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ISBN-13: 9781138562585
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/12/2018
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Jeffrey R. Di Leo is Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and Professor of English and Philosophy at the University of Houston-Victoria. He is editor and publisher of American Book Review, and the founder and editor of symplokē. His most recent books include American Literature as World Literature (2018) and the Bloomsbury Handbook of Literary and Cultural Theory (forthcoming, 2018).

Peter Hitchcock is Professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center and Baruch College of the City University of New York. He is also on the faculty of Women’s Studies and Film Studies at the Graduate Center. He is the Associate Director of the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics at the Graduate Center. His recent books include The New Public Intellectual: Politics, Theory, and the Public Sphere (2016; co-edited with Jeffrey R. Di Leo) and Labor in Culture, or, Worker of the World(s) (2017).

Sophia A. McClennen is Professor of International Affairs and Comparative Literature at Penn State University and founding director of the Center for Global Studies. She studies human rights, globalization, media and politics, with two recent books on related topics Is Satire Saving Our Nation? (2014), coauthored with Remy Maisel, and The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights (2015), co-edited with Alexandra Schultheis Moore. Her newest book is Globalization and Latin American Cinema: Towards a New Critical Paradigm (2018). She also has a column with Salon where she regularly covers politics and culture.

Table of Contents


Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Peter Hitchcock, and Sophia McClennen, "The Debt Age: An Introduction"

Part 1 Theory and History

1. Sophia McClennen, "The Rights to Debt"

2. Peter Hitchcock, "Kant at the Federal Reserve"

3. Christopher Breu, "Materialism: Debt and Sensuality"

4. Liane Tanguay, "Terror and Debt in the Neoliberal Conjuncture"

Part 2 Living in the Debt Age

5. Jeffrey J. Williams, "The Debt Experience"

6. Jeffrey R. Di Leo, "On ‘Living within Ones Means’ in the Debt Age"

7. Tyler J. Pollard, "Indebted Youth and Neoliberalism"

8. Ken Saltman, "Austerity Politics and the Neoliberal Targeting of the Body in Public Education"

Part 3 Resisting the Debt Age

9. Chris Newfield, "How to Fix the Great Mistake"

10. Chris Arthur, "Debt and Financial Literacy Education: An Ethics for Capital or the Other?"

11. Leigh Claire LaBerge, "Debt in an Expanded Field: On Art, Music, and Complex Financial Instruments"

12. Andrew Ross, "Confronting the Creditor Class"


Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Sophia McClennen, and Peter Hitchcock, "Twelve Theses on the Debt Age."

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