The Beauty Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes to Make Your Kitchen Your Own Personal Spa - for Your Face, Your Body, and Your Hair

The Beauty Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes to Make Your Kitchen Your Own Personal Spa - for Your Face, Your Body, and Your Hair

by Kym Douglas, Cindy Pearlman


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ISBN-13: 9781616235765
Publisher: Dunham Books
Publication date: 02/16/2010
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Kym Douglas is a regular beauty expert on The Ellen Show and has been called The MacGyver of Beauty and The Hollywood Beauty Go-to-Girl. Cindy is one of the country's most respected film and entertainment writers whose work appears in both the New York Times and the Chicago-Sun Times. Her celebrity interviews appear in her syndicated column, The Big Picture.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

How to Use This Book xvii

1 Course facial recipes 1

Love You, Honey Face Wash

Peachy Clean We Feel Like Cuke-ing

Exfoliating You Say Tomato, I Say Tomat-o After-Dinner Drink

Saturday-Morning Sugar Scrub

Tin Woman Hollywood Magic Moisture Mask

Chocolate Crème Exfoliating Face Cleanser for Dry Skin

Look-Younger Face Liquid You-Don't-Bring-Me-Flowers Facial

Coconut Facial Dry Skin Smoothie

Red Skin Smoothie

Lemon Light Oil, Not-So-Slick Facial

Lemon Head

Just-You-Honey Facial No Fluff De-Puff

Cheerios Facial Scrub

Shhh...Star Secret The English Rose Beauty Scrub

Tea for You

Tea for You 2

Tea for You 3

You Pumpkin Face

Soy-Milking It Simple Dark Honey Facial

Sugar Scrub with Green Tea

Oatmeal Cucumber Mint Facial Cleaner

Prune Face Exfoliating and Hydrating Avocado Delight Facial Scrub Another Pot of Green Tea Facial

Ice, Ice Baby Face Reviver Whitening Mask

The Martha Washington Mask Turmeric of Merit

Arti-Choke Your Face

Soy What? Moving-Mountains Pimple Zapper

Wrong Number Butt Seriously

Potato Salad Facial without the Carbs No-Shine Complexion Treatment

Apricot Facial Cornstarch Facial

2 Course hair recipes 39

My Hair Will Have What She's Having

Vodka Hair Sometimes You Feel Like a Coconut, Sometimes You Don't Foam Your Dome

My Hair Needs a Bagel with that Conditioner Dye Job Do-Over

Cap It Off

No Fade C

Tea for Your Hair Warm Up Your Conditioner

Getting a Lasting High (Lights) DIY Disaster: Hair

Avocado Head

Sour Cream Dream Flat Head

Do-It-Yourself Beverly Hills Hair Color

Tomato Head Brew For You

Le Bubbly Hair Secret

Hair Raisers

Oh Baby To-Dye-For Trick

Java for Your Hair

Scarf Treatment French-Know-Best Cleanser

Sweet-and-Sticky Shine

Gel-Oh Gone Bananas

Got Grease?

Shine On

Pool Cue

Mane Event

3 Course mani, pedi, and more recipes 63

Is That a Grapefruit on Your Elbow?

Lifetime Ban on Dishpan Hands

Mon Cinnamon Body Scrub Detox Bath

Fizzy Bath


You've Got Legs Razor-Burn Rescue

Don't Drag Your Feet-Bag Them Pineapple Pedi (and Mani)

No-Gripes-with-Grapes Nail Treatment You've Got Soles

Clorox Me

Lemon Hand

Lemon-Aide Burn Baby, Burn

Condition Your Entire Body

Red Lipstick Be Gone We Do Mean to Brush You Off

Lip Shtick

Hand It To You Breath So Sweet

RX for Cramps

Ingrown Groan We-Can-Smell-You Treatment

Lashing Out

Milk-It Milk Bath Peppermint Pain Relief

Southern Sweet Potato Face Lydia Cornell's Natural Beauty Secrets

Slumdog Perfect Skin Bright Eyes on No Sleep

Clumps Have Us in the Dumps Hot Lashes

Head Case

Cover Me

4 Course sexy body recipes 89

Hot Chocolate Bath

Body Bubbly

Sexy, Soft Lips Natural Breast Firmer

Margarita Salt Body Rub Hot Legs

Sweet Body Bailout Whipped Cream Body Extravaganza

Don't Sweat It (Anymore) Chocolate Sexy Body Butter

Va Va Vanilla Naked Ride Body Smoother

Take Two Aspirin Go Directly to Glow

Strawberry Feet Forever Hand It to Me

Vanilla Honey Tubbie

5 Course forty years young recipes 103

E-I-E-I-O Facial

Brown Makes Us Frown

Puffy Eye RX Make-a-Mohehill-out-of-a-Mountain Zit Zapper Soy Hand Soak

Get-Rid-of-Wrinkles Secret Potion Hot, Not So Much

Midnight Wanderer

Sun-kissed Smoothie Tea, No Sympathy Facial

Tomato Face

Figs for Fine Lines

6 Course spa recipes 113

Pina Colada Pampering Margarita Salt Scrub with Punta Mita Tequila Massage The Perfect Manicure Secret Trick

Cool-It Spa Compress Quickie Exfoliator

Fast-Firming Face Masque

Aloe in Ice Omega Me Masque

Hot Lips

Detoxing You from Head to Toe Beauty Drinks Better Than a Cosmo Health Benefits of Natural Juices & Broths

Skin Rejuvenator Energy Regenerator

Cleansing Berry

Locks and the Key Exfoliate Your Head-A Recipe for Oily Scalp Problems BCB; Extra Helping

Detox Your Digestive System with Tea (Like They Do at a Spa) Brush Your Nails

7 Course a daily menu 137

24-Hour Beauty Blitz for Free

8 Course lifestyle recipes 141

Fast Fix for Sleep

Do You Remember?

Owie No More Eye Opening

Aloe Allergy Remedy For Your Aching Tootsies: Not-So-Natural High For Your Posture: Bewitched For Your Clothes: Fast Fix for Panty Hose Horrors Fast Fix for Faded Clothes

For Your Lovely Home: Orange You Glad We Told You These Things?

Grapefruit as a Cheap Room Spray Going Bananas

For Your Health: Flu, Who?

No Oil, Just Vinegar Any Way You Slice It

For Your Mental Health

9 Course interview with authors 149

Appendix: sneaky ways to make your guy look sexier 159

Index 163

Acknowledgments 167

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