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The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs

The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs

by Chris Walkowicz
The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs

The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs

by Chris Walkowicz



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This edition of The Complete Q & A Book on Dogs has been built as an e-book, complete with links to the hundreds of questions asked and answered and to other references and useful links.

Chris and Bonnie are highly experienced and well qualified authors, who provide practical answers to not only the general questions people have about buying, raising and training a dog, wherever they may live in the world, but also provide detailed information for those considering owning and buying a pure bred dog for conformation showing, obedience, and other training competitions in the US.

This book also features delightful and often humorous hand drawn illustrations.

Some of the Questions expertly answered in the feeding section of this book include -

Chapter 4 A Feast Fit For a King
vShould I feed King dry food or canned? How about table scraps? What about the moist packs and the gravy foods?
vI get confused standing at the dog food aisle. There are so many brands and varieties. Which should I choose?
vShould I add supplements to the food? Should I add vitamin C to prevent bone disease? I’ve heard that a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to the food keeps away the fleas.
vI can hardly stand the smell of some dog foods. Any suggestions?
vWhat about generic food?
vI don’t believe commercial dog food is good enough for my dog. I’d like to feed Rebel a home-cooked, balanced meal. Where can I find proportions and recipes?
vPrincess only likes white meat of chicken, boiled, if you please. When I try feeding her anything else, she won’t eat. I’m afraid she’ll starve.
vWhen I brought my puppy home, the breeder said she was feeding him Brand X puppy food. My other dog eats Brand Y. Do I have to buy two kinds, or can I switch one of them?
vWhen should I feed? Does it hurt Gus if I’m a little late or early feeding him? How about free choice versus regular meals?
vSchatzie picks at his food all day. It drives me nuts! At 2:00 A.M., I still hear crunching.
vHow often do I feed? When should I cut my puppy back from four meals a day to three, and three to two? Should I feed one or two meals to an adult? . . .

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BN ID: 2940153103310
Publisher: Puppy Care Education
Publication date: 05/15/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: eBook
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