The Billionaire's Demands

The Billionaire's Demands

by Addison Fox

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Billionaire's Demands (A Boardrooms and Billionaires Series Book) by Addison Fox

Booth Harrison has made a habit of getting what he wants, be it a new addition to the Harrison media empire, or a better relationship with his half-brother. But meeting his brother's new sister-in-law, Camryn McBride, poses a new challenge. The savvy CFO of McBride Media has a brain he wants to pick…and a body he needs to claim.

Camyrn has spent the past few years helping to rebuild her family's magazine company, focusing on that rather than her disastrous personal life. But when Booth Harrison invites her to be the keynote speaker at a sales conference in Hawaii, she's tempted to combine business with pleasure.
But meeting the billionaire's demands won't be easy, because someone doesn't want a merger between them to happen.

Each book in the Boardroom and Billionaires series is STANDALONE:
*Merger to Marriage
*Tempting Aquisitions
*The Billionaire's Demands

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622661893
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/10/2014
Series: Boardrooms and Billionaires
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 277
Sales rank: 112,958
File size: 400 KB

About the Author

Addison Fox can't remember a time when words weren't a part of her life. An avid reader, her love of the written word started at the tender age of 1 with "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear (a poem she could recite by heart to any family member who would listen).

Shortly after college, Addison decided to try her hand at writing her own novel and it only took about eight pages until she was hooked. Several manuscripts followed and in 2008 she sold her first book. She enjoys writing across romance sub-genres, from contemporary to paranormal to romantic suspense.

Addison lives in Dallas.

Addison Fox can't remember a time when words weren't a part of her life. In addition to being an avid reader, she loves writing novels about strong-willed and exciting heroes and heroines—individuals who are meant for each other and who deserve their happily ever after. After she makes them work for it, of course! Her books include At Last, The Billionaire's Demands, and Just Once.

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Billionaire's Demands

By Addison Fox, Rima Jean, Laura Anne Gilman

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Frances Karkosak
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-189-3


New York City, Present Day

"This was an apocalyptically bad idea. You do know that, right?" Camryn McBride watched her older sister, Keira, rush around the opulent kitchen of her penthouse apartment, snagging a seat on a high-backed barstool to settle in for the show.

Keira blew her bangs out of her face in a huff as she transferred hot puff pastries from a cookie sheet to a serving tray. "It was supposed to be a nice, ordinary family outreach."

"If either you or Nathan had a nice, ordinary family, that goal might have made sense." Camryn snatched one of the tarts. "Since Dad is probably bringing his latest bimbette, and Nathan's father is incapable of normal human relationships, I'm really trying to understand what your goal for the evening might be."

"Fine. I admit it. I was suckered in by that article we wrote in Home and Family last month, 'Happy In-Laws, Happy Couples.' And it made me realize that Nathan and I have been married for over six months and we still haven't had a family get-together." Keira exhaled another heavy breath. "And would you get over here and help me? I still need to finish the crudités."

The grin Camryn had tried to hold back wouldn't stay hidden. "I was wondering when you'd drop the 'I can do it all' attitude and ask for help."

"Cheeky bitch."

"That I am." Camryn reached for an empty glass on the bar and poured some chardonnay for her sister. "But I did work the kitchen of that hotel in Boston during my summers in college so I'd say I'm well-suited to help."

"How'd I forget about that?" Keira frowned as she repositioned several small mushroom tartlets.

"I've worked every day to put it out of my mind. The mess and disorder were my personal torture." Camryn handed over the glass of wine she'd poured to Keira. "What I really want to know is why you felt you needed a magazine article to help your marriage?"

"It's not that." Her sister dropped the empty baking sheet into the sink and took a sip of her wine. "I just feel that Nathan and I need to cultivate a broader relationship with our families. Before ... you know."

A scream worked its way up Camryn's throat and she fought to keep her voice low. "You're pregnant!"

"No." Keira deliberately waved the glass of wine in her hand. "No, I'm not. But we're talking about it. And I'd like our child to know his or her grandparents. And that's awfully hard if I don't even know them."

