by Nina Malkin


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ISBN-13: 9781416998013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication date: 05/04/2010
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 1,097,852
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.30(d)
Lexile: HL710L (what's this?)
Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

Nina Malkin is the author of five YA novels, including Swoon and Swear, one novella, and an adult memoir. She’s also an award-winning journalist specializing in pop culture and lifestyles, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, and numerous other publications. Nina lives in her native Brooklyn with her musician husband and assorted felines. Visit her at NinaMalkin.com.

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Love at first sight must be glorious. i wouldn't know, since at first there was no sight. Smell, yeah — the tangy, salty scent of horses. Plenty of other sensations too. But I'll get to that. The point I want to make up front is that by the time I laid eyes on Sinclair Youngblood Powers — in the flesh, that is — I was already in love with him. Nothing could change that. Not even the fact that he was dead.

Sinclair appeared — in this dimension, this century — on the autumnal equinox, but he'd been with us since late July. That's right, us. Pen's been involved, intimately involved, from day one. Which was, as I mentioned, late July, the second half of summer like haze across a field, and us by then thoroughly indolent, twitchy, bored.

"Dice, I've got to do something."

Dice — that would be me. Everyone goes by a monosyllable here — reference Pen, née Penelope — so this past spring, having been plucked from the companionable misery of NYC and dumped in the Connecticut countryside, I took mine. It's fine. Candice never fit; too fancy. Candy, either; too cute. As it turned out, Sinclair adopted a tidy truncation too. Can you guess? I'll give you a hint: It wasn't Clair.

But I'm jumping ahead. Let me focus, let me feel it — that fervent midsummer afternoon in the village green, Pen and me, free and idle.

"Watch this." She jumped up, stubbed the joint we'd been sharing onto the stone fence (never would the potential consequences of smoking pot in plain sight even occur to my cousin), then took off at a trot. Me, toasted, I just want to loll, let my mind go off while my body indulges inertia. Pen, no — she had the remarkable goofball gusto to go climb a tree.

Physically, the girl could do anything. Throw and catch with agility and accuracy. (I could duck.) Dive and swim and water-ski. (I could...not drown.) Even in flip-flops she scrambled up that tree like a monkey, hoisting herself onto carbuncles that stuck out from the trunk like mutant broccoli. Pen knew the tree, had grown up with it, and must have scaled it countless times. Still, it's huge, a handsome, ancient ash. Grabbing at branches, strong of grip and sure of foot, she was soon half lost in foliage — saw-toothed leaves and clusters of purple-black buds. I got off the fence to stand below, admire her ascent. Pen was high, literally. Then, with a rustle, she changed course from vertical to horizontal.

"Dice!" she called from her limb. "Can you see me?"

A patch of tan skin, a swatch of blue shorts. I saw her. Apparently I wasn't the only one. There, across the village green, lounging legs splayed on a bench with some cohorts, was Kurt Libo, his antennae up. He'd picked up that Pen Leonard — the Pen Leonard — was going out on a limb. Not that Pen has to do much to capture the attention of any sentient being, especially if male. With those breasts and that silken bolt of blond hair, all she has to do is breathe. And what did she do with this embarrassment of rapt male riches? Not much. Banked it, maybe, in case she wanted a favor later, or gave a groan that turned into a giggle. The way guys behaved in her presence, Pen thought it was funny.

Further on she crept, hands and knees, fingers and toes. Then she cursed, and one of her flip-flops swished down. The limb she'd picked was thick, but it bent with her weight.

"Pen, you are a cuckoo bird," I said, more to myself or the universe than her.

"What? Louder!"

Hmm, so — she'd noticed Kurt had noticed her. That was to be my role, then. Fine. I could play emcee, no problem. "Pen!" I shouted. "Pen, you're crazy! Oh my God, you'll kill yourself !" Overwrought lines from some soap opera script. I didn't have to turn to know that Kurt's radar for girls gone wild was in full blip. I hollered some more, waved my arms. I didn't have to look to know that Kurt was on his way, friends in his wake, with their slouchy, gas station saunter.

At some point during my theatrics I felt a prickle of fear, the plain and simple fear that Pen could get hurt. Yet before I could fix on how unfair that was — I wasn't supposed to know such fear, not now, so soon, not here, in Swoon — there came a familiar, tingly foretaste. That anticipatory tremor, that distant thunder roll. There wasn't a thing I could do about it. There never is. So I let it course through me with secret not-quite delight.

