The Cartel Offence

The Cartel Offence

by Mark Furse, Susan Nash




This book deals with the cartel offense introduced into UK law by the Enterprise Act 2002. It is now, for the first time, a criminal offense to operate certain cartel arrangements in the UK, and those found guilty of the offense face the prospect of fines and/or imprisonment. This presents new challenges for competition lawyers, who may not have expertise in criminal law, and criminal lawyers who are unlikely to have expertise in the complex substantive issues raised by competition law. This book addresses these issues, providing a guide to the workings of the provisions, explanations of the definitions set out in the Act, and an analysis of the relationship of the new offense with the existing UK and EC competition law. Human rights issues and practical considerations in the application of the relevant procedural law are also dealt with. Relevant OFT guidance and statutory provisions are published in the Appendix.

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ISBN-13: 9781841133737
Publisher: Hart Publishing
Publication date: 01/08/2004
Pages: 192
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About the Author

Mark Furse, BA, LLM, PhD, is Professor of Competition Law and Policy, University of Glasgow. He has worked in competition law for over 20 years and is involved in a number of the leading journals and reference works, and has taught extensively, including a masters course on International Merger Control at the University of Glasgow.
Susan Nash is a professor of law at the University of Westminster, and is a barrister specialising in criminal law and human rights.

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