The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive

The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive

The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive

The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive


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Help students and educators cope with fear in the classroom with this up-to-date new resource

In The Courageous Classroom: Creating a Culture of Safety for Students to Learn and Thrive, community psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor and nationally acclaimed educator, Jed Dearybury deliver a concise and insightful take on the culture of fear in schools around the country. You'll learn about the various ways fear is present in students and educators, practical tools and strategies for educators to cope with fear and anxiety in the classroom, the reality of racism, homophobia and microaggressions and their impact on learning, and how to create a landscape of calm in your classroom.

This important book will show you:

  • The difference between fear and anxiety and how to respond to both
  • How to create social-emotional learning environments where students feel mentally and physically safe
  • Why, despite schools being safer than ever, students and educators fear for their personal safety
  • How to manage educator stress, fear, and anxiety in a time of increasing coverage of school shootings

Perfect for K-12 public school educators, Courageous Classrooms will also earn a place in the libraries of educators in training and parents with school-age children who wish to better help children cope with fear.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119700722
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 07/21/2021
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 308,701
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

JANET TAYLOR, MD, is a community psychiatrist and self-care expert with a focus on mental wellness. Dr. Janet is an international speaker on the impact of racial trauma, racism, anti-racism and conscious allyship, and frequent national media contributor. She is the mother of four daughters and resides in Florida.

JED DEARYBURY is a nationally acclaimed, educational leader providing quality, hands-on, engaging learning experiences for students and teachers across the country. Jed has been featured in GQ magazine as Male Leader of the Year, and met President Obama as the SC winner of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. He is the author of another Jossey-Bass title, The Playful Classroom.

Table of Contents

About the Authors xiii

Foreword Kwame Scruggs, PhD xv

Introduction xix

Dr. Janet's Story xxii

Jed's Story xxii

What to Expect in This Book xxvi

Chapter 1 The Brain's Fear System 1

Fear Is Normal 1

Fear Keeps Us Alive 3

Fear Becomes Courage 7

Fear and Trauma Affects Learning 9

Fear as a Teacher 12

Fear is Paralyzing 14

Fear's Capacity 17

The Story of Kimmie 20

Let's Chat 25

Fear Is Overcome-able 27

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 27

Learning Principle 28

Chapter 2 Animals and Fear 29

Animals Can Cause Fear 29

Let's Chat 33

Animals Survive Because of Fear 34

Animals and Mental Health 37

Animals in the Classroom 39

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 43

Learning Principle 44

Chapter 3 Fear Outside School 47

Trauma Is an Adverse Childhood Experience 47

Trauma and the Brain's Development 51

Trauma Presenting in Children 53

Trauma as a Student and Educator 54

Let's Chat 59

Trauma's Effect on You 60

Take the ACE Questionnaire 61

The Story of Johnnie 64

Let's Chat 68

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 70

Learning Principle 70

Tips for Dealing with Your Trauma 71

Chapter 4 Crossing the Threshold into Schools 73

Courage in Spite of Circumstances 73

Courage at The Eagle Academy for Young Men 74

Courage During Car-Line Duty 77

Multi-focal Approach 78

The Story of Mary 80

Let's Chat 83

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 85

Learning Principle 85

Chapter 5 Fear Inside School 87

School Shootings 87

School Bullying 95

School Safety 97

School Anti-Bullying Programs 100

Bullying in the Classroom/Supporting Students: Tips for Teachers and Parents 103

Schools and LGBTQ+ Bullying 104

Let's Chat 108

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 110

A Courageous Mindset 110

Chapter 6 The Brain and Learning 111

The Impact on the Brain 111

The Brain Needs Time 113

The Brain and Sleep 115

The Brain and Adversity 117

The Brain and the Long-Term Effects of Trauma 118

Let's Chat 121

The Brain of a Coping Teacher 123

The Brain and Classroom Needs 125

The Brain's Health 127

Resilience 128

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 130

Learning Principle 130

Chapter 7 When Teachers Are Targeted 131

Aggression Against Teachers 131

A Story of Lawrence 133

Aggression and Teacher Safety? 135

Aggression Defined 137

Aggression and Social Learning 139

Aggression Disclaimer 141

Aggression Management 144

A Story of Tatum 146

Let's Chat 148

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 150

Learning Principle 150

Chapter 8 When a Child is/Might Be in Danger 153

Relationships Are Paramount 153

Relationships with Student's Parents 155

Relationships with Students 156

Relationships and Mental Health 157

Story of Frankie 159

Let's Chat 161

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 163

Learning Principle 163

Chapter 9 Building Courageous Classrooms 165

A Courageous First Day of School 165

A Courageous Man 166

A Courageous Definition and Neurobiology 168

A Courageous Story 169

Let's Chat 172

A Courageous Choice 173

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 175

Learning Principle 175

Chapter 10 Creating a Landscape of Calm in the Classroom 177

Acknowledge Diversity 177

Acknowledge the School Environment 179

Acknowledge Physical Spaces 180

Acknowledge Peace and Tranquility 183

Acknowledge Emotions 185

A Story About the Absence of Pride, Comfort, and Safety 185

Let's Chat 186

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 188

Learning Principle 188

Chapter 11 Health and Education 189

Obesity and School 189

Stress and School 190

Self-Care and School 192

A Story of Teacher Self-Care 195

Let's Chat 199

Tips for the Courageous Classroom 200

Learning Principles 201

Chapter 12 Talking with Parents 203

Approach as a Partner 203

Approach Without Assumptions 204

Approach with Grace 205

A Story About Anne 206

Approach with Care 208

Approach with Respect 209

Approach with Sensitivity 211

Approach with Resources 214

Let's Chat 215

Learning Principle 216

Chapter 13 What Now? 219

Let's Chat 222

Learning Principle 223

Appendix A External Stimulus of the Brain 225

Appendix B The Brain's Fear Circuit 227

References 229

Index 241

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