Right about then Pen wrapped her legs around the branch, emitted a shriek, and let go. The bough dipped, and she dangled like a lantern, ankles locked, hair a cascade, bra threatening to disgorge out the scoop of her T-shirt.

"Holy crap!" from someone.

"Nice!" from someone else.

Hooting, whistles, applause. Kurt, his boys.

Pen may have been laughing, too, but it sounded strangled — it must be hard to laugh upside down. But oh the ease and grace of her swing, like she could do it and eat a sandwich; I was impressed. Only the awe got shoved aside, diminished by a second, stronger tremor that didn't seem related to Pen at all.

Not even as she fell.

Talk about buzz kill. Energy versus gravity. Arms and legs pawing at elusive leaves and then the utter emptiness of air. Torso twisting like a cat righting itself post-plunge. Only Pen's no cat. She body-slammed onto the ground, hard. The impact reached the soles of my feet while a cranial choir sang hosannas of "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" I dropped to kneel beside her. Pen was on her back, eyes closed. She was very, very still. My mouth was open, but her name hid behind my tonsils. Kurt and company hovered nervously, wondering if somehow they could be held responsible. Them. Yeah, right.

Then, the third tremor — a steamroller with thorns this time — and with it, the equine smell. The world folded in and out like accordion bellows, and suddenly none of this was here. No, it was — but it wasn't the same. The tree wasn't nearly as mighty. The day was different, too; drizzly, the sun off duty. Pen, Kurt, et al were absent, but there was a crowd. This was...an event. A spectacle. The atmosphere was thick with it. Every one of these people had something to feel, and none of it was good.

Then, with a time-wrenching twist, I was back again, kneeling by Pen, and her eyes shot open. Except they weren't her eyes. Pen's eyes are indigo, same color as mine — her mother's eyes, my mother's eyes. These were shards of onyx, sharp and black.

"You put to death this day an innocent man!" cried Pen, who was not Pen.

"What the...?" wondered Kurt, or someone, a distant insect.

"You convict me of murder — what a cowardly lie! In truth you condemn me for doing in life what you all dare do in dreams! It festers there in the sweat of your beds, expunged now as this poisonous righteousness."

The voice spilling from Pen was her own, but as I began to grasp that the cadence, the eloquence, the unadulterated wrath could never be, the cosmos convulsed again, and I was once more part of the angry throng.

"Mark me, oh town of Swoon, oh great Connecticut colony, I shall be avenged."

I couldn't see him for all the people in front of me, who crushed forward and howled back. I could feel him, though, his rage and his terror. The onslaught of his oath seized me from the inside, held my heart like a shipwreck victim clings to flotsam.

"So warn your children's children's children and beyond — warn them well!"

The assembly roared scorn, and tightened together as fibers on a loom. They're going to do it, I thought, all at once comprehending. String him up on this very tree.

It takes a while to hang a man. He must have been strong; he must have fought. But at last he was well and truly dead, for the knots and clots of the crowd began to unravel and disperse.

For me, the world flexed in and came out the other side. There was sunshine. And there was Pen.

"Dice...," she said weakly, her eyes — they were hers — on mine. "Did I do something dumb?"

Relief was oxygen, brisk and blessed. "Yeah...no," I told her. "You fell. You probably shouldn't try to move right now. I think you lost consciousness or something."

"Whoa...really?" She blinked. Tickly shards of hair covered her face. I smoothed some away with a finger. "I think I'm okay," she said. "Nothing...really hurts."

Me? I was burning up, but it would pass. I studied Pen. The position of her body was normal; nothing stuck out at odd angles. My cousin is one of those indestructible people. One of those lucky people nothing bad or weird ever happens to. A bouncy rubber ball of a girl. Except something about the way Pen's glance flicked to Kurt's — the way she seemed to suspend him for a second with an almost sexy smile — made me wonder if such people genuinely exist, or if they're just a legend we hold to so we can feel safe. Copyright © 2009 by Nina Malkin

