Surrender to Sultry

Surrender to Sultry

by Macy Beckett
4.7 20

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Surrender to Sultry 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of the Sultry Springs books are super fun and funny, heartwarming and sexy. I love revisiting all my favorite Sultry Springs Characters, and I was super excited to find out Colt was getting his own book! I mean, really. It's Colt. Surrender to Sultry didn't disappoint! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the 3rd book (and maybe last) in the Sultry Series. These books are funny, clever, and heartwarming. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this series, except that I hope there are more in the future!
MarilynAZ More than 1 year ago
* Maybe I'm too old for this one. Can't finish it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Marissa Book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book After reading Shot of Sultry, I looked forward to another Sultry Springs book. I grew to love the quirky characters of the small Texas town of Sultry and felt like I was coming back to a well-loved place. Beckett has written another flawed hero (my favorite kind). In Shot of Sultry, Colt was a devil-may-care womanizer. I kind of fell in love with him so I was happy to see he was the main attraction in Surrender to Sultry. Colt is one of those men with a sordid past that he struggles to put behind him, but is so endearing and charming that he can be forgiven most anything. He has an adorable sense of humor and knows just which buttons to press to sway Leah back to his side. Leah was a little tougher. I had a hard time understanding why she left town, even though it was explained throughout the book. Perhaps other readers will get it but I kept thinking any other girl would have stayed at home, especially since she had a loving father.  (Although her father’s reasons for letting her, even urging her, to leave home are explained and I can see his point of view.) But as to character, Leah has bucket loads of it. She is intelligent, savvy, knows what she wants from life, and has struggled to provide a good life for her son. Independently I like and admire both Colt and Leah. Together, they are adorable. Surrender to Sultry is another light-hearted, warm, funny boy-reunites-with-girl kind of story. And while it may be the third in a series, you don’t have to have read the first two to enjoy Surrender to Sultry. It is utterly charming all on its own.
Judy_F More than 1 year ago
Macy Beckett delivers another fun and emotional story in Surrender To Sultry. Leah McMahon returns to Sultry Springs to take care of her ailing father. She left town over ten years ago under mysterious circumstances and would like to keep her visit under the radar. That idea goes up in smoke when she is pulled over just barely into the city limits. As luck would have it it’s the boy who broke her heart that is now the town’s Sherriff. Colton Bea is no longer the troubled teen that Leah fell in love with. He has grown up to be a man that many in town respect. His one week spot is Leah McMahon. He doesn’t know why she left but is determined not to let her get away this time. Leah and Colt do a dance around each other until the passion that never died bowls over. Colt know that Leah’s stay in town is just till her dad gets better but he is willing to use everything he has to get her to change her mind. But once Colt finds out the reason Leah left town will he be able to forgive her? Surrender To Sultry is a delight. Its sassy, sexy and has emotions that will pull at your heart. Leah and Colt are no longer the young lovers they once were but as adults they bring so much more to their relationship. Its heart wrenching to have them deal with the past but it will make them treasure their future even more. I hope there are more stories from Sultry Springs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful story! Loved every minute if it. The best story to read--strong chatacters willing to fight for what they want, with love & heat. Thanks so much for sharing your talents Ms. Beckett.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
Let me start by saying I love this series. I started reading Colt's story and in the beginning I was a little disappointed. I just wasn't connecting with Leah, the long lost girlfriend. I couldn't figure her out. But then as I got into the story more, it all came together for me and my heart just ached for these two. This story ended up being a very emotional ride. I bawled for the last 1/3 of the book. It was that good. The storyline of why Leah left and why Colt acted like he did in A Shot of Sultry all made sense. This book has Colt and Leah confronting their past and working to get through it. Some of the things Colt did to try and break through Leah's cold exterior were so sweet and the chemistry between these two was undeniable. Overall I really enjoyed this book.
breadandbutter22 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book, all of Macy Beckett books are written so wonderful. I couldn't put this book down until the end. The characters Leah and Colt are very likable and their story is amazing. Hope to see more stories from this author, and would recommend to anyone who loves a great romance and humorous story....