Camryn knew Keira had a point. While they and their younger sister, Mayson, were thick as thieves, their father had set a poor example of support and familial leadership. He'd been inattentive most of their lives, but he'd become increasingly absent in the last decade. Ever since they lost their mother to breast cancer.

"I told you the good stuff was in here." Nathan's voice intruded on the moment as he barreled through the swinging door of the kitchen. Keira's husband still wore his suit, but the lack of a jacket and the rolled sleeves of his dress shirt indicated a powerful man who'd relaxed for the day.

Where Camryn's gaze landed, however, was on the man who followed Nathan into the room.

Booth Harrison.

Nathan's half brother and the heir to the Harrison media empire also wore his suit, and damn him if the black wool wasn't immaculately pressed, even though it was nearly seven at night. The white shirt beneath his lapels was still a crisp white and his red tie drew the eye with subtle grace and power.

Booth Harrison was temptation in a double-breasted suit, one she'd diligently tried to ignore for nearly a year now, and she wasn't interested in traveling that road. The last year had seen both of her sisters married, and Mayson with a baby on the way. Camryn was happy for them, but she had no interest in following suit. Her life was neat and ordered, and love was messy. All that chaos and disorder didn't fit in her life. Even if Booth did look at her with a delicious hunger that made every feminine wile she possessed sit up and take notice.

Like now.

His blue gaze was dark with that hunger as a wry smile quirked his lips. "Is everything okay in here?"

Camryn leaned toward him, the pull of that magnetic gaze drawing her in. "You mean aside from the fact that my sister's probably about ten seconds away from wishing a plague of locusts on all of Manhattan?"

Booth never broke the contact, but his smile spread into an infectious grin. "That seems awfully harsh just to prevent one dinner party from happening."

"You know the McBride girls. We don't do anything halfway." The flirtatious words were out before she could stop them and she mentally cursed herself for the weakness. Get a freakin' grip, Cam.

Before Booth could respond, Keira's laughter broke the moment as she swatted at her husband. "Nathan! We've got company coming."

Camryn refocused on arranging broccoli and carrots in neat rows and off the tempting curve of Booth Harrison's lips as they both avoided staring at their lovesick siblings.

"I told you the good stuff was in here." Nathan leaned in and placed a smacking kiss on his wife's lips, as if proving his point.

"Newlyweds." Booth's tone was dark but the tease in his eyes was unmistakable. He poured himself a glass of wine before holding up the bottle. "Can I refill yours, Camryn?"

"I'm not sure there's enough alcohol." She couldn't hide the answering smile. "But we can try."

The heavy peal of the lobby buzzer had Keira and Nathan pulling apart to go and greet their guests and, within moments, Camryn was alone with Booth.

"Speaking of trying, there are a few other things I can think of that fit the bill."

Camryn looked up from the celery she'd switched to, surprised to see him standing close beside her. "Oh? Like what?"

"Let's go get a drink after dinner and I'll tell you."

The offer was tempting and the large, sexy man next to her made it even more so, but Camryn held back. Booth had given more than a few hints in the last several months that he was interested. She was interested, too, but their circumstances prohibited a fling. Add on their family connections and it was just ... messy.

"I have an early meeting tomorrow."

"So do I. And besides" — he took a sip of his wine, his eyes unreadable before he set the glass back on the counter — "don't you always have an early meeting?"

"Most days."

"I didn't take you for an in-bed-at-nine sort of gal."

"I'm not."

"So what's wrong with the drink?"

"It's redundant."

"How so?"

She held up her glass, the move intended to be a joke but the tone that left her lips rang flat to her ears. "What would you call this?"


* * *

The word was out and Booth couldn't hold back the burst of satisfaction that settled in his chest at her widened eyes and the slight O of her mouth.

Served her right.

The damn woman had had him crawling the walls for months. Her prim features and black power suits drove him crazy with the overwhelming desire to muss her up. Her sharp mind and quick wit had him intrigued and thinking of her so often it was maddening.

The only reason he'd held back was Nathan. Although his half brother didn't usually inform his dating decisions, going after Nathan's new sister-in-law had the risk of being ... complicated.

