The 9 Month Investment: A Passive Investors Guide to Achieving 10 Years Worth of Wealth Accumulation in Only 9 Months

The 9 Month Investment: A Passive Investors Guide to Achieving 10 Years Worth of Wealth Accumulation in Only 9 Months

by Darin R. Garman


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ISBN-13: 9780982379363
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 08/03/2010
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Former Iowa Prison Guard Darin Garman is considered by many to be one of the foremost experts in America on Apartment Property Investments.
Garman, who unceremoniously quit his prison guard job in the early 90's to concentrate on being the best in the world of apartment investing, is a real American success story. Since quitting the prison guard scene and over the last 17 years Darin has assisted investors in the purchase and sale of over $411,000,000 in apartments and has direct ownership and management of over $19,200,000 in investment real estate himself.
Darin's clients and partners benefit from his hands on experience by working with some of the top real estate investors in the country but also his own personal day to day investment experience as well.

Table of Contents

Section I -The Type Of Investment That Will Fold Time
Part 1 - The Investment Vehicle To Use
Chapter 1 - The Time We Have Paradox And How This Small Book Will Make You Rich, Faster…
Chapter 2 - The Biggest Tool In The Investment Toolbox
Chapter 3 - The Inexperienced Approach To What To Invest In And What To Avoid. It’s Actually Really Simple.
Chapter 4 - Finding Leverage and Profiting Handsomely. Having Someone Else Do The Heavy Lifting For You.
Chapter 5 - The Secret Profit Formula That Will Put Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Your Pocket.
Chapter 6 - The Importance of Proper Inspections.
Chapter 7 - How To Find Owners That Want To Work With You—FAST!
Chapter 8 - Are You A Social Worker Or An Investor?
Section II - What To Do Once You Have The Investment In Your Sights—Your Path To Fast Profits
Chapter 9 - You Found The Property—The Numbers Meet Your Criteria... Now What?
Chapter 10 - Where to Find the Capital To Do This?
Chapter 11 - You Have Found It, Now How Do You Finance It?
Chapter 12 - Financing Your Project—Getting Funding From Conventional Sources To Complete The Task.
Chapter 13 - The Secret To Being Able To Speed Up Your Progress In Reaching Your Real Estate Investment Success!
Chapter 14 - The Secret In The World Of Real Estate That No One Will Tell You...
Chapter 15 - The Next Three Months—Adding Sources of Income And Reducing Your Expenses—Time To Enact The Rule of 9%
Section III - 9 Months Later And Profiting From Your Work
Chapter 16 - Six Months Later—Positioning The Property To Sell, Refinance Or Hold.
Chapter 17 - Finding The Warren Buffet of Real Estate
Chapter 18 - Having All Of This Done For You.
Bonus Chapters To Help You Put Even More Money In Your Pockets From Apartments—Easier!
Bonus Chapter 1 - Fast And Easy Methods of Choosing Your Property Management Company, Attorney and Accountant to do All The Work For You.
Bonus Chapter 2 - How To Sell Partners And/Or Private Lenders On Your Deal.
Bonus Chapter 3 - Advanced IRA Investment
Bonus Chapter 4 - Make Sure In Everything You Do in The World of Real Estate You Use The Take Away!
Bonus Chapter 5 - Your Hassle Free Management To Fast Profits
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