The Aftermath

The Aftermath

by Stacy A. Padula


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At age fifteen, Jason Davids appears to have it all: high grades, popular friends, a beautiful girlfriend, and nearly any worldly thing that promises enjoyment at his disposal. Despite this, there is a persistent emptiness inside his heart. After failing to fill the void with achievements, relationships, and illicit substances, Jason finds himself intrigued by Jessie: a rather quiet girl, who is the daughter of a local pastor. How is it possible that she stands for everything his lifestyle opposes yet possesses the one thing he has been searching for all along?

Stacy Padula, a native of Pembroke, Massachusetts, has accrued years of experience working with adolescents. She has been a mentor, life coach, youth group leader, and private educational consultant with extensive experience in the fields of college counseling, literature, and tutoring. She is the founder and president of South Shore College Consulting & Tutoring based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She was featured in Who’s Who Among American High School Students (2001), Cambridge Who’s Who for Young Professionals (2009), Marquis Who’s Who in America (2018), and Marquis Who’s Who in the World (2018). She was also awarded the Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018. In 2016, Stacy was selected as a featured author for Barnes & Nobles’ Teen Book Festival, where she signed copies of her novels and interacted with young adult readers. She wrote the Montgomery Lake High books in the hopes of preparing teens to face the “war zone” that is high school—to help kids deal with social issues and to encourage them to "abstain from substance abuse, find their purpose, and not fall for the false promises of the world.”

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ISBN-13: 9781628570571
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 10/23/2013
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 396,401
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Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

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The Aftermath 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Eharvey More than 1 year ago
Everyday teenagers are faced with difficult situations that constantly question their faith and moral compass. The Aftermath by Stacy Padula follows a group of students from Montgomery Lake High School, specifically Jason Davids who has a plethora of misconceptions about God and struggles to discover who he is in a world that has already answered that question for him. The Aftermath is written from the perspective of Jason, allowing the reader to explore his thoughts and feelings in a very detailed manner. The story begins where the last book ended and deals with the events that follow the destructive tornado that touched down in Montgomery leaving one of Jason’s classmates, Andy, in a coma. Jason’s life is forever changed by this accident and the story follows his journey of redemption to deal with the guilt that he feels for leaving Andy helpless in a hospital room. I recommend The Aftermath to all teenagers, especially those who are currently or have in the past dealt with difficult times or struggled with drugs or alcohol. It is not necessary to read the other books in the MLH series to understand the story. It is very inspiring to read about a teenager that everyone can relate to who deals with societal and personal issues on their path to find God.
Dfredette More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Aftermath by Stacy Padula is mainly focused in on one the characters, Jason. As you know, he is a little bit of the typical high school druggy. Througout the book, he is stuck in his party ways. Constantly drinking and smoking until he comes to the realization that enough is enough. He explains his whole situation to Pastor Mark, which is suprising to say the least but, he gets a little more than expected from it. This book shows readers that times may be tough but you need to push through. With the help of great friends and family supporting you, anything is possible. I believe this book is good for those readers that are struggling with something so similar. It could potentially make them realize this isnt the path they should be going down. They could have a change of heart or way of life. - Written by Samantha Waxman.
cmoynihan More than 1 year ago
In “The Aftermath” by Stacy Padula, the reader is taken back to Montgomery Lake in the wake of the tragic storm that shook the close-knit town and left Andy Rosetti in a coma, fighting for his life. The focus is brought to popular high school freshman Jason Davids as he struggles to process what has happened. Seeing the world from Jason’s perspective, the reader gains valuable insights into his struggles, now amplified by the guilt and confusion he feels following Andy’s accident. Jason makes the difficult decision to change his partying ways, but soon realizes that it will be a long and challenging road. Like many teens, Jason is faced with many temptations along the way and must find the strength to continue on his new path. While this book is universal in its themes, I would recommend it to high schoolers in particular. Like Jason, teens everyday are faced with difficult choices and with the reality that the right decision may not always be the easiest. The topics of popularity and faith are all things that are very present in the lives of high schoolers, and teens can learn a lot from seeing how Jason navigates those same issues.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It has been three weeks since a terrible storm left Andy in a coma, and for Jason Davids, nothing has been the same. Jason, the most popular freshman boy at Montgomery Lake High School, recognizes that he needs to make a change in life and give up the partying lifestyle he has been a part of for the past two years. Jason discovers this task is not going to be easy and struggles to turn away from darkness, as he is constantly presented with new temptations. Jason must decide whether to go back into the daze he has been living in or look for a new source of strength to help him win his battle over his addictions. I would recommend this book to anyone in middle school or high school, as it touches on topics very prevalent to this age group: temptation, gossip, popularity, and prayer. It reminds readers that one's reputation in high school will be insignificant to the rest of our lives, and that, therefore, people should focus on more important matters such as their relationship with God.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The third book in the Montgomery High Lake Series is another winner. In this book, Ms. Padula addresses the emptiness inside when a person has all the toys and all the things they want. What do you do when you have everything but are still empty? This is the void only God can fill. Jason finds out that even the drugs, alcohol, sex, and popularity leave him feeling empty. But he is drawn to some who seem truly happy. What Jason finds is that God loves him and can fill his emptiness with his love. Jason faces the demons of addiction, pride, and lust—and in the end is victorious in Jesus. Another well-written, spirit‑led book. The real issues faced and the real solutions are on point. I recommend these books for anyone from 12 to 32 or who just thinks like they are still between 12 and 32. I have become a fan of these books. The development of the characters, the story line, and the presentation of the Gospel is truly amazing.
Boston_Mama More than 1 year ago
I love this book. I could not put it down - Jason Davids is a character most teens will either relate to or fall in love with. He has so many problems but such a good heart. I think every teen should read this before they enter high school, or at least during high school. Great read!
jenniferos 10 months ago
This book shows the inspirational journey of high school freshman Jason, who struggles with substance dependency and realizes that he needs to rely on his friends and his faith in order to find purpose in a life that had previously felt empty. Throughout the story, Jason's struggles with friendships, temptation and scary realizations are documented. The book shows Jason's transition from caring mostly about popularity and partying, to realizing that he needs better values in order to live a fulfilling life. Jason's story of finding his way to happiness, while also dealing with the typical hardships of high school, was extremely inspirational and I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired or reminded that there is always hope for better days in the future.