"If by foreplay you mean watching our siblings host a train wreck, then you and I have vastly different interpretations of the word."

He moved up into her space, his gaze dropping to the pulse point evident at her throat.

Ahh, he thought with some satisfaction. The lady doth protest too much.

"Oh, I don't know. You're a beautiful, interesting woman." He reached forward and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, intrigued even further when she remained stock-still. "I think we can put our creativity to good use and come up with some mutually enjoyable outcome to the evening."

"A fling will be messy with our family connections." Hearty laughter echoed outside the kitchen and she glanced toward the door as if the noise punctuated her point. "And clearly we've got a lot of connection."

"I thought I was talking about a date."

She took another step back and he could practically see her crawl inside herself. The bright, vivid smile and warm gaze faded as she took a few steps away from him. "A date or a whole lot more can't happen. Not with the family we now share thanks to your brother and my sister."

Her absolute unwillingness to consider it — especially since he'd seen the very real interest in her gaze — had him rethinking his tactics. "So you simply walk away?"

"It's clean. Easy. And we avoid a mess that would include awkward family moments." She waited a beat before smiling broadly. "Sort of like this one."

Whether it was the taunt or something more, Booth didn't know, but he couldn't resist pushing a bit harder on all the neat, pristine order that surrounded her like a shield. "Sometimes it's fun to get messy."

Her dark-brown eyes were serious as they held his. "And sometimes all you're left with is a mess."

* * *

Sometimes all you're left with is a mess.

Camryn's words were still rattling around his mind a few hours later as Keira handed mugs of coffee around the table and Nathan cut slices of cheesecake. The view had Booth smiling to himself in the midst of his roiling thoughts. Who'd have thought his brother could be so damned domestic? And, if Nathan's broad grin was any indication, he was strangely happy about it. Things didn't look messy between the newlyweds. In fact, if he wasn't careful, Booth knew he might start wishing he were in the same boat.

He shook off that thought to refocus on the conversation. His father and stepmother had remained polite and quiet throughout dinner, but West Harrison's stoic facade was beginning to show cracks after four bourbons.

"Gotta keep the advertisers happy." West pounded a fist on the table, rattling his small plate of cheesecake. "Ad dollars keep the media business running."

"West, I understand, but the product has to be editorially superior." Keira's voice was respectful, but no one at the table missed the thread of steel that wove through her words. "That's why we've remained diligently focused at McBride Media on creating strong products advertisers line up to be a part of."

"My girl knows what she's talking about, West." Keira's father spoke up, his words layered equally thick with alcohol.

"That's quite a change, McBride. I thought all you ever wanted was to sell the company off. Now you've let your daughters get a hold of it instead."

Despite the liquor, Andrew McBride was quick on the rebound. "And the three of them have done a damn fine job with it."

West wasn't deterred by Andrew's show of support. "Beefing up a bunch of fluffy magazines."

Booth laid a hand on his father's arm. "Dad. McBride Media has won several major journalism awards in the last few years. They've beaten us out of several, as I recall."

"Awards, bah," West grumbled. "I'm talking about business. Nathan would never have gone after the company if it wasn't in such dire straits."

"I went after a healthy company and when I saw the light I decided to invest in it instead of take it over." Nathan's sharp voice cut off any further discussion. "However, I can't argue with my father's well-made point about advertisers. They do make the world go round."

As softballs went, Nathan's was awfully soft, but Booth knew it was more than that. In years past, Nathan would have no sooner defended West than look at him. Marriage had changed his brother. For the better, as far as Booth could tell. Nathan was still as fierce as ever, but he'd lost the "win at all costs" attitude. That attitude had made him a wealthy man, but he'd paid a personal price. Booth was glad to see his brother come out the other side.

"Speaking of fluff ..." West's gaze grew sharp once more as his focus shifted to Camryn. "What's this I hear about you looking to buy out the last, lingering properties at Morrison Magazines?"

"The company's been on life support for the last few years and they've finally indicated a willingness to sell their flagship title, Magnificent." Camryn set down her coffee cup. "I've had my eye on them for a while."

