The Bodyweight Exercise Bible: Bodyweight Workout Routines For Men And Women

The Bodyweight Exercise Bible: Bodyweight Workout Routines For Men And Women

by Anthony Anholt


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The Bodyweight Exercise Bible: Bodyweight Workout Routines For Men And Women by Anthony Anholt

Discover How The Bodyweight Training Revolution Can Transform You Into A Super Fit, Vibrant Head Turner

Never underestimate the power of dreams & the influence of the human spirit. Potential for greatness lives within each of us. -Wilma Rudolph

Imagine right now that you have the body of your deepest desires. You are a lean machine made up of shapely, powerful muscles that ripple beneath your skin. People notice and are drawn to the health, energy and vitality you effortlessly radiate. You carry yourself with confidence and deserved pride. You're everything you want to be. Who wouldn't want to live this way?

If so, why aren't you? The journey from where you are now to where you want to be may seem long but you can do it; and the quickest route there is through a system of bodyweight exercises. Why bodyweight? Think of the physiques you really admire, whether they be dancers, gymnasts, or marital artists. Think of the ancient Greek ideal as represented by Michelangelo's David. They all represent the epitome of human potential and yet none of them achieved this greatness by using weights or fancy equipment. Don't you think it would be wise to follow their example?

When you learn to train naturally with the exercises shown in The Bodyweight Exercise Bible you will begin your journey to this ideal. Bodyweight workouts allow you to train your body as an integrated system as nature intended. Your muscles are meant to work together in a functional way. Training this way will get you in amazing shape while saving you time and money as well. Here are just some of the advantages that you will derive once you start training naturally with bodyweight exercises:

  • By using your whole body to train fat will melt off you like butter under a blowtorch
  • Your energy levels will go through the roof
  • You'll feel more relaxed and be much happier
  • Bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere at anytime
  • You'll save money and time on gym fees and travel
  • Your athletic skills in any sport will improve
  • You'll become less susceptible to injury
  • You'll gain shapely, attractive muscle as opposed to big, ugly, unnatural muscle
  • Your internal organs like your heart, lungs and other body organs will improve in their efficiency
  • You'll regain your youthful metabolism by using strength training to burn fat
  • These exercises will help you build strength, flexibility, agility and endurance at the same time
  • You'll become the dynamic, alive person you always wanted to be

The Bodyweight Exercise Bible is built around four exercises that can be done in under 15 minutes a day with routines that are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. When these exercises are mastered this program contains 45 additional exercises to keep your workouts varied, challenging and interesting. No matter what your age or current physical condition The Bodyweight Exercise Bible can help you reach the next level. Get this book and start transforming yourself and your life today!

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ISBN-13: 9781489523655
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/24/2013
Pages: 162
Sales rank: 527,764
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Anthony Anholt has been interested and involved in athletics and fitness for his entire life. His specialty is "gym less" workouts, or exercise systems that do not require any kind of special equipment. He is also interested in enhancing performance in all sports, but particularly basketball. This is his second book.

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The Bodyweight Exercise Bible: Bodyweight Workout Routines for Men and Women 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
KathleenJRussell More than 1 year ago
Natural Exercise Is The Best Exercise, This is a fantastic little book. The strength and muscle I have gained from following it,  not to mention how I feel, is phenomenal. I could literally feel the difference and the benefits of performing these exercises within weeks. I actually feel 10 years younger. For myself I do 20-30 minutes of these exercises before I go to work. Not only does this help to wake me up (which has seriously cut down on my Starbucks consumption,  unexpected benefit but saves me money too!) but it puts me in a great mood as I feel I've accomplished something right off the bat. I think that any person of any age would benefit from doing this exercises.  I love how I look in my clothes now. Highly recommended.
RosemaryPadilla More than 1 year ago
A Great Book Of Bodyweight Exercises I work shift work so it's hard for me to get into a regular gym routine, plus it can be expensive. This is why I love this book. These exercises can be done anywhere at anytime, it literally makes the world your gym. What's more these exercises are incredibly effective. Within a week I had other people commenting on my improving appearance and wondering what I was doing. Pretty cool. What I also like about this book is that it is very straightforward. With some other exercise books I've read I'd finish the book and have no idea where to start. With this book the author gives you a core 4 exercises that you are supposed to do as a base. These are all you really need to do, but if you want to improve in a certain area you simply add one or two more exercises to get the results you want. Couldn't be simpler. This book is the best investment (at under $5 for the ebook version it's a steal) you can make for yourself and your health. If you want to look and feel great get this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The print and photo quality of this book are pathetic.  It looks as if it were made by an elementary school student.   The content is okay, but nothing original and very poorly organized.   The so-called routines consist of 3 moves each.  The rest of the moves are in long lists that the reader has to sort through, figure out, and put together into his/her own routines. I am returning the book, which is no easy task with Barnes & Noble.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author's no nonsense workouts are a great way for anyone to achieve a healthy body.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well explained exercises and pictures make this great for me as a young guy looking fo a simple way to stay fit. Some small, overlookable typos and a TON of inspirational quotes, but all in all, definately worth it. And, its FREE!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These exercises can be done anywhere at anytime I like the fact that these exercises are simple, easy-to-follow and effective. Some books and exercise programs are hard for a beginner to keep up with but this was a lot more friendly to my out of shape body.
Riley_Kramer More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to lose a few pounds and tone up my body. Using the techniques provided in this book, I was able to follow the step-by-step instructions and the pictures to help achieve my fitness goals. I like the fact that these exercises are simple, easy-to-follow and effective. I am already improving my body and physique with this book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago