The Coming Interspiritual Age

The Coming Interspiritual Age

by Kurt Johnson, David Robert Ord


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ISBN-13: 9781897238745
Publisher: Namaste Publishing
Publication date: 01/08/2013
Pages: 440
Sales rank: 683,023
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Kurt Johnson, PhD, is well known internationally as a scientist, comparative religionist, social activist and former monastic. PhD in evolution, ecology, systematics and comparative biology and extensive training in comparative religion and philosophy. Author of 7 books on ecology and evolution.

David Robert Ord is a former Presbyterian (USA) minister and Graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary. Coauthor with Dr Robert B. Coote of The Bible's First History, In the Beginning, Is the Bible True, Understanding the Bible Today, Your Forgotten Self.

Table of Contents



1 The Horizon
An Uptick in Consciousness
The Arising Globalization and Multiculturalism
Religion and Spirituality
What Is Interspirituality?
Why Humans Disagree
Healthy Change, Unhealthy Change

2 The Modern Discussion
The Essence of Interspirituality Isn't New
The Core of Deepest Spiritual Experience Is Always the Same
Needed Shifts in Global Awareness
A Final Marker
Taking Wing

3 Everyone Is a Mystic
The Everyday Reality of "I," "We," and "It"
Fruits of the Integrative View
How Religion and Spirituality Differ
It's Ultimately the Same Experience
The Mystical Pursuit
Reversing a Dangerous Course
Centuries of the Materialistic and Mental

4 Framing the Big Picture
Process and Common Sense
The Two Cultures of Knowing
Pattern Versus Process
What's There to See in the Pattern?

5 Fourteen Billion Years in a Few Pages
After the Big Bang
The Arising of Life on Earth
Earth's First Green Revolution
Disaster Leads to new Opportunities
The Advent of Intelligent Life
The Riddle of Humankind
Kinds of Creationism
The God of the Gaps
A Biological Endgame?
A Happy Ending?

6 The Dawn of Spirituality
Consciousness—the Power of a Name
Toolmaking, Use of Fire, and the Growth of Consciousness
Consciousness and Language: the Pivotal Connection
Early Evidence for Spirituality

7 Evolution and Revolution
From Cosmology to the Challenge of Human History
The Crossover Between Scientific and Religious Insight
The Origin of Spirituality—the Experience of "the Gods"
An Integrated View

8 The Great Advances in Human History
Let's Eat: Farming Is Invented
Our Heritage from these Early Eras
The Second Great Advance: from Towns to Cities and Empires
The Emergence of the God-Kings
The Transition from God-Kings to Totalitarian Empires
The Epoch of Totalitarian Empires
Patriotism Is Born
The Great Religions Arise
Advances in Thinking Foreshadow a New Epoch

9 The Dawn of the Rational Epoch
Authoritarianism Breaks Down
A Global Plague Spurs a Renaissance in Consciousness
From Renaissance to European Enlightenment
Consciousness in the Renaissance and European Enlightenment
Today's Heritage from the Rational Epoch

10 The Coming of Worldwide Civilization
The Beginning of Modernism
Competition Leads to Calamity: the World Wars
A World Pluralism Emerges
Beginning of the Integrative Epoch
Cold War, Space Race, and Culture War
East-West Spiritual Cross-Pollination
Fifth Great Advance: Automation and the Emerging Dream of Holism
Holism and Interspirituality

11 The Field
Disagreement about Consciousness
Two Different Ideas
The Great "Pass Around"
The Philosophical Debate
What Is Consciousness?
Changes in Scientific Thinking
The Qualities of Consciousness
Definitions of Consciousness

12 Taking Spiritual Experiences Seriously
Why People Believe What They Believe
What People Say They have Experienced
Religion and Spirituality's Common Ground on Consciousness
The Source of Division
The Spiritual Experience of Consciousness
The Genie in the Icebox
Experience Always Seems to Rule

