Tarot Interactions: Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards

Tarot Interactions: Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards

by Deborah Lipp


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Tarot Interactions: Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards by Deborah Lipp

Read Any Deck with Deeper and More Meaningful Results Than Ever Before

Move beyond reading "card by card" and learn to provide powerful readings with a nuanced, flowing narrative like that of a story or poem. Designed for both beginners and advanced students, Tarot Interactions shows how to interact with the cards in a synergistic way, leading to more dynamic readings with any deck or oracle.

Join author Deborah Lipp as she reveals a unique approach to the tarot, with accessible lessons on patterns and layouts, card pairs, using language and storytelling to deepen a reading, techniques for interacting with querents, and developing or utilizing psychic ability. Explore simple yet effective exercises on topics from pathworking to meditation, as well as tarot experiments and games. Take your reading and intuition skills from wherever they are now to wherever you want them to be with this indispensable guide.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738745206
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 07/08/2015
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 794,088
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Deborah Lipp was initiated into a traditional Gardnerian coven of Witches in 1981, became a High Priestess in 1986, and has been teaching Wicca and running Pagan circles ever since. She has appeared in various media discussing Wicca, including the A&E documentary Ancient Mysteries: Witchcraft in America, on MSNBC, in The New York Times, and in many smaller TV and print sources.

Deborah has been published in many Pagan publications, including The Llewellyn Magical Almanac, Pangaia, Green Egg, The Druid's Progress, Converging Paths, and The Hidden Path, as well as Mothering Magazine. She has lectured at numerous Pagan festivals on a variety of topics.

Deborah is a technical writer with a variety of skills. She lives in Rockland County, NY, with her son, Arthur, who tap dances, and two cats. Deborah reads and teaches Tarot, designs wire-and-bead jewelry, solves and designs puzzles, watches old movies, hand-paints furniture, and dabbles in numerous handcrafts.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations and Chart xxi

Introduction 1

What Are Tarot Interactions? … 3

What Kinds of Cards Work with This Book?… 3

Who This Book Is For… 4

1 Interaction with the Psyche 7

Becoming Psychic… 7

The Three Tools of Any Psychic Skill… 9

Meditation 9

Self-Knowledge 12

Trust 13

How Tarot Helps in Interaction with the Psyche… 14

Memorization as Intermediary 14

Tarot Gets You Past Social Barriers 15

Ancient Power of the Tarot 16

Three Phases to Becoming a More Psychic Reader… 16

Phase 1 Let Go and Let Cards 16

Phase 2 Interact with the Cards 17

Phase 3 Interact with Your Voice 23

Speed 24

Confusion 26

Exercises… 28

Exercise 1 Meditation 28

Exercise 2 Journal 29

Exercise 3 Speed Reading 29

2 Interaction with Other Disciplines 31

Esoteric Disciplines… 31

Kabbalah 32

Astrology 33

Other Esoteric Arts 34

Cultural Disciplines… 34

Other Disciplines… 35

Exercises… 36

Pathworking Exercise 1 36

PathworkingExercise 2 37

Pathworking Exercise 3 37

Herbalism Exercise 38

Omen Exercise 40

Dream-Induction Exercise 41

Writing Exercise 42

3 Interaction with Pattern 45

Do the Math… 45

Suit Patterns 47

Sample Reading: Dominant Suits 49

Read the Pattern as If It's Another Card 50

Ask Yourself How This Pattern Applies To This Reading 50

Absence Is As Important As Presence 51

The Context Of The Pattern 52

Reversals 53

Major Arcana… 57

Number Patterns… 58

Aces-Keyword "Beginning" 59

Twos-Keywords "Duality" and "Balance" 59

Threes-Keywords "Outcome" and "Flux" 59

Fours-Keyword "Possession" 60

Fives-Keyword "Change" 60

Sixes-Keyword "Journey" 60

Sevens-Keyword "Willpower" 61

Eights-Keyword "Progress" 61

Nines-Keyword "Fulfillment" 61

Tens-Keyword "Completion" 62

Presence of People… 63

Sample Reading: Court Cards… 64

Other Patterns… 65

Homework… 67

Journal 67

Distribution 67

Patterns 67

Homework Questions 67

Oracle Card Homework 68

Homework Answers 68

Exercise… 69

4 Interactions with Layout and Position 71

Types of Layouts… 71

Full-Life Layouts 72

Snapshot Layouts 73

Past-Present-Future Layout 73

How A Card Changes In A Position 74

Changing The Time Sequence 77

Influences Layout 78

Sample Reading: Influences Layout 79

Exercise: Relating Cards to One Another 82

Celtic Cross Layout 83

Decision Layouts 88

Yes/No Layout 89

Reading in Sequence 90

Vitruvian Man Layout 94

Sample Vitruvian Man Reading 97

Expanding Upon a Layout… 104

Dropping Cards 104

Adding a Three-Card Fan of Past-Present-Future 105

Making a Card a Significator 107

Expanding the Planned Layout 107

Expanded Celtic Cross Layout 108

Designing Your Own Layout… 110

Homework… 111

Homework Questions 111

Homework Answers 112

Exercises… 113

Exercise 1 Past-Present-Future 113

Exercise 2 Create a Layout 114

5 Interactions Between and Among Cards 117

Two-Card Interactions… 117

Reading Paired Cards: The Professor 119

Reading Paired Cards: The Dancer 120

Whole Layout Interactions… 120

Whole Layout: The Dancer 123

Whole Layout: House of Sorrows 126

Cards Determining Other Cards… 132

An Echo, a Change of Direction 133

Homework: Studying Movement in Art… 139

Homework Questions 139

Homework Answers 139

Exercise: Reading Card Interactions… 140

Questions 142

My Thoughts 142

The Querent's Response 143

Questions 143

My Thoughts 144

The Querent's Response 145

6 Interaction with Language 147

The Grammar of Tarot… 147

Tarot Words and Sentences… 148

Sample Grammatical Reading: A New Job 149

The Tarot Subject… 153

Sample Reading: Another Person's Reading 155

Subject/Object… 157

Storytelling… 158

Homework: Sentence Structure… 160

Homework Questions 160

Homework Answers 161

Homework: Subject/Object… 163

Homework Questions 163

Homework Answers 163

Exercises… 164

Exercise: Sentence Structure 164

Exercise: Subject/Object 165

Exercise: Lonely Love Life Revisited 165

Questions 165

My Thoughts 166

The Querent's Response 168

7 Interaction with the Querent 169

Types of Querents… 169

Establishing a Connection… 170

Reading for Yourself… 172

Reading for Friends and Family… 173

Regular Clients… 175

How Much to Charge 176

Reading for Strangers… 178

Ask Questions!… 179

When Not to Ask Questions 180

Sample Reading: A Crucial Question 181

Difficult Querents… 185

Querents Who Test and Lie 185

Querents Who Want What They Want 186

Translators and Interpreters 187

Psychic Blocks 187

Homework… 188

Homework Questions 188

Homework Answers 188

Exercises… 189

Exercise: Charging for Readings 189

Exercise: Being Your Own Querent 190

8 Interaction with Experimentation and Play 193

Tarot Experiments… 193

Laying Cards on Things 194

Following Cards 194

Using Specific Cards for Guidance 195

Using Indicators on Cards 197

Finding A Missing Person 198

Tarot Affirmations 200

A Tarot Wedding 201

Exercise: Another List 202

Exercise: What Else? 202

Tarot Games… 202

Tarot Telephone 203

How to Play 203

Why It's a Good Game 203

Tarot Bluff 204

How to Play 204

Why It's a Good Game 204

Zener Tarot 205

How to Play 205

Why It's a Good Game 206

Keyword Tarot 206

How to Play 207

Why It's a Good Game 208

Conclusion 209

Appendix A Card Meanings 211

Appendix B Patterns 239

Appendix C Recommended Reading 243

Bibliography 249

Art Credits 251

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