Survival Retreats: A Prepper's Guide to Creating a Sustainable, Defendable Refuge

Survival Retreats: A Prepper's Guide to Creating a Sustainable, Defendable Refuge


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Normally, retreats are built to blend in to their surroundings for the sake of secrecy, and are built by those who don’t want others to know anything about their retreat. Dave Black explores these places and gets to go where most people never go—through the chain link fence, past the guard dog, and into the rarely seen survival retreat. You will learn how to:
  • Protect and defend your retreat
  • Build in the right location
  • Live safely in your retreat
  • Harvest food and water
  • Plan the perfect survival strategy Dave Black goes into detail to teach you everything you ever needed to know about survival retreats. Not only will you learn how to protect them, but you will learn how and where to build them, and most importantly, what to do after you’ve fortified. There’s a lot to know and with this book you’ll be prepared for the inevitable apocalypse . . .
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    ISBN-13: 9781510725409
    Publisher: Skyhorse
    Publication date: 03/06/2018
    Pages: 176
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

    About the Author

    Dave Black is an internationally recognized consultant in emergency planning and disaster response. With nearly twenty years of experience in search and rescue and as a wilderness and urban first responder, he has served as a consultant and architect of community disaster response and management systems both in the United States and abroad. James C. Jones is the cofounder of Live Free USA, a national survival club and self-reliance organization. A certified hazard control manager and EMT, he has developed and conducted hundreds of survival training events and seminars over the past forty years and has written hundreds of articles for Live Free’s newsletter, American Survivor. He currently writes articles for several national preparedness and survival publications while continuing to teach a variety of survival courses and to make presentations at major preparedness expositions. His books include Beyond Survival: An Introduction to the Self-Reliance Revolution and The Live Free Book of Total Survival.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword James C. Jones vii

    Preface xi

    1 Introduction to Survivalism 1

    Definition of Survivalism 1

    The Psychology and Sociology of Survivalism and Survivalist Retreats 3

    2 The History of the Survival Retreat 5

    Ancient and Pre-History 5

    Recent History 5

    Modern History 8

    The Cold War Era 8

    The New Millennium 12

    3 Retreat Strategy and Management 19

    Planning 19

    Organization 19

    Logistics 22

    Networking 27

    4 The Physical Aspects of a Survival Retreat 29

    Selection Criteria 29

    Purpose 29

    Location 29

    Rural 31

    Suburban and Urban 35

    Retreat Construction 38

    Commercially Designed, Prefab, Constructed, or Contractor Installed 40

    Modifying Existing Structures 45

    Retreat Security 46

    Door Modifications 56

    Installing Multiple Locks 59

    Key Management 66

    Reinforcing or Replacing Windows 66

    Communications 70

    Power and Other Considerations 76

    Power Basics 77

    Solar Power 101 77

    Wind Power 101 82

    Air Circulation 82

    Plumbing 84

    Chapter Summary - The Bare Essentials 84

    5 Food Sustainability and Supplementation 87

    Farming 87

    Meat and Dairy Supplementation 95

    Water Sustainability 103

    Water Harvesting 104

    Greywater 105

    Dealing with Human Waste 109

    6 A Closer Look at Defense and Security 111

    Defense Strategy 101 111

    Defensive Firearms 118

    Shotguns 121

    Handguns 123

    Rifles 124

    7 Visits to Real Retreats 129

    Private-An Urban Retreat Makeover 129

    Community-The Rockville Ranch 138

    Government 140

    8 The Prepared Traveler: Establishing a Personal Retreat Zone 143

    9 Retreats in the Media 153

    Movies 153

    Fiction Print 156

    Nonfiction Print 157

    Television 159

    Websites, Blags, Forums 159

    Video Games 160

    Music 160

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