The Blueprint: A Proven Plan for Successful Living

The Blueprint: A Proven Plan for Successful Living

by Jim Fannin


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ISBN-13: 9781682616314
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication date: 02/27/2018
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,261,831
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

America’s ZoneCoach® Jim Fannin is a mental performance coach, author, professional platform speaker, life strategist, sports and business consultant, and former professional tennis player. He has forty-plus years of experience helping individuals create and manifest their personal life blueprint.

Mr. Fannin has personally coached the world’s top executives from fifty industries. From leadership teams and sales organizations, Jim’s thought management system has made an impact.

In addition, Jim has privately coached hundreds of professional athletes from ten sports with 27 MLB All-Stars (including 4 Cy Young Award winners, 6 MVPs, and 2 batting champions), Olympic gold medalists, 7 world top-10 ranked professional tennis players (including a four-time Wimbledon Doubles Champion, French Open Champion, and Runner-up), NBA All-Stars, NFL All-Pros, MLS MVP, and 10 golfers to win their first professional tournament.

For more information about Jim, to inquire about speaking engagements, for personal coaching, or to learn more about incorporating The Blueprint into your next event, visit, call 877-210-2001, or email

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Table of Contents

Introduction xv

Part I What Life Do You Want to Build? 1

Chapter 1 How Dreams Come True 3

Chapter 2 Think Big-They Don't Know You 9

Chapter 3 Go to Higher Ground 16

Chapter 4 Your Life Arena and Your Thoughts 27

Chapter 5 Do You Have Well-Defined Life Arenas? 31

Chapter 6 Meet Mr. Wish, Mr. Want, and Mr. Need 37

Chapter 7 Focus on the Big Rocks! 41

Chapter 8 Champions Are Fastidious. Are You? 48

Chapter 9 Who Is Influencing Your Life? 56

Part 2 Proven Success Principles 68

Chapter 10 Protect Your Greatest Asset 70

Chapter 11 Think About What You Think About 74

Chapter 12 See It, as if It's So 78

Chapter 13 The Russian Dolls 88

Chapter 14 The Amazing Zone 93

Chapter 15 S.C.O.R.E.® Success System 104

Chapter 16 The 90-Second Rule 121

Chapter 17 The Universal 13 125

Chapter 18 The "Crucial" Last 30-Minutes 150

Part 3 Your Life Blueprint 154

Chapter 19 Your Self Arena 156

Chapter 20 Your Relationship Arena 161

Chapter 21 Your Parenting Arena 168

Chapter 22 Your Son/Daughter Arena 174

Chapter 23 Your Sibling Arena 178

Chapter 24 Your Personal Finance Arena 184

Chapter 25 Your Friends Arena 190

Chapter 26 Other Possible Life Arenas 194

Part 4 Your Business Blueprint 198

Chapter 27 Your Job Arena 200

Chapter 28 Your Management Arena 207

Chapter 29 Your Sales Arena 213

Chapter 30 Your Entrepreneur Arena 218

Part 5 Your Sports Blueprint 224

Chapter 31 Your Sports Arena 226

Chapter 32 Specific Sports Arenas 232

Part 6 Maintain the Life You Deserve 258

Chapter 33 Back to the Future 260

Chapter 34 No Bad Days…None! 262

Chapter 35 "No" Is the New "Yes" 266

Chapter 36 The Teeter-Totter Effect 270

Chapter 37 Be Decisive! 273

Chapter 38 The Vision Room 278

Chapter 39 A Life Worth Living 282

Chapter 40 Jim's Final Thoughts 284

Special Thanks/Acknowledgments 297

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