13 Scientific Consciousness Studies
Quantum Ideas of Consciousness
The Future of Consciousness

14 The Spiritual World
The Historical Breadth of Spirit World Experience
The Spirit Realms Become Divided as Heaven and Hell
Ancient Notions Persist into the Modern Day
Modern Settings and Modern Academic Study
It Takes Big Minds to See Big Pictures
What People Actually Believe about the Spirit World
Who Goes to Whose Heaven or Whose Hell?
Better than Heaven and Hell

15 The Spirit Realms in Everyday Experience
The Levels of Experience We Have Every Day
Some Enchanted Evening
A Collective View
Honest Skepticism from Both Sides
If Real, How Is the Spirit World Structured?
Is it Actual Structures or Just Our Lens?
Narratives of Spiritual, Astral, and Subtle Bodies Aren't Going Away
Descriptions of the Spirit Body
Spirit Body East and West

16 Stories of Spirit Levels, Planes, and Realms
Nondual Plane and Archetypal or Shamanic Plane
The Problem of Experience Chasing
Spirit Realms in the Great Traditions
Higher Realms, East and West
The Spirit World Is Probably Already Interspiritual
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
What Validates Claims of Mystical Experience?
Spirituality and Our Current Evolutionary Threshold

17 Early Pioneers of Interspirituality
Early Pioneers
Early Eastern Interspiritual Pioneers
Early Western Interspiritual Pioneers
Celebrities Light the Way
Iconic Figures of East and West Usher in the Interspiritual Age
An Icon of the West: Scientist and Priest Teilhard de Chardin
Icons of the East" India's Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

18 Toward Unity Consciousness
200 Years and 2,000 Books
Origins of the Evolutionary Consciousness Movement
Evolutionary Consciousness in Popular Culture
Coming of Age in the Holistic Era
Selected Developments During the Emerging Holistic Epoch
The Evolutionary Consciousness Movement Today
From Shamans to Scientists

19 The Great Coming Together
Where Does the Great Coming Together Take Us?
The Solution: a Challenge as Old as Archimedes
The Wiener in the Warp Drive
Let's Not Be Naïve

20 Seeing What's Coming
An Ever-Evolving Landscape
The Ascending Tree of World Religions
World Religions by Popularity
Religions by What They Do
Exploring the Branches
The Biggest Boughs

21 How Religions Operate Today
The Top World Religions by Wealth
Today's Challenge: the Tangled Web at the Top of the Tree

22 Embracing the Tree as One
Awakening: the Shared Heritage of Unity Consciousness
Historical Ironies and Paradoxes of a World Awakening
The Ultimate Meaning of the Tree

23 The Meaning of 2012
The Source of the 2012 Scenarios
The Magic-Mythic Lens Is Still Compelling for Our Species
Why All the Fuss? Non-apocalyptic Holistic Views of 2012
Have a Party on December 21, 2012

24 Moving Toward the World-Centric
What Kind of Globalization?
The Mystical Pursuit and Social Transformation
The Collective World of "We"
"We" and the Advancing Consciousness
Failure Always Came Down to the Lack of an Integral Approach
You Have to Admit It's Getting Better
Growth in Quality

25 Dark Visions Interrupted
The Crucial Emergence of the Feminine Voice
The Arising of Patriarchy
The Beginning of Transformation
The Feminine Voice Today

26 Building and Living Interspirituality
Spirituality as Religion
Centering Religion on Consciousness Itself
A Convergence of Faiths
From Interfaith to Interspirituality

27 Interspirituality Before Interspirituality
The Roots of Interspirituality
Variety and Interspirituality
The Message of Interspirituality After The Mystic Heart

28 Interspiritual Life and Practice
Interspirituality Isn't a New "Blend Religion"
Holarchy and Hierarchy
Circles in Practice: the Creation of Effective Collectives
Democratizing Spirituality: Everyone Is a Pioneer
Organizing the Interspiritual Dream

29 Conclusion: Reflections on Today's Interspirituality
Redefining Spiritual Commitment and Lifestyle
Interspiritual Education
A Call to Universal Exploration

Appendix I Synopsis of the Developmental Periods
Appendix II Magic-Mythic and Apocalyptic Views of 2012

