The Bubba Mysteries Novels

The Bubba Mysteries Novels

by C.L. Bevill

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Bubba Snoddy is a good ol’ boy from the rurality of Texas. Unfortunately, stuff seems to happen to him in the form of dead bodies and mysteries galore.

Previously published individually as Bubba and the Dead Woman, Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas, Bubba and the Missing Woman, Brownie and the Dame, Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note, The Ransom of Brownie, Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies, and Bubba and the Ten Little Loonies, this is the first massive collection of the Bubba mystery novels.

Book 1: Bubba and the Dead Woman. Bubba Snoddy is a good old country boy with a big problem. Although he’s personable, handsome, and lives in a historical Southern mansion in a small Texas town, he has just discovered the dead body of a woman to whom he was once engaged to marry. His ex-fiancée was responsible for Bubba being thrown out of the military which in turn caused his shameful return to the tiny town of Pegramville. Bubba has to find out exactly who did murder his ex-fiancée and quickly before he goes to jail for the crime, or before someone murders him.

Book 2: Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas. Bubba Snoddy’s got some problems. His family has descended for the Christmas holidays and not in a good way. Bubba has just found the dead body of a man dressed as Santa in the Christmas scene at City Hall. Oh, Pegramville, Texas is just the best place to be at Christmas if a fella has a bullet proof vest and a linebacker’s helmet. All the folks think Bubba might have done did it…again, even though it was proven that he didn’t done did it the first time, and Bubba has to move quickly in order to catch a murderer.

Book 3: Bubba and the Missing Woman. Quite naturally, Bubba’s got another problem. The woman he likes, a lot, is missing. Folks ‘round Pegramville don’t have an inkling whether Bubba done did anything this time. In fact, Bubba doesn’t know what to think, but he is plumb dedicated on finding Willodean Gray, through fair means or foul.

Book 3.5: Brownie and the Dame. Brownie Snoddy is visiting the Snoddy Mansion for Spring Break! Where Brownie goes, mayhem is sure to follow.

Book 4: Bubba and the Mysterious Murder Note. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Pegramville… Oh no! Bubba’s got problems…again! For months, Pegramville and Pegram County have been relatively peaceful. But then there’s the “attack” of the Pegramville Murder Mystery Festival, organized by Miz Demetrice. During the midst of the festival madness, Bubba’s truck has broken down, and he’s found a cache of original car parts. One of the boxes contains a lost soul’s plea that may be as old as the antique truck, “If someone finds this note, then I have been murdered. My name is M—.”

Book 4.5: The Ransom of Brownie. It started out as a nice day. Then Brownie happened. Watch out, Pegram County!

Book 5: Bubba and the Zigzaggery Zombies. It’s trouble as usual for Bubba. Zigzaggery zombies, fetid filmmakers, maternal madness, and cryptic casualties are all par for the course. What’s a Bubba to do?

Book 6: Bubba and the Ten Little Loonies. Bubba is in the midst of wedding planning when trouble comes looking for him. David Beathard AKA The Purple Singapore Sling AKA Bad Black Dog McGee AKA a whole new improved persona is afraid something awful is happening out at the mental institute. David desperately needs Bubba’s help, seeing as how he’s been involved in solving a murder mystery or two, or three or was it four or five?

Over 550,000 of cavorting in East Texas with Bubba, Miz Demetrice, and Precious!

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About the Author

C.L. Bevill is the author of several books including Bubba and the Dead Woman, Bubba and the 12 Deadly Days of Christmas, Bubba and the Missing Woman, Bayou Moon, The Flight of the Scarlet Tanager, Veiled Eyes, Disembodied Bones, and Shadow People. She is currently at work on her latest literary masterpiece.

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The Bubba Mysteries Novels 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm a (durn) Yankee, but lived in (northeastern) Texas for 7 years - - & my kids are Texans - - so was transported back. In a great way! So many laughs; such excitement! Whether you're from Kalamazoo, or wherever, I think you'll love the "Bubba Books"!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love all the Bubba books. Waiting for the next one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the journey .
bebea110 More than 1 year ago
If you have never read the Bubba Mysteries, are just missing out. They are just good, clean fun. Bubba Snoddy is just a good ol' Texas redneck who loves his momma and his beagle, Precious. But, bless his heart...trouble always finds a way to Bubba. The town of Pegramville has more lovable characters than you can shake a stick at. Miz Demetrice, Bubba's momma, has some of the best wisdom, all tied up in the best one liners. This collection will take you one a amazing journey thru the lives and times of this town...and you will find yourself not only laughing out loud, but comparing your friends and families to the folks in the books. The mysteries are just intriging enough to keep you guessing, but not so complex that they tax your brain and then don't make sense. Truly one of my favorite series of all times.