The Cow Said Neigh! (picture book): A Farm Story

The Cow Said Neigh! (picture book): A Farm Story


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ISBN-13: 9781400311712
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 32
Sales rank: 38,482
Product dimensions: 10.20(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.20(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Rory Feek is a true renaissance man, known as one of Nashville’s premiere songwriters, entrepreneurs, and out-of-the-box thinkers. He is a world-class storyteller, crossing all creative mediums, from music and film to books and the Internet, and is the New York Times bestselling author of This Life I Live.

As a blogger, Rory shares his heart and story with the world through and has more than two million Facebook followers. As a songwriter, Rory has written multiple number-one songs. As an artist, he is half of the Grammy-winning county music duo Joey + Rory. He and his wife, Joey Martin, toured the world and sold hundreds of thousands of records. As a filmmaker, Rory wrote and filmed the touching documentary To Joey, With Love and directed the upcoming feature-length film Josephine, an epic love story set during the declining months of the Civil War.

Rory and his youngest daughter, Indiana, live an hour south of Nashville in an 1870s farmhouse near their family-owned diner, Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse.

Bruno Robert had in mind to draw and play with colors from an early age, which naturally led to attending National School of Fine Arts in Caen. Bruno does work for various publishing agencies and administrations and lives and works in Normandy, where he was born. “While I am picturing a story, I please myself thinking up a funny and colored world with a hint of tenderness.”

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There once was a cow in a barn who could see A horse in a field who ran wild and free. "If I were a horse, I could run free all day." And the cow opened his mouth and let out a big ...


The horse heard the cow, and he looked in the pond At the duck with the bill who swam all day long. "If I were a duck, bet they'd stay off my back." And the horse reared back, and out came a ...


The duck heard the horse, and he saw the sheep With a big winter coat, two inches deep. "If I were a sheep, that would be good." And the duck said ...


... as loud as he could. The sheep heard the duck, and he looked at the pig Using his nose in the deep mud to dig. "If I were a pig, I could dig with my snout." And the sheep opened his mouth, and an ...

OINK! ... came out. ... came out.

The pig heard the sheep, and he looked in the yard At the dog on the porch who proudly stood guard. "If I were a dog, I bet I could be tough." And the pig wiggled his tail, and he let out a ...


The dog heard the pig, and he looked in the house At the cat on the rug that was chasing a mouse. "If I were a cat, I'd be inside right now." And the dog opened his mouth and let out a ...


The cat heard the dog, and he left the mouse there And looked at the farmer asleep in his chair. "If I were a man, oh, the places I'd go." And then the cat purred and let out a ...



Excerpted from "The Cow Said Neigh!"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Rory Feek.
Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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From the Publisher

'Bright paintings in an expressive animated style add to the humor of the rhyming narrative. Preschoolers will surely giggle at the erroneous sounds coming out of each animal and perhaps suppress an urge to correct. . . . The concept of pure fun will surely resonate.' -- Kirkus Reviews

