Tell Them More: Faith Changes Everything

Tell Them More: Faith Changes Everything

by Pauline Cooper


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When you are born to a teenage mother and a father who was abandoned by his family what can the possibilities be for you?
Fighting through confusion to try and understand life,
chaos, and worse. A shaky life,
no doubt - one where life's lessons are beyond diffi cult.
Early on you realize that life has challenges.
And, we don't come into life with an instruction manual- but we learn from personal experience, and by observing the lives of others.
But, the most valuable lessons come from personal experience.
Although plagued by considerable troubling situations, abuse,
health issues, alienation, and the confusion you must steer through to fi gure out life without the help of others.
Trust is the key element needed for one who has lived such a diffi cult life. We must trust in something beyond ourselves, to get through life's diffi cult moments.
Th at began my love aff air with Faith. Faith that has been my steadfast guide which pulled me from the jaws of death, turned on my ability to fi ght for my life and sustained me during my personal hardships when I felt alone and in despair. Faith helped me fi ght and win the many battles I've fought.
Tell Th em More - Faith Changes
Everything refl ects my personal struggles that I've overcome through
Faith in God, Faith in myself and
Faith in others.

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ISBN-13: 9781530947775
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/07/2016
Pages: 144
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