Systems Science: Addressing Global Issues

Systems Science: Addressing Global Issues

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993)

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Systems Science: Addressing Global Issues by Frank A. Stowell, Daune West, James G. Howell

As we approach the end of the 20th century we can look back upon the achievements that have been made in a variety of human endeavours with pride. Enormous strides have been made to improve the quality of life of millions of people through the application of the scientific discoveries made during this and past centuries. The 20th century will be remembered as much for the mass exploitation of scientific discovery as for the discoveries themselves. The technological age has meant that the human being is able to contemplate activities which "defy" nature. For example, some of the work involved in the preparation of these proceedings has been done whilst travelling at over 500 miles per hour seven miles above the surface of the earth. It is not difficult to conjecture about the effect that this relatively recent technology has had upon a number of "systems". Air transportation has provided a number of benefits including such disparate examples such as enabling holidays, famine relief and the cross fertilisation of cultural practices from other lands. Equally, there have been undesirable effects such as enabling the means of mass destruction, interference in other cultures and the speedy transportation of disease. Moreover, the physical presence of the aeroplane itself represents the consumption of fossil fuels, a source of pollution and a change in the way think about life. The view expressed here is of course the view of an inhabitant of the "western world".

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ISBN-13: 9781461362401
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 10/24/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993
Pages: 659
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

