved everything about Eden's contribution - in case you couldn't tell! ;D
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice, clean, and enjoyable stories!
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Summer House Party is the fourth in the Timeless Regency Series and includes three more novellas, this time taking place at summer house parties. I have been immensely been enjoying these novellas, and this one is no different; however I think I enjoyed the predecessors a little bit more. In An Engagement of Convenience by author Regina Scott, we are introduced to an impoverished cousin by the name of Kitty Chapworth. She plays the chaperone to her cousins and makes sure their suitors have their best intentions towards them. Though her selfish, cruel uncle ill uses her she has made herself as content as possible. It is at the summer party for her last remaining single cousin that she comes face to face with Quentin Adair, whom her father and elder cousin had a hand in almost ruining 10 years prior. Kitty also had a hand in the situation and has carried great guilt around. Now they meet again and Quentin enlists Kitty to be his pretend fiancé to help her out of her dire circumstances and he can go undercover to see what her uncle has planned for his family. Let the shenanigans begin. This was a fun story and my favorite of the three. I have mixed feelings on A Mixed Match by Donna Hatch. I have always enjoyed this author’s work and I did like this story overall, however it was not a finished story. This couple’s journey continues in a full length book which is good and bad. The bad in that I thought I was receiving a completed novella. Yes, you could just reach the end of this story and leave at the happily ever after ending, but I know that that is not the end. Also, their book seems to be a little depressing in nature due to some events that take place and may not be as lighthearted as I would like for this couple. The good is that I enjoy Ms. Hatch’s writing very much and I am intrigued as to how she handles this couples’ story in A Perfect Secret. The villain is cruel and I do plan on reading the rest of their story just too finally see how everything ends up. The Pauper’s House Party by Sarah Eden was an interesting novella in that this particular house party was thrown just for the much poorer of the elite. The very wealthy benefactors had no children nor did they like their relatives so they have a house party to pick a person worthy of their estate. This entails a lot of back stabbing and bickering among the guests and almost seems too cruel. However, there are a few who find that riches are not the best gift after all. True love trumps it all. I received a copy for an honest review from I Am a Reader and the opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All three stories in this book were well written, original, and peopled with likable characters. I will be looking for more from all three authors.
Brookes_Books More than 1 year ago
Received an ebook from publisher in exchange for an honest review My Review: It is fun for me to go back in time to Regency England and all its rules and nuances. House parties are full of witty banter, stolen glances, and definitely rules of etiquette. These 3 stories put the reader right in the middle of all this fun. However, the stories are not typical or mundane. I am surprised by the different take each story brings to the House Party theme. I especially like Sarah M. Eden's The Paupers' House Party. I have preferred other collections, but this one is still enjoyable. Warnings: None I would let my 15 year old read this book.
L_Lindsey More than 1 year ago
Summer House Party novella collection was delightful and unique. Kitty, in Engagement of Convenience, is such a strong yet loveable character and her spontaneous romance with Quentin was sweet. I loved Eden’s Pauper House Party, a Regency era meets Survivor/Big Brother farce. Agatha’s sarcasm mixed with subtle humor was delightful and definitely Eden at her best. A Perfect Match played out more dramatic and for those who have read Hatch’s Rogue Series recognize the characters from the third book. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the other two, still a great collection.
Char_in_Boise More than 1 year ago
These Timeless Collections are always a good bet when it comes to reading. This one is a Regency collection of three novellas by Sarah Eden, Donna Hatch and Regina Scott. Each story is similar in that they revolve around a house party (that lasted a week or more). But they were each very unique in character plight and romance. One has a pauper party where pride and dignity are laid on the table; another has a foiled elopement and a spinster as the heroine; And the other novella pits two friends against each other in acquiring the man of their dreams. Each story was fun to read and hard to put down. This time period is one I love to read about, and these three authors did an excellent job in bringing their characters to life for me. It was a fun collection that I would recommend to others. Great for summer time. ***I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
momisreading More than 1 year ago
Donna Hatch and Sarah Eden are two of my favorite authors…top of the list favorite authors. When I saw they both had novellas in this collection, I almost couldn’t believe it. I was so excited! I knew I would enjoy every moment of this read, and I did. The collection was everything I’d hoped it would be! An Engagement of Convenience by Regina Scott I loved Kitty! She has some spunk! She also has a lot of compassion. She faced life with such poise. I was so glad she found love. She deserved it! Quentin was truly her champion. I loved the way he always defended her. And when they confessed their love for each other…sigh!! This is the first thing I’ve read by Regina Scott, and she has a new fan! I have a couple of her books and I’ll be picking them up to read soon. A Perfect Match by Donna Hatch Donna Hatch’s Rogue Heart series is a favorite of mine, so when I found out this was the prequel to “A Perfect Secret,” I was thrilled! I loved seeing how Genevieve and Christian met and fell in love. Theirs is such a sweet love story. Genevieve starts out in a tough position. Her best friend, Matilda, is set on marrying Christian. But everything works out perfectly! After reading this, I predict you’ll want to read the rest of their story. And I strongly recommend reading the whole series! The Paupers’ House Party by Sarah M. Eden This was a very unique house party. I liked the way Edward and Agatha responded to the situation. I was glad they had each other and loved watching their relationship develop. I was very curious to see how everything was going to be resolved. I was so happy with the ending! Sarah Eden is a master storyteller, and she’s delivered once again! I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
