Table 29: A Murder Mystery

Table 29: A Murder Mystery

by Russ Smith
Table 29: A Murder Mystery

Table 29: A Murder Mystery

by Russ Smith



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Who is the murderer? Is it one of the passengers at Table 29? Perhaps it’s one of the other passengers seated in the exclusive first class dining room or maybe one of the crew on board the ship? It might even be one of the passengers in the discounted cabins in tourist class. Listen to the voice inside the mind of the killer as the victims are identified and the murders are planned. All of the eight people seated at Table 29 are potential targets. Meet them, as well as some of the other passengers on the luxury ocean liner. Watch how they come together to support each other after the first murder and continue to do so, throughout the difficult voyage. Meet the physicist who studied theater and his sister, the medical student that was a once a ballerina. Get to know the inquisitive and charming widow and her film industry friends from Hollywood. Then there’s the Earl from Dorset and his Geordie husband who are the biggest land developers in England. The President’s brother is also on board, as is the Chief Justice and the Bishop. Hear about their interesting lives and see how they become close friends. Then try to guess who will survive and who is the murderer. You’ll also meet some of the crew on the ship. Meet the beautiful and decisive captain and some of her senior officers. Also meet the people that serve the world-class food in the elegant Potomac Grill restaurant. All of them have interesting stories and one of them might be the murderer. Follow the unique way the crimes are investigated by the New York Police Department and the FBI, while the ship is still at sea and while the murderer chooses the next victim. Will they solve the case before all of the guests at Table 29 are dead? Explore the fastest ocean liner at sea and get a glimpse of life on board for the passengers and the crew. Feel what it's like to live in the small community of the people on board, as news and gossip about the murder rapidly spread throughout the ship. The ship is named the United States 21, although it is often just called the “21”. It is modeled after the famous ocean liner of the mid 20th century that holds the record for the fastest Atlantic passenger ship crossing. Unlike popular cruise ships that serve a mass market and compete on size and amusement park like attractions, the “21” delivers the best food, service, and elegant surroundings, as did its namesake in the 1950’s and 60’s. The “21” does not shy away from declaring that it offers three classes of service – first class, cabin class, and tourist. Like any cruise ship or ocean liner, the “21” has a cross section of society on board, where wealth, status, culture, and class differences are found. On board the ship, the differences are magnified because of the confined space of the ship. As the tension mounts following the first murder, some of these differences melt away and some do not. The “21” takes advantage of technology. All of the capabilities of the Internet and telecommunications are fully implemented and integrated on board. All passengers and crew have access to complimentary and unlimited ultra high-speed Internet. Passenger can take a six-day journey and not miss a tweet, chat, trade, or business meeting. Of course tweeting, texting, and the use of phones is not permitted in the first class dining room, the Potomac Grill. Will the advanced communications technology enable the police on shore to determine who the murderer is before everyone at Table 29 is dead? If you read this book while on a cruise, be warned. You may find yourself watching the other passengers and the crew, wondering if one of them is planning the next murder at sea.

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ISBN-13: 9781543902976
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 07/01/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 328
File size: 412 KB

About the Author

Russ is a native of Michigan. He grew up near Detroit, in Grosse Pointe, and lives part of the year in beautiful Benzie County, near the Village of Beulah. He spends the rest of the year either in Arizona or traveling the world looking for the next story. Russ has always been interested in travel and has lived and worked in many different countries in Europe and Asia. He has always been intrigued by ocean liners and cruise ships, their history, and in the people that work and travel on them. Many of the characters in his book are based on people that he has met on a ship, or while traveling or working in around the world.Russ studied at Michigan State University, where he received a B.A in Hotel & Restaurant Management. He also attended Arizona State University, where he earned his MBA in Finance and Labor Relations and later his Master of Education degree, focusing on Educational Media and Psychology.Prior to becoming an author, Russ worked for 30 years in the semiconductor industry, holding various positions in training, finance, and supply chain management. In addition to writing, Russ currently teaches supply chain management as an adjunct faculty member in Michigan and guest lectures at universities in Europe.
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