"Company should have shut its doors a long time ago." West said. "What do you want with an old, tired title?"

A warm grin flashed across her face. "Let's just say I think the magazine's got great bones. And it complements our current portfolio perfectly."

"Camryn's been a great champion of expansion wherever we can. It's been a dynamic growth strategy." Nathan snagged the conversational torch and once more, Booth couldn't deny how much his brother had changed for the better. Their father was a difficult man and in the past Nathan wouldn't have held back his disdain or frustration at West's insistence in dominating a conversation. Whether it was their strained business relationship or Nathan's position as West's illegitimate son, Booth had never fully understood, but it was good to see a different side to his brother.

The table grew quiet once more and Booth glanced surreptitiously at his watch, amused when his gaze snagged on Camryn doing the same. He'd already declined both dessert and coffee, prepared to make his departure, when Camryn beat him to the punch.

"I'm afraid I've got an early meeting in the morning." She added a small yawn to the comment.

Booth lifted his eyebrows as their gazes caught once more, but couldn't resist using the moment to his advantage. "I do as well. Why don't we share a cab?"

They made a hasty departure and it was only after the two of them were settled in a cab fifteen minutes later that Camryn rounded on him. "Smooth move, Booth."

"I'm full of them, but in this case, it was a matter of self-preservation. Keira and Nathan's little dinner experiment had run its course and leaving was the only way to put an end to it. Everyone was following on our heels with their own excuses as we left."

"It was still more than a little obvious." Camryn snagged her phone from her purse and gave it her full attention, effectively ending their conversation.

"Now you're going to ignore me, too?"

"I'm waiting for an e-mail."

"At nine thirty?"

She dropped the phone into her lap. "Don't tell me you turn it off when you leave the office."

"No, but I do attempt to turn it off when I'm talking to another human being." She had the decency to look contrite and Booth took that as a good sign. Despite his outward irritation, he couldn't help but wonder if the "checking e-mail" routine was a sign of something deeper.

She'd said little during dinner other than the moments when she was directly questioned, content to let her sisters shine during the meal. The fact Mayson and Keira were both newlyweds and Mayson had a baby on the way meant they had a lot to discuss, but it still struck him as curious that Camryn seemed to deliberately fade into the background.

Her voice broke into his musings. "Do you agree with what your dad said? At dinner?"

"When he finally got the stick out of his ass he said a lot of things. Refresh my memory."

"The part about advertisers. About keeping them happy."

"He does love his ad revenues. The businessman in me agrees with him. But the newsman I am in my heart of hearts knows the ad dollars have to come second. We're beholden to the people who read our products, not those who run ads in them."

A small smile ghosted her lips. "The CFO in me is protesting."

"So have that drink with me and we can debate it."

"You don't miss an opportunity to go after what you want, do you?"

Booth leaned forward, the light scent of her surrounding him as he breathed her in. "Never."

* * *

The small spark of electricity lit once more under her skin but Camryn fought it. She would not let herself even think about going down this path.

She refused to hope again. Even if she could feel the heat of his body through the material of her coat.

Or the way those delicious sparks of heat arced between the two of them.

"I'm afraid I can't do drinks tonight. I really do have an early meeting."

"Fair enough."

The quick acquiescence had a small spark of sadness blooming in her chest. This was the exact reason she didn't need to get involved with her sister's brother-in-law. Even if it might have been nice if he'd argued a bit ...


Excerpted from Billionaire's Demands by Addison Fox, Rima Jean, Laura Anne Gilman. Copyright © 2013 Frances Karkosak. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Customer Reviews

