Tempt Me

Tempt Me

by Carly Phillips
4.6 67

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Tempt Me 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 69 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 3 days ago
5 star review Tempt Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys #2) by Carly Phillips Where do I start? This is a single father/nanny story about Austin Rhodes, Mia Atwood and an adorable little girl names Bailey (whom I loved). I love alpha males who are strong, sexy and protective, throw on a cute little girl who just about melts my heart and I knew I was in for one awesome read. Both Austin and Mia have fought their attraction for each other, neither wanting cross the line. They share sizzling hot looks and on occasion, some stolen kisses, so can they keep the chemistry between them from exploding particularly since neither of them really want to hold back.? When Mia’s past comes back to haunt her, Austin knows that he must step in and protect not only her but his little girl Bailey. He is protecting on so many fronts, not just Mia’s past but his own as his ex-wife seeks to get custody when her plan to extract more money from him is met with no success. Not only does he have to protect Mia but he needs to protect Bailey from the mother she doesn't know and who doesn't really want her, unless it is as a pawn in her revenge against Austin. The characters were easy to relate to and the steaminess when it occurred, off the charts as Austin and Mia sizzled together. This was one of those books I just didn’t want to put down or have end. This book runs the gauntlet of emotions and when you add in the suspense and danger it is truly a great read. Ms. Phillips has written a story where the characters are strong and well written (Bailey is so cute she almost steals the book) and I will admit I was extremely sad when I finished the book.  
JWright57 4 days ago
Book 2 in the Bodyguard Bad Boys Series and for me this series is getting better with each book, I mean what’s not to love about a single dad who also happens to be a hot bodyguard. Austin Rhodes is never doing relationships again the only girl in his life is his adorable little girl Bailey, but he needs a live in nanny and when Mia Atwood takes the job and moves he finds himself struggling to not cross any lines. Mia loves her job and she adores Bailey so she doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardise her job but the attraction and sizzling chemistry is hard to resist. Will these two cross the line and risk it all .... guess you need to read the book to find that out. Carly Phillips certainly knows how to give us characters to fall in love with but once you add in an adorable little girl who has some great one liners you get the perfect story. I read this book in one sitting I was drawn in by the storyline and the strong personalities of all the characters, I needed to know how this love story ended. This book has the perfect mix of romance, passion, angst and a few twists to keep you turning the pages and if you love romance you will want to one click this book.
Anonymous 6 days ago
have been a fan of Carly Phillips for a long time and have several of her books. She never disappoints me when I dive in but this one was beyond my expectations. There are a lot of single dad books out there and I think this is my favorite. Austin is just trying to right by his daughter, Bailey. Her mother had left because she couldn't handle the responsibility. And thats fine because Bailey is so much better without her. Austin is even working on being home more but still has a job to perform. So he hires Mia to be the nanny. Mia loves children and Bailey has wormed her way I to Mia's heart. She feels for this litle girl who doesnt realize that she doesn't have a mother but looks to Mia like she is. And loves Mia like a mother. That's why Mia fights her attraction to Austin. And Austin fights his attraction to Mia. The two of them are stubborn but I commend them in the same breath. They put Bailey's needs above their own. They are subliminally put together by several people, Austin's mother being one of them and Bailey innocently being another. They deny it until they can't anymore. I lived how the story unfolds. Not only is the sexual tension off the charts but they truly talk to one another and share burdens like a couple would. Austin has to deal with the ex coming back into their lives. Mia has a past in which her life was put in danger and will be again. How they deal with these hard times is a testament of their love for one another. Fantastic read!
