Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

by Carly Phillips

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BN ID: 2940154739297
Publisher: Carly Phillips
Publication date: 07/11/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 322,705
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Carly married her college sweetheart and lives in Purchase, NY along with her three crazy dogs and has raised two incredible daughters. Carly is the author of over 50 romances and is a Wall Street Journal, NY Times and USA Today Bestseller. Visit and subscribe to her newsletter for 2 FREE BOOKS and find out where to find Carly on social media. She loves interacting with her readers!

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Summer Lovin' 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 44 reviews.
of-course More than 1 year ago
A fun escape.
ladycato on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This is yet another book from the stack of freebies from the writers' conference in April. I only read a few romance books a year, and I never read contemporary ones. I read through this so I can trade it away.There is nothing to see here plot wise. Move along. It's as cliche and transparent a romance plot as you can write, but cover blurb espouses that as a positive. The heroine, Zoe, is turning 30, has lots of sexual experience but doesn't want a committed relationship, and when she meets her in-the-adoption-process sister's new "social worker," she hops in the sack with him right away. Kinda kills the chemistry and suspense as far as their relationship. The rest of the book is trying to figure out who is stalking the sister, who is really going to adopt the sister, oh, and for Zoe to admit she's in wuv. The bad guys are predictable, and I patiently waited for the characters to get a clue. It was also tiresome how Zoe's family is constantly described as "insane, wacky, unusual, eccentric, etc." You know, by the second reference, I got it. I didn't need it pounded into my head five times every chapter. Also, I think the mention of summer in the title is meant to indicate when this should be read, because there is no emphasis on summer itself except for Zoe's constant wearing of mini skirts.I guess I'm not the fluffy "beach read" type.
tracykids4 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. Opposites attract is exactly what this book is. Fall in love with Ryan, Zoe, Sam and the rest of the Costas family. Zoe is an ex secret service who is now a security specialist who is in love with her foster (soon to be adopted) sister. Ryan is a brother looking for his long-lost sister, learning of her death and of a niece he never knew he had. Now looking for that niece, he comes in contact with the Costas family which includes beautiful Zoe. You will read about family, hurt, mystery and of course love. What more could you want in a book.
RoseyLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
Security specialist Zoe Costas has never fallen hard for a man and can't imagine sacrificing her independence for a man ... until the handsome Ryan shows up at Zoe's foster sister Sam's birthday party and is mistaken for a social worker. Attorney Ryan Baldwin has finally found his runaway sister’s child, a 14 year old girl named Samantha who has been in and out of foster care since her mother’s death six years ago, and plans to her home where she belongs. When the beautiful Zoe proposes a deal ... Ryan continues pretending to be a social worker for a few weeks while the real social worker is off dealing with a family emergency, and get to know Sam ... Ryan agrees. Sparks fly between Ryan and Zoe and they start falling for each other. But after everything is resolved, Zoe lets Ryan go. Will Ryan be able to get Zoe back? Carly Phillips delivers a funny, sweet and steamy story that will suck you in I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
Summer Lovin by Carly Phillips is the second book in the Costas Sisters series. Zoe Costas lives with her very eccentric loving Greek family in New Jersey. At one time, Zoe worked for the Secret Service, but quickly tired of all the rules and regulations of the government; so she is now starting her own business. Samantha, Zoe's foster sister, lives with the Costas and as they are about to celebrate Sam's first year with the Costas family and her adoption of Samantha, Ryan Baldwin arrives. Ryan, a lawyer from Boston, was searching for his sister Faith who ran away from home. He could only find that his sister was dead and left behind a daughter. Ryan then started searching for his niece, finally tracking her down in New Jersey. He arrives at the Costas home to "save" Sam and bring her back to Boston to be with family. Since Ryan is Sam's blood relative, he is able to be a part of Sam's life even though the Costas' object. They don't want to lose Sam after being so close to adopting her, and are now shattered. As they all try to find common ground, Sam's life is suddenly threatened. Working together, Zoe and Ryan protect her while attempting to solve the mystery of Faith's now suspicious disappearance. Through all the problems Zoe and Ryan are falling for each other, there is a natural chemistry between them. They might be very different people and Zoe knows opposites attract, but she isn't sure it's enough to make things work. How can Ryan take Samantha away from a family that truly loves her? Summer Lovin' is a fabulous story! Mystery, passion, desire and family quarrels. Ms. Phillips is a wonderful storyteller which she demonstrated in this story. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting it down. This is a great book with plenty of romance. I recommend this book to other readers. It makes for a wonderful, light easy beach read in summer. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Highly entertaining, Sweet, Sexy and Emotional Opposites attract romance. Loved the mystery and small element of danger thrown in with the family bounding issues. Very true to life wile still being a interesting escape. Zoe Costas is a security specialist with a huge heart, sassy attitude and wicked smarts who comes from a big loving Greek family. Ryan Baldwin is a heart stooping sexy, charming, sweet and protective alpha male with a highly conservative wealthy but emotionally stingy family. He also happens to be looking for his big sister that ran away when he was 13 only to find her gone and he has a 14 year old niece currently living with the Costas family getting ready to be adopted by them. Awesome chick lit!