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The Cow Said Neigh! (picture book): A Farm Story 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 10 days ago
From New York Times bestseller Rory Feek, one half of the singing duo Joey+Rory, comes The Cow Said Neigh!, a fun and humorous tale of farm animals who wish they were like the other animals . . . which leads to a farm-full of confusion! This delightful book will be a family favorite for years to come. The Cow Said Neigh! is the story of some peculiar farm animals who wish they were like other animals on the farm. The cow wants to run free like a horse, the sheep wants a snout like a pig, the dog wants to be inside like the cat. Soon the entire farm is in chaos! With silly farm animal sounds, clever rhymes, and adorable art, The Cow Said Neigh! will have kids of all ages laughing out loud as they celebrate the unique strengths in each of us. This delightful picture book is sure to be read time and time again. The Cow Said Neigh! is a quick cute read. My niece and nephew had a few giggles when reading about their favorite animals not making the correct sound, even the farmer joins in. The book is bright and colorful, with nice big words and illustrations. My edition was a nice over sized picture book. I received this book in exchange for my honest review, from the BookLookBloggers program.
JennGrand 10 days ago
What happens when animals start wishing they were other animals? You end up with cows saying "neigh," sheep saying "snort," and a dog saying "meow!" In a fun way, author Rory Feek shows kids how to be confident in who God made them uniquely. The grass is always greener on the other side, and it's never too early for kids to realize that their uniqueness is what makes them special.
JournalOfABibliophile 3 months ago
*I received a free copy from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.* The Cow Said Neigh: A Farm Story was written by Rory Feek and illustrated by Bruno Robert. This book was published by Tommy Nelson. The target audience is toddlers and pre-schoolers. This is available as a hardcover picture book with a dust jacket, and as a board book (I’m reviewing the picture book). This book is about animals wanting to be like other animals around the farm. The cow wants to run free like the horse, the horse wants to be a duck, the duck wants to be a sheep, etc. Children will love the rhymes and get a kick out of the wrong animal sounds. This is a fun book to add to any pre-school, daycare, or personal library.
Anonymous 3 months ago
The Cow Says Neigh! by Rory Feek is a delightful picture book featuring farm animals that desire something more than what their current lives have to offer. At the start, we find the cow wishing to be able to run free like the horse. Hence the reason it says “neigh”. The title alone caught my attention, immediately followed by the cover illustration. I knew this was a book to be enjoyed with my daughter. My initial thought was, will this confuse little ones first learning about these sounds? I doubt it, but for the worrying mom, why not add something like “Well, that’s strange. The cow should say ‘moo’.” That is…if you’re really worried about it. Kids are pretty smart and this book is silly enough that they’ll get the confusion on the farm and find fun in the story. I chose to review the picture book, but there is also a board book option for those who have little ones with grabby hands. I know the pain of watching my own want to “help” turn the page only to have it rip the first day we read it. Because my daughter is older than the average age for picture books, I’d asked her to summarize the book. She told me about the animals making noises not typical. The book covers all common animals found on the farm: cow, horse, duck, sheep, dog, and cat. When she got to the cat, she started to giggle. Both she and I imagined the cat sounding like Jeff from the Lego movie with his deep voice. What a great book to share with my kid. It’s silly, it’s cute and the illustrations are beautiful. The rhyming is great and easy enough to late night or wee hour of the morning reads. Trust me, that’s really important to a mom (or dad) that’s running on only a couple of hours of sleep and desperately wants to go back to bed! However, it won’t be so easy to skip pages as each animal leads into the next. Sorry parents, but you’re going to have to read the whole book. Take heart! It’s only 32 pages with a line or two on each. Even at 2am, that’s not bad. All in all, I recommend adding this to any home library. I received a complimentary copy from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion
SavannaKaiser 3 months ago
This book made me laugh out loud. It could not be more adorable. What a fun and fresh story for kiddos. The pictures are great and the board book quality is too. The rhyme is downright entertaining for children and adults alike. The unique and lighthearted twist on our beloved farm animals is endearing. The Cow Said Neigh! has easily become a new favorite in our household. Can’t wait for more from this author! I received a free copy from BookLookBloggers. No review, positive or otherwise, was required—All opinions are my own.
connywithay 3 months ago
“There once was a cow in a barn who could see A horse in a field who ran wild and free. ‘If I were a horse, I could run free all day.’ And the cow opened his mouth and let out a big … neigh!” states at the beginning of Rory Feek’s children’s book, The Cow Said Neigh!: A Farm Story. ~ What ~ At thirty-two pages, this over-sized hardbound targets children four to eight years of age. With no scary scenes, it is a rhyming tale about animals on a farm who wish they were other animals and end up sounding like their chosen one. Full page color illustrations of cute animals in broadly painted farm settings cover the pages. Written in four rhyming lines with some complicated wording that covers two open pages, this short story has a cow wishing he was a horse, the horse preferring he was a duck, the duck wanting to be a sheep, the sheep envisioning being a pig, the pig coveting to be a dog, the dog considering being a cat, and the cat musing to be the farmer. After each makes the sounds of the animal they want to be, the farmer has no other choice but to make a sound too. ~Why ~ Having grandchildren, I love reading silly books to them, especially mixing up the words or sounds that animals make to have them correct me. This is a perfect read when they come to visit as the animals may want to be another animal for a specific reason, but their voices are the only thing that changes. I like the cute farm illustrations and how their eyes were closed when they made their wishes yet opened when they spoke at the end. ~ Why Not ~ Those who do not like books that are realistically impossible or have no sense of adventure will not like reading this one to a child, for fear they are teaching them incorrect animal sounds. Some may notice that the book never addresses wishing to be someone else, perhaps never accepting who you are. ~ Wish ~ With the topic mainly being observant of other animals and sounds animal makes, the book lacks to be content with your stance in life and that God made you special who you are. ~ Want ~ If you are looking for a children’s book that can be a fun and silly way to explain animal sounds, this would be engaging. Although I know I will enjoy teasing my grandkids with it, I may have to take a step further by explaining we are all created by God and designed by Him to be who we are so there is no need to wish to be someone else. Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
The Cow Said Neigh! By Rory Feek What an adorable book to read with your little ones. My three year old and I enjoyed learning the animal sounds and pretending what we would want to be if we could. We listed some pros and cons of what why we would want to be a different animal. It was also a good test for learners who don't know their animal sounds quite yet. The pictures were bright and fun as well. We enjoyed all the animals and their expressions.
DKStevens119 3 months ago
The Cow Said Neigh! This oversize hard cover book is just what the description says it is:  "silly farm animal sounds, clever rhymes, and adorable art". The cute animals are realistic yet cartoonish. The rhyming is a fun sing song and a delight to read. My grandchildren liked the animals and corrected me as we read. This will definitely be a favorite for Grandparents to read to her little ones. I was requested a copy through BookLook Bloggers, no review was required. My review is voluntary..
SummerMondays 4 months ago
Was this book earth shattering in children’s literature? No. But it is a fun book that if used as a teaching tool will make a difference in the way kids think and that is the best thing a book can do! Each animal in the book makes the sound of another wishing they could be something else. Not only does this mean that your kids can practice their animal sounds which is always fun, making it a great book for speech therapists to use as well, but it can lead of conversations about wanting what others have. Kids, even the youngest, know what it is like to want what others have. It may be as simple as a toy for them, but by starting to teach them young to appreciate what they have and realize others would like what they already have it can help form their self-esteem later in life. Rory Feek has written a children’s book that will be a great edition to classrooms and homes alike. Thank you NetGalley for providing my children and I with an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Bellasgram1217 4 months ago
This is a cute book about barnyard animals. Each wishes to be another animal. The cow a horse, the horse a duck, the duck a sheep, the sheep a pig, the pig a dog, the dog a cat, the cat a farmer. They all start making the sounds of the animal they want to be. This wakes up the farmer and he decides he wants to be a cow. So it goes full circle. Great way to teach animal sounds to the young ones. Illustrations are very vivid and colorful. Very good book for bedtime story for ages 2-4. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.