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The Coming Interspiritual Age 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As well documented in its Foreword, this book has been widely endorsed by world spiritual and transformational leaders. It definitely lives up to the hype. There is a lot in this book that most people simply don’t know about. It is a panoramic, and easily readable, treatment of our current understanding of consciousness, spirituality, our evolutionary background and history, and (most importantly) where we may be going. Consciousness is examined from both the spiritual and scientific perspectives and from what we know about how consciousness evolved. Based on understanding 14 billion years of our history, the book clearly demonstrates historical patterns, and patterns in the evolution of consciousness (and hence spirituality!), which result in the pivotal challenges facing our planet today. Fascinatingly, the book also elaborates what some 6 billion spiritual believers worldwide say they experience of the so-called “spirit realms”. Meantime, another billion hold only to the rational, claiming spirituality may all be an illusion. This creates quite a dilemma for our history and future! Combine this with the recognition of our planet’s inevitable process toward globalism and multiculturalism and we are being led to good, or dead, end. This book can help you decide where you stand in this global process. Ultimately it is optimistic about our future -- but is crystal clear about the challenges we face and, particularly the role that world religion and spirituality must play to be part of the global solution and not just part of the problem. An important book for all conscientious people, spiritual or no, to read. One reviewer suggests this book may change the discourse of religion and spirituality, and this might be true-- so much is covered and so many leaders endorse this book.
teeka1234 More than 1 year ago
We are now well into the third millennium and change is coming in so many facets of our lives than we could have previously ever imagined. The authors of The Coming Interspiritual Age call this the Fifth Great Advance of civilization or the Dream of Holism.  As a civilization, humans have lived through many stages with our current one focused on not only the importance of rationalization and an analytic mind but also the beginnings of holistic thinking and the exploration of consciousness. In this book, the authors propose a coming Sixth Great Advance moving us toward full globalization. A primary concern of this new age will be the creation of a one-world spiritualism that draws upon the precious jewels found within the myriad of world religions as the basis of a new worldwide belief system. It is essential, the authors write, that as the awareness of our increasing global community enters full consciousness, that we take those jewels into consideration in the formation of one global belief system that unifies us as one human race on this planet. They caution, however, that this could also become “hijacked” by religion if various parties to this formation become too egocentric and controlling. Unfortunately, personal, regional and territorial desires over the years have opened the door to greed, degradation of the environment, rivalry between various religious factions and differing concepts on what is most important in life. This in turn has led to terrorism and wars between nations.  By cultivating an expanded worldview and promoting discourse among the various world religions, a global vision could unfold as to how humanity as a whole should spiritually behave with good conscience in the future. This will come, the authors believe, as humans experience further awareness and expanded consciousness, realizing the connectivity of all humans rather than any personal, regional or territorial desires. he Coming Interspiritual Age provides a compelling summary on the theory of evolution – how the human species consciously developed over thousands of years taking in the importance of language and writing on the evolving mind and also their impact on our belief systems. This book focuses primarily on the writings of Roman Catholic lay monk and interfaith leader, Brother Wayne Teasdale  (now deceased), from his book The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions. It was Teasdale, the authors note, who first coined the term ‘interspirituality,” which involves thinking of the ‘we’ rather than the ‘I’ and acting from the heart.  The ‘I, We and It’ of daily life is something that everyone experiences no matter where they live. ‘I’ refers to self, ‘We’ to those we know including family, friends and associates, and ‘It’ refers to the institutions that govern how we should act, think and feel based on a particular country’s ideals and religions.  Ironically, it is the “I and We” that created the institutions (‘It’) in the first place that people now feel threatened by such as government structures and banking systems that act with impunity. As the world inches closer to globalization the authors believe these institutions that rule our lives will also have to change from being self-serving and money driven entities to thinking and acting from the heart with full awareness of global needs rather than their own. This is a book that looks both backward and forward in an attempt to offer the full picture of our current state of spirituality, as well as what steps must be taken to move toward an interspiritual world. It is well written, informative and most of all, thought provoking.