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The Baron's Betrayal

The Baron's Betrayal

4.1 28
by Callie Hutton

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It's been two years since Lady Marion Tunstall lost her husband at sea. Two years of sorrow and grief. Only now has the young, comely widow finally re-entered society. It isn't until she and her family attend the merriment of a country dance that Lady Marion sees her dead husband, alive and well... and faints dead away.

Lord Tristan Tunstall has no choice but


It's been two years since Lady Marion Tunstall lost her husband at sea. Two years of sorrow and grief. Only now has the young, comely widow finally re-entered society. It isn't until she and her family attend the merriment of a country dance that Lady Marion sees her dead husband, alive and well... and faints dead away.

Lord Tristan Tunstall has no choice but to confess - he is alive, yes, but not a whole man who can be a husband and father. When he offers her a divorce, however, Marion stubbornly refuses. Now she has forced herself back into his life, and into his home and (oh, God forgive his weakness) his bed. He cannot stop himself from wanting her. Loving her. But can he live with the secret she is keeping from him?

The Marriage Mart Mayhem series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 The Elusive Wife
Book #2 The Duke's Quandary
Book #3 The Lady's Disgrace
Book #4 The Baron's Betrayal
Book #5 The Highlander's Choice
Book #6 The Highlander's Accidental Marriage
Book #7 The Earl's Return

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Marriage Mart Mayhem , #4
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The Baron's Betrayal

A Marriage Mart Mayhem Novel

By Callie Hutton, Erin Molta

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Callie Hutton
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-170-5


Lord Tunstall hung his head as he felt Drake brush by him with enough force to know he carried Marion in his arms. Marion. His wife. His lifelong love.

He ran stiff fingers though his hair as the silence surrounding him ended with a sharp abruptness when the front door closed. Shocked mumbling reached his ears, the tension in the room palpable. His heart pounded in his chest, almost choking him with its fierceness.

"Come, Tristan. It is perhaps best if we leave."

He stiffened under her touch. Rage swept through him that she would do this to him. That she would allow him to come to this assembly, fully aware that his wife would be here. For surely, this was no accident. Mrs. Gibbons was much too clever. She'd known exactly what she had done.

His jaw worked. "I agree. There is much I need to say to you, and this is not the place."

He and Mrs. Gibbons moved slowly through the crowd, fighting their way past clusters of angry voices. The Duke of Manchester and his family were well-liked in Donridge Heath. The distress he'd caused them would be the subject of conversations for many weeks to come.

Tristan attempted to un-jumble his thoughts and rein in his swirling emotions. Drake's words as he'd snarled at him kept repeating over and over in his mind. I will call upon you in the morning.

Anger warred with sorrow at the shock he must have caused Marion, and the devastating hurt that would soon follow.

Mrs. Gibbons asked the footman for their carriage to be brought around. His rage was so deep, he couldn't even speak. After a few minutes he felt the cool air on his face as the footman opened the door. They made their way down the stairs and he climbed into the carriage. Once the door closed, he tapped on the ceiling of the conveyance with his cane and settled back.

The scent of Mrs. Gibbons's perfume filled the air, wafting toward him. Familiar and safe. Until now. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the soft leather seat.

"I fear I have made a terrible mistake." Her quiet voice, usually one of comfort, provided no contentment now.

"I would prefer to speak about this once we return home." His anger was too strong, his pain too raw, to deal with it now.

Tristan shifted as the carriage came to a halt in front of the house he had let when they'd left London two weeks ago. The house he was led to believe was in a small obscure village miles from Donridge Heath.

"Good evening, my lord." The butler, Mason, opened the coach door, and helped them both out. Taking his butler's arm, and still stiff with anger, they proceeded into the house.

"I wish to speak with you in the library, Lorelei." The silence during the ride home had loosened Tristan's tongue. Now he needed to lash out at the woman who had just caused pain to the woman he loved.


Mason relieved them of their coats, hats, and gloves, and Tristan and Lorelei headed down the corridor to the library.

Tristan made his way to the sideboard and poured a brandy. He used his cane to walk to the chair comfortably away from the fireplace and settled in. After taking a gulp of the liquid, he spoke. "Now you will explain to me why you led me to believe we were traveling to a village on the other side of England, and I find myself at an assembly hall in Donridge Heath."