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Swoon 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 192 reviews.
CattTheDreamerReader More than 1 year ago
The Good: The beginning was good, it drew you in. and when I say "it drew you in", what I really meant was the book is practically daring you to put it down! And you can't because it is so fascinating and you just HAVE to know what happens next. The middle. it was pretty good, but the ending, OMG, the ending really delivered the most. Usually those types of endings make me want to chuck the book out the window. this was not the case with Swoon. And that takes skill to make me, the most emotional and sensitive person ever, enjoy the ending like that. You really pulled it off so, kudos to you Nina Malkin. Okay. to the characters. Dice was very cool. Even though I would never really hang out with her in real life (because she could probably kick my ass), I really liked her! She was sarcastic, interesting, and she was real. I think that's what I really liked about her; she didn't try to be anyone else. Not to mention, she's a really good person to her friends, her family, and practically everyone else. Even though I like Dice, sometimes I questioned her feelings about Sin. I wondered, "Why is she so in love with him?" and I am sure, everyone who has or will read this book has/will thought/think about that. I mean, if you look in the dictionary for the word "bad boy", you'll find Sin's picture. And probably if his picture is in it, the dictionary will out-sell Twilight. but that's beside the point. The point is, even though he's really bad. you can't help but have a soft spot for him. He's handsome, a gentleman (mostly), and he had this huge tragic life, the perfect desirable bad boy. I'm not saying everything he does is justified. Way more than once, he would do something and I would just want to strangle him for being such a jackass! But there were times (way more than once) that really made me. dare I say it, swoon for Sin. Ack, my mom would probably never let me out of the house for saying that. But, Sin's the type of guy who would even make the most innocent of girls sneak out their window for him. Not that I would do that because, you know, I would probably die. So, to an extent, I understand what she was thinking. Basically what I'm trying to say here is that Ms. Malkin has written very real and balanced characters. The Bad: This was a little mature, at least for me it was. I usually do not give an age limit for books because I know everyone matures differently, but this is totally for the more mature teen readers and up, only. It's not completely cringe-worthy; it's just sometimes awkward to read because it describes certain intimate acts, anatomy, and sexual references. Maybe I have the maturity of a five-year-old, but I felt just a teensy bit uncomfortable reading it sometimes. It was a good book, but young teens should not read this, at least, not yet. Also, at times the writing was too fast-paced and it left me confused and sometimes, with a headache. So, if you are going to read it, make sure to read slowly. Otherwise, you'll be really frustrated. And coincidentally, there was some parts that were boring and I wanted to skip ahead to the action. The point is: this book is bi-polar. Overall: Although, definitely not for everyone and when finished reading, I was a little confused about what I thought of it, after really thinking about it, I found that I immensely enjoyed the story. With a fantastic story line, Swoon is exciting and will have you breathless the whole time you're reading. Grade:
PyroMaiden More than 1 year ago
I was SO unhappy when I got through reading this book, 2 days of non-stop reading! I even threw a fit(Just saying how could moms send you to the book store and NOT letting you buy any books) but I had requested it from the libray and was glad I did(So basically I just made a sence in the store for absoultely no good reason!). The story was okay but there really wasn't enough romance with Sin and Dice, and if they showed any kind of love together it was torwards the very end of the book. All they really did in the story was talk about Dice's cousin, Sin possesing her, and him causing trouble around the town. I have to admit there were some funny and good parts but other than that, I don't think it's really worth buying....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I work at a bookstore and I like to read teen fiction novels to better be able to assist my younger customers. When I first read the back of this book I thought it would be quite an interesting story but I am halfway through the book and I am having trouble finishing it. This book is entirely to sexually descriptive and the characters are not ones that I would want any teenager relating too. I was even a little embarrassed with the sexual content and I am well past my teenage years. I would have to say that this is definitely not an item that I would recommend to any customer and I don't believe it should be labeled as teen fiction.
Supernaturalchick95 More than 1 year ago
this book is one of my most favorite books ever...and i LOVE to read. it is a great book for teens, its funny, sexy, and mysterious. you will LOVE it! just try it. :)
kuhlcat More than 1 year ago