lilacqueen75 More than 1 year ago
I'm totally in the mood to go to a summer house party now! The drama, the fun and games, the romance...I loved it! I found each of these stories to be very delightful. In AN ENGAGEMENT OF CONVENIENCE, Kitty and Quentin hatch a plan to pretend to be engaged. I always love this idea in a story, as it always seems to result from a few sparks that fan into flames. There's a great chemistry and plenty of humor, which I wasn't expecting to find. I adored the characters and found the story to be very...engaging. I'm a big fan of the Amesbury brothers and was thrilled to find a story revolving around perfectly perfect Christian in this set. A PERFECT MATCH has another favorite idea--love can't be forced and is often found unexpectedly. The tension of fighting off feelings, as well as precious stolen moments, completely captured my heart. The way the story progresses is natural and inviting. I could picture the exuberant characters and loved the house party descriptions. THE PAUPER'S HOUSE PARTY has a very interesting twist. The Warricks don't have heirs and decide to host a party for those less fortunate to try and find someone to inherit. Edward and Agatha each have no desire to play along, yet they do for a time. Their time together is well spent. I adored Agatha's sense of humor and her interactions with others. This is a good match, although doomed, and the way it all came together is very gratifying, as well as entertaining. This is a fantastic book for those who love clean Regency romances with some great, spunky characters. These stories all made me feel so light-hearted and happy and I loved them all! Content: mild romance. Clean! *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
Sigh! A wonderful Regency escape awaits you with these three novellas with a similar setting but wide variety of plots. An Engagement of Convenience was a story of reunited unrequited love... but this time Quentin falls for the young lady on her way to spinsterhood. I loved that Kitty kept her head on her shoulders and didn't naively take the easy way out. She genuinely cares for Quentin and his welfare, but is more hesitant in giving her heart a second time when he didn't value it the first time he held it. A Perfect Match is a prequel to Donna Hatch's full length novel A Perfect Secret. Because I knew what trauma Genvieve's future holds, I read this story with more trepidation, which I think robbed me of some enjoyment. She and Christian continuously held themselves back from each other for various reasons, but in the end they recognize and accept that they are meant for each other. The Pauper's House Party was my favorite of the group for the unique plot and vibrant characters. It's difficult for Edward and Agatha to be in desperate circumstances and have this golden carrot dangled in front of them at the cost of their dignity, but for the sake of their families' future. Their solidarity quickly turns to attraction and hope, even when the future doesn't seem to allow for them to be together. They both have hard choices to make, but their honor and compassion take priority, even when it leads to happily ever after for someone else... (Thank you to Ebooks for Review for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“An Engagement of Convenience” - Regina Scott Chapworth Grange - Somerset - 1816 Katherine (Kitty) Chapworth is waiting outside at night to intercept an elopement between her cousin, Lucy, and Clive Bitterstock. Kitty has lived at Chapworth Grange for some time as a sort of chaperone for her many cousins. With Lucy being the last to wed, Kitty is striving to stop the elopement. When she does intervene, Bitterstock starts to attack Kitty only to be foiled in his attempt by Quentin Adair, a man Kitty has not seen for a decade. It appears that Bitterstock is in need of funds making an elopement with Lucy to his advantage. Quentin is the owner of Rose Cottage which borders on Chapworth Grange. A handsome man, he is admired by many. Some time ago, Kitty caught him and her cousin, Eugenia, in a scandalous embrace. Kitty was shocked but found later that Eugenia was just leading him on. As a result of the embrace, Quentin was whipped by her uncle and left the country. Kitty blames herself for not saying something to stand up for him. When she sees him again, she apologizes to him. Quentin has been in Jamaica improving his family’s sugar plantation. Kitty’s parents were killed in a carriage accident and she now lives with her uncle as an unpaid chatleine. When her cousins are all married, she will be sent to live with a relative. Currently, the family is having a house party and Kitty is tasked with planning and orchestrating it all. When she and Quentin become close again, they decide to marry. But the fallout of this decision turns into a nightmare for both of them. This is a clever story and clean. “A Perfect Match” - Donna Hatch England - 1818 Genevieve Marshall and her parents, Captain and Mrs. Marshall, are heading to Bainbridge Abbey. There, they will attend a summer house party hosted by Admiral and Mrs. Widtsoe and their daughter and Genevieve’s friend, Matilda. Both young girls are looking forward to seeing one another again. Matilda is lonely at the Abbey and is pining for a handsome man she met in London. Christian Amesbury is the son of the Earl of Tarrington and they will also be guests at the house