Lorelei took in a deep breath. "I'm sorry for my subterfuge."

"Madam, I did not ask for your apology. I want to know why you did what you did and what you hoped to accomplish."

"When I first saw you in the hospital two years ago, you were a pleasant, cheerful man, despite your injury. I have hated watching you turn into an angry, bitter one."

"I was also unable to recall who I was, if memory serves. Perhaps that was the reason for the change in my demeanor."

"Yes. No doubt that is true."

When he remained silent, she continued. "My crusade to find my dear Everard would have left me crippled with pain if it were not for knowing you. It was bad enough to learn he had been injured in the Siege of Badajoz and sent to St. George's hospital in Lisbon. But to find him so near death when I arrived was an agony only a mother knows.

"That my son had been able to spend his last weeks with you eased the sorrow in my heart. You were such a good friend to him, helping to nurse him even with your own injuries." He closed his eyes at the memory, the sound of her ruffling through her reticule, most likely searching for her handkerchief, failed to move him as it once had. His misery was too raw to comfort her.

"Although you were reluctant to accept the inheritance my Everard left you, it was not necessary to invite me to stay with you as a companion. That thoughtfulness on your part gave me a reason to continue living. The last thing I ever wanted to do was bring you more pain."

It had been a great surprise when Tristan discovered Everard Gibbons had left his substantial estate to him. When he tried to decline in favor of Lorelei, she refused to accept it since she had been left quite a bit from her three deceased husbands.

And since Tristan had needed a source of income to remain hidden from view, he had reluctantly accepted the gift.

"I have yet to hear an explanation as to why you told me we were retiring elsewhere when we, in fact, are in Donridge Heath."

"Shortly after you regained your memory you told me you had a wife whom you did not intend to contact. However, I always thought you would change your mind."

"Why would you think that?"

"I thought so because you are a warm, loving man. You speak of your Marion as if she were the center of your world."

His jaw tightened in anger. "She was. At one time. But she deserves more than me. As it was no concern of yours, it was my decision to make, to leave her with the assumption that I had died at sea. After a while, she would meet someone else and lead a full, happy life."

"Do you not think she had the right to decide that for herself? Did you not hear the commotion when she spotted you across that ballroom?"

"That was a cruel trick, Lorelei. The poor girl could have died of a heart seizure."

"I agree. I did not handle it the best way I could have. Please forgive me."

Tristan lowered his glass to the table alongside him and pinched the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. "I wish you to leave me now. What's done is done, and I expect when her brother, Manchester, calls on me tomorrow, the conversation will not be a pleasant one."

"As you wish." She moved to where he sat and kissed him lightly on the top of his head. Something she had done every night almost since they'd met.

After the door latch sounded, Tristan let loose with a roar of agony and threw his drink against the wall. The sound of glass shattering broke the silence of the empty room.

* * *

The next morning Tristan stood by the library window and brooded at his upcoming meeting with Marion's brother. There was no doubt in his mind that the man would not waste any time in confronting him.

All his plans at keeping himself and Marion apart had exploded as brutally and painfully as his ship. Now he faced the dilemma he had expected to avoid.

He closed his eyes as anger swept through him about how Marion must have suffered when she'd been told he had died in the explosion. And then to see him arrive last night with Lorelei on his arm two years later would have devastated her.

Nothing that he could ever face in the future would compare to how he felt at this moment.

"My lord, the Duke of Manchester has arrived." Lost in thought, the butler's voice wrenched his mind back to the room and the presence of Drake. The door softly closed, leaving the two men alone.

Tristan remained where he was and steeled himself for the meeting. "Good morning, Your Grace."


He took a deep breath. "How does Marion fare this morning?"

"She was sleeping when I left her. My mother gave her a draught last evening so she would settle down." His voice grew closer as he moved farther into the room.

"Good." Tristan gave one curt nod.

"Good?" The anger in the man's voice made Tristan flinch. "That is all you can say? You allow my sister to believe you have been dead these past two years, suffering unbearable grief, and all this time you've been cavorting with another woman?"

Tristan drew himself up. "Mrs. Gibbons and I are not cavorting."

His patience apparently gone, Drake snarled, "Dammit, turn around and look at me when I talk to you."

Leaning on his cane, Tristan turned and gazed in his direction.

"What do you have to say for yourself, man?"