Everywhere you turn there's a new story about a vampire. They seem to be all the rage lately, even more than when "Buffy" was on TV and "Interview with a Vampire" was the go-to movie in theatres. So it's refreshing to crack open a novel about a different type of fantastical creature- a ghost. None of this "I vant to suck your blood"; instead we get "I want revenge on your entire town for murdering my love!" Which, in my opinion, is a bit more exciting... I am an admitted word-whore, and I love seeing rare words. This book was chock-full of them. Ms. Malkin definitely has an extensive vocabulary and has put it to good use. She leads the reader through the story using alliteration, colorful images, and unconventional jargon. The images conjured in my head were clear and concise and each character jumped out of the page and appeared almost as ghosts themselves. In reading the novel, I felt as though it was playing right in front of my eyes. The story itself had me hooked through to the end. Adventurous, romantic, mysterious, with a bit of the magical thrown in. The typical ghost story is taken to a whole new level when the ghost is given special powers. It was taken pretty far to the extreme, but in a good way, almost as if testing to see how far it could go. How much can a ghost get away with in order to conclude his unfinished business? And how does it affect those around him? I loved reading this story, anticipating where Sin, Dice, and Pen would end up next. The one thing I will warn you about is that it does get a bit risque. I really must have attended an incredibly tame high school, or maybe I was more out of the loop than I thought, but teenagers that I knew were not such licentious druggies. Doing Ecstasy? Having orgies? Really? In a tiny Connecticut town? That may be stretching it a bit... With that in mind, pick it up. Give it a read. Take a break from the blood-suckers and see what happens when ghosts take over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, when I first picked up this book and read the cover I thought it would be a great book to read. I thought it would be something interesting, and overall something different from what I normally read. First, I would like to point out that the story line itself was amazing. It had great potential but Malkin didn't use it to it's full advantage. The way she jumped from chapter to chapter giving all of this information for the reader to take in was a little confusing. If maybe she would have said present and past or some odd days later at the top of every chapter it would have made it a whole lot easier to comprehend because when I was reading and would come to the next chapter I would be like "hey, wait did I just skip a few pages or something?" because it just didn't seem to come after what I had just read. Overall I think this author has great potential and if she wrote another book I would probably still buy it to see if maybe she had improved some but this book just didn't really work out for her I don't think.
CrashNitro More than 1 year ago
I read adult novels as well as teen novels, depending on my mood. So, naturally, when I picked up Swoon, I was looking for an interesting "teen read". Instead, I got more of an adult novel. Swoon, while written wonderfully, has entirely too much focus on sex, drugs, and the like to be considered a teen read. I would not be able to hand this book to younger friends or relatives without feeling it was too mature for them. There were no "fade to black" moments in this book! While not overly graphic in its sexual scenes, it did not leave anything to the imagination either! So, like I said, Nina Malkin did a wonderful job in her writing, plot, and character development, but I would be prepared for a darker more mature read if you pick up this book. I have listed a few true to the genre "teen" books below that I highly recommend!
acsimps More than 1 year ago
I love the catch phrase for this book. "What do you do when the boy of your dreams is too bad to be true?" I think that it was that and the cover that drew me in in the first place. This book took me a long time to read. I tend to like books that are different and this one definitely fits the bill, but I just found myself loosing interest about half way through. When it was all said and done I did enjoy this book, it just took me 2 months to officially finish it. Another thing to note is that all of the characters are given abbreviated names (Duck, Con, Marsh, Wick, etc...) in the story and that can make it difficult to remember who is who and whether or not they are male or female. You might not understand until you read it but I figured I would warn you. Swoon is definitely geared toward older teens. There are some rather explicit scenes involving sex and drugs in the book and it may not be suitable for readers under 16 or so. Swoon is the name of the town that the story is set in. Candice (Dice) has recently moved to Swoon because of "recent events" - Don't want to give away spoilers :) Swoon is a town full of wealthy families who have lived there for generations. Dice spends most of her time with her cousin Pen and her group of friends. Things start to get a little strange after Pen falls from a tree and becomes possessed by Sinclair (Sin), a boy who died more then 200 years ago. This is bad enough but it turns out Sin has plans for Swoon. Revenge. Pen seems to be oblivious to her possession but Dice has heightened psychic abilities that allow her to draw Sin out. Dice tries to fight the attraction she feels for this boy especially after realizing his plans. Dice decides that for the good of the town and Pen she must banish Sin from her cousin's body. Only Dice makes a mistake and now Sin is flesh and blood and is free to reek havoc on Swoon. The majority of the rest of the book focuses on how sin is terrorizing the town and how Dice plans to stop him. Sin's brand of justice is not what you might think, he does not go on a murderous rampage or anything he simply manipulates those around him. Taking them down a few pegs if you know what I mean. Dice has a lot of damage control to do but how do you stand against the boy you love? And can their love overcome his vengeance? http://bringmeanotherbook.blogspot.com/
