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The Altman Close: Million-Dollar Negotiating Tactics from America's Top-Selling Real Estate Agent

The Altman Close: Million-Dollar Negotiating Tactics from America's Top-Selling Real Estate Agent

by Josh Altman


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ISBN-13: 9781119560111
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 168,820
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

Josh Altman is the co-star of the hit reality TV show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. He is one of the most successful real estate agents in the United States, specializing in the luxury housing markets of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the Hollywood Hills. Josh’s clientele consists primarily of A-list celebrities, professional athletes, business leaders and high net worth individuals from around the globe. Josh has sold over $3 Billion in real estate including the most expensive one bedroom house in history, which sold for over $20,000,000. At any time he has over $350,000,000 in listings. Along with his older brother Matt, Josh created the Altman Brothers, a one-stop real estate firm that provides both buyers and sellers with exclusive white-glove, VIP treatment.

Table of Contents

Preface: Pre-Game (7)

Part I-Prep Through Open

1.Game Time Mentality (10)

2.The Players, The Field, The Shot Clock (20)

3.My First Close (32)

4.All In: LA & Real Estate (36)

5.Going Hollywood: TV Time (39)

6.Rules Of The Game: First Impressions (46)

7.The Dream Team: You Can't Do It Alone (57)

8.Fresh Eyes On The Prize (63)

9.It's All Open: Watch Your Back (71)

10.Know More Than Your Hood (73)

11.Time To Open: Where The Clients Are (79)

12.Open Houses: Sell. Don't Tour. (84)

13.Broker's Opens (87)

14.Insider's Opens & Strategic Alliances (90)

15.Branding: Websites, Social Media, And Press - Get In Their Face, Stay In Their Face (92)

16.Concierge, Not Just Real Estate (100)

17.The Walk-Thru: Shut Up And Listen For The Golden Hammer (102)

18.The Walk-Thru: The Altman 20 For Sellers (106)

19.The Walk-Thru: Reading, Pricing, And Timing (113)

20.Close The Open: Talk Marketing & Sign The Agreement (122)

21.Closing The Open On A Buyer: The Altman 12 (126)

22.Part One - Transition: Moving On (133)

Part II - The Work

23.A Million Little Deals: Keep Your Head (134)

24.Working Relationships And Client Chemistry (136)

25.The Agent As Therapist #1: Learning The Buyer (138)

26.Agent As Therapist #2: Teaching The Buyer Who They Are, Getting Them

Over The Hump (141)

27.Sellers: Getting Ready For War (144)

28.Battle Cry#1: Listing Language (147)

29.Battle Cry #2: Updates And Staging: The Weapon Of Interior Design (150)

30.Battle Cry #3: Staging, Online Video And Showing As A Weapon (156)

31.Managing The Client When Showing Their Homes (162)

32.Open House And Broker's Opens: Approach And Guest Lists (165)

33.Open Houses And Broker's Opens: Food, Drink, And Entertainment (169)

34.Open Houses And Broker's Opens: Sell The Strong Points, Sell The Knowledge (171)

35.Open Houses And Broker's Opens: Food, Drink, And Entertainment (173)

36.Pocket Listings: Off Market (176)

37.Price Drops Don't Have To Be A Negative (178)

38.Part II Transition: Go Win The War (185)

Part III - The Close

39.Making An Offer (187)

40.Getting An Offer (206)

41.Multiple Offers And Counteroffers (210)

42.The Agent As Therapist #3: Business Styles (222)

43.The Agent As Therapist #4: Poker Face - No Emotions (230)

44.The Walk-Away (244)

45.Part III Transition: Keep Eating, Keep Swimming, Devour (251)

Part IV - Plays From The Book

46.Play #1 - Damn, The Studio Head's Pissed: Back Your Word Up And Move Fast (252)

47.Play #2 - Three Clients, One Property: Can't Please Just One (254)

48.Play #3 - The Mind Of "Rain Man": The Cherry Blossom Tree House And

The Impossible House On The Wrong Side Of The Mountain (256)

49.Play #4 - Middle Men: Newport Beach - Reach To Pull In Others (258)

50.Play #5 - A Malibue House, A 25 Car Garage, A Friendship (260)

51.Play #6 - The Paramedics Of Real Estate - Reviving The Deal (263)

52.The Final Play: Confession (265)


About the Author