Ruza65 3 hours ago
4.5* for Book Two in The Bad Boy Bodyguard Series. Single father Austin Rhodes is a part of the Alpha Security Team, and the most important person in Austin's life is his little girl Bailey. He loves being a father, and will do everything to provide for and protect her. He hires Mia Atwood to be Bailey's nanny. Austin and Mia are attracted to each other. They want different things in life so they fight their attraction, until they can't. Carly did it again with this 2nd chance at love story. It is well written, and you are literally rooting for Austin and Mia. I volunteered to review an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
sharonrCA 14 hours ago
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This is a new series by the author and it is book 2 though I have not read book 1 at all, I totally loved this story and it very easily stands alone. In fact the characters from book 1 are in one scene in this story, so if you skip the first book - you won't have missed anything. This is part of a Bodyguarding series but Austin, our hero is not really a bodyguard in this book. He does more administrative things for his company as he has decided he needs safety over adventure since he is a single dad. His nanny is Mia, and she is beyond great. I loved her and Bailey, Austin's 6 year old loves her too. The two are very attracted but they try and resist but well .... we get a lot of HOT scenes. But this story has a lot of heart. Mia is an orphan and she dreams of babies and a husband. Austin has done that and he doesn't want that future anymore. And that is the real issues between the two and why Mia tries hard to resist Austin. This was a really well written and HOT story with characters I loved and a plot that kept me very interested. I highly recommend if you enjoy nanny/boss romances.
Mags_louise 18 hours ago
This was an enjoyable story. With likable characters and an adorable 6 year old called Bailey. That had enough drama, angst, sparks, hot moments, fun and cuteness to really hold my interest throughout. And I'd happily recommend it to others.
cntrygirlzroc 1 days ago
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Mia is an orphan and loves children, so she becomes a nanny. Her last job her boss was doing illegal dealings. Mia saw and recorded it and help send him to jail. Now she’s a nanny for Bailey, Austin’s little girl. Austin works for Ace Security as a bodyguard and has promised himself never to marry again. His first wife got pregnant on purpose and he married her but she ran off. Now he’s raising his daughter with the help of Mia. The attraction between them sparks and they keep their distance at first but finally give in to it. She knows how he feels about marriage so she breaks it off. But Bailey’s mother is back and wanting money or custody and Austin will do anything to keep that from happening. Mia finds out her old boss is having a retrial and she has to testify again but someone is threatening her not to. Can Austin protect his heart and Mia too? Excellent story. Well told, with characters who are almost real with real problems. Sexy. A cute little girl, a handsome guy and a strong beautiful woman. Crazy ex’s.
Anonymous 2 days ago
I liked this book but I kinda did not understand the authors story close to the end. To not give away the plot, closer to the end there is danger that is so ing toward one of the characters. For some reason the author has the couple running off to a cabin to have sex and send the child to the grandparents. It made no sense in the story. If you're interested in the type of plot I would recommend Sawyer Bennett cold fury series.titled Zack. It has a similar guy/nanny theme but it is a better story and the sex isn't so forced in the story.
Momscookingthebooks 2 days ago
This is the second book in this series and can be read as a standalone without any problem. The previous couple from book one is mentioned and make a brief appearance in this book. Austin Rhodes is a wonderful single father to his precocious 6-year-old daughter Bailey. He calls her Bailey Button, so cute. I really loved his character. He is a good man, father and son. He is a bodyguard and his profession came in handy during a few issues that happened regarding both of their pasts. I won’t get into the twists, so you will just have to read the book. Austin and Bailey are everything that Mia Atwood dreams of but can’t have. Mia grew up in the foster care system from the age of six when her mom died of cancer. She said she was fortunate to be in good homes but still longs for a family to call her own. She put herself through college with an elementary education major and psychology minor. She was a nanny during college and felt that was her true calling. Mia and Austin fight the chemistry that is there until it reaches a boiling point. They have some amazing chemistry and their sexy times are steamy. There is some push and pull between the characters and some mystery thrown in to make it interesting. This was a quick and very enjoyable read. I loved the characters and the writing, I just wish it was longer. I felt the ending was rushed and I was left wanting for more.