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
Author Macy Beckett has captured the small town atmosphere in SURRENDER TO SULTRY. She brings the best elements - friends, family, love and loyalty - together for a tender love story with bits of suspense woven in. In a town where everyone knows everybody and what they’re doing, Leah McMahon is determined to stay under Sheriff Colton Bea’s radar. She’s returned to Sultry after a 10 year absence to care for her father following his heart surgery. As soon as he’s on the mend, Leah plans to return to her life up north and far away from Colton. When he stops a car for a traffic violation, Colton never imaged it would be his long-lost love Leah. Struck speechless, Colton can’t tell Leah how sorry he is for the way he treated her all those years ago. Having given up his hellion ways, Colton is determined to get Leah’s forgiveness and try to make things right this time. After a decade of womanizing, can the reformed sheriff finally do right by the preacher’s daughter? But Leah has her own secrets that could jeopardize any chance of happiness. Would he ever forgive her if he knew? Beckett’s characters, realistic with flaws and problems, are well developed. Her secondary characters are rich in flavor adding to the depth of the story. Her detailed descriptions of the small town and its residents places the reader among the characters. SURRENDER TO SULTRY is a tantalizing read with a hometown feel. The story flows smoothly and at a steady pace holding your attention as the sparks fly between Leah and Colton. FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Macy Beckett's Sultry books are the perfect combination of humor, heart, and heat, and this third installment is no exception!
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by ANN & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog Macy Beckett delivers yet another sweet and sexy romance! This time sweetness comes in the form of Leah McMahon who returns to Sultry Springs, Texas after leaving for ten years. Her father recently had surgery and she is there to help him as he recovers. Nobody but Colton Bea knows just how sweet Leah is as he remembers their time together nearly a decade ago when they first fell in love. With her return, it brings back a myriad of memories that haunt Colt as he works as the new sheriff in town. SURRENDER TO SULTRY had all that I want in a small-town Contemporary Romance. A hot cop hero, a sweet heroine and loads of charm and comfort! Leah and Colt are adorable together. The touch of angst and heartbreak is great and definitely adds definition to this book that makes it stand out from the others of the series. Beckett infuses the book with a shot of playfulness with the several side characters and it only adds to the overall small-town feel. I’m actually really sad that this series has come to an end. I thought the town of Sultry Springs was unique and cute, the perfect place to set a small-town Contemporary series. Beckett has a way with words and her stories are always able to make me smile and swoon. I’m looking forward to what she has planned next! *ARC provided by publisher
krazymama_98 More than 1 year ago
Oh oh oh and on the tale of Sultry goes. Oh Sheriff Bea, you have to be the most changed character. I think we all knew you could not go on that way. But I never would have thought this would be your story. So emotional. Such heart much. I am so glad you stuck with it, Colt. And made it work with her. She is the right one you know. She really is. Thanks for a lovely story. A wonderful read.
kiki85 More than 1 year ago
This book is fantastic. There's so much depth to the storyline and the characters are so well thought out and detailed. I'm sad this is the last book in the series.
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
I loved this third visit to Sultry Springs! Macy brings the characters to life, they jump off the page and entrance you! Leah is back in Sultry Springs after leaving very suddenly 10 years ago, and as far as anyone knew without a word to anyone. She left behind Colt, her first love, her father, friends, and the community, never to be heard from. Suddenly Leah is back after her father requires heart surgery, to take care of him and help him as he recovers. She really hoped to fly under the radar and not run into Colt, but that was not meant to be. Colt, a former bad boy who has reformed his ways, is now the sheriff of Sultry Springs. He and Leah had a bad break up before she left, he never thought he was good enough for her anyway "I think I knew, deep down, that you wouldn't stay with a loser like me, and I panicked. I ruined everything so you couldn't dump me for a better guy." To his surprise, it's Leah he pulls over one day on her way back to town. Colt went a bit crazy when she left, but he has never gotten over Leah. As soon as he sees her again all the feelings come rushing back and he wants to get to know her all over again "...I'm all grown up now, and I'm not afraid." Leah is afraid though. She tries to keep Colt at a distance, but it is impossible. He is irresistable and knows what who he wants...Leah! She is afraid of her heart breaking all over again, and she is afraid of Colt finding out the secret to why she left all those years ago without a word to anyone. She knows what she did was right, but parts of what she did were wrong too. She's going to have to come clean with Colt...especially as their relationship becomes deeper and Leah is comtemplating staying permanently in Sultry Springs. Will her secret be bad enough to drive a permanent wedge between Colt and her? Or have they both matured enough that they can deal with it and move on in a positive direction, hopefully together? Come to Sultry Springs and find out! :) Surrender to Sultry is another winner by Macy Beckett! Her writing is smooth and flawless...I stayed up way too late reading Surrender to Sultry but could not put it down! I really liked both of the main characters, Leah and Colt. They are real people with real problems and real feelings. Colt really is a reformed bad boy, but he's got enough 'bad' left in him to go after what he considers his and look out anyone who bothers Leah! He comes across as really sincere, and he doesn't beat around the bush...he's not afraid to show his feelings. Leah grew up with her father who is a preacher...but that doesn't make her any less likely to have problems! Colt considers her an angel, but she definitely does not feel that way. Her life has been basically on hold for the last 10 years, she has been unable to move on. Maybe being back in Sultry Springs surrounded by family and friends is just what she needs! As I mentioned Leah has a secret she's withholding from Colt, and as bad as the secret is it doesn't make me like her any less. She tries her hardest to resist Colt this second time around, thinking maybe of everyone but herself. I loved catching up with the other characters from Sultry Springs and getting a peek into their lives now! Preacher Mac (Leah's Dad) is a great secondary character too...strong enough but not overpowering. Overall I am so impressed with Macy's stories! I love them all, and this one was no different. This will be going on my keeper shelf!
