The Art of Gas Blending

The Art of Gas Blending

by Anton Swanepoel

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Thinking Of Becoming A Gas Blender Or Just Want To Know More About Gas Blending?

Looking for easy to understand explanations of the formulas used in gas blending? Want to learn how to calculate CCR loop gasses at any depth? Want to be able to save gas by topping up old mixes to a new blend? Want to blend to minimize nitrogen narcosis? Just interested in how diving gasses are blended? Read on...

Gas blending is like making fudge. One day all goes right, the next day you end up with toffee. Knowing some tips and tricks to save a blend can come in very handy. Many books are not easy to understand when it comes to explaining the formulas behind gas blending. And some leave out formulas such as calculating CCR loop volume, blending with impure helium, changing mixes, working out END while taking both helium and O2 into account, and more.

As a diver, by understanding how a blend will change when it is topped off with air or another gas, can allow you to plan your diving better and reuse gasses for other dives instead of it being drained down and wasted. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you dive Tri-Mix

Anton Swanepoel has been a diving instructor for over 12 years, and holds a tri-mix instructor rating. He has worked in the Cayman Islands for 7 years as a technical diving instructor and has dove to depths of over 400 feet. He is both an OC and CCR Tri-mix diver and Tri-mix gas blender instructor. Having taught many students and other instructors in the art of gas blending, he has penned this book to help you grasp the blending formulas, as well as tips he has learned over the years on blending gasses.

Inside This Book You Will Discover How To Blend:
•Enriched Air

Formulas and examples are given on how to change a blend, blending with impure helium (helium that has oxygen mixed in it), as well as using banked mixes. Additional included are formulas on working out the actual breathing mix in a rebreather loop at any depth at any PPO2. As well as what would be the appropriate mix to bailout to at any depth on a CCR. Working out narcosis while taking into account nitrogen, O2 and helium is also covered.

Bonus Included. Charts For:
•Nitrox Mixes (22 to 95%)
•Helair Mixes (19 popular blends)
•Tri-mix Mixes (8/80 to 60/20)
•Equivalent Air Depth (40 To 180 Feet: 15 to 56 meters)
•Equivalent Narcotic Depth (Different PPO2) Depths covered 60 to 500 feet (18 to 152 meters)

If you have any interest in gas blending, then This Book is For You.

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Publisher: Anton Swanepoel
Publication date: 08/03/2014
Series: Scuba Diving Books
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About the Author

Adventurer and world traveler, Anton Swanepoel, hales originally from Pretoria, South Africa, but has called a number of exotic locations home. Educated as a software engineer, he worked for a large multinational company before deciding to travel the globe. Along life's journey, Anton became a skilled scuba diver and technical diving instructor, teaching for seven years while living in the Cayman Islands. His resume touts Tri-Mix instructor levels from multiple licensing agencies, and dive records over 400 feet. Mr. Swanepoel has always loved travel and writing. In the past several years he's combined these passions, authoring and publishing a host of books, sharing secrets he's learned along the way. When he's not exploring an underwater landscape or racing a motorcycle down a stretch of highway, you'll find Anton visiting world destinations and chronicling his experiences. Today, he is a fulltime globetrotter and writer, having penned instructional guides for diving and travel, as well as a pair of fictional novels. His excurtion titles are geared toward do-it-yourself travelers, who enjoy saving money and seeing the out-of-way places. His favorite destinations include, Machu Picchu, the mountains of Vietnam, and the Temples at Angkor Wat.

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