MelodyMay 2 days ago
Talk about a tempting read. This past week I read Tempt Me by Carly Phillips. I'm going to have to say that I liked this story more than the first book. Don't get me wrong I did like the first book, but I loved Austin Rhodes. He's definitely a swoon kind of hero. Pretty protective those around him, and adores his daughter. Seriously, those seen when he's with his daughter, Bailey, could pop an ovary. Totally lovable. Then we have Mia Atwood, the nanny. She's adores Bailey likes she was her own kid. I love that she tried to avoid her attraction to Austin. She tries to be a good nanny. I enjoyed Tempt Me. There' more to the story than Austin and Mia trying to fight there attraction. There's a little draw that happens. Okay, it's fairly complicated drama that Austin and Mia's past kind of intervene on their happiness. I love that Mia wants to protect Bailey at all cost, even sacrifice her feelings for Austin. Anyway, I really liked Tempt Me. It was a tempting read, because the guy on the cover is pretty yummy. I liked the story. It was a fairly fast read, with a happy ending. I can't wait for more of these Bodyguard Bad Boys. Copy provided by author via RockStar PR Rating 4 1/2 Stars
Sandy-thereadingcafe 2 days ago
3.75 stars--TEMPT ME is the second instalment in Carly Phillips’ contemporary, adult BODYGUARD BAD BOYS romantic, suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for Alpha Security-a spin off from her Billionaire Bad Boys series. This is bodyguard and single father Austin Rhodes, and nanny Mia Atwood’s story line. TEMPT ME can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Mia and Austin) TEMPT ME follows the forbidden relationship between single father and bodyguard Austin Rhodes, and his daughter’s nanny Mia Atwood. For months Austin and Mia have been dancing around one another; their attraction to one another palpable but the fact that Austin was Mia’s employer, and he didn’t want anything to do with a permanent relationship pushed all thoughts to the side until threats of a personal nature found Austin both lover and protector to Mia Atwood. With his ex-wife demanding custody of their five year old daughter, and the upcoming retrial of an embezzler where Mia is the primary witness, Austin finds himself calling in favors to protect the woman and daughter that he loves. What ensues is the building relationship between Mia and Austin, and the potential fall out when Mia believes everyone will be better off is she leaves the area and runs. The relationship between Mia and Austin begins as a business arrangement that turns into something more. Months of family-like togetherness find our couple taking the next step in a relationship that was fated from the start. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to Austin’s parents John and Sarah Rhodes, as well as his ex-wife Kayla, and Austin’s daughter Bailey. TEMPT ME is a quick read; a fast building romance between two people who struggle with the past but are willing to take a chance on a future together. The premise is enjoyable and character driven; the romance is sensual; the characters are dynamic, engaging and impassioned.
KristieK 2 days ago
Tempt Me By: Carly Phillips ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review by Kristie K Good guys don’t always finish last, as Carly Phillips proves with her newest release… Tempt Me is a captivating tale of a single father, badly burned by the mother of his child and determined not to make himself or his daughter vulnerable by getting involved with a woman…no matter how tempting she may be. Austin Rhodes is a wonderful father, with a heart of gold, and a body for sin. His only apparent weakness is his daughter…until he hires a gorgeous new nanny that has his blood boiling, and his pants tenting. Mia Atwood grew up in foster care from the age of six, and put herself through college, but finding her true calling as a nanny. Her love for children and desire for a family of her own only fuel her passion for her job. When her most recent charge is a precocious six year old that captures her heart, and a boss that threatens to do the same, nothing can prepare her for the roller coaster she’s on. Carly Phillips delivers another incredible tale of desire, loss, fear, and hope with Tempt Me. While a popular genre at the moment, Ms. Phillips is able to add twists and turns that make this tale as unique as the characters she creates. I absolutely adore Austin, both as a father, a son, and as a man. Such a genuine man, with a heart as big as Texas, and a protective streak just as wide. His fears aren’t unfounded, but genuine, and his vulnerabilities are refreshing. Mia is everything I would want in a nanny, a friend, a sister, or a mother. She is a beautiful soul, with a heart full of love for those in her life. Always putting others first, especially the child she is in charge of, Mia is a truly extraordinary human being. The tension between Austin and Mia is nearly unbearable, and the push and pull that follows is both heartbreaking and beautiful. These characters believe in honesty with each other, which is both refreshing and a little…surprising? Most authors crank up the drama, where Carly Phillips just cranks up the real. A truly intoxicating read that I truly enjoyed from the beginning to end. Kristie K
LynnB888 3 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! Fast paced, endearing and spicy! I really enjoyed the next story in the Bodyguard Bad Boys series by Carly Phillips. The characters are super easy to connect with, the plot is intriguing and the chemistry is explosive. There were a few places that could have been built on more, but the characters draw you in to such a degree that you are willing to forgive the quickness of the story. Overall, a great read! Single dad Austin Rhodes would do anything for his young daughter. Have a live-in nanny, finagle his work schedule around his time with her, be there for all of her important moments, anything to keep her happy. When something threatens that happiness, he won't hesitate to strike out! Mia Atwood has been the nanny for a few months now and adores his daughter. The atmosphere of the house is an ideal place to work ... well ... except for the little niggling thing around the edge of the surface ... lust! She can't stop eyeing up his luscious body every chance she gets behind his back, but they are definitely keeping it strictly professional ... well ... until the past comes back to haunt them and he needs to step up and protect her ... then the close quarters might make that professional thing a little tricky!