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Surrender to Sultry is the third book in the Sultry Springs Series. While it can be read alone, I think your reading pleasure would be enhanced if you read at least the second book, A Shot of Sultry. In the second book, you get a glimpse into the life of Colton Bea, the hero of Surrender to Sultry. I’ve read all three books and I have to say this book has a completely different feel to it. You still get the funny moments Macy is known for but there aren’t a lot of them. Surrender to Sutlry is deeper, heartbreaking, and touching all at the same time. The book takes places two years after A Shot of Sultry. During this time, Colton has grown up a lot. He now takes his job as the sheriff extremely seriously. Colton no longer does one night stands and drinking like there is no tomorrow. But one thing about Colton that hasn’t changed is his feelings for the one who got away, Leah McMahon. Colton was a bad boy trouble maker in high school. His parents sent him to Sultry Springs to stay with his grandfather, in hopes that the judge could straighten him out. Leah MaMahon was and is the only daughter of widower Pastor MaMahon. Colton and Leah became friends, with Leah tutoring him in different subjects. With Colton’s bad boy reputation on the line, he made a bet with another guy that he could get Leah to ditch her purity vow. When Colton succeeded he was happy to report back what he did, to which the other guy made a grand announcement about it. Leah and Colton breakup and a month or so later, Leah left town. Ten years go by with Colton not being able to find Leah and with Leah not speaking to anyone in town or returning for visits. Once Leah is back, Colton makes it his mission to show her he’s a changed man and win her back. However for Leah, her only goals are to take care of her father and avoid Colton like the plague while she’s in Sultry. Since she’s left, Leah has been hiding a secret from Colton and everyone in town. It’s a guilt she’s carried day in and day out. It’s definitely a secret I didn’t see coming. The romance in this book is a slow burn, until it heats up to boiling hot. Surrender to Sultry is a story about forgiveness and second chances. Everytime I read a Sultry book, I think it’s better than the previous. But no... By FAR Macy has saved the best for last. Surrender to Sultry wraps up the series nicely. Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
**4.5 stars ** I have been waiting on Surrender to Sultry since the moment I finished book two, A Shot of Sultry. In that book, Colt Bea, law man and ladies man extraordinaire, let his guard down long enough to expose the heart that was broken when the girl he loved ran away. In Surrender to Sultry, Colt finally comes face-to-face with Leah after ten years, but winning her heart back will be the challenge of his life. And will he even want to when he learns the secret behind Leah's disappearance? Surrender to Sultry was an emotional story that dealt with the pain of a lost love, the efforts to reconnect, guilt over years worth of lies, and the struggle to forgive, Both Colt and Leah have regrets that need to be dealt with. Colt feels unworthy of Leah, and places her goodness on a high pedestal. Leah, knowing she isn't as perfect as Colt still believes, has so much pain and guilt weighing her down. I absolutely love stories of reconnected love, especially one that digs this deep. Surrender to Sultry truly stands out. Beckett did a great job in making me feel the connection between Colt and Leah. It was easy to be on their side. Surrender to Sultry is also a fun story. The story is told from both Colt and Leah's perspective, with Leah's tone being understandably more on the serious side, and Colt's being often laugh out loud funny. His internal dialogue was full of charm and brutal male honesty. The townspeople of Sultry Springs, Texas, were a force. Having grown up in a small southern town myself, I both laughed at and empathized with Colt and Leah dealing with their nosy but well-meaning fellow citizens. The Sultry Springs series perfectly represents what I love about adult contemporary romance. The stories are so nicely-paced, the characters are endearing and engaging, the romance is hot, and I believe in the love story I've been given. I love that we get to see a lot of Luke and June, and Trey and Bobbi, the couples from the first two books. I honestly love how Macy Beckett tied up the last book in the Sultry Springs series, and for that I am appreciative. I'm really, really sad to see the series end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago