Super Husband, Super Dad: You Can Be the Hero Your Family Needs

Super Husband, Super Dad: You Can Be the Hero Your Family Needs

by Tim Shoemaker

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“What does it look like to be a hero to your family?”

Many men start just fine on their journey as a husband and dad. But there comes a time in their marriage and family life when they need help to become the man, the husband, and the dad God designed them to be.

In Super Husband, Super Dad, author and speaker Tim Shoemaker shows you how to become your family’s hero. You’ll discover that following God’s principles for marriage and parenting brings great rewards, taking you places you’ve never gone before. And when you follow God’s ways, you make the way smoother for the ones you love.

It’s time to shift into a higher gear. You can become the hero your family needs, and Tim will come alongside to encourage you and show you how.

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ISBN-13: 9780736953511
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 06/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Tim Shoemaker is the author of eight books and speaks around the country to men and to parent groups about living the Christian life in a way that influences the next generation. Happily married for over 31 years, Tim has three grown sons and is active in church leadership. His books include Dangerous Devotions for Guys and Smashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets…and Other Outdoor Devotionals You Can Do with Your Kids.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

1 Burning Love 11

The best parenting advice I ever got…and a look at the missing element in many marriages.

An Extra Ration of Passion 17

A starting point for bringing passion back into your marriage.

2 Yes and No 19

The wrong response at the wrong time never turns out right.

3 Keeping Yourself Out of Ditches 23

Two took every guy needs to stay on the road to a solid marriage and good parenting

4 Muscle Cars and Marriage 31

Treasure your wife and you're in for a sweet ride.

5 Two Ways Women Need to Be Shown Affection 35

They need your undivided attention…and a little P.D.A.

6 Help Your Wife, Help Yourself 43

When a man pitches in, he's helping his wife and kids at the same time.

7 Stick with Scrabble 47

Two deadly games couples play that lead to hard hearts.

8 Wearing the Pants 55

Submission in marriage should be as comfortable as a pair of well-worn jeans-and it can be.

9 Surviving the Storms 61

Disagreements and arguments can roll like storms across a marriage. Here's how to survive them.

The Elephant in the Room 69

The secret to handling issues too big to ignore.

10 The Truth About Lies and Secrets 73

Don't tell secrets about each other, and don't keep secrets from each other. This is a secret formula that works.

11 The Whole Truth About Sex 83

Sex is one of God's greatest inventions. Here's how it can strengthen your marriage and family.

12 Keep Your Guard Up 95

Sexual sin takes down many marriages. Here's how to keep your guard up.

A Million-Dollar Marriage 101

You can have a million-dollar marriage when you do it God's way.

13 Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Curse of the Wolfman 105

Pornography is a monster that can destroy everything you've worked for as a husband and dad. We'll look at the need to break free-and how to do it.

Don't Wait for Hallmark 125

Keep things fun and fresh by celebrating holidays and creating your own.

14 Good Things Come in Dozens 129

Twelve things you can do to strengthen your marriage and keep it strong.

15 What Are You Aiming At? 141

We want our kids to grow up to love God and follow him... but are we really aiming at that?

Pulling Out in Traffic 153

Watch for openings to teach your kids important life lessons

16 Superman and Other Heroes 157

What does it look like to be a hero to our kids... and what happens if we fail?

17 A Haven and a Hangout 167

Home isn't just where the heart is. It should also be a place where your kids can hang out with their friends.

18 Dating and Your Kids 175

Guidelines and reminders for protecting your kids through the dating phase-and some things to consider long before they get there.

19 The Fight for Independence 189

When kids fight to be free you're in for tension. End the fight by showing kids you want exactly the same thing for them: freedom.

20 One Thing 191

One thing your kids must know. One thing they must hear. One thing they must understand. One thing they must accept.

21 God Gives You Three Things 197

God gives us time, resources, rind the freedom to choose how to use them. Choose wisely.

22 Watch for Wobbles 207

Sometimes you're like one of those circus performers trying to keep plates spinning on sticks. So which plates get your highest priority?

A Word to the Wife 213

Here are some ways to help your man be your hero.

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