Tristan clutched the cane in his hands as he studied the floor.

"I see you hanging onto that cane. I take it you have a permanent injury?"

"You might say that."

After a few moments of silence, when the only sound in the room was the ticking of the grandfather clock in the corner, Drake said, "Be warned, I'm running out of patience, Tunstall. You have been missing, and presumed dead, for more than two years. My sister spent most of that time locked in her room, mourning the man she loved and who she thought had loved her as well."

Tristan raised his head, gazing in Drake's direction. "I did love Marion. I still do love her. More than life."

"Do you think I am a candidate for Bedlam? No man who loves his wife disappears for two years with never a word."

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Then enlighten me. But in the meantime, may we sit? I assume this is going to be a long conversation."

Tristan rubbed the back of his neck and nodded. He extended the cane and, waving it back and forth, made his way past the furniture to the settee, where he took a seat.

The stunned silence in the room captured the tension between the two men.

"My God, you're blind," Drake whispered.


"As always, you are most observant, Your Grace." Tristan cast Drake a slight smile and crossed one booted foot over his ankle. Never had he hated his blindness more than last evening when his precious Marion had been right there in front of him. The longing to look at her and take her in his arms had been so strong, it had left him weak-kneed. Had she changed? Was she still as lovely as he remembered?

Manchester mentioned she'd locked herself away in mourning. His stomach knotted at the vision of his love weeping for him. Until now he'd been able to keep those images at bay. But now they hit him full force, stinging his useless eyes with tears, which would surely further unman himself in front of her brother.

"I would appreciate more information, Tunstall." Drake prodded in the softest voice he'd used since he entered the room.

"As you wish." He leaned his head back, gathering his thoughts. "My ship came upon a battle between a Portuguese merchant and sea pirates. After we had been engaged in the clash for more than three hours, both my vessel and the pirate ship blew up, tossing me into the ocean.

"I was told the force of the explosion knocked me unconscious. One of the merchant sailors pulled me from the sea, along with others from my crew. We sailed to Lisbon where I was dispatched to a hospital."

He sat forward, resting his forearms on his knees. "When I awoke I had no memory of who I was. I was also without sight."

"So more than two years later you only just now regained your memory?" Drake grunted.

Tristan leaned back, shaking his head. "No. I regained my memory after only a few months." Once again, the feelings of anguish and horror swept over him, much as they had when he'd realized he had a beautiful wife who most likely assumed him dead. The melancholy he'd sunk into had lasted for weeks.

The only thing that had helped to keep his sanity at the time was his resolve to remain "dead" to his wife so she could one day marry a whole man and be happy. At that point, Lorelei Gibbons had already entered his life, and he'd hung onto her like a lifeline. She had spent hours talking to him, encouraging him, until he'd told her about Marion. Then she had badgered him endlessly to contact his wife.

"Did you not think to notify Marion of your whereabouts? Did the fact that you had a wife waiting for you completely slip your mind? Or was that part of your memory loss?"

Tristan's jaw tightened. "You have no idea how much I wanted to contact her. How much I wanted her with me. But the unselfish part of me prevailed, and I realized she was much better off thinking me dead so she could find happiness with someone else."

"And the fact that she would be inadvertently committing bigamy if she married again did not disturb you?"

"I planned to remain dead to her. After seven years she could declare me legally so, and could remarry."

Drake shook his head before he realized Tristan could not see him. "No. That is not correct. She might have been able to declare you dead with the courts, but you were, in fact, not deceased, so she would have committed bigamy. Any children born of that marriage would be bastards once your perfidy was discovered."

"I did not plan to ever have her know."

"We see how well that strategy worked."

Tristan stiffened. "Mrs. Gibbons stepped beyond herself."

"Ah, yes. Let us discuss Mrs. Gibbons, who I assume was the woman with you last evening?"

"That's right." Tristan shifted in his seat. "I met her when I was a patient in the hospital in Lisbon. Her son, Everard Gibbons, fought under Wellington, and had been injured in the Siege of Badajoz. After being notified of his injury, she traveled to Lisbon, but he died shortly after she arrived.

"I had been friends with Gibbons. We spent his last hours together. In her misery, she turned to me, and I became like a son to her."

Drake snorted.

