Tarraforming Earth: Are They Back to Stay?

Tarraforming Earth: Are They Back to Stay?

by Jessie R. Dubose


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Tarraforming Earth: Are They Back to Stay? by Jessie R. Dubose

An extraterrestrial civilization created human civilization and all other life on Earth. There was a time when mankind knew about these beings, but as religion and science took over the world, people forgot their true origins.

Religion and science remain at odds, but they continue to work together to erase all knowledge of the extraterrestrials. The only thing that hints at the truth is the continued reports of unidentified flying objects and other unexplained phenomena. Join an electrical engineer as he draws upon his technical knowledge and broad understanding of the world to propose a theory that will change your life. He offers guidance on how to

• evaluate the impact extraterrestrials had on early civilizations;
• see through the inaccuracies of religion;
• evaluate scientific theories.

Relying on unsound theories to create new ones can lead to problems. While science and religion claim to have all the answers, neither one of them explains life on this planet. The truth is out there, and you can find it in Tarraforming Earth.

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ISBN-13: 9781469752990
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/06/2012
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.26(d)

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Tarraforming Earth

Are They Back to Stay?
By Jessie R. Dubose

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Jessie R. Dubose
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4697-5299-0

Chapter One

Earth's Beginning

Billions of years ago there existed an extraterrestrial civilization somewhere in the universe. Henceforth, this civilization will be referred to as the XTC. Members of this civilization will be referred to as extraterrestrial beings (XTB). The XTB are referred to as pagan gods by religion and mythical gods by science. In reality there may be more than one advanced civilization. Our XTC observed the formation of many solar systems. One such solar system was that of earth.

Much of the knowledge of the early solar system was documented by the Sumerian civilization who in turn acquired their knowledge from the XTC. Modern day scientist spend most of their time trying to ignore the information or trying to debunk it. It is ironical that many of modern cosmological theories are very similar to the Sumerian.

Chapter one of genesis in the holy bible explains the time line for the creation of the solar system and not the universe as some think. The time line is laid out in days. This is the most used point of argument for the debunkers. It must be realized that when the knowledge was transmitted to man one of the measurements of time understood by most was a day. Early man did not have any concept of billions and millions. From this it may be assumed that a day was used to explain time segments of events which could have been billions of years.

The second verse of genesis implies that the planets were present before the ignition of the sun as stated in verse three. Verses four through ten deal with the geological processes that affected the early earth. Verse eleven can be seen as the beginning of the tarraforming project's installation of life forms. This assertion presents the possibility that there are many solar systems in the process of forming but cannot be detected because their sun has not ignited or inadequacy of detection equipment. Regardless how you slice it, the time line laid out in genesis is very similar to that of modern cosmology.

2-Birth Of Earth

The early solar system was a very chaotic place. There was a watery planet in the solar system plane that shared its orbit with a planet that had an orbit that was inclined to the plane of the solar system. This planet was referred to as the planet of crossing (POC). Every 3600 years the POC passes through the solar system plane.

Billions of years ago the POC occupied a point in its orbit that was coincident with a point in the orbit of the watery planet. The POC had numerous satellites that rotated opposite those of in plane planets. It was one of these satellites that collided with the watery planet. The remnants of the watery planet along with its moon were transferred to a new orbit, and became known as earth. This collision could also have changed the orbit of the POC. This solves the scientist's question of, "how did the earth get it's water?". That is to say that the earth had its water from the beginning and did not acquire its water by comet impacts. Robotic probes have verified that water rich moons exist throughout the solar system, so why could have a water rich planet not have existed.

The shared orbit of the two planets between Mars and Jupiter contain debris from the collision and became known as the hammered bracelet by the Sumerians and the asteroid belt by modern astronomers. An early mathematician named Bode developed a planetary law that predicted the orbits of planets. It so happens that the law predicts that a planet should exist in the asteroid belt. Modern astronomers purpose that the asteroid belt is building material for a planet that did not form. This building material is theorized as primordial gases clumping together. It is known that if gases clump together the process can not produce iron and nickel, of which many asteroids are composed. The theory also includes the possibility of asteroid collisions. One has to ask himself, how does a collision occur if every thing is moving in the same direction and at the same speed? The answer may be a periodic gravitational force exerted by the POC.

The POC continues to pass through the hammered bracelet at which time many of the asteroids are ejected into different orbits. Some of these orbits intersected the new orbit of earth. This would explain the many asteroid impacts experienced by the early earth and its moon. If one of these asteroids was of sufficient size, it could have caused extinctions. If the earth is sufficiently close to the POC when it passes through the solar plane, extreme tidal forces could result.