mslizalou More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adored Summer Lovin' by Carly Phillips. It is the second book in the Costas Sisters series but reads pretty well as a stand-alone story. I had to laugh at how Zoe and Ryan first met and how they had a misunderstanding about his identity. When you hear the term opposites attract, Zoe Costas and Ryan Baldwin fit the statement perfectly. Zoe is way more of a free spirit than Ryan and while she can handle some rules, she goes more with her feelings than too many rules. Ryan is a Boston Baldwin and while he pretty much always follows the rules, he can tell as soon as he meets his niece Sam, that she is a free spirit like her mom. I loved there was an attraction between Zoe and Ryan from pretty much the moment they met. I also loved they both worried so much about Sam and what was best for her, all while trying to figure out what had really happened with Ryan's sister. Zoe and Ryan had to find a way to get their two very different families to work together for Sam's best interest. I liked the bit of mystery that Zoe and Ryan had to figure out when it came to Sam's mom. I also have to say I adored how the Baldwin family started to bend and be so much more understanding when it came to their granddaughter. The Costas family is such an accepting group that you just knew they would do anything for Sam just like they would for any other member of their family. I really liked Zoe and Ryan as a couple. Again, there was an attraction between them from the very beginning, and it got stronger the more time they spent together. I hated that Zoe was so hesitant in admitting her feelings to others, her family included. However, I felt like her feelings for Ryan were too strong for her to fight. Summer Lovin' had me experiencing so many different emotions as I read it. I laughed at all the antics of the Costas clan and Sam, smiled and sighed as I saw Zoe and Ryan fall in love, and even experienced both anger and sadness as we learned the truth about Ryan's sister and her past. I love a story that makes me feel so many different emotions as I read it and highly recommend Summer Lovin'. Rating: 5 Stars (A)
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Summer Lovin' was a fun, sarcastic, and a sexy read. I really enjoyed this book. If you looking for a summer romance book to read, this is it! Summer Lovin' is book two in the Costas sisters series, but can be read as a standalone. The Costas family had me laughing hysterically. They had me also feeling a bit overwhelmed just like Ryan did when he accidentally dropped in on the family. Zoe has this first time ever connection towards Ryan. She has been great being alone and independent. She is even starting her own business. But with Ryan she falls under his spell. I was over the moon for Ryan. He was a determined man and he was sure he would get his way. Then he finally sees the whole picture and has a choice to make. Samantha is 100% full blooded teenager. Carly Phillips got Samantha's attitude down to the "T". I loved Sam's character. Ryan's family turns out to be very unexpected. You will see how every adapts to each other. The heat that goes on between Zoe and Ryan gets intense. Samantha learns more about herself. The drama that unfolds in this book had me glued to the pages! I will never forget the Costas family.