party. Genevieve thinks that Christian looks like an Adonis. It appears that his father has not been in good health since his wife passed away. Christian is quite intrigued by the landscape and, as an artist, is interesting in painting it. In addition, Matilda’s father has commissioned him to paint the Abbey plus a portrait of Matilda. The painting of Matilda turns out beautifully. However, Christian’s eye is drawn to Genevieve and hers to him. Can Genevieve step aside and wish her good friend happy with the man she has come to love? This was a very clever and sweet romance. I enjoyed it very much. “The Pauper’s House Party” - Sarah M. Eden Somerset England - 1811 Edward Downy and his younger brother, Tom, do not care for house parties but it does provide them with a chance to see how the wealthy live and eat. They have been invited to a 3-week party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warrick in Somerset. Edward and Tom feel as though they have only been invited to ensure that the host and hostess have the proper number of people attending. The strange thing is that only people who are in need of money seem to be the attendees. The Warricks are quite elderly and have declared this to be their last house party. They never had children and are going to choose an heir from the most deserving
CamiChecketts More than 1 year ago
I keep saying each Timeless Regency Collection is my favorite, but I'm serious this time - Summer House Party is my favorite! Honestly, all the Timeless Regency Romances are fabulous. This is book candy that I cannot get enough of and my only request is they publish them more often. I would highly recommend all of the sets.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As the newest release in the Timeless Regency Collection, the novellas in a Summer House Party are a well written and entertaining of tales about expectations, love unrequited, and love found. Taking readers back to the Regency period in England, readers explore three very unique house parties from that time period. An Engagement of Convenience by Regina Scott has an unexpected plot and an unlikely heroine. Kitty, an orphan living with relatives discovers an unlikely suitor in her attempts to chaperon younger cousins. A Perfect Match by Donna Hatch introduces us to a woman determined to help her best friend secure a match. While she did all she could, love has plans for her as well. The Paupers’ House Party by Sarah M. Eden is a somber parody on the traditional regency house party. With creativity and insightful characters, readers experience an unconventional house party that still includes love and hope. Overall, Summer House Party was entertaining, fast-paced, and definitely worth reading. Heather B. Moore gave me a complimentary copy of Summer House Party: Timeless Regency Collection for my candid review.
yellowrubyjewels More than 1 year ago
I am a total hopeless Regency fanatic! I LOVE IT ALL! This newest Timeless Regency Collection definitely has a lot to love about the stories in it. Hence the 5 stars. I didn't want to put it down but alas life calls and so I had to find quiet moments that I could immerse myself into the stories. There are three novellas in this collection but they didn't feel like novellas. They were definitely not shorter novellas but were able to really develop the setting and characters without feeling rushed. An Engagement of Convenience by Regina Scott  If you love Persuasion by Jane Austen (my fav Austen novel) then you are in for a treat because this had a feeling similar to that novel. Now mind you it's different with some twists of its own but the two MCs, Lucy and Quentin, knew each other years before the beginning of this book and had some mishaps along the way. I had moments that I wanted to tell the Uncle off and give him a piece of my mind and I had moments where I wanted to say to Quentin "what were you thinking, how could you have done that?" I know that won't make sense until you read the story but all in all the ending was sweet and I was happy everyone(well almost everyone, can you guess who didn't) got what they wanted. Before I move onto the other novella I have to say, Lucy was funny, spunky and quiet all in one. I loved the flashbacks she had of thwarted elopements. A Perfect Match by Donna Hatch  *sigh* So good. I don't want to give a lot away but this is a fun house party story where Genevieve is coming to her friend Matilda's aide in forming an opinion of whether Christian Amesbury is not the most perfect match for Matilda. Genevieve is all ready to help out when she meets Christian and finds herself falling for him. What should she do? She loves Matilda and doesn't want to hurt her, will she happily step aside for Christian to persue Matilda, or will she fight for him herself? Who does Christian choose? The Pauper's House Party by Sarah M. Eden  One set of impoverished brother's, the Downys, are invited to a party by an older couple, the Warricks...I went back and forth so many times on whether they were just acting a part or whether they were being totally serious. Ok I am being very vague because I hate to spoil the whole effect of this book but I will say that I loved the Downy brothers and was cheering them on the whole time. I already told you they were impoverished...maybe not completely impoverished but their estate was failing and the lack of funds didn't really allow them to feel as if they could marry. They both find a lady at the house party but will it work out for them to ever truly express how they feel about said ladies due to their lack of funds? I admit I laughed out loud several times, I chuckled to myself, I giggled. Yes definitely a great read when I have those emotions and feel connected to the characters, and the storyline draws me in where I don't want to put it down. Well worth the read! All in all I would really say that each story, if I were rating individually, were easily 5 stars! Hats off to three wonderful writers who have such amazing imaginations to create and develop these stories for readers to love and enjoy. Thank you!!! I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Happy Reading!!!