That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom: Team Obama's Assault on Tea-Party, Talk-Radio Americans

That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom: Team Obama's Assault on Tea-Party, Talk-Radio Americans

by Michael Graham

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ISBN-13: 9781596986237
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 03/02/2010
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 259
File size: 847 KB

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The list of Regnery authors reads like a "who's who" of conservative thought, action, and history.

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That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom: Team Obama's Assault on Tea-Party, Talk-Radio Americans 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Dawnyboo More than 1 year ago
Ever think you're alone and the only one who thinks things are out of control in Washington and you just want to be heard? Are you tired of being demonized and your character insulted by people who don't even know you? Here's the book for you. Its an easy read, but one that will help you realize you're not a lone, crazy, nutjob. I gave my 81 year old mom a copy of this. She's not as "political" and I, but she is in her spirit. Hopefully the book will be in plain view for friends and family to gaze at and question. Great conversation starting title.
CaptElaine More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable read about the Tea Party movement from someone who has a Mom in the movement and understands what it is all about (unlike just about everyone else in the media). Michael injects humor into his writing, unless you're a left wing Marxist... you'll LOVE this book.
kyrunner More than 1 year ago
Being I am a part of the Tea Party movement this book is 100% on target. We, as a group, are being blasted unfairly by the media and this book does a great job exposing the liberal slant of the media.
SamSattler on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In the interest of full disclosure, and before I begin discussing "That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom," I want to acknowledge that I am the veteran of two Houston tea-parties. I attended the first event out of curiosity, the second out of hope that someone in government might actually listen to what was said there. Of course, no one did. Let's face it. Politicians think citizens pay so little attention to what happens in our national and state capitols that they will believe anything a government spokesman tells them. These same "representatives of the people" believe, often correctly, that a little bit of spin will cover even the dumbest legislation, most vile criminal acts, and worst wastes of taxpayer money imaginable. But, at some point, politicians are no longer able to baffle the public with BS - and that is when things get ugly. When character assassination of its critics becomes the government's weapon of choice in political debate, a tipping point has been reached. Radio talk-show host Michael Graham has organized tea-parties in the Boston area, events attended by his mother, among others. Graham sees who attends the tea-parties ("retirees, military vets, small business owners, and suburban families"), has read the hundreds of handheld signs, and has experienced the tea-party atmosphere first hand. What he describes in "That's No Angry Mob" is almost exactly what I observed for myself in Houston: a gathering in large numbers of citizens concerned that the country is being relentlessly driven toward bankruptcy and that the future of their children and grandchildren is in jeopardy. The government's response to all this citizen concern has been to label every single attendee of a tea-party event as a racist and/or a domestic terrorist. Even the Speaker of the House, tear in her eye and tremor in her voice, hints that she fears a deranged assassin or two will be motivated by what he or she hears at a tea-party. And, of course, the national media share the Speaker's concerns, as well as her lack of subtlety and self-awareness. "That's No Angry Mob, That's My Mom" offers little new information to those who have paid attention to recent current events. It does, however, offer a nice recap of the absurdity of the government's response to the threat it feels from citizens (many of them elderly) wanting to ask questions of those who should have their best interests in mind. Graham, who is also a former stand-up comic, has a keen ear for comic timing and uses comedic one-liners throughout the book to keep it relatively light despite the intensity of the hatred directed at him (and all tea-party attendees and talk-radio listeners) by those so determined to minimize them by destroying their reputations. Despite the way Graham uses humor in discussing the very personal attack on Americans who dare openly disagree with the administration's policies, he makes serious, and distressing, points like this one: "And the liberals who suspect (and some who openly proclaim) that most Americans are selfish, bigoted dolts, have amplified that message. They divided America into two groups: people who support Obama and his policies on the one hand, and racist holdouts on the other." To many tea-partiers this is the most distressing thing of all about today's politics. Never in recent memory has the race card so often been pulled from the bottom of the deck to shut down legitimate public dissent. Is this what we have come to? Rated at: 3.5
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
That is a horrible thing to call someone. As a perso who knows what it means those people are the real racists, bigots, mobsters, terrorists, facists, white supremicists, mentaly retarded etc people. Will someone come up with a comeplete list of horrible words used to describe tea partists? Oh by the way whili Id love to be able to play minecraft on the nook I think those comments should be under minecraft novells. Oh and that guy or girl from the tea party who said this is true seems ligit. I mean, the tea party isn't really getting any bonus from this. The only thing they get is someone defending them. PS where can you find a tea party place in rhe boulder colorado area? Samuel Govaerts
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What liberal media? There is no such thing. What is this guy smoking? I have never read such garbage in my life. Would not recommend this to anyone. Very biased.