"There is absolutely nothing romantic between Mrs. Gibbons and myself. She is a friend and companion. In fact, it was her inclination to lie to me about where we were staying. Lorelei told me we were in some obscure village miles from everywhere. I had no idea we were in Donridge Heath and that Marion and her family were close by."

"So you intended to stay in England and never be discovered for the remainder of your life? How realistic was that?"

Tristan shrugged. "Had we actually gone to a place remote enough, it might have worked."

"It does make one wonder if you had planned all along to reveal yourself to Marion."

"No." Tristan's voice rose. "I never wanted to hurt her that way. Despite what you think of me, and what I have done, I love her. Very, very much. My heart aches each day we're apart, but I refuse to saddle her with a blind man for the rest of her life."

"Don't you think that should be her decision?" Drake's voice had lowered to a dangerous pitch.

Tristan remained silent. No, it could not be her decision, because Marion would never spurn him. She was much too honorable. Giving her no choice was the best way.

"What are your plans now that Marion has discovered your duplicity?"

"I have given it some thought." Tristan paused. "I intend to free her."

"Is that right? And just how the devil will you do that?"

Tristan swallowed, horrified at the words he was about to speak. "I will allow her to divorce me."

Drake snorted. "That is an even worse idea than trying to stay hidden. Divorce is impossible."

"Perhaps not." He raised his chin. "I will have my solicitor research it."

"A divorce will bring shame and disgrace to my sister. I strongly advise you to rethink that avenue, Tunstall," Drake snapped.

"I just want her to have a full life, and it will not happen if she stays married to me."

After the big clock in the corner marked the passage of several minutes of strained silence, Drake's chair creaked as he stood. Once again Tristan was amazed at how his other senses had learned to compensate for his loss of sight.

"I will leave you now. You've given me quite a bit to think about and discuss with my sister."

"Mason will show you out."

"Thank you." Drake's footsteps padded across the floor. "One more thing."

Tristan gazed in the direction of his brother-in-law's voice. "Yes."

"Do not try to leave Donridge Heath until I've spoken with Marion. If she wishes to see you — and I expect she will — I will not tolerate her being distraught once more by your disappearance."


Excerpted from The Baron's Betrayal by Callie Hutton, Erin Molta. Copyright © 2015 Callie Hutton. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Callie has been making up stories since elementary school, and writing gave her a way to turn off the voices in her head. She's had a number of articles and interviews published over the years, and finally decided to put her writing skills to the test and write novels.

Oklahoma is where she hangs her hat with her husband of thirty-six years, two young adult children, and three dogs.

You can catch her hanging out at Facebook, Twitter - @CallieHutton, and her home base, www.calliehutton.com. Stop by sometimes and say hello.