StephPhillips 3 days ago
I was given a copy of this book from the author. Given his track record with women - specifically his baby mama - Austin doesn't ever want another long term relationship.  No marriage, nothing.  Unlike his live in nanny, Mia, who can't wait for the day to have her own family with kids running all around. Mia grew up in foster care and has always longed for a family of her own  She could almost believe her dream would come true if she could  act on her attraction for her boss and he wanted to become a family.  She knows of his aversion to relationships.  She just doesn't know why he's sworn them off for good.   Once they begin their relationship though - it's all she can do to keep herself from falling for Austin.  Of course then there's trouble.  The type of trouble that has to engage Austin to help keep her safe.   You could have gathered all this from the blurb I suppose.  It's hard to tell you about the story w/o telling you the story.  This contemporary romance has a little bit of drama included.  A single parent who needs love just as badly as the rest of us do - but too stubborn to see in front of his face.  A woman who adores the family she works for but doesn't want to mess up the dynamic.  The story read quickly for me.  The writing is good.  It's a pretty straight forward story. 
Cali-Jewel 4 days ago
Emotionally thrilling, sexy sweet, action packed single dad burned by love falls for the nanny romantic adventure filled with passion and danger. How could I possibly resist. Austin Rhodes is a gruff, sexy, strong alpha male protective type bodyguard that has been burned by love and is not looking to repeat the process. He just wants to live his life and raise his daughter as best he can until.... Enter the live in nanny Mia Atwood sexy, sweet and so caring she is excellent at her job and tempts Austin like no other. Through in some danger she needs protecting from and he is just a goner... Loved every heart pounding turn in this highly entertaining read.
Wisdom 4 days ago
Austin Rhodes is a Security Operative for Alpha Security and a single dad with sole custody of his daughter Bailey. After what they went through with his ex (Bailey's mother), he has sworn off serious relationships. He doesn't really date and never brings women around his daughter. But there is one that he is attracted to. The only problem is that Mia Atwood is Bailey's nanny and deserves more than he is willing to give. She lost her last job when she testified against her former employer for things that she witnessed which resulted in said employer going to prison. She is young and sweet and loves her job. She is also attracted to her boss. However, she would never give into her attraction and risk losing her position. That is until she realizes that Austin is also attracted to her. But as they are trying to figure things out between them his ex returns threatening to take Bailey away unless Austin pays her more money. And Mia finds out that she has to testify against her former employer again because he has been given a retrial. And to top it off, she could swear that someone is following her. Could any of it be connected? This is just what we expect from this author. A story loaded with sexy, fun, drama and love!
Nicolerko 4 days ago
4.5 Stars I love a single dad story. Then throw in a hot bodyguard dad and a nanny love interest I'm sold! Austin with his little girl is just plain swoon worthy. I gobbled up this book real quick. It has heart, humor, heat, and keep me on the edge of my seat suspenseful moments. To me this was a well rounded book and it ticked all my boxes for a romance. The characters were engaging and had great chemistry. I thought this was a great installment in the series.
