The Collected Nightmares

The Collected Nightmares

by Fred Wiehe


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Nightmares and dreams war inside you. Nightmares twine along the veins and through the synapses, into the nerves and beneath the skin. They skulk in the darkness that surrounds your heart. They're always with you. They are you. They're a version of you that has gone too far, done things you can't take back. They lie.
Dreams lie too. They, however, dwell in the light, in the open. They shine on your face out of the sun, and where before you saw darkness in the face of the stranger on the street, you now see the kindness in their eyes and the upward curve of their lips. Dreams light the way forward. Nightmares seek to drag you back. They're always fighting for control of your body, but only you can decide which one wins. This is what master storyteller Fred Wiehe shows us through his achingly raw prose and poetry in The Collected Nightmares, that you can fight for the dreams, or sink into the darkness and let the nightmares take you. Every one of Wiehe's characters—the struggling writer confronted by the sins of his past. . . . The young witch who's the only thing standing between a small town and the evil that lurks in an ancient tree on its outskirts. . . . The man visited in the night by a beautiful but very, very cold woman. . . . The three teen friends who play with demons beyond their ken. . . . The vengeful patrons of a horse stable. . . . The monster hunter who fears he might be the worst monster of all—make unexpected choices. Read the two novellas, twelve short stories, and seventeen poems contained within, and then ask yourself: Which will you choose?

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ISBN-13: 9781946874191
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books
Publication date: 08/22/2019
Pages: 484
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.08(d)

About the Author

Fred Wiehe teaches Creative Writing to children of all ages and adults. He is also a professional, bestselling writer and a member of the Horror Writers Association. However, his novels, books, short stories, and screenplays crossover genres into urban fantasy, science fiction, supernatural thrillers, paranormal suspense, and more. He writes for both adults and young adults. Strange Days—a supernatural crime thriller—was called “a creepy, hair-raising, chill bumping read” and “a winner in its genre” by Midwest Book Review. His other books include the science fiction novel Starkville, the horror/suspense novel Night Songs, and the dark fantasy novel The Burning. His short story Trick or Treat; It’s the Puppet People was published in the 2007 Halloween edition of Sinister Tales Magazine, and his short story Trick or Troll was published in the 2008 Halloween edition of ShadeWorks. Both stories are included in the anthology Holiday Madness published by Black Bed Sheet Books. Recently his novel Fright House, about an insane asylum turned Halloween attraction, gained enormous critical acclaim. “Creepy and highly entertaining,” says Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of THE NIGHTSIDERS and ROT & RUIN. Another recent novel of critical acclaim, Aleric: Monster Hunter, is a must-read for Wiehe fans. He and his family reside in California’s Bay Area as he continues to release new and amazing works, and watch for more to come!


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