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The Baron's Betrayal (Entangled Scandalous) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
Lord Tristan lost his sight in battle and decided that he was no longer a fit husband, therefore, he stayed away from his home. Letting his wife, Lady Marion, believe that he were dead. But soon the truth came out and Marion would not let him keep her out of his life because she loved him. He had loved her too and she was sure that he still did. This is a historical novel, very interesting and full of good humour. The characters are engaging and the plot is interesting. I loved it and would recommend to all historical fiction fans.
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
There should be a caution for this story. Don't worry about tissues, just hang a bucket! I was turned inside out before I finished this story. I have seen plots similar to this one but this went over the edge. I have a love/hate relationship with this story. Marion locked herself away for 2 years when she was told her husband Tristan was dead. Then he is back and running from her. Major Spoiler here. He loves her so much but believes she doesn't deserve to have his sorry butt. She just wants him. It was painful to see these 2 lovers try to sacrifice for the other. I never would have seen the ending coming but it was perfect. I highly recommend this book but it is an Adult read. It's not Hot just too much info for young ones. Please give this book a chance. Enjoy!  I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Marion, Lady Tunstall has been grieving for her beloved husband for over 2 years, after learning of his death when the Naval ship he was on exploded during a fight with pirates at sea. Only recently has she begun to resume normal life & it is at a country dance where she receives a huge shock of seeing her husband enter with another lady on his arm & faints dead away. Tristan, Marion's husband suffered a brief amnesia after his accident but also became blind. He's convinced he cannot be a proper husband to Marion & even tho (or because) he loves her desperately he feels she is better off free of him. His hired companion, Mrs Gibbons however covertly brings him back to Donridge Heath, where Marion's family home is in hopes to bring them back together. Tristan is a man who feels himself less of one because of his blindness, no matter how much he achieves overcoming it, & thinking that the person he loves most & who loves him would suffer because of it.  All throughout the story Tristan displayed amazing fortitude to overcome his blindness other than this 1 absolute irrationality regarding Marion especially when it's obvious she cares not that he is blind & only wants for them to have a life together. When he finds out that she is pregnant, he actually abandons her & doesn't want to have anything to do her or their unborn child.  I enjoy the author's writing & Marion was a sweet & very likable heroine but I found the premise that a man who desperately loves his wife & who knows she feels the same way about him, willingly abandoning her because he feels he is "not able to protect her or a future family they may have" rather inconceivable. OK I thought he was an idiot. There was an interesting cast of side characters; Ellis, Tristan's valet & all his servants were firmly on Marion's side!  Complimentary copy from publisher in exchange for an honest review
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Marion lost her husband two years ago at sea. She has done nothing but morn his loss. She is finally leaving the house after 2 years, and attends a local assembly where she sees a man who looks so like her husband..In fact it is her husband. Tristan was an officer in the British Navy when his boat exploded causing amnesia as well as blindness. He recently regained his memories but thought his wife was much better off with a whole man, someone who could take care of her and any family that she would have. They spend the book with Tristan doing everything he can to pursued Marion she is much better off and Marion doing everything to convince Tristan that she is there to stay. I loved reading as the characters came to life. You couldn't help but cheer Marion on and believe it would all be right in the end. Great book. I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book for an honest review. A beautiful story is what I discovered. I am disappointed that I came in on book 4 and have not read books 1-3 of this series. I am a fan of any story where two people can face the obstacles these characters had to face and still get their happily ever after.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
#4 in the "Marriage Mart Mayhem", series, but can be read as a stand alone. See, "The Elusive Wife", "The Duke's Quandary", and "The Lady's Disgrace". Meet, Tristan, Lord Tunstall and his wife, Lady Marion Tunstall. Fast paced tale with witty banter, passion, romance and love. What happens when after two years of mourning, Lady Marion Tunstall, learns her beloved husband is not dead, as he was reported to be? She is ready to re-enter society. Tristan, was wounded and damaged from an explosion on a Royal Navy ship, left damaged, he thinks the best way to save is beloved wife, is by allowing her to believe he is dead. However, Lady Marion, will not allow that to happen,she loves him to much. She is determined to make him see together, they can do anything. What follows is a struggle of wills, where, passion, and love has to win. Can love prevail? or will Lady Marion lose the only man she has or will ever love. Tristan, will always love Marion, but can he get past his damaged soul and allow love to prevail. You must read "The Baron's Betrayal" to learn rather love can prevails or if Lady Marion, will lose the one man she has ever loved. Oh, and a bit of twist happens, Lady Marion becomes pregnant, which is another complication in their lives. A much loved tale of love, struggle, complication, blindness, and the power of true love, compassion, and romance. Well written, with endearing and challenging characters. The storyline is a bit unique as the topic of blindness, a wounded soldier, and the consequences of war are addressed. I loved the heroine, her determination not to fail and her struggles to hold her family together. Well done, Ms. Hutton! A delicious romance! *Received for an honest review from the author* Rating: 4.5 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