Sydd More than 1 year ago
I am a self diagnosed chronic reader, from the moment I pick up a book I am completely enthralled until the point of completion which occurs generally the same day. I do not say this to sound like a prat, but I am trying to give context to my next statement, It took me a week to finish this book. At times I found myself irritated, in love, angry, upset, outraged and generally confused. There is a good story in Swoon, but SO MUCH happens that I found myself continuously unfulfilled. It was a bit like a disaster movie where so much happens you find yourself thinking, now wait a second how did they resolve that problem? why is there a new problem? did they (the characters) somehow forget what just happened? When I finally got to the end I was at a point of not caring. And maybe, that is the point of the book. Not that you shouldnt care but that life is a conflicting, crazy, and messed up experience. On a seperate note this book was listed in the YA section. Now I am all about letting children experience the world but there were a lot of references to sexual experiences and acts. And there was a lot of drug activity. I would say this book is not for anyone younger than 16 and maybe that is still too young. A mature 16 year old then. One that realizes fiction is fiction and not a suggestion book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was very excited to read this book. It seemed like the ideal fantasy/romance. Boy I was wrong. This book was confusing and out of order. Half the time I didn't understand what was going on. The main characters are fine. The overall story is good too. But I just coudn't follow the plot. It was confusing and underdeveloped.
Lama-tell-ya More than 1 year ago
The book did not seem very interesting the first three chapters. I kept telling myself to keep on reading and maybe it will get better, But it really didn't. There is a lot of confusion. And i had a hard time trying to picture things in my head, I think Malkin should try doing a better job at descriptive writting. Then there were some parts that did make a little sense. There is a lot of sexual reference. And i think that its about the only thing that may keep someone reading..sadly to say. I was not for the book personally and good thing i didn't pay for it and it was given to me from a friend. So no i would not recommend this book. Theres other books that are way more worth spending your money on.
drkside13 More than 1 year ago
this book jumped all over the place. i could follow the story line just fine, but it seems to me that it skipped parts &/or left things out. i didnt understand the whole Ruby visions, idk the story line overall was really good, but i felt that it didnt explain some things or maybe it was the way it was written that i couldnt follow it. overall good book but not fluid.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Swoon caught my attention when I saw the cover. I wanted to know more about it right after I read the summary on the back of the book. The beginning automatically drew me in and I dreaded the moment I had to put the book down. At parts I was confused, but once I read more into the chapter, I caught back up. It was very good and I recommend it to anyone that likes a good love story.
lexib8 More than 1 year ago
This story really draws a reader's attention into the story right from the get go. It is an amazing story of relishing in the past and saving the future.
booky123 More than 1 year ago
this didnt really have all the sexy, stuff the review said it would. It's very un clear at parts, and they ending i didn't get at all
BookCrazy31 More than 1 year ago
i absolutely loved the last three chapters of the book! i thought it was amazing. the story of her best friend made me cry. it was so moving and sad and touching. i am so glad things worked out for her in the end. i was overjoyed when she ended up with Sin but i am also disappointed of the ending because i do not think it was tied together. it was a good ending but it could have been better. i still recommend this book to people who want a good love story. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was very disapointing. It was very graphic for a teen read and I was very disapointed with the plot development. There was very little to no romance in this 'romantic novel'. All in all a big disapointment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Swoon is SUCH an amazing book! I could never put it down! You absolutely fall in love with the characters (especially Sin! Sigh!) and the plot's amazing! I will say that it was a bit . . . graphic for a 'teen read' but it was fantastic anyways! I absolutely loved the book and highly recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well when i first got the book, reading the reviews it got, i thought it would be amazing. ! mean they even compared it to Twilight! But the book is really disappointing, no romance happens really, it's just giving random lines out, i couldn't even understand what was going on most of the time. And what's with all the nicknames? Pen? Dice? Sin? Marsh? With? It gets very confusing, so I'd have to say this book was a waste of money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story was trying to be too edgy and focused little on the content or development of the characters of story. I could barely finish it and was upset i paid for it.
mega-babe_star More than 1 year ago
this wasnt even really worth reading. i put it down halfway through with no intention to going back and finishing it. i didnt really even enjoy the characters, so it was like ok.... i really dont care what happens at the end of the book. also, it had a lot of "edgy" content that i just didnt really care about reading. i thought it was trying tooo much to make a statement more than just enjoyable reading
