The Bowling Was Superfine: West Indian Writing and West Indian Cricket

The Bowling Was Superfine: West Indian Writing and West Indian Cricket


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ISBN-13: 9781845230548
Publisher: Peepal Tree Press Ltd.
Publication date: 12/31/2011
Pages: 450
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Stewart Brown is the former director of and a current lecturer at the Center of West African Studies at the University of Birmingham. He is the former editor of Now magazine and the editor of The Art of Derek Walcott, The Art of Kamau Brathwaite, and The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories. He is also the author of several poetry collections, including Lugard’s Bridge. Ian McDonald is a poet, novelist, playwright, and sugar industry advocate. He is the author of Jaffo the Calypsonian and the Hummingbird Tree, which was made into a BBC film.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Cricket: A Hunger in the West Indian Soul Ian McDonald 9

Introduction Stewart Brown 17


The Devil at Lords John Agard 37

Prospero Caliban Cricket 37

Professor David Dabydeen at the Crease 39

Thoughts from a Cricket Orphan Joan Anim-Addo 40

Take a Peep at the Crowd 41

She Cousin from Trinidad 42

The Pulpit Eulogists of Frank Worrell Edward Baugh 43

View from the George Headley Stand, Sabina 44

Fast Bowler James Berry 45

Roger Bonair-Agard Gully 47

To Mimic Magic 48

Kamau Brathwaite Rites 52

Song for Lara Jean Binta Breeze 58

on cricket, sex and housework 60

Cricket Grounds, Plymouth Lloyd W. Brown 61

Test Match Sabina Park Stewart Brown 63

Counter Commentary at Kensington Oval 64

Viv Faustin Charles 66

Cricket's in My Blood 66

Quality Time Merle Collins 68

For Rohan Babulal Kanhai David Dabydeen 70

Extract from Guyanese Days Fred D'Aguiar 71

Alado Seanadra Kwame Dawes 72

Ann Marie Dewar Cricket (A-We Jim) 74

Weather Report Ian Dieffenthaller 76

I'm a West Indian in Britain J.D. Douglas 77

Lara Reach Howard Fergus 78

Short of a Century 79

Conquest 80

Cricket Boundaries Delores Gauntlett 82

Sonny Ramadhin Cecil Gray 83

Practice 84

Still Driving 85

Their Mouths But Not Their Hearts A.L. Hendriks 86

Reggae fi Dada Linton Kwesi Johnson 87

Tanti at the Oval Paul Keens-Douglas 90

all part of a day's play Roi Kwabena 96

On Another Field, an Ally: a West Indian Batsman Talks Us Towards the Century E. A. Markham 97

Test Match Ian McDonald 99

Massa Day Done 99

Drink and Die Kei Miller 101

Victory Calypso, Lord's 1950 Egbert Moore (Lord Beginner) 103

Test Match High Mass Grace Nichols 105

Call Him the Babu Sasenarine Persaud 106

On Lara's 375 Rajandaye Ramkissoon-Chen 108

To Learie Eric Roach 110

A Cricketing Gesture Krishna A. Samaroo 111

Cricket in the Road G. K. Sammy 112

Cricket Bruce St. John 114

Bondmen William Walcott 117

Batting is My Occupation Milton Vishnu Williams 119

How's Dat Benjamin Zephaniah 120


Cricket in the Road Michael Anthony 123

Bourda Deryck M. Bernard 126

Faster They Come Cyril Dabydeen 131

Extract from Interim Neville Dawes 137

King Rice Rayhat Deonandan 138

Extract from Such As I Have Garfield Ellis 141

Extracts from Brown Sugar J.B. Emtage 152

Cricket, Lovely Cricket Bernard Heydorn 156

The Professional Carl Jackson 161

Extract from The Houses of Alphonso Anthony Kellman 170

The Red Ball Ismith Khan 171

Extract from The Emigrants George Lamming 178

Extract from In the Castle of My Skin 179

Earl Lovelace Extract from Salt 180

Extract from "Victory and the Blight" 183

Franklyn Batting, extract from Is fust a Movie 186

Extract from Song of Night Glenville Lovell 189

Extract from The Hummingbird Tree Ian McDonald 191

Cricket Season Earl McKenzie 195

A Boy's First Test Match Mark McWatt 199

Extract from A Morning at the Office Edgar Mittelholzer 208

Cookman Rooplall Monar 209

Extract from Hendree's Cure Moses Nagamootoo 214

Extract from "Hat" V. S. Naipaul 216

Eileen Ormsby Cooper Cricket in the Blood 218

Extract from Prodigal Ivor Osbourne 223

The Cricket Match Sam Selvon 225

Extract from The Lunatic Anthony C. Winkler 229

Bat and Ball Sylvia Wynter 237


Extract from Moon on a Rainbow Shawl Errol John 245

Essays, Memories and Excuses

Cricket, Lovely Cricket: London SW16 to Guyana and Back Colin Babb 251

Speech in Honour of Allan Rae Edward Baugh 256

History, the King, the Crown Prince and I Hilary McD. Beckles 261

Return to Bourda Frank Birbalsingh 267

Village Cricket Learie Constantine 271

A Birthday Gift Kwame Dawes 276

West Indies and Test Cricket: A Special Contribution? John Figueroa 281

Village Cricket Beryl Gilroy 289

The Joys of Conjecture Stanley Greaves 291

The Window, from Beyond a Boundary C.L.R. James 294

Me an' Cricket Paul Keens-Douglas 304

Like When Somebody Dead Earl Lovelace 308

Cricket's Most Memorable Over Ian McDonald 311

Extract from The Autobiography of Alfred H. Mendes Alfred Mendes 313

Extract from A Swarthy Boy Edgar Mittelholzer 315

Test VS. Naipaul 316

Night Cricket at Carlton Club, Barbados Philip Nanton 325

Introduction to West Indian Cricket Christopher Nicole 326

Extract from A Life in Guyana Vincent Roth 328

Lara's Innings Chris Searle 330

Extract from "Leaving School" Derek Walcott 341

Cricket in the West Indies P. F. Warner 342

Notes on Contributors 347

Sources and Acknowledgements 362

Index 367

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