A sweet historical romance that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Laughing and crying. I loved the story and the characters an excellent. An all-around wonderful read for the historical romance lover.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This reunited lovers romance is the story of Tristan and Marion. When Tristan was lost at sea and presumed dead, Marion came to terms with this, only to discover two years later that in fact her husband is alive but hiding the fact from her due to his blindness and belief that he can no longer be a true husband and protector for her. Can Marion convince him otherwise? I enjoyed this story, though I did think that it dragged a bit while Tristan was deciding whether or not to allow Marion back into his life. I liked Marion - she was spunky and determined in her efforts to woo her husband back. Tristan was a bit more difficult to like as he was stubborn until nearly the end of the story. The love scenes they shared together were sweet and sexy. I thought the setting was well described, and the interactions of Tristan with his servants were some of my favourite lines of dialogue in the story. It was a solid addition to the Marriage Mart series. 3 stars.
rabidreaderSR More than 1 year ago
This was a sweet and interesting read. I quite enjoyed getting a story where the couple was already married, and seeing the battle to hold that relationship together. I thought the concept was a really good one, it drew me into the story, and I was eager to see how all the pain would be unraveled. The writing was great, and the pacing of the story wonderful. The only thing that really prevented me from Loving the story was our hero, Lord Tristan. I really liked Lady Marion...she was spunky, sweet, and determined to fight for what she loves and wants the most—her husband. Though in a nutshell, her husband was a shellfish A$$. He made his wife grieved for him for two years, and then when she discovered he was alive, he pushed her away and insisted on a divorce. I screamed at him a few times. There was no pain in his life to justify such callous treatment of a woman he professes to love dearly. However, I did understand his pain and frustration, because my mother is blind, and I have seen such struggle, and rage from her before. But, even with all the stubborn refusal to not be with his wife because of his blindness, Tristan’s story made for an interesting read. He did try to redeem himself at the end, but it was still not enough for me to love him.  Overall, I liked this story and I am eagerly awaiting the next story
Anonymous 7 months ago
It was ok
BookReview4you 10 months ago
'The Baron's Betrayal' by Callie Hutton is book Four in the "Marriage Mart Mayhem" series. This is the story of Marion and Tristan. Please note this book was first released in 2015 with a different cover. Marion thought her husband had died about two years ago. But imagine her shock when she finds he is alive and just didn't come forward to let her know. We find that Tristan was injured and that he felt Marion was better off without him and kept up the pretense of being dead. Once Marion finds out she goes forward to force herself into his life again. Even though Marion is hurt that he would think she wouldn't want him even after they were friends, lovers than husband and wife...she goes forward to make them have a future. "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't wait to start the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He was so self centered it was annoying. She was a total push over who just let him be a jerk to her. Characters were so unlikeable that I couldn't finish it.
AnnieMarch26 More than 1 year ago
Lady Marion is truly an amazing woman. She showed great strength in forgiving her husband for all of the unnecessary hurt that he caused her. Rather than repaying him with more hurt she chose to not lose another minute being anything but grateful for the fact that he was alive. Lord Tristan, although very able in spite of his disability, spent too much time loathing himself. I wasn't sure what would finally knock some sense in him. I was pleased to see the form his wake up call came in!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*This was a most enjoyable read.. can't wait for the next in the series...
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I went through so many feelings during reading this one. At times I wanted to smack Tristan out of frustration. I wanted to yell at Marion to leave him and never look back. I laughed at Ellis, he stole the show for me. I was almost in tears a few times with a heavy heart at both Tristan's and Marion's predicaments. It could have been a little repetitive at times but I think that had more to do with Tristan's stubbornness. It was so worth the read.   I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book. Around 175 pages.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Lady Marion Tunstall thought that her husband was dead. She has mourned for two years. Then the unthinkable happenes. She comes face to face with him at a country dance. She can't believe it. Why had he done this? Lord Tristan tells her that he was protecting her. He didn't want her to suffer because he's blind. What a stubborn man! The lady in question is just as determined to stay with him. I loved the battle of wills between these two. Marion may look fragile but she is strong willed and determined. She is in love with her husband and won't leave him. Tristan is unyielding. He doesn't want to be a burden to her or any children they might have. When these two were together, I could feel the attraction. I so wanted Tristan to realize that he could still have his wife and a family and that Marion was there for him. The secondary characters add drama and laughter to the story. I like Marion's family. Ellis, Tristan's valet, was the perfect foil for his employer with his snarky comments. Callie Hutton wrote an emotional story that was filled with love and caring. This is a perfect addition to the Marriage Mart Mayhem series.
