The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms

The Bible Unfiltered: Approaching Scripture on Its Own Terms

by Michael S. Heiser


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The Bible is mysterious, surprising—and often deeply misunderstood.

Dr. Michael Heiser, an expert in the ancient near east and author of the best selling The Unseen Realm, explores the most unusual, interesting, and least understood parts of the Bible and offers insights that will inspire, inform, and surprise you on every page.

Dr. Heiser has helped to remind the church of the supernatural worldview of the Bible. In The Bible Unfiltered, you will see his methods and expertise applied to dozens of specific passages and topics. Gleaned from his years working as Faithlife's scholar-in-residence, this is some of the very best of Dr. Heiser's work.

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ISBN-13: 9781683590408
Publisher: Lexham Press
Publication date: 10/04/2017
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 292,007
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 4.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Michael S. Heiser is an academic editor for Logos Bible Software,

Bible Study Magazine, and Faithlife Study Bible. He is the co-editor of Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha with Morphology and Semitic Inscription: Analyzed Texts and English Translations; he is also the Hebrew instructor for “Learn to Use Hebrew for Logos Bible Software.” He earned his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages and holds an M.A. in ancient history and Hebrew studies. In addition, he was named the 2007 Pacific Northwest Regional Scholar by the Society of Biblical Literature.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 Interpreting the Bible Responsibly

1 Serious Bible Study Isn't for Sissies 7

2 Getting Serious-and Being Honest-about Interpreting the Bible in Context 11

3 Sincerity and the Supernatural 16

4 Let the Bible Be What It Is 19

5 Bad Bible Interpretation Really Can Hurt People 23

6 Unyielding Literalism: You Reap What You Sow 27

7 Everything in the Bible Isn't about Jesus 32

8 Bible Reading and Bible Memorization Are Not Bible Study 35

9 Marxism and Biblical Theology Aren't Synonyms 39

10 How to (Mis)Interpret Prophecy 44

Part 2 Old Testament

11 Did Yahweh Father Cain? 49

12 All Your Genesis Commentaries Are 8-Track Tapes 52

13 What's in a Name? 56

14 Lost at Sea 59

15 The Slave before "Elohim" in Exodus 21:1-6 62

16 The Angel of Yahweh in the Old Testament 67

17 Salvation in Old Testament Israel 77

18 Where the Wild (Demonic) Things Are 81

19 The Secret Things Belong to the Lord 84

20 The Ongoing Battle of Jericho 87

21 Scripture's Sacred Trees 91

22 Boaz-the Lawbreaker? 94

23 Of Mice and Manhood 97

24 Samuel's Ghost and Saul's Judgment 100

25 The Politics of Marriage 103

26 Defeating Ancient Foes 106

27 Yahweh and His Asherah 108

28 Angels Aren't Perfect 113

29 From Intercessors to Advocate 116

30 Jurassic Bible? 119

31 Proverbs: The Wisdom of Egypt? 124

32 Heap Burning Coals on Their Heads 129

33 Denial of the Afterlife 132

34 Solomon's Bride or Jesus' Bride? 135

35 Gog of the Supernatural North 138

36 Filtering God 141

37 God of Fire and Storm 144

38 Zechariah's Divine Messiah 147

Part 3 New Testament

39 Mark's Use of Isaiah 153

40 Demons, Swine, and Cosmic Geography 157

41 Strange and Powerful Signs 160

42 Is Exorcism for Everyone? 163

43 The Word Was God 166

44 The Table of Nations and Acts 2 169

45 Paul's Missionary Goals 174

46 Divine Misdirection 178

47 Who is the God of This World? 181

48 New Testament Language of Spiritual Adoption and Sonship 185

49 The Lord, Who Is the Spirit 188

50 Paul, Puppies, and People with Tattoos 191

51 Watch Your Language! 194

52 No Longer Slaves 197

53 The Relationship of Baptism and Circumcision 200

54 Disarming the Powers of Darkness 204

55 Inspiration Was a Process, Not an Event 207

56 The Father of Lights 211

57 What Do Demons Believe about God? 214

58 Jesus, The Morning Star out of Jacob 218

59 Relying on Our Preconceptions 221

60 Jesus, Our Warrior 224

Abbreviations 229

Bibliography 231

Notes 235

Scripture Index 247

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