Cheryl-S 4 days ago
This is book two in the Bodyguard Bad Boy series and it features Austin, Mia and Austin’s adorable daughter Bailey. I understand the reasons for wanting the futures they want, even though they’re opposite of each other. He’s a good man and he’s afraid to get burned again. The struggle is real! This is a single dad and the nanny trope. As usual, it’s written perfectly. Love the characters and the story line is filled with enough to grab ahold of you at the beginning and not let go until the end. I can’t wait for more!
Flo1174 4 days ago
This book was awesome.... Austin and Mia melted my heart and made me laugh and cry... Bailey was absolutely adorable and precious... Austin learns one bad experience should not determine your future especially when it comes to love and what you think you want isn't always what you need..
CLPetit1956 4 days ago
I expected a well-written bad boy single dad/nanny romance story, and Carly Phillips did not disappoint. Tempt Me is a hot and sexy read full of angst, suspense, danger, drama, twists, and a sizzling chemistry between the main characters that leap off the page. You can feel the sexual tension between them and you can't wait to see if anything will come of it. I volunteered to review an advance reader copy of this book.
sferguson0822 4 days ago
This was a good, sexy read. It drew me in from the start, and had the perfect amount of angst and drama to keep me drawn in. Mia and Austin heated up the pages in this fantastic read that I would definitely recommend!!
sferguson105 4 days ago
mamalovestoread22 5 days ago
Austin Rhodes has been burned by love once, and has no intentions of ever letting it happen again, his heart is barricaded and no one is going to get in... or that was the plan anyway! When Mia Atwood came into his life it was to provide care for his daughter, and that was it, but little by little she has found a way to sneak past his defenses and find a way into his head and his heart. He didn't want to fall for another woman, but when he looks at Mia he can't imagine his life without her, she fits so perfectly in his life... or is it all too good to be true? When Mia Atwood took the job caring for Austin Rhodes's daughter she never expected it to be anything more than that, but then she got to know him and realized that they had some serious chemistry... a chemistry she would love to act on, no matter how wrong it seems. But Austin mentions in casual conversation that he doesn't do love, relationships, or anything of the sort and she starts to second guess getting involved with him, because that's everything she wants. But those damn sparks keep pulling her in... Tempt Me is a sultry little page turner that is sure to leave romance reading fans highly satisfied! One page into this read and I knew I had a long night ahead of me, because there was no way I was putting it down until every last word had been devoured... and boy was it delicious!! These two had some serious sparks swirling around them, along with lots of outside drama to contend with, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them sort it all out. It was a well crafted story line filled with lots of steamy moments, tender moments, and dramatic moments that left me a little rattled... definitely a read that should not be missed! Highly recommend!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Crystal_Singer0305 5 days ago
I don’t think Carly Phillips has ever written a book that I don’t enjoy. I LOVE the nanny/single Dad troupe. And when the single dad is sexy, alpha and a body guard? Hello perfection! I loved Austin. I loved watching him give in to his feelings for Mia. And I loved Mia’s personality and general outlook on life. She was such a positive person even with her start in life! A fun and sexy read that will leave you smiling! Highly recommend. Happy reading!
Booklvr78 5 days ago
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. I am a huge Carly fan and this story did NOT disappoint me in my expectations. Mia and Austin have an amazing story of finding their HEA. Mia is a very strong character. She lost her mother to cancer at a very young age and was brought up in the foster system. But she doesn’t let that define her in anyway. Austin was burnt by a sleazy woman who trapped him by getting pregnant and then leaving him with the child when things didn’t go her way. He has plans to never trust a woman again. Mia makes that very hard because she is amazing with his daughter and puts everything about his daughter first. A little drama throws him into protection mode and being her 24/7 security. It also gives him a lot of alone time with Mia and time to realize that maybe a future is not out of their reach. Absolutely loved this from page one and will always one click books by this author. I did receive a copy of this book from author. I am voluntarily leaving a review.