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
"It's been two years since Lady Marion Tunstall lost her husband at sea. Two years of sorrow and grief. Only now has the young, comely widow finally re-entered society. It isn't until she and her family attend the merriment of a country dance that Lady Marion sees her dead husband, alive and well... and faints dead away."Callie Hutton  I loved this book from the beginning. It grabbed my attention and never let go. Callie Hutton has a way of dragging you in to the life of the book and puts you smack dab in the middle of what's going on. Once Marion realizes that Tristan is truly alive and well for the most part she sees no reason why together they can't live a happy life even if Tristan is blind. It takes a strong person to over look the lie for what it is and forgive the person. I loved Marion. She knew that she loved Tristan and no matter what, she would stay be his side even if the man was as stubborn as an old mule. Tristan works very hard at putting up walls to keep Marion at arms length. After a night of passion he leaves Marion in the country to be as far from her as possible. Little does Tristan know Marion will not be left out of his life and she has a surprise of her own. Will Tristan see that he can be the man Marion knows he can or will he continue hide behind his blindness.  As much as I loved the main characters Ellis, Tristan's valet and long time friend was hilarious. The banter between the two was full of barbs and well meaning advice that was not welcomed by Tristan. I loved every minute Ellis was in a scene.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
** spoiler alert ** WARNING: Don't read this book without a big thirst towel to wipe away your tears of sadness & kookiness! Lady Marion Tunstall married her BF since childhood & when she said I do, her life was complete. They had only a few months together until her hubby, Tristan, was shipped back out to sea, but they were with 1 another 24/7. Her only regret was not getting knocked up, but she will never forget those precious days. Marion's world is dissolved with the news of Tristan's death at sea & she locks her herself away from her family, friends & the whole cruel world for 2 years, as she GRIEVES for her lost love & her shattered heart will NEVER be whole again. With the help of her loving family & her new klutzy sister-in-law, Penelope, she is ready to rejoin the world of the living! Tristan Tunstall was raised with his older brother in a loving home & when he was 10, he meet 6 year old Marion & they just clicked & became inseparable. But everything changed the night a fire wipeout his childhood home & killed his family. Tristan was made a ward of Marion's duke dad & Marion pulled him back into the living with her kindness & giving heart. Tristan joins the Royal Navy & soon awarded his Baron title for bravery & then he sees grown up Marion, he WANTS, so he courts, woes & marries her. When he is called back to sea, he just wants to await his resignation to be approval, but once again fire destroys his life as his ship goes KABOOM! Marion is kinda excited about her 1st country ball, but she sees a ghost from her past arrive & on the arm with some hussy, so she does what any girl would do, FAINT! Tristan can't believe that Lorelei lied to him & walks him straight into his wife & Marion's duke brother, Drake, gives him a order to send his address ASAP! The next day Drake shows up at Tristan's home & demands answers, so Tristan says he is blind, has been hiding in London for years & wants Marion to forget him or better yet divorce him. Marion is at home thanking God for bring her hubby back, but Drake BURST her happy bubble with the news of his blindness & he wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Soon she moves unannounced into her hubby's home & his kooky & meddling clan of servants embrace her & even his companion, Lorelei, turns against him. Now he has to smell her unique scent, hear her soft footsteps, smell her happy girlie parts & listen to her "just has great sex" voice as she reads to him, but he will keep his pants on! Marion soon learns that hubby can plays archery, boxes to trier himself out & soon a furry mutt named Argos becomes his new companion, but she doesn't know how to break up his self imposed PITY PARTY! After another night of fire filled nightmares for Tristan, Marion tries to help him, but all he does is scream & crush her spirit, but soon his pulls his head out his selfish a$$ & goes to her room to apologize! As he holds her, TEMPTATION slams into him & let's just say that a blind hubby makes love with his hands, lips, tongue & his wand is made of 100% granite! The next day Tristan panics & flees to London, so Marion is devastated that he ran & goes home to her family! Soon she follows him to London, shocked to learn that Argos is his blind aide & he will accept her in his life, but NO SEX or KIDS EVER! Just as they reach an agreement, will untold secrets destroy their fragile relationship? Can Marion load enough C4 into his PITY PARTY & demolish it once & for all? Will Tristan ever believe he can be a real hubby & not a useless man? Is Marion able to show him that his blindness only makes him stronger? Is Tristan able to face his greatest fears for the only woman he has & will ever love? How much times will Tristan fire his "tell it like it is" valet? This is the book #4 of the Marriage Mart & Ms. Hutton fills this 1 with flawed characters & hilariousness galore. I