No1NewAuthor More than 1 year ago
Not sure if this will be a series.... The way the book ended really didn't give an opening for a sequel. Personally, I'm the type of reader that likes to imagine myself the main character, or feel like I am their shadow, walking beside he or she as they are living the story. The author's writing was unique but very "in your face" all of the time, and for me, there was a disconnect there. I wasn't able to accomplish a connection to Dice (main character). Not once did I imagine myself her... I felt more like she was sitting down telling me the story. So if you like that, then this book is for you. Swoon's chapters didn't have a continuos flow. They were choppy with time and place. If you have a hard time with this, then it might be a problem to follow. There are sexual situations, drug use, foul language, making it more on the edgy side of the teen genre. Parents, if you are concerned for what your children read, then maybe pass on this until they are 16+. Although I do give credit to the author for thinking outside the box as far as NOT being so cookie cutter, SWOON personally wasn't for me. It did have me hooked at the begining though, but then half way through, the flame fizzled...
BrookeReviews More than 1 year ago
Swoon by Nina Malkin After a tragic accident in the home of her friend Ruby in New York, Candice "Dice" Moskow is sent to live in Swoon, Connecticut, where her Aunt and family take up residence. The town of Swoon is full of preppy, perfect, and privileged families, and nothing exciting ever happens there. That is until Dice's cousin Penelope's (Pen) soul entwines with the soul of one Sinclair Youngblood Powers when she falls from a tree almost to her death. Sinclair had been waiting for someone to bring him back to life so he could take his revenge on the families that have lived in Swoon for generations. Dice finds that she's drawn to this boy who has taken over Pen's body, but doesn't agree with his actions. She convinces Pen that they need to perform an exorcism to rid her body of Sinclair, but things don't turn out as expected. Instead of banishing Sinclair from Pen's body, he's taken up his true form, and now he finds it easier to act out on the locals. Dice knows she must put a stop to Sin's evil ways, but she finds it hard to do so when she's irrevocably in love with and drawn to him. Can she fix things before it's too late, before something truly horrible happens in Swoon? Review: I have to say the only reason I picked up Swoon was because of the beautiful cover art. It's gorgeous right? I'm going to say that it wasn't really worth the risk. Swoon was just okay. I wouldn't push anyone to read it. I felt like the characters were bland, with the exception of Sin and Marsh (Kristin Marshall). Pen was a super annoying character and I'm not sure why Dice felt so loyal to her despite the fact that she is her cousin. The dialogue was dry; the writing was erratic, and bounced to a different scene without a moment's notice. I felt it was hard to concentrate and just READ and enjoy. I think it could have been a fascinating story, but the psychic powers of Dice being the key to Sin's coming back to life wasn't fleshed out very well or explained. I'm not even sure they were connected. If not, then they probably should have been to make the story more cohesive. The visits through (another of Dice's abilities) time were interesting, but they were just short flashbacks at best, and the one trip Sin and Dice take doesn't have the emotional impact I was hoping for. I don't always jump into books and expect them to be totally believable, but everything that was thrown out was so farfetched that it was distracting. I also found that the romance between Sin and Dice fell short. I wasn't buying it, and didn't understand her fascination with him at all. I mean besides good looks and him being totally mysterious and different. Some of the blurbs claim that it is a Sexy and Seductive book, but I found it totally lacking, and felt myself waiting for SOMETHING to happen besides casual sex between minor characters. All in all it was an okay book that I wouldn't tell you to run out and buy, but to be careful and read other reviews for a second opinion if you still aren't sure. I mean, I was easily able to finish it, but I think that was mainly because I liked the idea of the story and wanted to see where it ended. Not because it was well executed.
Celestial_Wings More than 1 year ago
I found this book in the teen fic section and picked it up. I'm always looking for a new book to feed my ravenous appetite, and this was definitely interesting and new although the plot had a few holes in it. However, just because the main characters are teenagers in high school does not mean that the themes and teen. I would suggest this would be seniors in high school to college reading and no younger. There are some strong themes that parents should be aware of.
kid18 More than 1 year ago
The summery and the plot are amazing. I'll give it that much, but the problem is that it is too fast pace, like other reviewers said, it leaves the readers (slow ones like me) confused. Sometimes I had to re-read the passage I just read. The main character, Dice, was um...how do I say it, very loose and her parents let her do that. I mean, she's only 17 or less and she had "experimented" the guy's sex EVENTHOUGH she does not have a real boyfriend. That is, please pardon my language, very slutty. The main guy, Sin, was very very evil and flirty. I mean this is for teens right? and Ms. Malkin describe the chain of endless women he had sex with. I'm sorry but it doesn't work for me. I'm 17 and everything is pure and perfect.