Syllables of Rain

Syllables of Rain

by D.S. Lliteras
Syllables of Rain

Syllables of Rain

by D.S. Lliteras


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Written with the grace and elegance of poetry, Syllables of Rain is the compelling story of two friends haunted by the experiences, circumstances, and choices that have shaped them. Cookie is a man trapped by his own memories; and as he struggles to cope with both grief and regret, he gradually descends into a perpetual cycle of self-destruction. His friend Llewellen is doing his best to help, but is himself tormented by memories of Jansen, a Zen Master who, many years back, left Llewellen with more questions than answers about life. He is also conflicted about his relationship with Sandy, the woman he loves. His past overshadows their present—his illusions collide with her reality—and this rift between them leads to their separation.

Both Cookie and Llewellen must eventually decide if they will be defined by their past or learn to move beyond it, even if some emotional scars are too deep to ever fully heal; even when there are no definitive answers to their many questions. There is a surreal and poetic sensibility to Syllables of Rain that is, in just the right moments, contrasted by a sober and unprotected reality. In this short novel, nothing is out of place; emotions are bottled for consumption—and through a careful balance of lyrical wording, rhythmic pacing, and meticulous detail, the scope of its themes will entice the reader to ponder questions both big and small. This story may be told through the narrow window of two men's perceptions, but it delves into a timeless internal conflict that all of us must, at some point, face, examine, and contemplate the mystery of.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937907525
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Publication date: 10/25/2017
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

D. S. Lliteras is the author of fourteen books that have received national and international acclaim. His short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous national and international magazines, journals, and anthologies. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama with his wife and author, Kathleen Touchstone.

Table of Contents


1. Keeping Secrets

2. Wheel of Her Regret

3. Unwanted Dreams

4. French Toast

5. Empty Disposition

6. She's Not Coming Back

7. My Soul is Rusty

8. First Cup of Baltimore

9. Reasonable Pie

10. This Was Real

11. The Here and the Now

12. Everywhere is Nowhere

13. Wandering Thoughts

14. Imagined Rainbows

15. Its Weight Was Important

16. Zen Clarity

17. Hazmat Incident

18. His Idea of Poverty

19. What Was I Doing?

20. I'm Cookie. Do You Remember Me?

21. Jansen is Dead

22. He Smelled Bad

23. Tramping

24. I Need a Drink

25. Mother of God

26. Outside Ourselves

27. This is Not a Crime

28. Nobody Knows Anybody

29. Under a Small Sky

30. Charles Patrick Anderson

31. With Empty Pockets

32. Adolescent Enlightenment

33. Quest for Tranquility

34. Catherine, My Wife

35. Robert Llewellen

36. That Dreadful Word

37. Don't See So Clearly

38. Who Was Teresa?

39. Nobody Answering

40. Careful Pantomime

41. Saints Confuse Me

42. Vietnam

43. Nothing Lasts

44. Tough Woman

45. Lost in Uncertainty

46. Combat Veteran

47. Zen Noir

48. Misspelled Steps

49. I'm in Disguise

50. Epiphany

51. Synopsis of Despair

52. Perspective in Blue

53. Under the Bridge

54. Cityscape

55. Renga Party

56. Avoiding Violence

57. Go Home

58. Promises on Earth

59. Don't Blame Vietnam

60. Haunted Men

61. Discordant Cry

62. Hopeful

63. Wife

64. Pancakes

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