fell in love with Marion in Penelope & Drake's romance (The Duke's Quandary) with her grieving heart & Ms. Hutton just added more to her already fabulous story. Marion may of been quiet, but her mom, the Dowager Duchess, gave all her kids a fighting heart & I loved how Marion STALPED ON her big girl undies & then STALKED & CHASED her reluctant hubby! First, I must say that I don't like the word HATE because it's a word that is so hurtful & damaging, so if I do use it is rare, but necessary! That being said, I have to be completely honest & state that I absolutely HATED Tristan, with his 24/7, 365 fulltime PITY PARTY! I know I have used that phrase a lot, but that is what defined his every waking moments, things he couldn't do because of his blindness! Now I know blindness is a tough & life altering disability, but his MAN CARD was revoked because his was 100% WUS! I didn't think Ms. Hutton could ever make me like him, but she ripped apart his essence, uncovered all his flaws, BEOTCH SLAP him with reality & slowly he rebuilt himself into a better man. This is best emotional journey that I have ever read for any hero & Ms. Hutton not only made me like him, but she whipped out her hammer & chisel & chipped away part of heart that will always belong to Tristan! Now I love some hilariousness & with this serious subject of blindness, I didn't think Ms. Hutton signature ROFL & Hyperventilating would work, but she had a kooky clan of servants surrounding Tristan & they all were like Downton Abbey on a KOOKINESS STERIOD with all their meddling. Ellis was Tristan's valet & he held nothing back with his verbal diarrhea & had some great 1 liners that had be choking on my SNORTS! And Ms. Hutton had some AMAZING scenes as Tristan uses his braille moves to tantalizing Marion into screaming satisfaction! Throughout this all romance, I was either ROFL with tears running down my face or having my heart ripped out & I must confess that I had tears running down my face & that ugly running nose thru the last chapters, so I must give Ms. Hutton my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for this heart wrenching & heart warming tale. Just a extra note to Entangled Publishing & Ms. Hutton, y'all totally need to include a WARNING LABEL or at least some KLEENEX! NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.
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This historical romance is the story of Baron Tristan Tunstall and Marion his wife. She has been grieving for 2 years, because she believes her husband died. In reality Tristan lost his sight in battle and decide to pretend to be dead because he didn't feel good enough for his wife. He find companionship and is content to stay away from everyone including family, friends and his wife. After his companion/nurse tricks him into appearing at a London house party, where his wife is all heck breaks lose. They eventually find their happy ending.  It was hard to connect with this story. I was frustrated with Marion, because she was so forgiving and naive. Tristan was also frustrating because his actions contradicted his claims of still loving his wife. It was a book filled with angst and longing...  I was given a free copy for an honest review.  
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mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a good read. Marion and Tristan story is things don't always go as planned but love and faith is all you need.
MorgansMusings More than 1 year ago
The Baron's Betrayal is the love story of Marion and Tristan. Marion suffered and grieved for two long years after losing her husband at sea and is now ready to rejoin society. Going to the country dance she comes face to face with her “dead” husband. Tristan, who was injured and blinded in battle, feels he is no longer husband material and cannot be the protector he should be. He offers Marion a divorce, something she wants no part of. She didn't marry him to throw him aside when things go wrong. Can Tristan and Marion overcome their obstacles to have a happily ever after? Can Tristan stop his pity party long enough to see that Marion is willing to fight for his love or will Marion's secret be their downfall? If you like sweet romance with a dash of sadness, then this is the book for you. You might want to have your box of tissues handy. Great addition to the Mayhem Marriage series. Highly recommend to those that like historical romance. Received an ARC from author for an honest review.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
This is book 4 in the Marriage Mart Mayhem series. Lady Marion Tunstall has been mourning her husband for two years and is finally ready to re-enter society. Having decided to go to a country dance she is shocked to see her not so dead husband and faints dead away. Lord Tristan Tunstall never planned to let his wife know he was alive. Having become blind in battle, he believes that his wife is better off without him. When he tries to dissolve the marriage, Marion refuses. She wants her husband no matter that he is blind. They married through sickness and health! Can Marion convince Tristan that their marriage is worth saving? I loved Marion! Here is a woman who has spent 2 years grieving for the love of her life. She is finally ready to go out into society and what happens? Her not so dead husband.  Tristan on the other hand was another story. I just couldn't like him. He claims to love his wife as much as he ever did, but refuses to stay married to her. He believes that he can't be the kind of husband and father that Marion needs him to be. I honestly feel like he was just feeling sorry for himself and then he made life decisions for both him and Marion. Which in any loving, committed relationship (which he supposedly had with Marion), you just don't do. Tristan did redeem himself a little at the end of the story, but I still didn't like him much. I'm giving this book 3 stars because I really did enjoy Marion. Thanks go out to Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.