Plenary Papers.- Systems Science — Addressing Global issues.- Systems Science.- The Actor as a Perfect Citizen.- Information Systems and Systems Science.- Engineering Systems.- Giving Requisite Variety to Strategy and Information Systems.- United Kingdom Higher Education — A Systems Failure?.- Systems Practitioners: Facilitators of the Bringing — Forth of Social Systems.- A Theoretical Framework for an Interpretive-Systemic Study of Public Health Services in Venezuela.- Business Systems.- Metagame Analysis as a Tool for Longitudinal Analysis of Multi-Actorial Decision Processes.- Cultural Contradictions Impeding Global Competitiveness of American High-Technology Firms.- Systems Methodologies and Enabling Technologies: A Role for Group Support Systems?.- The Evaluation of IT Investment.- Heuristic Methods as an Instrument to Develop a Manager.- Suprahuman Systems and Management: Steering in Jeopardy?.- Using an Organisation Wide Consultation Approach for the Creation of Information and Information Technology Strategies.- Complex Systems.- Systems Synthesis.- Mapping Conceptual Models on to the Real World.- Systems Modelling with Natural Language and Fuzzy Logic.- Critical Systems.- Practising Freedom.- Ecology and Evaluation: The Macro-Quality Perspective.- ’Non-Traditional’ Logistics — A Step Forward?.- Critical Systems Thinking, Post-Modernism and the Philosophy of Richard Rorty.- Cybernetics.- Nonlinear Dynamics and Fire Risk Assessment.- A Cybernetic View of Quality Management.- Innofusion: Feedback in the Innovation Process.- Organizational Cybernetics.- Moving Management Around the Organisation or How to Make Jobs for the Boys.- Cybernetics & the Social: Conversations with Unspeakable Machines.- Linking SSM with VSM for Information System Management.- Cybernetics in Management.- A Workshop Methodology Based on the “Viable System Model” of Stafford Beer.- Educational Systems.- Reading as a Complex Phenomenon.- Design of Vocational Education Systems: A Systems Science Contribution to the “Competences” Debates.- Designing an MBA Curriculum for Information Systems Managers: An Analysis of Contextual Factors.- Theseus — A Model for Global Connectivity.- Problem-Solving Skills within the Curriculum: A Case for a “Softer” Approach.- Creativity and Science Ecology of Mind: The Future Sight of Science has Begun.- Sport Training as an Open System.- Introducing Systems Thinking into Mathematics Learning.- Systems Education: is There a Mass Delivery Approach?.- Computer-Based Methods of Knowledge Acquisition and Elicitation in Terms of the Subjective Representations and Teaching of Complex Domains.- Developments in the Automation of SSM Tutorials Using Multimedia Technology.- Environmental Systems, Social Systems, and Health Systems.- Systems Science and the Alternatives to the Changes of Soil in Areas of Traditional Agriculture.- A Systems Approach to Environmental Management.- A Systems Approach to Social Innovation.- Automation Technology as a Human Tool for Accomplishing Human Purposes.- Health for All and Community Participation.- Information Systems.- On the Incommensurability of Hard and Soft Systems Approaches to Information Systems Provision.- Knowledge Elicitation: First Step Towards Managing Floating Information in Financial Sectors.- Information Requirements: A Systems and Knowledge Based Approach.- They Shoot Werewolves, Don’t They?.- Function-Oriented Data Modelling.- Conceptual Modelling and DBS/KBS Design.- The Algorithmic Nature of Problem Solving.- Syntax and Semantic Analysis of Mission Statements.- Sublimating Methodologies: The Fallacy of’ the Right Thing Right’?.- Application-Oriented Tools for Software Development.- How to Deal with Wicked Problems Using a New Type of Information System.- Metaphorical Thinking and Information Systems: The Example of the Mechanistic Metaphor.- Improving the Impact of Systems Thinking on Information Systems Development.- Towards a Multimedia Based New Information Concept.- Towards an Interpretative Form of Data Analysis for the Soft Systems Methodology.- Intelligent Assistance in the Information Systems Design Process.- Information Systems Development Systems: What Gives?.- A Strategy of Engagement: Knowledge Elicitation For Augmentative Systems Development.- Managing is in Global Companies.- Kaizen: The Japanese Approach to I.T.- Interpretive Analytics and Critical Information Systems: A Framework for Analysis.- Software Quality — Can We Really Afford It?.- Accessibility & Utilisation of Organisations Newest Asset: Information.- Applying Soft and Hard Systems Approaches to a Technical Problem.- Linguistic Categories in Knowledge Based Systems.- Enterprise Design — A Total Systems Approach to Information Systems Development?.- The Role of Active Information Systems in Creating and Sustaining a Learning Organisation.- User Considerations in Communicating Information Technology Security Requirements.- Resource Object Data Manager: Structured Approach to Systems and Network Management.- Information Systems Development Education: Assumptions and Practice.- User Satisfaction as a Measure of Information System Effectiveness.- Application of Information Technology in Small Business in Slovenia.- End-User Computing Environment: A Case Study.- Manufacturing Systems.- Symbolic Manipulation CAD for Parameterized Families of Systems.- Support Systems for Total Quality.- Production and Information in Systems.- Systems Design and Concurrent Engineering — An Organisational Perspective.- Strategic is and Systems Methodologies.- Some Areas of Economic Theory Viewed Systemically.- “Am I Using a Systems Approach?” — A Framework for Response.- Experience of Teaching the Systems-Based Methodology of Interactive Management.- A Contingency Approach for the Selection of a Research Methodology (RM).- Vulnerable Systems, Failure and Disaster.- The Systems Law of Ordinary People.- New Directions in the Use of Structured Tools in Requirements Engineering at Glasgow Polytechnic.- Towards the Case for More Deliberate Strategic is.- Macrame, a Tool to Support the Analyst in Organization.- Business and Academic Collaboration in a Systems Project.- Integrating Scientific Disciplines: An Evergreen Challenge to Systems Science.- A Surprising Union? — Soft Systems Analysis and Sociometry.- Organisations Without “System”: Working with Holons Against Universality?.- Hermeneutic Approaches to Learning Methodology.- The Changing Role of System Dynamics.- Information Systems in Support of Resource Management in the Community.- Theory and Concepts.- Self-Referential Systems Theory: A Discussion of Some Theoretical Developments.- Desirability and Feasibility of Linking’ Soft’ Systems Methodology [SSM] with Structured Methodologies.- Systems Science: A New Imperialism?.- Metaphors as Seen by a Knowledge Elicitor.- Author Index.

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