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The Billionaire's Demands (A Boardrooms and Billionaires Series Book) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A little sappy, but it was a good read
melissa8098 More than 1 year ago
great ending to a great series :D
Wintry8 More than 1 year ago
*wipes brow* Is it hot in here? Is it hot in Hawaii? Because I’m burning up! I’m not kidding, you guys. This book was fantastic. I haven’t read the first two books in the series and I didn’t even felt the need to read them as this book pretty much stands alone.  I loved the characters. You all know by now that I go mad for a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t take crap from men. Well, Camryn is all that and more. When you add in the fact that she and her sisters basically rescued a company that was dying and turned it into something that their hard-assed ended up being proud of. She’s the company CFO and lands some pretty heavy  deals.  Booth, well he embodies sex in everything that he does. He’s hot, he doesn’t like taking no for an answer and he’s all business like. But when he sets his eyes on Camryn, he struggles to take them off of her again. And really who could blame him? She is one amazing woman. There were a few moments when I really doubted Booth. I mean, I was living  and breathing like Camryn and she really believed the worst of him, but when it all came together and we finally got that happy ending, it made all the doubts worthwhile.  The story was well plotted and excellently written. I’ll definitely be adding more of Addison Fox’s books to my TBR pile.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am glad this series is over. The quality of the stories deflated as more books came out. This one was boring and slow. I got tired if seeing a grown up woman playing with the guy's interest. She was the teaser type. The guy was patient as a saint. I would have dumped her after chapter 1. It goes on like this for 2 thirds of the book. Then there is some little drama and a most cheesy end. Not worth the money and time.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 stars The Billionaire's Demands was a very enjoyable read. This is the 3rd book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone. I've not read the previous books but after reading The Billionaire's Demands I will be reading them as I enjoyed Addison Fox's writing and her characters a lot. This is the story of Booth Harrison and Camryn McBride. Camryn has spent the past few years helping to rebuild her family’s magazine company, focusing on that rather than her disastrous personal life. But when Booth Harrison invites her to be the keynote speaker at a sales conference in Hawaii, she’s tempted to combine business with pleasure. I loved seeing Camryn and Booth come together, they have amazing chemistry, my heart was very happy with their love story :)
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
The Billionaire's Demands was an interesting mix of romance and business maneuverings. Booth and Camryn both work in the publishing world with some very well respected magazines. When he asks her to be the keynote speaker at his company's annual retreat he has two motives. One, she's a great speaker. Two, he wants to spend some more time with the woman he has been crushing on for months  Right when they think they have really hit it off (in Hawaii of course), Camryn uncovers something fishy and she's not sure what to do about it. This drives a wedge between them that may not come back out. This was a great story - the conflict could have been built up a little more though. I think Camryn was an amazing character - Addison Fox seemed to nail the "business woman with something to prove in a male world" perfectly.  *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
sharonc06 More than 1 year ago
The Billionaire's Demand was a great read.  I really enjoyed how Addison Fox wrote the story.  This was  a book I had a hard time putting down.  I love the chemistry you see with Camryn and Booth right from the begin.   I love Camyrn character as sure as she is about her job she still has the doubt we all have. This made her a very relatable character.  Booth was great too!  I love how knows what he wants and goes after it.  I have not read the first two books in the series but I look forward too. 
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
Entertaining, sexy and HOT! Those words describe how I found this new installment from Addison Fox. Camryn, the last of the McBride sisters has her turn at romance. The Boardrooms and Billionaires Series has told us the stories of Keira and Mayson as they found love in the face of adversity. Camryn is both attracted and tempted by Booth Harrison, her brother-in-law's half-brother. She is scared of opening her heart to any kind of relationship that can turn messy. She has been burned before and would rather be lonely than deal with more heartache. This is a story of relentless seduction and pursuit. Booth will not be deterred. He has had his eye on Camryn for quite a while now. He is a patient man but the time has come to close the deal. Love the writing style, the characters and the flirty plot line. Finished it in one sitting with a smile on my face!
hcollins1 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. It had a nice chemistry between the characters that made it hard to put the book down. I haven't read the others to this series but will definitely be going back and reading them now.  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
dearbrighton More than 1 year ago