Ruza65 More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars ... Summer Lovin' is being re-released, and is a sweet romance with a bit of mystery mixed in. The Costas family is a wild and crazy family. They are the foster parents for 14-year old Samantha a//k/a Sam, with plans to adopt her into the family. They've cleaned up their act and are waiting on the final approval from Social Services. Ryan Baldwin has been searching for his older sister Faith who ran away when he was a teenager. Ryan discovers that Faith is dead, but she left a daughter named Sam behind. Ryan arrives at the Costas house and is thought to be the interim Social Worker, and he goes along with the lie. Zoe, ex-Secret Service is back home and now partners in Security Detail. She is introduced to Ryan, and the instant heat between the two of them is not a good thing. Zoe discovers that Ryan is not with Social Services, but Sam's Uncle. Zoe sticks to Ryan like glue until trust is earned. Ryan and Zoe are complete opposites, from their upbringing, and how they interact with other. Can these two find out who is after Sam, and why? Will they give love a chance? Pick up this lovely story to find out! I read this book when it was first released, and I enjoyed revisiting the Costas Family. I volunteered to review an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
It sure has been fun, re-reading these older books of Carly Phillips. I had forgotten how crazy and funny the Costas clan was! This is the second book in the Costas Sisters series and Zoe Costas' story. Having recently left the Secret Service, Zoe has now started up a security specialist company along with Quinn and Connor. She is also living at her parents home since they now are fostering Sam, with the hopes of adopting her. When a strange guy shows up at Sam's party, they all assume he is the temporary social worker on Sam's case but in reality he is actually Sam's Uncle Ryan. When Zoe finds out that Ryan is not a social worker, she calls him on it and he tells her that he is Sam's uncle. Both of them decide not to let the family know who Ryan really is until they get to know more about each other....which neither of them seem to mind because there is definite chemistry going on there! It is pretty funny how completely opposite these two are! When someone is threatening Sam, Zoe and Ryan work together to try and figure out what is going on and end up taking Sam to Boston where Ryan's family lives. The Baldwin's way of life is night and day different from the Costas way of life. This was such a fun comparison! While working together, things are definitely heating up between Zoe and Ryan and have both of them feeling things that they have never felt before. The mystery behind the threats was fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed how everything played out in the end and really loved Zoe and Ryan's happy ending. Overall, this was a fun and entertaining story with some great, colorful characters!
sferguson105 More than 1 year ago
This was a really good read! Full of twists and turns, and while I suspected some of it, there were parts that shocked me also. I loved Zoe and Ryan together. She brought out a fun side of him, and just seemed to bring light to his dull stiff world. Zoe's family are... well, freaking awesome lol. Imagine every eccentric personality, and you've got her family. They had me laughing at their antics, and loving how close they were. This is definitely a must read!!
Crystal_Singer0305 More than 1 year ago
Carly Phillips never fails to deliver a great read. Summer Lovin was the 2nd story in the Costas Sisters series but can totally be read as a stand alone. I have to say that my favorite part of this story was Zoe's family. Hilarious, eccentric, close knit and just a fun group! I wanted to jump in and be apart of it all! I loved Zoe for Ryan. The term opposites attract are perfect for these two. Stiff, uptight Ryan meets his match with doesn't like to follow the rules Zoe. Their chemistry was undeniable and off the charts sexy! If you're looking for a fun, sexy, light and a suspense with your book, this one is for you!!! Happy reading!
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This book was a good read. I loved the strength that Zoe has. She is a strong woman and role model for Sam who her parents are looking to adopt. Zoe's family is a loving Greek family and they are a zany bunch, but Zoe wouldn't have it any other way. When Ryan comes to town to find his sister's daughter, Sam, he never thought he'd fall in love with Zoe and her crazy family. This story was good, but I didn't think that there was much of a climax to the story. I was expecting a little bit more and was a little disappointed with what did/didn't happen. It was a good story overall, though, and I loved the characters.
Theresakerch-28 More than 1 year ago
Lovin this rerelease Zoe Costas is starting a new business with her brother in law, and while just getting to know her family again she finds out that the young girl Sam, her parents are close to adopting, her biological uncle comes in to the picture. Ryan Baldwin a lawyer from Boston. When Zoe and Ryan end up getting thrown together trying to help Sam, Zoe and Ryan find they have some great chemistry together. This is rerelease of one of Carly Phillips books that I read years ago and it was as good if not better this time around. I would highly recommend that you read this book. Carly Phillips has again written a five star read.
JennieF More than 1 year ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.3 stars Summer Lovin is the 2nd book in the Costas Sisters series and Carly Phillips has written another good book! I will be getting the other Costas Sisters stories to read. This book is about Zoe, an ex-Fed, Special Services and is starting her own security business and part of an old Greek family. Her family is fostering a 14 year old girl named Samantha and after having her for a year the family decides to adopt her….but in comes Ryan Baldwin… Ryan Baldwin is from Boston and part of a well-to-do family who disowned their daughter, Faith. Ryan has been trying to find Faith for a long time but she changed her name so many times that it was hard to track her and finally found out his Faith has died but she had a daughter. He hired a PI to help find the daughter and he ends up at the Costas celebration for adopting Samantha (she is Faith’s daughter). They think he is the social worker on Samantha’s case. Now he has to decide if he wants to let the Costas adopt her or take her back to Boston but after being with Samantha he realizes that she is so much like her mother that being with his family would destroy her just like his sister. Zoe and Ryan decide to not tell the Costas who is really is until he gets to know the family and Samantha in the meantime these two develop feelings for each other but will he follow his heart and have Zoe and let Samantha be adopted or will he fall back on his upbringing and destroy them all?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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