Some researchers purpose that XTBs mentioned in the ancient text were inhabitants of the POC. This is not a rational assumption since the POC spends much of its orbital cycle in the far reaches of the solar system where sunlight is negligible and the temperature is very low. A more reasonable assumption is that the XTBs were inhabitants of a stable planet around another star. The XTBs were most active on earth when the POC entered in close proximately to earth, so they could monitor the ensuing events. One such event was probably the worldwide flood documented in the bible.

The worldwide flood mentioned in many religious texts could have been the result of the POC passing close enough to earth, so as to create massive tides. Many of the minor catastrophes may also have been caused by the passage of the POC. The severity of the catastrophe depends on the distance between the POC and earth at the time of crossing. The biblical account of the flood speaks of an extended period of heavy rain as the cause. Heavy rain was observed because of association with high tides caused by the gravitational effect of the POC. The high tides caused the flooding, not the rain. If rain had caused the flood, one must ask the question where did the immense amounts of water come from and where did it go?

The ancient text of the Indus Valley have been relegated to religious myth by science. The most studied of these are the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The reason it was easy for science to relegate the text to myth was the fact that they were composed only in 200 BC from oral traditions. A supporting argument was that events described were impossible. It later turned out some of the events were shown to be possible with the development of nuclear weapons at the end of WWII. Our feeble attempts at space travel have lead the uninformed to state that if we can not do it, no one else can either.

The events in the text that is the hardest to accept is the description of areal battles in those ancient times. If one eliminates the possibility that the composers read science fiction novels, then the only conclusion is that another XTC tried to wrest control of earth from the resident XTC. It is not realistic to assume the battles were between adversarial resident XTBs because of the scope of the battles.

Much time has been expended on analysis of ancient text to glean ancient knowledge. Just as much time has been expended in an effort to disparage ancient knowledge. With our superior knowledge achieved through pot shards and building foundations we know what the ancient text really tried to convey. Ancient scribes did not have the vocabulary or knowledge to describe events witnessed, therefore it must be the one thing that everyone could identify with, that is the gods. The gods are the debunker's main point of attack because of the religion/science conflict.

Many scientific disciplines have evolved to advance the study of the earth's early history. These studies revolve around what is known as fossil evidence. Fossil evidence is anything that leaves evidence of its prior existence, not just bones. Scientist analyze the evidence and develop theories to explain it. Some of these theories make sense, while others are unrealistic. A problem arises when a previous unsound theory is used to explain new evidence to develop a new theory.


Ancient text covers a very small time span in the earths evolution. However, they are the only markers of intelligent observations of the past. If this is not available the only alternative is theories. Remember that theories are guesses. Some of these theories can be accepted as fact depending on the notoriety of the sponsor. Some of these theories will be questioned in the following segments.

This is where the tarraformers enter the discussion. The tarraforming theory proposes that the earth's ecosystem has been manipulated for millions of years and maybe as many as a billion. The tarraformers mode of operation is to install a life form and monitor its evolution. This may require thousand of years. An earthly scientist recognized this process and developed his famous and accepted theory.

In the early 1800s Charles Darwin developed the theory that all species of plants and animals developed from earlier forms by hereditary transmission of slight variations to successive generations. The forms that survive are those that are best adapted to the environment. The theory has been proven to explain the variations within a species.

It is theorized that all life on earth evolved from a single cell organism which in turn evolved from chemical elements or spores from asteroids. Sloshing of tides were also required to make the theory work. It would be logical to assume that plants evolved before animals since animals would require a food source. Very little research has been published about plants evolution during this time. This requires two unrelated life forms to develop independently from single cell organisms.

This problem can be solved by assuming that the XTC would install plant lifeforms and wait a thousand years or so to determine its survivability. To earthlings a thousand years seems to be a long time, but when the established long lifespan of an XTB is taken into consideration it does not appear so long. After the plants have established themselves the various animal lifeforms can be installed. In both instances the lifeforms will be designed to exist in the new environment.

The XTC performed this process many times over millions of years. If a life-form did not evolve as expected it was allowed to go extinct to be replaced by another. Regular natural catastrophes could erase all lifeforms. It would be logical to assume that undesirable lifeforms would not be replaced after a catastrophe. Accepting the possibility that the XTC replaced lifeforms after a catastrophe eliminates the need to stretch the theory of evolution to cross the boundary.

Much study has been done on unique life forms located in isolated geographic areas. This is based on the theory that a life form from an adjacent area migrated into the isolated area and commenced to evolve into a different species. In most cases the two areas are located thousands of miles apart separated by water. For the theory to be believable it must be assumed that both male and female of a species be transferred at the same time on wind or sea currents. The transfer of each member must occur within a few years, otherwise the existence of a possible mate would have ceased. Procreation with a resident species is not possible. The emigrant species may become nothing more than food for the resident species.

A more believable scenario is the tarraformers installed the unique life forms in isolated areas so as to observe evolution without contamination by adjacent areas. The use of isolated areas may lend credence to the location of the lost continent of Atlantis. The city is said to be circular in layout which suggest it was constructed on an extinct volcano. The theorized location is in the Atlantic ocean which is isolated from all land masses. This could have been the earthly headquarters for the tarraformers project. Even though the XTC is very smart they could not prevent the effect of plate tectonics which resulted in the destruction of their headquarters.

It can be postulated that the XTC tarraforming project is still in force today. This would explain the mysterious life forms being reported in great numbers as evidence of continuation of the tarraforming project. The science of denial is being used to protect existing theories. The fossil record shows that the earth has experienced many catastrophes in the past. Catastrophes occur at regular intervals. These do not include storms, minor volcanoes, and minor droughts. The minor events only serve to reduce the population in local areas which is predicted by evolution.

4-Extraterrestrial Life

Science chose to ignore and ridicule religious history. Now that the question of extraterrestrial life has come to the fore, it is left with the problem of explaining what happened before the scientific method. Although religious history was modified to enhance belief there is still nuggets of truth embedded. One passage from the bible supports the possibility of extraterrestrial life. This can be found in John 14:2-3 as repeated here.

In my father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

This passage seems to imply another planet is being made ready to receive mankind. This could mean the XTC is aware that the earth is deemed for a major natural catastrophe in the future. This tends to support religious teachings that, if you believe in God and lead an exemplary life you will be transferred to the new planet. These conditions eliminate the need of having to save a major portion of the earths immense population. If the XTC is recognized as being extremely advanced, they still don't have the ability or desire to save the entire population of the earth.

This will be similar to what happened to Noah's clan. They had desirable traits that if saved would eliminate the need for the tarraformers from having to start over with their grand project. It must be realized that man is just another species in the tarraformers project. It would be nice to assume that man is a special species in the project.

Recently observational science has detected planets around other stars. There are three methods used in detection. The wobble detection method monitors the position of a star for variations in its location. If it moves in the viewfinder, there is a possibility that a planet is causing the motion. The presence of planets can be bolstered by the second method of detection which is the light signature of a star. If a planet is in an orbit that is parallel to the line of sight, there will be a decrease in the output of the light source at noticeable intervals. As the angle of the orbit to the line of sight increases light variations will become less detectable.

The third method proposed is the measurement of red shift of the stars light. This may be a useful tool if it can be shown that there is a regular change between a red shift and a blue shift. The planet must have enough mass to cause the star to exhibit a large velocity change towards the observer that can be detected as a red shift. If such is not the case it can be assumed the red shift theory has a problem. The red shift method becomes more problematic if the red shift is not periodic and associated with a blue shift.

The Search for ExTerrestrial Intelligence program is attempting to verify the existence of the XTC by listening for radio signals. Since none have been detected, it is popular to assume the XTC does not exist. A probable reason for non detection is that the XTC does not use radio for communication. A second possibility is they are using encryption schemes that hide the signals in the background radiation. More than likely the XTC does not use encryption, since man has only became sufficiently advanced to detect radio signals in the last one hundred years.

The detection of planets led to the question could these planets support basic life? Scientists are careful not to go so far as to purpose the possibility of advanced intelligent life. Support for the question of advanced intelligence was made by the occurrence of UFOs which could not be explained or ignored, but could be extrapolated as the existence of a superior civilization out there.

The monitoring of man's evolution has been going on for thousands of years, but man only became sufficiently advanced to recognize it since WWII. This is when the CIA began its debunking of UFO sightings.


Excerpted from Tarraforming Earth by Jessie R. Dubose Copyright © 2012 by Jessie R. Dubose. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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ABOUT AUTHOR....................vii
Section-1 Earth's Beginning....................1
Section-2 Man's Beginning....................9
Section-3 Religion....................23
Section-4 Science....................37
Section-5 Civilization....................51
Section-6 Enviroment....................61
Section-7 Investors....................69
Section-8 Man's Demise....................77
Section-9 Unknown Phenomia....................101

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