Although The Billionaire's Demands is the third in the Boardrooms and Billionaires Series, it's able to stand alone very well. Focusing on the McBride sisters, it pulls the past relationships in with the new one between middle sister Camryn and Booth Harrison, brother-in-law to Camryn's sister. Camryn is a hardworking, career driven woman and even though she's had her eye on Booth for awhile, she's afraid to make it "awkward" between the families when things go bad in her mind. Booth has no worries and when he decides win her over he goes big, but slowly. It's quite the slow burn and while the story didn't really hit its stride until the last quarter I enjoyed the build. The sister relationships really drive the backstory well and their banter back and forth is fun and relatable. The Billionaire's Demands is actually the first of Addison Fox's books I've read but I liked her writing style and plan on going through the rest of her series soon. It's a sweet and happy read and keeps you wondering without all the crazy ups and downs.
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
Last night I finished The Billionaire's Demands by Addison Fox. This is the third book in Boardrooms and Billionaires books. In this particular series the focus was on three sisters. Now we are focusing our attention on the middle sister Camryn McBride. Camryn is the CFO of McBride Media. She basically eats, sleeps, and breaths financial reports. So much so that she uses them as her shields against real relationships other than her sisters. Now Camryn gets a chance to be the keynote speaker at a sales conference Hawaii. Woo-Hoo.  Now Booth Harrison has sort of wanted to get with Camryn, but Camryn has use the convenient excuse that she doesn't want to make things awkward between their families. After all, Booth's half-brother is married to Camryn's sister. However, Booth is up to the challenge.  The first part of the story went a little too smoothly. However, we have to have a little bump in the road otherwise it would be dull. I happy to find the bump in Hawaii. Anyway, basically likes to keep guys at arms length, because she was hurt in the past by a guy who "loved" her. Of course she tried again and that didn't bode well either, so she turned to her safety and security to reports. Yep, like they are going to keep you warm at night. Somehow, Booth slowly started to chip away her wall. It takes a lot for her to slowly trust Booth and be willing to get a little dirty.  The Billionaire's Demands was pretty good and did get much better towards the end. I do like an emotional ending. Plus, I love how Camryn tried to show Booth that she was willing to take on the mess of life. So, if this something your looking for, give The Billionaire's Demands a try. Favorite Quote: "Life's messy and complicated. You can't keep hiding from that fact behind spreadsheets and annual reports."  Copy provided by the publisher
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Camryn McBride is a savvy business woman. She is the CFO of McBride Publications. Numbers and spreadsheets are her life. She has been hurt before. She doesn't want to take a chance on love. Booth Harrison is determined to change that. He is the leader of the Financial Journal and a strong opponent. Their attraction is powerful but there are family and business complications. Will these two beat the odds? Addison Fox gives us a entertaining and sensual story. Camryn and Booth are such a passionate couple. They share a special emotional bond. Meddling relatives make their romance a roller coaster ride. I enjoy that we have familiar characters from the earlier Boardrooms and Billionaires series. It's nice to see them again. The author skillfully fills this story with humor, romance and drama. I couldn't put this book down. I wanted my HEA.
Eve379 More than 1 year ago
This was the 3rd book in the Boardrooms and Billionaires series. I had read the previous books so I was happy to receive an ARC from Entangled in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book but my personal favorite is #2 Merger to Marriage. It was nice to finally get Camryn's story. She's been the level headed workaholic thru both of her sisters book. Always acting and dressing conservatively. It was nice to finally get the story as to why. Booth, brother to Nathan (Keira's husband from book 1), has been trying to get Camryn to give him a chance for some time now. He's tried over and over to prove he's not the type of person she thinks he is. He sees an opportunity to spend some quality time with her by having her as a keynote speaker at him & his father's company sales conference. Will he finally wear her down? Although I liked this book, it seemed to me that the last 3/4 of it held the most interesting part of the story. Would that keep me from reading it again? No, but I know to be more patient next time. It's a really good series (especially book 2!), and I plan on trying out the Alaskan Nights series next
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is an intense romance between Camryn and Booth, who are related by marriage  and are very attracted to each other. Camryn is opposed to romance because she she thinks it would be "messy".  They eventually act on their attraction and a lot of fun banter ensues.  I really enjoyed the banter between the two main characters and their interaction with their family members. But I found  the villan of the story is Booth's father, he was a little stereotypical.  This is the third book in the series, but it was entertaining on its own.  I was given an arc copy for an honest review.